Chapter 9

"No... stay."

He was lonely.

He was stressed, he needed someone to be there, even if it was you.

You placed your hands on his face and lifted it, looking into his eyes. "Can I?" You asked softly.

He didn't respond but looked into your eyes. Just by looking into them, you knew the answer.

You moved to him slowly, looked at him then back to his lips, and placed yours onto his. He closed his eyes and sighed into the kiss.

You slowly leaned back, not too far from his face. He looked at you and brought himself to you before kissing you, slowly.

You brought yourself away from him and frowned.
"I'm sorry... This isn't right. You and Anna... just broke up," you said moving away from him.

He grabbed you and stopped you from moving.

"Damnit stop apologizing all the time. I'm a single man. You're not doing anything wrong, I assure you." He picked you up and placed you on the counter.

"Are you sure?" You asked with worried eyes.

You wanted this. You wanted this so bad. You haven't been touched in so long. The thought about it made your core hot.

"Yeah," he grumbled.

"No strings attached." He added.

You looked down sadly at that statement.

"So... this is a one-time thing?" You asked sadly.

He looked at your face and sighed. "If you don't want to do this-"

"I want to, but I have a question for you."

He looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. "And what's that?" He asked dryly.

"Are you drunk.. or are you aware of what's going on now. Be honest," you said staring him in the eyes, unwavering.

"I'm aware, L/n," he grumbled.



You brought your hand back to his face and then ran your hand through his hair, slightly scraping his scalp with your nails.

A shiver went up to his spine. He moved up towards you and pecked your lips lightly before kissing you.

You brought him closer and opened your mouth for him.

You're too caught up in the moment. This... you didn't know what was right.

He was single now, so what was there to worry about?

Or was it the fact that you knew you were going to be hurt in the end by the morning?

You felt him between your legs and you moaned softly.

"Before we," he kissed you.

"Start," he kissed you again, cutting you off.

"Protection- do you have it?"

He hummed to your lips signifying that he was saying, 'Yes.'

He brushed you slightly making you moan again and throw your head to the side before humming.

You didn't have any underwear on, just pants. So the contact that he was making to you made it hard for you to keep down your noises.

"Come here," he said in his deep voice.

You brought yourself closer to him and he grabbed your legs wrapping them around his waist.

"I'm only gonna ask this again L/n, choose wisely," he grumbled in your ear. "This is a one-night thing. And no strings will be attached so don't get your hopes up. Do you still want to do this?"

You hesitated for a moment.

Taking in all of the information that he was giving you. It was good that he was being honest with you. And you were well aware that he wasn't the type to sugarcoat things.

You might end up regretting this.

"I've come too far now," you mumbled.

"Okay then," he said.

Next thing you know you were in a dark room laying on a king size bed.

You wanted the lights off because you were too embarrassed to show yourself.

He slowly brought down the pants that you were wearing and moved down to your area.

You felt something wet and you immediately started moaning at the contact. You gripped his hair and threw your head back as he continued to suck and lick on your flower.

He groaned in response to you pulling onto his hair and, your legs began to shake violently and you released a loud cry before throwing your head back onto the pillow.

He sat up slightly and wiped his mouth and went up to you, kissing you.

"Ray," you moaned his name softly on his lips.

He pulled back away from you and grabbed something from his draw and pulled down his pants.

He tore the wrapper carefully and pulled out a condom, placing it on himself, and threw the wrap into the trash.

He went back down to you and kissed you and slowly brought himself into you.

You let out a whimper at him stretching you and held onto his shoulders. He looked down at you and whispered. "This your first time?"

You shook your head no before gasping. "I... it's been a while," you replied.

He hummed and brought his mouth to your neck and began sucking. He pushed in and out of you slowly before going at a good rhythm.

You could hear the noises that both of you made through the room as you had your eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of him inside you.

"Ahh~" you gasped.

He groaned in response and kept sucking your neck.

He started to speed up but kept at a steady rhythm.

"Ohh God~"

You heard him let out a deep sigh in your ear as he kept at the same pace.

"Oh please... Ray~"

He knew what you wanted and he did exactly that. The headboard slightly tapped against the wall and you wrapped your legs around him, giving him more access.

You threw your head back and covered your mouth, trying desperately to hide them. He was now watching you looking at your face as you squirmed under him.

He gripped your wrist and held them down to the bed.

"I want to hear you L/n," he growled lowly.

You let out loud moans and cries as he continued you. Instead of this being more of a 'teenage sex', fast and just trying to get it over with.

It felt like he was making love to you.

He wasn't rushing or doing anything to make himself feel good. But he made sure that you felt good too.

He made sure that you were okay. He kissed away your whimpers and groaning. And he took his time.

Or that was just your thinking.

Not too long later the both of you released the pent up stress that you had in your bodies and were laying in his bed.

He looked towards you and seen that your body was shaking from the activity the both of you just got through doing.

"I-I gotta.." you tried pulling yourself up looking for your clothes while holding the covers over you to hide your breast away from him.

"I'll sleep in the living room," you were about to get up but he stopped you. He grabbed you and brought you down.

"Stop being a pain in the ass. Go to sleep L/n."

He was topless and he only had on black boxers. While you had on your shirt and the pants that he gave you.

"Umm okay."

You laid down in the bed and moved on your side of the bed keeping your distance. He laid down and brought you over to him. He wrapped his arm around you, having your back pressed against his chest.

You brought the covers up towards your face and looked around.

The covers smelt like it just got off the washer and dryer giving it a fresh smell. His bed, the mattress, was so comfortable that you didn't have to keep moving around to find a good position to sleep in.

Your body was tired. You wanted to go to sleep but something was nagging you.


"Hmm?" He groaned.

"There's no need to hold me. You said that no strings should be attached. So-"

Ray brought his hand down onto your head but not hard to the point of hurting you.

"Y/n L/n, please shut up and go to sleep. I enjoyed hearing from you earlier, don't ruin everything now," he mumbled.

A dark blush came on your cheeks at his comment about him being fond of the sound of your moans.

"I was just saying that... you're making it difficult."

He nuzzled his head in your neck and mumbled. "Don't think about it too much, okay?" He said in a calm voice.

You grabbed onto his forearm and snuggled into it with sad eyes.

'Was this a mistake?'

All of this is gonna end by the morning and the both of you knew it. He told you how the deal was and you agreed to it. You couldn't be mad at anyone but yourself.

"Go to sleep L/n," he mumbled.

You closed your eyes and held on closer to his arms before falling asleep.

Ray knew what you were thinking because of how tense you were. He knew that something was gonna come to the future because of his actions.

But... he didn't want to think about that right now. That's a later problem. He slowly closed his eyes and sighed letting his mind and body relax before he faces his problems in the morning.

'I'm sorry L/n.'

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