Chapter 12

It's been a couple of days since you've had your encounter with Ray. This is a good thing. Well, that's what you wanted to think. But in all honesty, you were growing worried about his well being and his wear about.

You even took the time to ask Emma if she knew anything.

"No? I haven't heard from him today either," Emma said with furrowed eyebrows.

The both of you were in the lounge printing out a couple of papers. You were sitting at the table, tapping your fingers on the countertop while the orange-haired girl leaned against the counter.

"Oh...," you mumbled looking down with a blank face.

"But," you looked towards her with raised eyebrows, waiting for her to continue.

"When I was with Norman one day, I heard and seen that he was talking to him through face time. He looked so tired and stressed."

"I wonder why. Did he looked off or something?" You asked looking at her with waiting eyes.

She looked at you and placed her index finger on her chin before a huge smirk came on her face. "Y/n don't tell me...," she said leaning towards you.

You looked at her in panic.

"Do you have heart eyes for Ray?" She said walking closer towards you bending down with her face near yours.

"W-what? No, I don't." You stuttered. She can't just assume such things. You were just worried. Was it a crime to worry about someone? No. It is not and it shouldn't be. So why was she asking questions like this?!

She jumped making you startled, hitting your knee under the table having wide eyes.

"Y/n!" She gasped. "I never would have thought you had eyes for him! You falling for Ray, the cold, stoic, quiet, nonchalant, man. And then there's you!"

She said placing her hands on your shoulders making you turn your head upwards to look at her.

"The sweet-hearted girl, working in a company for her love!"

"Emma stop-"

"What? Why?"

"Because that's not happening," you said looking away from her, dismissing the conversation.

"Oh yeah. That's right," Emma said releasing her hold onto you and grabbed her papers.

"What?" You asked now curious.

"Well..." she turned around and walked towards the door looking up and down the hallway, making sure that no one was near listening in on your conversation.

She grabbed the door and cracked it slightly so only the both of you can hear.

"Don't tell anyone I told you this," she said lowly.

"I heard that Anna and Ray were no longer together. Well, that's what I overheard from Norman when he was on the phone one morning. And he told me that he was trying to get over the whole thing..." she wandered off.

"By doing?" You said waving your hand in a circle trying to get her to finish her sentence and continue the conversation.

"By doing things- I don't know. I just know he trying to do things to get his mind off things. Who knows! It probably could be by getting drunk off of alcohol, spending nights with girls, drugs, traveling to other places to get away from here, or probably burying himself in more work just at home away from distractions."

You hummed in response and let out a shaky breath just thinking about and imagining him in a horrible state.

"I hope he's doing okay..." you mumbled laying your head in your hand.

Emma took note of your mood but didn't say anything about it.

"Since we're about to get off, how about that date? Just the both of us?"

You bit your bottom lip lightly thinking about it before looking up towards her.

"Come on,! You promised, Y/n!"

"Hey! Calm down! You didn't even give me the chance to say anything, Emma," you laughed lightly with your hands up in the air. "I don't mind. Just let me get myself together. And when it's time to go, I'll meet you in the parking lot."

She smiled brightly at this twirl on her heels.

"Okay! I'll see you then!"

You did a closed-lip smile and looked down before letting out a breath that you were holding in. "Oh, God..."

You got out of the chair that you were sitting in, grabbed the paper cup that you were drinking out of and threw it into the trash can, and walked out of the room going towards your office.

You logged out of your computer and had powered it off, gathered all of your things, and made your way out of your office.

When you were down on the first lobby floor, you saw Emma sitting down on one of the chairs scrolling through her phone. You were about to say something but stopped when you saw Norman walked up to her.

You just decided to walk up beside him and smile awkwardly.

"Oh. Hey, Y/n. How are you?" Norman asked with a small smile.

You looked at the male and waved awkwardly and smiled. "Hey, Norman. I'm fine, thanks for asking."

Emma walked up towards you and linked her arms along with you.

"Yeah. The both of us are planning on spending some time together!" She said excitedly.

Y'all male nodded with furrowed eyebrows before laughing lightly. "That's good to hear. I'm glad you guys are spending some time together. Well, I'll let them both of you have fun," he said moving slightly away from you.

"Alright! See you later Norman," Emma said grabbing onto you while pulling you towards the door so you can leave.

"We can talk a lot while we're out!" Emma said releasing you.

"Okay! Well, what do you want to do? Do you want to change first or do you want to go out dressed in the clothes that we are in now?" You asked following her, going towards your cars since it was parked near each other.

She turned around and looked at you while walking backward. "We can just stay like this," she turned around and kept walking towards her car, getting her keys out of her purse to unlock it.

