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MINE - Suna Rintarou


The ever so optimistic Y/N Kang becomes the Inarizaki University's Volleyball team's club manager, but she has a lot to learn with the help of her friends from the team, including her best friend Miya Atsumu, and the boy she has a crush on, Kita Shinsouke, and other schools. One boy in particular, though, catches her eye. The dark & mysterious Suna Rintaro. Why was he so cold to her? What did Y/N do to him? More importantly, why did he look so familiar? What will happen between two repelling magnets? this book is also on AO3 @kageyamaswaterbottle, and Wattpad @cufics *MATURE CONTENT* 18+; TW: toxic, death, kinks, smut I DO NOT sexualize characters/people who are younger than 18. I do not own any of these characters in this story. All of them come from the anime, "Haikyuu".

Romance / Drama
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It was a new day. I got out of my bed in my 2 bedroom apartment, ready for what was going to happen. I had applied and gotten in as the Inarizaki University's volleyball team's club manager. Honestly, I wasn't surprised, considering I was the only one that applied. I put on my uniform for school, nervous but also excited to be a part of this new club. I grabbed a bowl, a box of cereal, and milk and sat down at my small kitchen table.

Ring Ring

Dad was calling me. I picked up the phone to talk to him. Dad's never really home, the apartments to myself for the most part. He's a truck driver, so he's always going all over Japan making deliveries all the time, I'm not really sure for what because it's always for different companies, but the few minutes that I talk to him in the morning and at the night mean the world to me.

"Y/N! How are you my sunshine? Did you sleep well?"

I giggled as I ate my Honey Nut Cheerios.

"Good morning Dad! I'm just fine. And yes, I slept like an angel. Surprisingly since I told you about how I became the manager for our boy's volleyball team."

"Well, this is your second year of college, so I'm sure you know many people by now right? Wouldn't you know who's on that team already?"

This sort of calmed me down. Surprisingly.

"Actually, that's true. I do know two of them. But the rest, hopefully I can become friends with them."

Dad said, "You'll be fine darling. But, you better not be doing this just to be near boys Y/N. I expect you to still be doing as well as your doing in school right now. I'm clear about that right?"

I laughed. "Of course dad. I'm only doing it because the community service hours I'm getting from this is CRAZY. Besides, I haven't played volleyball in so long, so it'll be cool to watch others play it for a change. Boys are the last thing on my mind. Listen, I'm gonna go now since I have to catch the bus, I'll talk to you later. Bye dad!"

"I love you sweetheart!"

I went to my room and quickly applied some light makeup. Just some lipgloss and mascara. I don't really like wearing a lot of makeup to school, just because I'm not really trying to look good for anyone. I combed my long h/c hair, which was probably my favorite part about me and then tied it up into a ponytail, leaving two strands on either sides of my face. I grabbed my backpack which I put my gym clothes in, and my uniform jacket and left the apartment.

Two blocks later, I reached the bus stop, I plugged in my headphones and played some music, my current favorite being from The Neighborhood, and pulled down my skirt as I waited for the bus to come. School started at 7:30, but I always get there half an hour earlier because I like seeing if there's anyone new I could talk to who may be by themself. It's just something I do. It may be cringe, but it's something I like doing to maybe help someone out if they need any, and I like getting to know new people. There may also be a chance I'll run into Kita.

Kita Shinsuke is one of the players for the volleyball team. Actually he's team captain. I'm very fond of him. Okay, yeah, I have a slight crush on him. But nothing else. He comes to school earlier than I do, and I've seen him clean the bathrooms a couple of times, he also helps people out in the library sometimes in the morning, since he's academically very smart. He's actually tutored me in the morning twice before too, that's how we became acquaintances. I just admire the amount of work he puts into the smallest things and he really inspires me in cool ways.

Once I got off the bus, there lays my school, nothing too odd about it. It was just your normal school. When I walked into the courtyard, I smiled and said hi to everyone I saw or if they waved at me.

I wouldn't call myself popular, but I'm definitely not a nobody here. I've introduced myself to lots of people, but I never get close to anyone. Well anyone but one person at Inarizaki.

Chasing up to me and putting his arm around my shoulder, came Miya Atsumu. Atsumu's actually in my class, but we've been family friends for a long time. His twin, is also a friend of mine, but I'm way closer to the blonde than the darker haired one.


I laughed as we continued to walk towards the library, "Unfortunately Atsumu, yes, I have to watch you play everyday." I looked at him with a pouty face and then rolled my eyes. He started to jump up and down and he reminded me of a golden retriever.

"Well at least I'll have a fan watching me all the time now." He said with a big grin.

"PFFFTT FAN? Atsumu, as your manager I can't have favorites and you know that!" I said with a smile.

He said, "It's okay (Nickname for Y/N), I know deep down, it's me."

When we walked into the library, the first person I saw by themself, was Kita.

Atsumu looked at me and said, "Y/N Y/N Y/N! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!" In a loud whisper.

I slapped his shoulder and said in a fast whisper, "ATSUMU! SHUT UP! You know I can't talk to guys easily."

He rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah I know you can't, that's why your clearly talking to a hot guy like me right now."

I scrunched my eyebrows and said, "That's different."

He said, "Well actually, you can talk to him, but you don't want to talk to him. But before I push you to talk to him, let me help you real quick."

Thank god Kita was so heavily into his textbook.

Atsumu turned me around, pulled my rubber-band out of my hair, and then fixed my hair with his hands before pushing me to the desk where Kita now looked up.

I turned around to look at Atsumu who waved at me and ran away, and I sat down across from where Kita was. Kita smiled.
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