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MAID SAMA ! — IN WHICH naruto assigns uchiha sasuke a maid for his stay at konohagakure; where his sinnings begin as a married man. ©MASASHI KISHIMOTO [ naruto ] © RINNEGAY [ story/story plot ]

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THE KEYS HELD IN HIS PALM SMACKED against each other, creating a slightly obnoxious clink

he rolled the ring onto his finger before grasping the key and sliding it into the lock .

sasuke rose a black eyebrow , using his hidden rinnegan to see the cause of the chakra presence .

a defeated sigh is what left his light pink lips , "i hate you naruto . . ."

he flicked his wrist, putting his palm on the wooden door and sliding it to the side .

the ( hair color ) — ette gave a nervous laugh, dropping the dish she had in her hand into the sink .

she bowed, "sasuke—san !"

he admired her look, the black and white maid dress fit against her body, the stockings on her legs tight against her legs; breaching the point where they'd rip apart .

heat rose to his ears , staring at her cleavage. he sweared to himself, embarrased that he'd be perverted enough to look down at her breasts while she greeted him .

she rose a ( hair color ) eyebrow, "sasuke . . san?" she stood up straight slowly , putting a finger on her chin at his quietness.

she chuckled lightly, "I see! lord seventh told me you'd be precisely silent!"

sasuke snapped out of his daze, "apologies . . I was just surprised is all. . I wasn't aware i'd get a maid."

'one such as yourself anyway . . .' he grit his teeth at his own thoughts . 'pervert . . !'

a smile lifted on her face, "ah i see! I'm sorry for disturbing, I just wanted to wash the dishes I used to make dinner."

his nose perked up, taking a note to the vivid smell. "is it . . beef ramen?"

she turned towards the cabinets, grabbing two bowls. "sasuke—san! your scent sensing is profound!"

he watched as she poured the broth into the bowl, using chopsticks to set beef and the vegetables into the porcelain dish. sasuke grunted silently. "I forgot to ask, what's your name maid—sama."

she twisted her body around, placing the bowl on the low wooden table. "ah! I forgot to introduce myself!" she bowed once more.

"im ( last name ) ( your name ) ! we've met before, but I don't think you remember me, or anyone for that matter!"

sasuke sat on the cushion placed on the floor, grabbing his chopsticks and rolling them around his fingers. "we've met ( your name ) —chan?"

she stood up straight , standing away from the lone uchiha. "mm. yes, when we both were younger!"

sasuke looked at her with one eye, "are we not still young?"

heat ran up her cheeks, "s—sasuke—san! I meant when we were teenagers, I was fifteen and you were seventeen!"

he slipped a small, quiet chuckle; looking up at her so she would continue. he scooped noodles into his mouth. "i feel awkward with you standing there, sit down with me."

she gave a simple smile, sItting on the cushion parallel to him. "it was during the ninja war, i was a kunoichi!"

sasuke frowned, the war wasn't such a great memory he enjoyed; he did a lot of stupid things, a lot of regrets.

"well, if you dont mind me asking, why did you go from a kunoichi to a . . maid?"

( your name ) shrugged, "lord seventh offered me the job, and a lot of money . . !"

she rubbed the back of her neck, giving a sheepish laugh.

sasuke chuckled, "so you ended your career as a kunoichi to be a maid just for the pay?"

she gave a proud laugh, "damn right"

the ends of his lips curled ever so slightly, looking back up to her ( eye color ) eyes.

"hey, i'm sorry i don't remember you . . i don't really remember anyone other than the people i spent my childhood with."

she waved her hand at him, "dont even worry about it, plus i think it would've been really awkward if we knew one another like you and lord seventh do!"

he hummed in response, lifting himself off of the floor with his one arm, bending down to pick up the empty dish.

"ah! sasuke—san! leave it there, it's my job after all!"

he rose an eyebrow at her, "no."

she sweatdropped at his response.

he cleared his throat, "i mean— it doesn't feel right for me to just let you pick up my plate when i have an arm for a reason."

she swiftly uncrossed her silk legs, swooping behind sasuke and taking the bowl and utensils into her hands. "what a gentlemen sasuke—san!" she winked playfully, giving him another cheesy laugh that reminded him of his bestfriend's. "but, its my job to do things like this ya know?"

she set the dishes into the sink, turning the faucet to get a fine tempature.

sasuke rolled his eyes, ". . . right." he turned to his right, stopping at the hallway. "hey ( y/n ) —chan?"

she turned her head slightly, "hm?"

"thank you for the meal, it was . . . good." he quickly moved to the side in a split second, silently, but moving towards the main bedroom with a fast pace; all while carrying the heat on his cheeks.

( y/n ) grinned, finishing up the dishes before she went to the supply closet; readying to clean up the home.

▬▬▬「 ୨୧ 」▬▬▬

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