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Nora Blackstone is the daughter of posiedon she is 17 years old she lives with her mom until one day her life changes she meets the seven plus Nico and will she becomes great friends with all of them but her close friends are Nico and will because they are gay like her will she find love will she tell Percy she is gay read and find out

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Nora's pov

Today is my birthday and I am going to be 17 years old my name is Nora Blackstone my mom's name is Emma Blackstone today is normal or so I thought I was walking home when a half man half goat grabs me by the arm. "Hey what's your name " the man softly. "One what is your name and two my name is Nora Blackstone hi I said. "Hi my name is Grover nice to meet you now who are your parents"he said sill pulling me. "One my mom's name is Emma Blackstone and my dad was lost at sea two where are we going" I say "well first your house then somewhere safe"he said. When they get to her house her mom is already outside. "Oh thank the gods your ok I should have never have let you stay here this long" said Emma sadly. Once Emma told Nora everything Nora went pack she said good bye to her mom and her mom gave Nora her necklace and said it will protect you and that the ruby turned into a bow that does not need arrows with that they left for camp half-blood
................when they get to camp..............
"Hey Grover's back and someone is with him"said a boy. "That is Percy your half brother "whispered Grover. "Hi my name is Percy Jackson this is my girlfriend Annabeth and our friends that is Jason and his girlfriend Piper Leo Frank and his girlfriend Hazel and her brother Nico and his boyfriend Will"said percy. "Nice to meet you all wait you two are gay"I say. "Yeah you got a problem with that"Nico. "No not at all I was just surprised where I live people don't like gays oh and my name is Nora Blackstone daughter of Emma Blackstone and posiedon"I say a say. "What did you say"??
(Clif hanger I know I am mean but like and comment if you want more for now bye 😉😉😉)

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