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WAKING UP EARLY IN THE MORNING wasn't a daily thing of [name] . before today, she would wake up in the afternoon and lay in her bed for two hours before getting up for the day.

now, she rolled the lace stocking onto her leg, strapping the leather garter belt to her thighs.

rising from her fluff bed, she strut down the hallway, her heels clicking within the shiny warm brown flooring.

"sasuke—san?" she called out for him, her arms behind her back as she walked closer to his bedroom. bringing her fist up to her chest, she lightly knocked on the wooden door. "sasuke—san?"

she waited a couple of seconds, listening in closely for any sign of his presence. she sighed, it was her first day and she wanted to do a full cleaning of the small home. besides, she had gotten no time to do so yesterday, she had only arrived to the house an hour before sasuke had arrived.

heat rose to her ears.

'what if I open the door and he's changing!'

'what if he's still sleeping and gets mad at me'

she groaned to herself, 'he doesn't look like the type to get upset at small things like that though. . .'

she sighed, letting out the heaviest breath she ever let fall from her mouth. before she could even near the door and slide the door open, she stopped herself with an embarrassing thought.

'what if I walk in and he's jacking off—'

she cut herself off, grabbing her head as she imagined his light tan hand stroking his own cock in the early morning. her cold hands met with her face, immediately warming them.

"what the fuck is wrong with me . . ."

she put her hands on the door, pushing her arms to the left; causing the sliding door to move to the side. she peeked inside, her squinting eyes darted around the room, searching for any sign of the raven—ette. she exhaled, "phew he isn't here . . ."

turning around, she walked towards the supply closet, her hips swaying naturally. she grabbed the broom and dustpan, walking her way back into his bedroom.

she noticed the way dust particles floated up with ever step she took, she scrunched her nose. "musty."

she quickly ran back and grabbed her mop, rinsing it with a water and cleaning supply mixture. she stretched her arms, mopping the floorboard.

she nearly finished. all that was left was a stubborn smudge in the corner of the room. she furrowed her fined eyebrows, arching her back and desperately trying to get the odd staining off.

unknowingly to ( your name ) , sasuke had entered his bedroom, silently watching her lower her upper body and lifting her bum into the air. he knew she wasn't doing it to give him a show, but she knew it was to get that annoying lump he was staring at all night.

embarrassing at it was, he couldn't help but stare at the skirt that lifted up. his thigh twitched, licking his lips at the sight of her bare thigh; his eye became half lidded, silently walking towards her.

his breathing quickened, his hands sweaty as his right hand neared her thigh.


he felt her happy aura, watching as she sighed happily at her hard work.

he felt desperate, he was hungry for a taste. even if it were to be the slightest tasting ever. he craved to lick her neck, squeeze her thighs, kiss her pretty ( lip color ) lips, to spread her legs.

( your name ) turned around to stare at her good works. she jumped back, holding the wooden mop close to her chest. "sasuke-ku— sasuke—san!" she mentally sweared to herself at her near mistake.

sasuke's eyes glistened at her sentence, stepping forward. "what was that?"

( your name ) gulped, "nothing— you just scared me is all sasuke—san!"

his hand got a grip on her hip, pulling her body closer to his chest. he moved his head down to her ear.

she felt his cold breath on her ear, causing her to shiver .

"were you perhaps, going to call me sasuke—kun."

she squeezed her legs together, gritting her teeth as she felt a jolt strike through her stomach. "it was an accident sasuke—san . . ."

he stopped himself before he got ahead of himself. kami, he'd only met the girl yesterday afternoon, and now he was lusting over her. "alright . . "

his grip on her hip ended, turning away from her warm body. he stopped in his tracks. "by the way . . you really shouldn't enter ones room without permission ( your name ) — chan."

"hmph! it was only because i needed to clean it!"

sasuke smiled at her defense, "right right. but, you should start cleaning the rest of the house maid sama."

she bit her lip, turning towards the door way and moving on to clean the rest of the house. her body remained hot the whole time, unable to think right after the way sasuke held her body close to his. his slender fingertips squeezing her skin, his mouth so close to her ear, the tone he held while speaking to her.

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