Chapter 15

"But I just saw you smiled," you said with gleaming eyes. "You should smile more. I think you look handsome when you smile," you mumbled.

He looked at you with parted lips and looked down at his hands with sealed lips. "You... do?"

You grabbed his hand that was on the table making him look up and smiled. "Yeah, I do," you said softly with flushed cheeks.

He looked at you and did his smile.

"Thank you, Y/n."

"You're welcome," you say back with almost a closed eye smile. He shook his head at you and let out a laugh through his nose by blowing air.

You heard another song started playing and you hummed silently to the catchy tune as you laid your cheek on your hand, watch the little kids from earlier laugh along with their family.

"So... how have you been?" You asked looking back at your date. The man who sat across you at the table looked at you and took a sip of his red wine and hummed.


You knew he wasn't going to tell you the truth because there were things he was hiding from you that were a most likely person, so you didn't push it. You didn't want to ruin this date.

You picked up a small block of cheese along with half of the bread, eating it, and taking a sip of your wine to wash it down. "Are you enjoying yourself," you asked softly with a small smile.

You took your champagne glass, which was half full to empty, and moved it around slowly, letting the liquid swish around.

He sat down his drink and furrowed his eyebrows. "To be honest," he looked at you to see you with a cheeky smile.

"Go on. Say it," you gestured with the flick of your wrist.

"No," he said rolling his eyes and looking the other way. You laughed silently and shook your head.

"Why are you like this?"

"Okay," he admitted. "I've enjoyed myself."

"That's good to hear," you said sweetly with a blush on your face.

The warm light on your left-hand side, which was on his right, was shinning from the inside of the restaurant, shined on your face making your face look brighter and happy.

The string lights that were hanging around from the wooden ceiling and walls decorated around you made you look even more beautiful than you already are.

Ray looked at you with sealed lips taking in your features, ignoring your gibberish about the food and scenery.

"Ray?" He looked at you with a confused expression. You thought he looked cute but you needed to tell him something.

"It's time for us to pay for our things," you said looking at the waitress. He looked up at the redhead female with blue eyes and hummed.

You reached into your purse to pull out your money getting ready to pay the lady who stood beside you.

"Okay sir, thank you for your time. And you two have a nice night."

You looked up with a confused look, looking from Ray and searching for the girl. You saw the woman was no longer near you, going back inside of the building.

"Huh?" You mumbled.

"I've paid for the both of us, come on," he said getting out of his seat, going over towards you pulling out your chair gently for you to get up. He reached out his hand and you grabbed it standing up. He grabbed your black trench coat and placed it over his left shoulder.

"You paid for the both of us?" You said confused.

"I've already said that, Y/n. Stop asking questions that I've already answered," he grumbled.

"But, you didn't have to. I've just gotten paid recently," you said referring to the check that you received from his company the other day.

"It's okay. I'm not supposed to let the women pay anyway. In other words, I'm not letting you pay," he placed his hand at the small of your back, letting you walk ahead of him.

The both of you walked silently going inside of the parking lot him following you to your car. You stopped by your door and turned towards him with your arms wrapped around each other. He grabbed your coat from off of his shoulder and placed them around your shoulders.

"Thank you," you mumbled placing your arms into it.

"You wore the clothes I brought you..." he mumbled looking down at you.

"Yeah. You just noticed?" you scoffed slightly, laughing silently to yourself.

"No. I've noticed. I just didn't say anything," he said matter of factly.

The both of you stood in the narrow space, you standing next to your car, leaning your body slightly on it. His y'all frame stood in front of you with his hands in his pockets, looking at you with his usual small calm frown on his face.

"Oh... well... I thought it would like nice for me to wear for our first date." You said with a blush creeping on your face looking into his eyes. You looked away from him softly, trying to sink your face by hiding it inside of your jacket when the wind blew. "I wanted to look nice," you mumbled.

"You look good as you are," he hummed.

You were looking down at your polished feet in the gold heels, finding it entertaining and interesting. But, honestly, you couldn't look him in the eyes for too long. You felt nervous and anxious. Butterflies were swarming around in your body but the main area they were in was your stomach.

Being anywhere near him, talking about him, talking to him, or even just thinking about him, you get flustered. Even if he didn't want anything to do with you in the beginning.

He watched as you kept your face away from his, so he couldn't get a good look at your face. He took one of his hands out of his pants pockets and lifted your face.

You looked up at the handsome male with furrowed eyebrows and had your bottom lip between your teeth.


"I want to say thank you," he said slowly releasing your face.

"For what?"

He let out a soft scoff and laughed through his nose by letting out a breath. "You idiot. How don't you remember what you said?"

You pondered hard on what he was referring to. 'What... OH!'

You smiled brightly at him and laughed. "Oh! I remember! I wanted to see you happy and I wanted to see you smile! And I made you do just that!" You grabbed onto his sleeve bringing him to you out of excitement, not thinking that you were bringing him closer towards you.

"I guess you can say that."

"I'm glad I was able to make you happy," you mumbled.

The both of you didn't say anything. The only thing that could be heard was jazz music playing in the background, not too far away, at the building you've been to not too long ago.

You looked towards the building then back at him before clearing your throat getting. "Well... I better get going, so I won't wake up late for work tomorrow," you laughed nervously. "I don't want to have you on my ass about my one-minute tardiness," you joked while laughing getting ready to leave.

"Shut it," he grumbled.

"Okay!" You said raising your hands in defense. You turned around and looked at your door biting your bottom lip, you turned back towards him and grabbed his hand-arm, and brought him down towards your level gently.

