Chapter 14

"Don't make me regret this woman."

"I won't," you laughed with a blush on your face. You stepped out of the elevator and looked back at him.

"Get to work, L/n."

"R-right. See you later."

"Yeah," he said softly watching you walk away. A small smile came on his face and he pressed the button on the elevator, making the doors close again.

You managed to do your work ahead of time and dropped off your work inside of Ray's empty office and sat in your office in a bright mood.

Your face was warm and you couldn't stop smiling and the thought of going on a date with the handsome man that you were talking to earlier.

The conversation and the event kept playing on repeat in your head.

It wasn't easy getting him to say yes but he finally said it. And you couldn't wait to get to spend some time together. And you wanted to show him that you could be trusted. Of course, you knew that just taking him on a 'date' was going to make him magically put all of his trust in you.

It takes time.

You were willing to do that.

And also, maybe something good can come from all of this. Just maybe. Maybe you could be something more than what you are.

You aren't even friends now that you think about it. You were just a worker, working for his company who one night had sex with him.

That didn't sound good especially if you or someone were to say it out loud. What if someone ever did find out?

Your skin shivered at the thought.

People would look at you differently if they ever knew. But, knowing Ray, well you didn't know him. But you were willing to get to know him.

Back on topic, he didn't look like the type to spread his business or to tell it to anyone. But you wouldn't put it past him because everyone is not who they say they are or who they make it out to be.

But you didn't want to make false accusations about him.

Your phone alarm went off making you jump out of your thoughts.

"It's time already?" You said to yourself. The confusion was wiped off of your face as soon as it came back to your head. "We can finally go on the date," you said with a blush on your cheeks.

You packed up all of your things, doing your usual routine, every day when you're getting off from work. Cutting and powering everything down. Cleaning up your mess, and cutting off the lights in your office.

You speed-walk down the hall, eager to get inside of the elevator so you can make it to your date with Ray.

Your mind ran wild thinking about many scenarios about how it would turn out. What would you wear? Should you wear makeup? Or no makeup? Should you bring something? No. That would be too much? Or would it?

"You look, happy hun!" Krone said while walking up beside you.

You flinched a little at her sudden appearance. "Oh, I do?"

She held her bag in front of her and had a wide closed-lip smile while humming a tune. "Of course you do, hun!" She said enthusiastically. She craned her neck towards you. "Don't tell me that you don't realize that you have a smile so big on your face that you're showing every single tooth in your mouth?"

You instantly closed your mouth, closing your lips at the mention of you smiling.

"You don't have to hide that pretty smile. If you're happy, then show it! The world needs cheerful people. And let's not forget the cute little skip you're doing, well, you were doing."

You groaned and closed your eyes stepping into the elevator. Krone stepped to the side and pressed the button to the lobby floor making the doors close.

"What's so embarrassing? Do you not like expressing how you feel?" She asked.

"No! It's not that at all," you said quickly.

"Then what is it?"

"I- Umm... well you see- I have a date Ms.Krone, and I'm honestly excited and I look forward to going on the date with this person."

"Hmm? Is that so?"

"Yes!" You said with a bright face just thinking about him. "We started on a very rocky and ... unusual start, but I want to turn things around and start on a right track and all of that depends on how well tonight will go," you said looking at her like you were a teenager talking to your mom about your crush.

"Oh! Well let me tell you, whoever this person is," she placed her hand on your shoulder looking at you with a warm look. "They're very lucky to be able to go on this date with you."

You looked at her with parted lips and furrowed eyebrows, taking in her words. A smile slowly made its way to your face telling her, "Thank you. That means a lot."

She released your shoulder and looked towards the elevator double doors in front of you that's now opening. "You don't have to thank me. I'm just telling you the truth. Am I not?"

"I guess?" You said unsure. You didn't think of yourself as a special person or anything, but whenever people tell you things like saying kind things to you. Giving you compliments from here and there, boosted your confidence and made you feel a little better about yourself.

