Chapter 17

🦋You can't see other people's mental health. Be kind always.🦋

It was early in the morning around 7 a.m.

A middle-aged woman sat in the middle of the room in a hospital bed starting outside of her window on the left-hand side of the big room.

The bright sunlight from the sky danced its way into the room, through the window, reflecting off of the white tile floors making the room bright.

On the stand beside her was decorated with gifts. Cards, stuffed animals, and her favorite flowers.

She smiled softly at the gifts. It was early in the morning when the new gifts arrived at her room. One of the nurses, who was kind to her, came into her room earlier this morning with a smile on her face.

But the woman wasn't surprised. She knew who it was from.

"I should give him a call," her soft calming- soothing voice said.

Your heels clicked and clacked, hitting against the pavement concreted of your job parking lot. You dropped your keys in your purse and shrugged the bag further up on your shoulder.

You were late. Once again.

This wasn't good. You knew you were going to have to suffer the consequences. Hopefully, he wouldn't go too hard on you?

Maybe he would... lay off a little?


You knew that wasn't going to happen.

You were too busy trying to organize yourself that you didn't realize what you were going to run into. Instead of picking up your feet to walk on the sidewalk, you tripped.

"Shit," you cursed, quickly getting up to dust off your hands and your clothes. Desperately trying to get off the small particles that were on your attire.

You went through the glass doors and made a small smile but it felt like it was failing horribly. "Good morning, Anna!" We're trying to be in a good mood but it felt like you were going to fall apart.

You knew you shouldn't have stayed up so late. Now it was a chance that you were going to have to deal with Ray.

"Good morning, Y/n," Anna said softly giving you a soft smile. Your eyebrows raised slightly at this. You figured that she was doing better and getting over Ray since their last altercation.

"You're... ten?" She raised her eyebrows and looked at you before looking back down at her computer. "Yeah, you're ten minutes late, Y/n."

"Yeah... I know.." you mumbled, making your way towards the elevator walking quickly. "I don't mean to do it," you had to come up with an excuse. "It was because of traffic from where I stay." You pressed the button and the elevator dinged.

Anna day in her chair with her lips pursed together as the door closed slowly and looked back at her computer screen before sighing. She places her head on her hand and started to wander off into her thoughts.

A small smile came onto her face and she leaned further into her hand. "That would be nice," she mumbled softly to herself.

"I should ask, to get my mind off things."

You made your way into your office. You were back to level one, you skipped breakfast and went straight to work trying to finish as much work as you can to make up for your tardiness. It was only fair. You've never been this late, and you weren't looking for to being fired.

Even though from your perspective, it seemed that you have warmed up to Ray slowly, you wouldn't put past that he wouldn't hesitate to fire you on the spot.

Business comes first.

And this business, Ray's business was well known and very famous. He had a name to himself and he did not want anyone to ruin it by being careless and being a slack off.

He made a name for himself and he didn't want his name to have a negative outlook in the business industry.

And you wouldn't be so confident and make any assumptions on where the both of you stand or label what the both of you have. You didn't even know if he considered you a friend or not.

A lot of this was complicated but you didn't want to think too much about it by lingering on this topic.

But you just had to do better.

Because this was getting ridiculous.

You needed to find a home or at least an apartment that was closer to your job. But you at least need to find a better and quicker route to get to work.


Just wake up when your phone alarm goes off and go to sleep on time instead of staying up until the next day.

You still had light scratches that decorated your face from the cat that attacked you. It healed up quickly but unfortunately, some of them stung whenever you would touch it with alcohol or water.

"Hey, Y/n!"

You heard a familiar enthusiastic voice said. You looked up from your screen and raised your index finger and pressed it to your puckered lips hissing harshly.

"Shhh! Emma, keep your voice down!"

She stepped into your office and took a seat in one of the chairs before twirling around in the seat.

"I'm sorry!" She said cheerfully with a big grin on her face.

You rolled your eyes at her and placed your cheek into the palm of your hand while resting it on the top of your desk.

"Emma, if you're going to be loud, at least close the door so no one can hear you." You held up your unoccupied hand and shooed her, gesturing for her to close your office door.

Instead of the orange-head female walking towards the door, she turned her body around, facing away from the door, placed her feet onto the floor, and pushed off making her go flying towards the door.