He didn't resist.

You brought him into a hug and smile. When you were done, he brought himself away slightly and cupped your face gently with his large hands, and kissed your cheek.

"Goodnight, Y/n. Get home safely," and with that, he stuffed his hands back inside of his pockets and made his way to his vehicle to take his leave.

You watched him walk away with parted lips and a warm face. "G-goodnight, Ray," you said. You were in your world at this point. High off of the small action.

You snapped yourself out when he was no longer by you and got inside of your car, getting ready to take your leave.

"For real?"

"YES!" You exclaimed.

It was the weekend, which meant that you didn't have to go to work. You were now at your apartment, walking around the kitchen grabbing snacks from out of your pantry, while you talked on the phone.

Your phone was laying on the counter and you had it on speaker talking to, Gilda.

The both of you have gotten closer over the period and you were warming up to her. And it honestly felt nice, having someone to talk to other than someone at your job. Not that you didn't like anyone there or didn't want to speak to them.

You just wanted to have a friend out of that environment.

You were talking to the girl about you and Ray. About your first date that happened a couple of days ago and how he was being more kind to you at work and you even caught him with a small smile on his face now and then.

It still looked like he wasn't getting enough sleep because of the bags under his eyes, but just seeing him smile or even letting out a small 'laugh', made your day.

"Really! I'm telling the truth, Gilda! Our date," you grabbed a bottle of water from out of your fridge and closed it back.

"Well. He doesn't sound so bad. But can you be sure?"

You took a sip of your bottle and hummed and took your mouth off of the mouthpiece, drinking the liquid that was in your mouth, and looked towards your phone.

"Don't be so negative Gilda."

"I'm not!" She said offensively. But you knew it wasn't literally. "I'm only saying that because of what you told me last time. You can't deny that- that entire situation wasn't toxic! The both of you had sex and he said that he didn't want any strings attached then been a jerk to you the next morning."

You rolled your eyes and sucked your teeth.

"Isn't that what happens?" She said already knowing the answer.

You groaned and laid your head on your hands that were placed on the counter. "I guess... yeah..."


"But just like you said!" You said perking up. "He's going through some things and I agreed to do it with him, knowing that there wouldn't be any strings attached."

"But why would you put yourself in that situation,
Y/n?" She asked genuinely confused.

That was a good question. Why did you do that? Knowing that you would've got hurt at the end of the deal that the both of you did. Was it because you were lonely? Because you were in desperate need of someone's touch? Because you haven't been with someone in a long time?

Or was it just because you were attracted to Ray since the day you met him and you took that as a once in a lifetime opportunity?

"I don't know."

Gilda hummed on the other side of the line in response.

"Even though we started rocky, I'm sure things can turn around and go onto a good path. The date that we went on went extremely well," you said remembering back to the night the both of you had your first date.

"I bet it was. How you described it sounded nice and everything. You made a good choice and a good decision on choosing that restaurant. I've heard good reviews about them."

"Yeah, it is. Everything was so nice. I was nervous that things would've gone wrong but, it went so good." A blush came on your face, you were smiling like an idiot whole daydreaming.

"He has such a beautiful smile, I wish I could see it more. And his laugh, well it wasn't a laugh, but it was something."

Gilda snickered on the other side of the phone and continued to listen to your rambling about the handsome raven-haired male.

"Seeing that side is so rare and it makes me feel so warm inside that I managed to make him happy on that night. Even if it wasn't for a long time, he still showed it and it makes me happy because he was." You grabbed one of your snacks and stuffed it into your mouth and sigh.

"I wish I could be with him right now."

"Well, if he makes you that happy, and if he's like how you describe him.. then I'm sure something can work out most definitely. The both of you just have to put in the effort to make it work out. You seem dedicated," she said sounding like she was standing away from her phone.

"I'm willing," you mumbled. "I wanna see where this goes."

"I want to see also. I hope he becomes dedicated like you are. And I'm happy that he's laying off of you with all of his toughness. He sounds like he's slowly warming up to you."

"Yeah. Some days he brings me coffee when I'm extremely tired for work," you said leaning up against it while stretching.


"Yup!" You said popping the 'p' at the end.

"What else does he do?"

"And he shows affection whenever we're alone, just the both of us. Between me and you, he seems like the shy type."

"I bet he is."

"Yeah. And he always insists on doing things for me. Like he likes to pay or he likes to take the lead, letting me follow behind him, like a protective type."

"Ooh! The alfa of the pack! Sounds husband material!" Gilda said in a singing voice making your snort while you laugh.

"I wish!" You said covering your mouth as your fave flushed. You threw your trash away and wiped off your counter. You walked into the living room with your phone in your hand and threw yourself onto your comfortable couch.

"Well speaking of boys and dates..."

You raised your eyebrow at this and looked up at the ceiling. "Yes??"

"I..." She stayed quiet and you cleared your throat making her continue.

"I've met this guy and we've been talking. Not for a long time though, but for a good while."

"Oh my gosh, Gilda-"

"I Know! I know!" She said laughing lightly on the other end.

"Tell me!"

"Well, he's a good guy. Funny, friendly, and smart... well he's not smart but..." You laughed at her comment and continued to listen.

"He seems like a cool guy."

"I'm happy for you Gilda," you smiled warmly.

"Thank you. And I was wondering."


"Maybe it's too soon, but one day we should have a double date or something?"

Your smile grew and you squealed. "That sounds like a plan Gilda! Whenever we make it official, we should do it."

"Okay... sounds like a plan.

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