It helped your self-esteem.

A blush came on your cheeks and you had a goofy smile.

You and Krone stepped out into the lobby going outside of the building and waved each other a goodbye.

You hopped into your car playing your music at a low volume in the background as you drove through traffic, passing by cars, buildings, and pedestrians, on your way to your apartment.

You finally arrived at your building bumping into your neighbor again trying to stop you in the hallway while you were running.

"H-hey!" He shouted.

You looked towards him as you jogged trying to make it to your destination. "Huh?!" You said not bothering to slow down.

Don looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. "Slow down! Before you hurt someone with your recklessness!"

"I got somewhere to be!" You tried going around him but he was confused about where to go as the both of you tried to walk around each other but kept walking into the same place. The both of you were getting frustrated. This time, you were going to take matters into your own hands with this dumb ass.

You grabbed his shoulders and shoved him to the side so you can get to where you need to be. You did not want to be late for your first day with Ray.

Don gasped and turned around and looked at your retreated form with raised eyebrows and parted lips. He then narrowed his eyebrows and chased after you.

"Come back here!"

"No!" You yelled back running faster away from the male. You made it to your door and hurriedly unlocked it and opened your door.

"You need to apologize-"

You slammed the door closed cutting him off. You rolled your eyes and snorted a laugh. "And that's payback."

You praised yourself making sure the door was locked and dropped your things, your purse and keys, on your kitchen counter.

You went into the bathroom and took a quick shower and made your way into your room looking inside of your closet and your drawers.

"I wonder what I should wear..."

You picked a new clean set of underwear and looked back over inside of your closet and saw something that caught your interest. It was the outfit that Ray brought you. It was a red dress hanging onto a hanger between other pieces of clothing.

You grabbed the dress and placed it onto your bed, went back inside of the closet, and grabbed the shoebox that had the gold heels.

You put everything on and looked at the mirror admiring your outfit and how it complimented your body frame.

"This does look nice," you awed. You posed a little in the mirror awkwardly and stopped when you felt like you have had enough of looking at yourself.

You looked at the time that was on your phone and decided this was your cue to hurry and finish up what you needed to do. You decided not to do makeup and just go natural and wore a hairstyle that fit your outfit.

You only wear gloss and that was it. Not too much but it made you feel a little better. You sprayed on some perfume and straightened out your dress with your hand.

You walked back into the living room that was connected to your kitchen and got everything that you needed out of the purse that you always wore, and placed everything inside of the expensive red leather purse that Ray brought you on that night.

You placed your black trench coat over you just in case the air was cold later, but you didn't put your arms through to the point that you're 'wearing' it.

You gathered your keys and your phone and opened your door looking both ways in the hallway making sure you wouldn't run into that weirdo. You were sure that he thought of you the same way but you couldn't care less anymore.

You stepped into the hall and closed the door behind you and locked it.

You left your building going into the parking lot and got inside of your car, cranking it up, putting on the heater so the car gets warm, and put on your seat belt.

You pulled out of the parking lot onto the highway, following the GPS on your phone to the place you told Ray to meet you.

It was an Italian themed restaurant where the both of you could eat outside.

"I wonder how it looks in person," you hummed to yourself sad you drove. The sun was setting and it was 5:00 in the middle of January, so it wasn't a surprise that it would be dark this early during the day.

"I hope it's as pretty as it is online."

You finally arrived. You parked your car in an available parking spot and looked down at your phone at the time. You went to your messages and looked at the new contact that you added to your phone.

You nervously texted him that said, 'I'm here.'

You waited a couple of minutes and still didn't receive a response. "He's probably on his way," you mumbled. You took your things and headed inside and walked up front to talk to one of the workers.

You told them that you wanted a table for two and that you wanted to sit outside.

(Play music*optional*)

You were seated at the table and sat there biting your lip nervously. You were anxious. You wondered where he was.

You tried looking around to clear your head desperate trying to distract yourself. Trying to keep your mind from negative thoughts.

