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Rose is a half human half dog demon she is also gay but no one knows that one summer day she runs into Inuyasha and his friends will they like her read and find out

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Rose pov

Hi my name is Rose sunflower and I am half human half dog demon I lived with my mom but she died two years ago I turn human on the night of the full moon also I am gay my mom was the only one who knew about it but now that she is gone no one knows about it but me. Rose is walking when out of nowhere she heard a sit (we all know who that is) Rose ran to the the sound. "Kagome what the hell was that for" yell the man! "Inuyasha you are going to eat with us or you can have your face in drit your pick" said kagome. Now Rose being nosy went to see who this man and young lady are. "Hi my name is Rose sunflower and who are you guys" said Rose kindly. Hi my name is kagome this is Inuyasha that is sango that is miroku that is shippo and this is kella"said kagome. (sorry if I misspelled a name I don't know how to spell to good) "Nice to meet you all is it alright if I join you"said Rose sweetly. "Yes you may"they all say. "Inuyasha what do think"kagome. "Fine you may join if you want I won't stop dose not look I can so come on let's get a move on I want to get here before sun down"said Inuyasha.
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