Chapter 16

"So what are we doing today?" You asked looking at Gilda as the both of you walked down your apartment building lobby going into the parking lot.

Today you were planning on hanging out with her. Well, the both of you planned it over the phone. She wanted to try out a new place, a cafe that was close to your apartment building.

It was a nice Sunday day. The sun was out, it was a little chilly, and it wasn't as busy as it usually was on the streets. Most likely it would start back once Monday comes around because everyone would have to go back to work or whatever they are that they have to do.

You didn't mind having a day out before you would have to go back to work to file our reports, sign papers, email others, making research, doing projects, and helping Ray catch up with the work that he missed over his absence.

Not that you mind. That just gave you an excuse to leave your office and to go up to his.

"Well, I want to go to this place where there are these cute baby animals. You know, there's baby kittens and puppies. And after that, we can go to the cafe and eats some sweets and drink something," she said pushing up her glasses up the bridge of her nose, looking at you with a small smile on her face.

You hummed softly. "That sounds nice and exciting," you blushed lightly. "I can't wait to play with a little puppy!" You gushed.

Gilda laughed lightly and nodded her head at your comment. "Yes, I agree. They are cute. I wish we could just take them with us."

"I know right? I would take three of them," you hummed and thought about it for a second. What it would be like to have three furry little animals run around your house making a mess by tearing furniture or clothes. Releasing their wastes on your floors, shedding hair, and spending so much money for them. Buying the clothes, medicine, checkups, dog food, etc.

"You know what? Never mind that," you said letting a small puff through your lips, making fog appear out of thin air in front of you because of the cold temperature of January.

Gilda laughed lightly and looked back at you before looking back ahead of her as the both of you walked down the sidewalk.

"Huh? What made you change your mind so fast?"

You pursed your lips together and furrowed your eyebrows. "I thought about it, having them. No doubt they are some very cute and adorable creatures but when it comes to taking care of them- that's a lot of hard work if you ask me."

"Of course it's not! They operate like how we do. You have to take care of them for them to stay alive and healthy, Y/n. Duh."

"I know," you groaned.

Not too long later the both of you made it to the place the both of you were gushing about. On the outside of the building, it had posters of puppies and kittens with cute stickers planted onto the glass windows of the pet cafe.

"He's so CUTTTEEEEE!" You shrieked while cradling the puppy in your arms. "Oh my gosh, I'm gonna die!" You said dramatically as you held onto the puppy for dear life while rolling on your back, letting all of the other puppies and cats surround you.

They were either looking confused at you, sniffing you, cuddling to your body, or licking the fabric of your clothes.

"Calm down, Y/n," Gilda whispered shouted. "You're going to get us kicked out of here. You look like a madwoman," she grumbled while gathering up all of the animals around her like stuff animals, running her fingers through their fur, gushing uncontrollably.

You looked to your left and snorted before scoffing. "The cattle can't call the pot black. You're doing the same thing as me, except your gonna squeeze the life outta those poor babies," you said before letting out a fit of giggles.

You held the puppy in your arms and lifted abound you while you laid down. You were saying a bunch of nonsense and gibberish as you looked at the small baby puppy in your hands. "Oh, my gwash aren't your just the cwutest lwittle thing? You're so cwute I can just eat you up! Yes, I will! Oh yes, I will!"

Gilda scoffed and shook her head at your ridiculous actions. "Y/n, you're such a child. Quit it."

You paid her no mind as you cradled the puppy and rocked back and forth whispering sweet nothings to the puppy, stroking him, making him relax to your touch.

He was a quiet little thing. And he was so cute. He was a small golden retriever with big brown eyes. The color of its fur made you think of honey and honey was sweet. A perfect combination for an adorable puppy.

"Now who wants to take a picture with me?" Gilda asked the kittens that were in her lap. Some of the kittens tried getting out and away from her by jumping out of her lap, going to play with the toys that were laid around in the room, but Gilda just wouldn't let it happen.

"Oh guys, come on! It's just a quick picture," she said picking one after the other up, placing them back into their spots trying to take a quick picture.

You looked at her on the side of your eye, seeing her taking pictures while posing. You looked away from her and seen the kittens walking away from her and the only one stayed in the end.

"Hah!" You laughed before looking back at your puppy with kissy lips.

Gold looked over to you with a raised eyebrow and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose before holding her 'loyal' kitten in her hand. "Is something funny, Y/n?" She asked with sass.

"Oh? Nothing funny at all," you said with a cocky smirk on your face. "Or maybe I do find it that all of your loyal subjects have left you and you only remain with one foolish weak kitten," you said laying up while holding onto your puppy with an evil smile.