"Okay, that sounds like a good idea. I don't feel like changing until I get home anyway," you mumbled.

You got inside of your car and dialed Emma's number. She picked up the phone in a cheerful voice.

"Hellooo!" She said with an energetic voice waving at you in the car beside you.

You rolled your eyes playfully and chuckled at her bright personality. "Emma, are you serious?"

"Yup!" She said popping the 'p'.

"Okay, I'm going to follow you and we can just go anywhere you have planned," you said.

"Okay." She said cranking up her car with you following behind her.

She pulled out of the parking lot and pulled into the road going to an unknown place.

You followed behind her looking around. You were still in the city but you couldn't help but think where exactly was she taking you.

You were always clueless.

The both of you were done walking through the mall with a couple of bags that the both of you had. You got a couple of clothes from a store, not too much not too little. Something nice and comfortable for you to wear whenever you go out.

The both of you were now at the food court with your food laid out on the table.

"What did you get?" You asked looking at your coworker walking towards you placing her tray onto the table.

You looked at her food and hummed.

"Yours look good," she says with bright eyes.

You took a bite out of your food and nodded. "It is," you said with a mouth full of food."

"I'm glad we're able to hang out," Emma said before digging in.

You hummed in agreement, taking a sip out of your straw looking around at other people walk past you. This felt more comfortable than it was when you were at dinner with the others at the fancy and expensive restaurant.

You felt less tense and you could be yourself.

"Do you still want to continue the conversation that we were having at the building?" She asked looking at you.

"Wha-" you looked around before looking back at her. "Umm... I guess?"

"Don't worry. As long as I sugarcoat some things we should be fine. And don't say his name, he has a huge reputation after all," Emma said laying her head on her hand while looking around.

"Umm.. okay?" You said unsure. Hopefully, the conversation wouldn't get too reckless.

"I heard that his mother was sick," Emma said in a soft tone. You looked at her with a concerned facial expression.

"Is she doing okay?"

"I have no idea. But by the looks of it, by him missing days from work. Him being stressed, I don't think so," Emma said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"No wonders. When I heard him on the phone one morning he sounded like he was on an important call. He said something along the lines to let him know if something comes up or change... something like that."

"Morning? How did you hear this again?" Emma asked with raised eyebrows.

A shock expression went across your gave when you realized the situation that you put yourself in. You had to think of something and quick. You didn't want any problems with anyone.

"No. It's not like that-"

"Y/n. It's okay," Emma quickly cuts you off. "I can tell that something is going on between the both of you, just by how you reacted to things today."

You made a shaky sigh and shook your head 'no'.

"Nothing is going on between us. Well, He doesn't want that. He doesn't want anything to do with me," you mumbled.

A shocked look went across her face and she looked down at her food. "Oh. Sorry about that..."

You didn't say anything and took a couple of more bites out of your food and the girl followed behind you. She looked at you in the corner of her eye and looked back down taking another bite before drinking some of her drink to wash down the food that was in her mouth.

It was quiet between the both of you. The only thing that could be heard was other people talking in the background.

She cleared her throat and sat up slightly.

"Well, you never know. Things could happen between you."

You looked up at her and swallowed your food with furrowed eyebrows.

"Oh yeah?"

"Of course. He's just busy and has a lot on his plate at the moment so I wouldn't doubt the fact that there couldn't be anything. Don't give up just yet."

You looked at her and shook your head. "But if anything, if he wants to decide to get back into a relationship, I doubt it would be me. He just got out of a relationship with Anna."


"I say this because the both of them have been together for a long period. They know each other. And they had chemistry and probably still does. And just like you said, Anna still has feelings for him. I wouldn't be surprised him he still feels the same towards the pretty goddess," you said looking down to take a bite.

Emma chuckled softly and covered her mouth. "Y/n, don't tell me that you're jealous."

You looked at her with a flabbergasted look. "Huh? I'm not jealous!" A blush came across your face while you narrowed your eyes at her.

"That's not what I heard!"

"Eat your food, it's getting cold," you said shooing her away from you.

"My food is just fine thank you- oh wait! It is getting cold," she said trying to hurry and eat her food.

You laughed at her childishness, holding onto your stomach while pointing at her. Not too long after you were digging in your because yours was starting to get warm also.

The both of you finished your night with you driving back to your home, getting ready to finish off the day in your warm and comfortable bed.

You plopped yourself onto your mattress letting out a sigh of satisfaction.

You rolled over on your side and looked at the time and plugged your phone up on your nightstand.

"Thank God it's Friday," you mumbled.

You didn't have to work tomorrow and you can spend the weekend in the comfort of your own home.

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