You were sitting outside of the restaurant along with other people who wanted to be outside instead of inside. Jazz music played in the background making things feel less tense. You looked up and seen strings of lights wrapped around the wooden ceiling. Vines were wrapped around the wood and from somewhere, from some source, there was blowing warm heat to keep everyone 'warm'.

You saw people sitting at their tables eating and talking. Children playing around with their food that was on their plates while laughing at any nonsense that came their way.

Soft music was playing in the background.

A toddler looked your way and made eye contact with you before waving his hand that was occupied with a bread roll.

"Hi!" The little boy said cheerfully. His parents looked at the child and then towards you with an apologetic smile.

You waved back towards the kid and smiled brightly while laughing lightly. "Hey!"

The family turned back around and continued eating while talking to one another. You looked around and seen a couple sat down not too far from you.

You watched as he pulled the chair out for her and kissed her on her cheek before going to his seat.

When you felt like you were starring for too long you looked down at your hands under the table, fiddling with your thumbs.

The thoughts came rushing back to your head immediately l.

'Is he running late?'

'What if he doesn't show up?'

You were starting to make yourself upset. Your eyebrows furrowed and a frown made its way onto your face. Did he... Was he not going to show up...

"Am I'm that much of a burden?..." you said softly. You were starting to just gather all of your things and leave.

"Why you're sad," you heard a deep nonchalant familiar voice said. You looked up slowly and bit your bottom lip trying to calm your nerves.

"I'm not sad," you mumbled while looking at him.

"You are, I can see it on your face, L/n."

You took him in. He was dressed in a black button-up long-sleeved shirt and black pants to match. He wore black shoes and his hair was in its usual messy look but it adds to his handsomeness.

"I'm sorry for being late." He mumbled apologetically. "I was handling business, but I made up for it," he said walking towards where you were seated.

"Huh? What is it?" You asked in curiosity.

He stopped beside you and held out his hand, gesturing for you to take it and stand up.

You looked down at his hand, grabbed it, and stood up. He brought you into a sudden hug and mumbled in your ear. "You look beautiful."

You blushed and he let go of the hug. You got a good whiff of him, and boy did he smelled good.

You stepped back slightly and he brought flowers from behind his back. "Here." He said shoving them towards you awkwardly. You looked down at the flowers and smiled.

"These are very pretty," you said taking them from him and looked up to see him avoiding your gaze while rubbing his neck.

"Yeah..." he said bashfully. "Let's order our food."


The both of you sat down and ordered your food. While you waited the both of you ate your appetizers, which were rolls of bread with butter and salad.

Instead of you eating your salad you were eating multiple pieces of bread with butter. He watched you as you continued eating the carbs while he ate his salad.

"You love bread, don't you?" He asked looking from you and down at his salad.

You blushed slightly in embarrassment and placed your bread down onto your plate. "Oh.. um-"

"There's nothing wrong with it," he mumbled. "If that's what you like then that's what you like. There's no need to be ashamed of it," he said looking at you.

Before you could say anything, the waiter came back and placed your food on the table.

The both of you talked for a good while. You were giggling and blushing like an idiot and he just shook his head at your childishness. You were talking nonsense while he listened.

"You're such a child. You even laugh at your jokes, L/n," he said.

"But you have to admit it's funny!" You giggled. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, letting out a snort. You noticed a small smile on his face and you gushed.

"You're smiling!"

"Huh?!" He asked with a confused expression, peeking up when you said that he was 'smiling.' "No I wasn't. You're just hallucinating."

"But I just saw you smiled," you said with gleaming eyes. "You should smile more. I think you look handsome when you smile," you mumbled.

He looked at you with parted lips and looked down at his hands with sealed lips. "You... do?"

You grabbed his hand that was on the table making him look up and smiled. "Yeah, I do," you said softly with flushed cheeks.

He looked at you and did his smile.

"Thank you, Y/n."

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