She stopped herself before she could slam into the wall and the door with her feet, preventing her to cause damage. She turned towards the door and gently closed it.

When she heard the door clicked she looked back towards you and smile.

"No worries! Ray isn't here!"

You rose slightly and looked at her. "Again?"

"Yeah! He showed up earlier this morning but left. He told Norman that he was gonna finish up his work either here or at his office at his home. So, don't worry!"

She said twirling around a couple of times before placing her feet on the floor to prevent her from turning around again.

"Oh... well it's a good thing that I won't get scolded by him. I've been slipping up a lot lately," you laugh nervously.

"Yeah..." she said trailing off looking the other way.

You looked up at her with raised eyebrows. "What?" You asked her out loud trying to figure out why did she responded the way she did.

"Well, I can't say that you're the only one who comes in late now and then. I came in pretty late too," she said matter-of-factly.

You perked up and looked at her with raised eyebrows. "Is that so?" You pursed your lips together to the side and smirked at her.

"I thought that our little Emma was a reliable being," you teased lightly. And you let out a dry laugh. "At least I know that I'm not the only one who's been falling behind... but at least I always manage to start and finish my work."

"Yeah, I've been scolded by Ray a couple of times. He even took me off the schedule," she laughed.

You raised an eyebrow at her and shook your head.

"Sounds to me that you've done something more than just been late to work, Emma," you said in a flat tone.

She grimaced and chuckled awkwardly. "Yeah, I may have spilled something on his work by accident a while back.."

You gasped slightly and sat up in your seat.

"Oh God," you covered your mouth and began snickering. "Are you being for real? No, you're lying. Oh my God, Emma!"

A blush decorated her cheeks and she bit her bottom lip before furrowing her eyebrows at you. "Hey! It was an accident. I don't think that you should laugh at my embarrassment."

"I think it's hilarious," you said dramatically while placing your hand over where your heart was.

"You think so...," she mumbled. She shook her head and looked back at you. Her emerald-lime green eyes scanned over your face.

You watched her and ask, "What?"

"What happened to your face?"

You placed your hand on your face, "My face?" And then it hit you. "Oh, yeah! My face," you laughed lightly.

"So? What happened?"

"I got attacked.."

She gasped slightly and leaned forward in her seat. She placed her feet onto the ground and pushed herself towards your desk making a 'thumb' sound, signifying that her knees had hit against your desk.

"What?! When?! Where and how?!" She slammed her palms onto the desk and sat up. "Who did this?"

You shook your head at her and let out a snort.

Her face immediately went to an expression of confusion. "What's funny and why are you laughing? Whoever did this needs to-"

"Emma," you placed your hand on here.


"It happened the other day. When I was out with a friend of mines, we decided to go to this place where they had puppies and kittens," you started. You grabbed your pen and tapped it on the desk.

"Mhmm," Emma hummed waiting with anticipating eyes.

"And when we were there we were playing with the animals. I use one of the puppies that I was playing with and attacked the kitten, y'know.. the one my friend had."

"Yeah...?" She asked getting confused about where this is going and then she was starting to get a good idea of where those scratch marks were coming from.

She covered her mouth and started cackling. "Oh don't tell me." She pressed her hands harder to her mouth trying to silence her inhuman laugh.

You grimaced at her and made a disgusted facial expression. "Eww, your laugh is ugly," you snorted.

"No! No! Don't turn this back on me!"

You rolled your eyes and sigh, looking away from her. "Please be quiet-"

"You got attacked by a cat?"

"Stop," you said frowning.

"No, you were just laughing at me about me spilling coffee over Ray's work, but this?! This is hilarious," she said emphasizing the last word.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't you have work to do?!"

She pushed herself away from your desk with her feet and started gliding her way across the room. "Nope," she said popping the 'p'.

"Are you sure?"


"Then do you want to do work?" You asked raising your eyebrows at her with a grin on your face.

She starting scooting her chair back aiming for the door slowly. "Ummm..."

You got up slowly and walked towards her.

"I don't think so..."

She got up from her chair and was going to make a run for it but you beat her to it and grabbed the door, blocking it from her.

Emma laughed nervously and backed away. "No seriously-"

"Since you're here, help me finish off my work."

Emma grimaced and looked the other way.

"I'll repay you, Emma. How about I treat you out?"

She looked at you with glowing eyes. "Deal."

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