Gilda has a dark aura as he and her black kitten glared daggers at you and your puppy. The puppy that was in your arms looked at them, to you, and then back to them with an innocent look, not understanding what was going on.

"At least I had an army-"

"That's no longer there," you cut in.

Gilda rolled her eyes and narrowed her eyebrows. "But, I have my brave night in shining armor who will always be at my side to go against any foe who dare tries to harm me."

"Is that so," you mumbled.

You quickly grabbed your puppy and held him under the arms while its lower body dangled. You swung his body and made his legs kick the kitten.

Gilda gasped in horror and grabbed her kitten away from you and your 'dangerous' puppy.

"Well, my puppy is the best of the best. He is strong. He is wise. He is the chosen!"

Gilda took her kitten's paws and made the cat slap your puppy in the face.

You gasped and turned your puppy towards you, analyzing his face. "Does that thing have nails? I hope she didn't scratch him."

Gilda quickly looks at the kitten's paws and saw that it didn't have any. "Oh, no. She doesn't have any."

You sighed in relief and looked at her in the corner of your eyes ready to strike by doing a sneak attack on her and the black furry beast, she called her knight.

Gilda grumbled a few curses and the both of you went to war-making the animals do flying attacks like roundhouse kicks, flying punches, and everything above.

The both of you were breathing hard as if you were the ones fighting in battle against each other before you decided to speak, breaking the silence on the intense 'battlefield'.

"It's about time we finish this war. It has gone on for far too long." And with that, you grabbed a small ball from the floor and held it in your and the puppy's paw.

One of the workers noticed the both of you playing and watched with curiosity.

You took this chance, getting ready to throw it. "It's a bomb!"

"Wait no!" the worker who had a red hairband around her head, yelled trying to stop you from throwing it.

But it was already too late.

You threw the Ball and his behind one of the kittens scratching post. The ball hit the kitten in the head making the kitten jump and attack you, viciously.


"Oh no!" The red-headed girl with green eyes said before running over to your aid, grabbing onto the cat, making it release you.

Once the car was off of you, you turned over towards Gilda who was watching you with concern. Your mouth was wide open and your hair was everywhere. Small light red scratches were decorated on your face making Gilda and the girl grimace.

You stocked your thumb up and smiled painfully. "You may have won this war, but next time, I'll win," you said in a raspy voice from screaming too much.

"There won't be the next time. OUT!" Someone in the back yelled.

Gilda grabbed your hand pulling you up and dragged you out of the cafe in panic. You were not planning on paying for anything or getting into deep trouble.

You later learned that the girl who had come to your rescue by pulling off the black furball, the name was Cherry.

She stood out on the sidewalk and watched the both of you ran far away as her manager yelled loudly at the two of you.

"G-Gilda! Slow down! I'm not- my body can't take this running! My heart is about to explode!" You yelled while panting trying to keep up with the girl as she kept a firm grip on your hand.

She ignored you and laughed loudly with flushed cheeks from running. "You better keep up or they'll call the cops on us for hurting the animals! We gotta get far from here!"

You didn't say anything in response because you were too busy trying to keep up with her and desperately trying to get your breathing steady.

"W-Where we going next?!"

"The cafe! We're almost there!"

The two of you walked inside of the cafe, letting the door hit the bell that was above its ring to signify that you entered the small shop.

Someone walked from the back to the upfront with a smile on their face.

"Hello, thank you for coming in today! How may I help you, ladies?" A young boy asked.

He looked at you and raised his eyebrows slightly taking in your rough state.

Your hair was even messier than before, you had light scratch marks all over your face, your face was flushed, and you were panting hard while bending down looking at the cakes that were behind the glass counter.


"Yes! We would like to order a couple of things," Gilda chirped walking up to the counter leaving you behind her, trying to collect yourself.

While Gilda talked to the male, you walked over to a mirror that was on your right-hand side and blushed in embarrassment at the sight of yourself.

"Oh my God. I look horrible," you whine lowly.

But Gilda and the other male heard you, making Gilda laugh lightly.

"Sorry about my friend, she got into a... 'fight' with a kitten."

The other boy nodded while saying 'oh' but honestly he wanted to know the context behind it but he didn't want to question it.

You grumbled in irritation and straightened your hair in a more presentable look.


You turned around, once you were done and walked over towards your friend. "Hmm?" You hummed standing beside her.

"Go ahead and order what you want. I've already ordered mines," she said gesturing for you to order. She noticed a piece of your hair out of place and brushed it down for you before placing her hand onto the glass, looking back at the male.

"Thanks, Gilda."

"No problem," she hummed.

