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MINE - Suna Rintarou


I looked down and could tell I was blushing. Even though all I did was see Kita smile.

"Hey Y/N! Are you ready for practice today?"

I nodded my head. "C- can't wait! Seriously, I'm excited to meet a bunch of knew people."

I always fine myself stuttering in situations where I'm not sure what's going on.

Kita then took one of my hands in both of his arms, and did I look like a tomato. "Please, if you EVER, need help with ANYTHING with organizing for the team, please let me know. As the captain, I'm so lucky to boast about you to our team. We could not have gotten a better person to be our manager." He tilted his head and smiled. I took my hand out from his hold and scratched my head in an awkward way and said, "Well of course I will, but as the manager, your job is to give me some of your struggles! So please, use me however you need to!" I widened my eyes, realizing what I said may have come off as weird. I covered my hand over my mouth and said, "I MEAN! In whatever any of you guys need to do your best at your games, I'll try my hardest to give the best assistance I could give."

He chuckled and I smiled. I love his cute laugh. I looked at his textbook, "What are you working on?" I asked him.

"Well I'm trying to figure out how to do this one math problem. It's kind of confusing but I think something like it might be on my next exam even though my teacher hasn't covered it yet."

"Let me take a look at it!" I told him.

Somehow, I stood up, moved, and sat right next to him instead of across of him. He passed the book to me and I pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil from my backpack. I looked at the problem and realized it was a quadratic equation.

Kita said, "It's fine if you can't do it Y/N! I mean your a second year after all, you probably haven't even learned it yet since I'm in my thir-"

I put my pencil down with my work neatly organized and even out some small notes for Kita.

I smiled, "What was that about me being a second year?"

I was sitting in the library when I saw Atsumu come in with someone. It was his classmate Y/N Kang. She's very well known at our school as one of the most brightest people on campus. It's crazy, how fast she's able to make someone smile, but I think that's always her goal and I admire it.

I saw the two of them bickering over something and the next thing I know is she's right in front of me. Her bright hazel eyes were looking down.

I asked her if she was ready for practice today, since she became our manager and then the next thing I know, she sitting right next to me and is helping me with my math. A minute had gone by while she was silently working, and I looked at her features.

Y/N was very pretty. She was short, probably the same height as that bright orange haired kid at Karasuno, and her hair was very nice as well. Her face was small, but it had features that popped like her jawline and her lips that were parted at the moment as she worked.

I watched as she worked and was about to tell her it's fine if she couldn't do it but she left me impressed. She did what I've been working on for forty five minutes in basically forty five seconds. She even wrote notes for me so I can look at them.

"What was that about me being a second year?" She gave a confident smile.

She gave me the piece of paper which had all of her work neatly organized and said, "I like studying in my free time, so I've been trying to learn things in advance so I'm more comfortable with them in the upcoming year."

I smiled as I thanked her and she said she was going to go to the gym to see if the coaches needed anything prepped for today, and I told her, "I'll come with you!"

I didn't even know why I said that, but it came out.

Y/N looked excited and said, "The more the merrier!"

Y/N's POV:
When we walked into the gym together, I realized how clean it was.

"This is one clean gym." I said.

One clean gym? Really Y/N? That's the best thing you could've said?

Kita said, "Well we haven't had a manager for a couple of weeks, so I took it upon myself to do all the cleaning around here, but I'm glad you find it sanitary. Once the boys come though, it'll get dirty just as quick, but if you need help cleaning, I can always stay after with you."

I shook my head, I don't like giving people work to do when it's supposed to be done by me.

"As much as I would love for you to stay, you guys have to go home as soon as your done with practice because I know how exhausted you guys will be, I've got this Kita-San!"

And so we went to our different classes, me sitting next to Atsumu and him asking me how was this morning and I smiled and thanked him for the opportunity of letting me talk to Kita.

The rest of the day passed by quickly, and now I changed into my track shorts and gym jacket with a white tank top in the girls locker room. I was starting to feel nervous of what I'll have to do today, since I only knew three people on the team. The twins, and Kita.

I put my hair up into a ponytail as it was this morning, and made my way towards the gym.
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