"Umm..." you looked at the different varieties of sweets that were presented in front of you through the glass that separates you from it. Cupcakes, slices of cakes, small cakes, macaroons, and all types of pastries made your mouth water.

"They all look so good," you mumbled. Different flavors, designs, and names. It was so hard to choose. "Can I have this?" You asked pointing at a slice of cake. "And can I have this too?"

The male bent down and grabbed deserts and placed the slice of vanilla cake in a thin paper wrap, wrapping it nice and neat before placing it into a white box container that has the cafe signature symbol printed on it.

He then placed the two small cupcakes beside it before closing it.

"And what would you like to drink?"

You looked at him and smiled gently making him blush slightly.

"I'd like to have some tea, please," you said holding onto the counter waiting to stuff the food into your mouth.

"Will that be all?" He asked adding everything up on the cash register.

"Yes," you chirped.

He told you your price and you took out your money to pay for it. "Thank you!"

You grabbed your bag that had your box in it along with your straw and receipt, and grabbed your drink, following Gilda to an empty table.

Both of you had a seat by the window letting the sunshine down on the both of you.

"This is so cute," you awed looking at your deserts and the cute container that held your tea.

"I know! I'm going to take a couple of pictures." Gilda pulled out her phone and took a couple of pictures and did a boomerang of both of your deserts.

You looked at her and decided to follow her actions and decided to post on your social media story since you barely post anything on there.

"Hey say cheese Y/n," Gilda said holding up her phone to take a picture of you. You smiled awkwardly with a light blush on your face.

After she took the picture you sighed. "I look hideous," you grumbled.

Gilda raised her eyebrows before shaking her head. "Don't be silly Y/n. You're perfect the way you are," she said with a smile.

You shrugged and put your straw in your drink, drinking your tea. "Yeah, I guess... Here let me take you a picture and I'll send it to you."

She did a small smile, posing for you and you took the picture before smiling. "Now let's do one together," the both of you said in unison. You laughed lightly and shook your head.

"We're becoming so close, we're starting to speak at the same time," Gilda said.

"Yeah... maybe we'll eventually become best friends," you said while smiling.

The both of you leaned in together, facing towards the window so you could have better lighting. You took a couple of pictures, each one looking different than the other. You threw up a peace sign, did kissy faces, did one with you drinking and biting into your deserts, and finally, one with the both of you doing a smile.

The both of you spent an hour inside of the cafe chatting about nonsense, growing a closer bond.

She pulled out a book and gave you a summary of what she thought about it and recommended for you to read it.

Somehow the conversation came to a point you started talking about you and Ray.

"So... are things moving forward between the both of you?" Gilda asked pushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

You hummed slightly and tried to think. "Well I wouldn't say that it's moving backward... but at the same time it hasn't moved too much forward."

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"I don't know... It's like it's hard to get past the wall that he has built up around himself and let's say the walls are very sturdy. Yeah, he would flash me a small smile now and then bring me coffee now and then but... that's it."

Gilda took in your words and nodded.

"I think I'm starting to regret sleeping with him."

"Hmm? Why?"

"Because," you groaned, "What if that's the reason that's making everything so awkward and uncomfortable? I don't know... I want to get close to him but it's like he's not letting me..."

"Maybe he's holding back because he got so much on his plate. But do you think the date had affected the both of you in any way?"

You recalled the moments the both of you shared making you smile. "Yeah... a positive one, because he isn't as cold as he was before." You picked up one of your cupcakes and pealed off the wrapper at the bottom before biting into it and humming.

"Oh my gosh, this is so good!" No doubt about it, it stood by its name. The dessert was sweet and the cake was soft. Instead of it being thick frosting, you had icing that melts along with the cake making you hum in delight.

"I see," Gilda said dipping her spoon into her ice cream before eating it.

"But back on topic. He hasn't completely warmed up to me yet, which is understandable because we only went out on one date. We didn't tell each other's life stories but we were able to communicate and have a light-hearted conversation while enjoying each other's company."

"I agree and you're right. He can't just magically trust you and become close to you overnight or over one simple thing. It takes time when it comes to things like this. The more you spend time with each other the better."

You hummed in acknowledgment.

"And maybe by the both of you doing that, you can get over your first interaction."

You laughed awkwardly and took a bite out of your second cupcake.

"You will know when the both of you are ready whenever it comes to making it official or becoming a thing."

"Your right. Thanks, Gilda."

"No problem! We should probably leave. Both of us have to work tomorrow." She chuckled.

The both of you gathered your remains and took them with you as leftovers and bid the worker you spoke from earlier a 'see you later' because the both of you were planning on coming back.

This was going to be your official hang out spot.

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