Chapter 18

🦋It's okay to feel unstable. It's okay to disassociate. It's okay to hide from the world. It's okay to need help. It's okay not to be okay. Your mental illness is not a personal failure. 🦋

The tall raven-haired male was placed on a chair near the hospital bed that was occupied by a woman with silk black hair that matched his own.

He arrived not too long ago to pay her a visit to see how everything was going before she begins her treatment.

It was only right for him to pay the woman who gave birth to him and nourished him a visit right?

Of course.

That's his mother, after all. What kind of son would he be if he didn't spend time with her. Catch up with all of the missed conversations and time that was wasted because of his work. Or was it the fact that he was drowning himself in his work to avoid spending time with her? To avoid this situation. Her situation.

There was no doubt that this time was going to come. It was only a matter of time.

He has no excuses.

Drunken up on work and alcohol. And those actions is making him slowly loose his mind. He has too much on his plate. He has started things he didn't know if he could finish.

But he had to be a man about it and face them head on. Face his responsibilities dead in the eyes and demolish them.

He needed to do it quickly and be level headed from now on from his actions.

But now.... he'll worry about that later.

He just wants to spend his time with the woman who brought him into this world. The woman who always took care of him and gave him a life that was filled with love.

The first love of his life.

His mother.

"Hey, Mom... How're you're holding up-how are you?" Ray said breaking the silence.

A gentle soft sigh feel from the woman's lips as a smile follows after. "I'm doing better."

"That's... that's good to hear."

"Are you okay, Ray?"


The male visibly had bags under his eyes, hair was a slight mess, but his clothing was well kept.


"I- I don't know, mom. I... I feel so...," the male sigh and held his head down before raking his fingers through his hair. "Everything is just frustrating... I honestly don't know how I feel."

"It's okay to not know, Ray," the raven-haired woman said.

"You know it's hard for me to express myself and how I feel. I don't know what was the point of you asking in the first place," he grumbled lowly. He didn't mean to sound rude towards her in that moment but she was already use to his familiar behavior. She knew him from the front and back of her hand. She raised him after all. He's her son. Her only son. Her baby boy.

"Don't be angry with yourself, son. It takes time to take everything end from what's going on around you. Around us. After all, it's understandable that you are feeling so many emotions because of my current.... situation," she said softly leaning her body on the bed while looking at him with a small smile.

"Everything is going to be alright. There's no need to worry, son," she said gently.

Ray's frown deepened as his cold dark orbs starred his mother's royal purple-lavender eyes.

"Right?" She asked trying to get a response out of her. But instead of him responding immediately, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh before whispering a "Right".

"I hope for the best... I'll keep in contact with you, Mom. I'll make sure to call and visit whenever I opportunity I have. ...Okay?" Ray stood up out of his chair that was near the bed, getting ready to leave when he noticed that visiting hours was almost up.

"Right. Thank you for stopping by. I love you, Ray," she said in her soothing voice with a tired smile.

Ray took in her features. Her pale skin clear skin, her tired narrowed eyes, and her dark black silk hair. She was most definitely representing her eastern Asian features, and he inherited some of his features from her.


"I love you too, Mom. Don't worry... everything is going to be okay."

"So Gilda, this is Emma and Emma, this is Gilda. Now hug each other," you said playfully shoving them lightly towards each other.

The three of you were at your little spot where you and Gilda went yesterday. So many scents were in the air. Vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, sweet bread, coffee, etc. You wouldn't mind getting used to this delightful fragrance.

To come here on days where you just want to be in a happy place. Maybe do work here alone on your laptop. Or just, hang out with either one of these two, the girls you were with currently at the moment.

Gilda wore a black shirt that was one size bigger than what her actual size was, and it was decorated with a yellow dog and a boy who wore a light blue shirt, dark blue short pants, and a white hat that covered around his face and puppy ears.

Yes, you guessed it, an adventure time shirt that she brought from a graphic-T store, and a white turtle neck sweater underneath. She wore fitting jeans that were cuffed at her ankles and a small ankle bracelet to decorate it. And to finish it off, she wore her all-white vans.

She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and pushed a short strand of hair behind her ear.

"Stop, Y/n," she scolded before looking at Emma and giving her a small smile. She stuck out her hand and spoke. "Hi, I'm Gilda and it's nice to meet you."

Emma wore a regular white shirt and a long-sleeved tan plaid button-up shirt over it along with black jeans and white shoes.

"Helloo~! It's nice to meet you also!" The girl chirped sawing from side to side gently, shaking Gilda's hand.

"Emma you're such a baby," you snorted.
You wore a grey sweatshirt that had a college name on it and fitted jeans with black and f/s on.

"How?" She asked with a straight face starring at you.

You rolled your eyes and grabbed both of the girls' wrists and brought them to one of the females that was behind the cashier.

Three of you ordering what you wanted to eat.

"Wow," Emma awed with sparkling eyes while drooling over the delicious eighth and aroma of the pastries that were placed neatly behind the glass cover under the cash register. "All of these looks so good- I don't know what to get!"

"I know right! That was my first reaction when I saw this. I just want to eat all of it but then I would most likely spend all of my money in one day. But then again I wouldn't regret it," you said walking up to stand beside the girl. "I would die happily."

"From all this sugar you mean. Let's just hope you're not on the borderline of being a diabetic, Y/n," Gilda mumbled and laughed lightly.

"Eating cake to the point you're on the edge of death. That'll be a great way of dying if you ask me," Emma chirped. "And I'll be right behind you," she snorted.

"We should get buried in the same casket," you added.

"Just order what the both of you want," Gilda snorted.

Once you were done the three of you made your way to an empty table, placing your deserts and drinks onto the table.

(Just to give you an idea, choose any option you'd like)

"Oh my gosh. I swear, I'm gonna have a good baby," Emma, hummed. She grabbed her spoon and scooped a slice of her cake and placed it inside of her mouth and hummed in delight once again.

"I know," you gushed.

Gilda pulled out her phone and took pictures and boomerangs of the food before telling the three of you to gather up together beside each other, so she could take a picture of your friend's date.

When she was done she posted it onto her social media and tagged both of you to the pictures.

"That's cute! Can you send it to my number?" Emma asked looking away from her phone screen starring at the picture before looking back up to Gilda with a smile.

"Of course," Gilda responded. "What's your number so I can add it to my contacts.

Emma took a sip from her drink and took the straw from her mouth and opened her phone so she can find her number since she didn't know it by heart. When she finally found it, she began telling the numbers out loud, and Gilda typed it into her phone and saved the number.

She then made a group chat, adding the two of you, and sent the pictures so both of you could recurve them at the same time.

"Thank you."

"Yeah, thanks," you followed. You saved the pictures and posted them onto your story before cutting your phone off with a click of a button.

You grabbed your cake with your hands and took a bit out of it before placing it on the plate before taking a sip of your green tea. "So let's all get to know each other more," you started. "Even though me and you," you said looking at Gilda, "have gotten pretty close. There's still a lot of things we don't know about one another, so this is a perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves. Right?"

You looked from Gilda to Emma and then back to Gilda.

"Yeah because our first encounters were kind of...."

"Everywhere," you said while biting back into the sweet.

"Yeah, everywhere," Gilda snorted.

"So, um, I can start," Emma said before placing her now devoured cupcake that was once wrapped around the wrap onto her white round porcelain plate.

She straightened up herself and smiled brightly. "Hi, my name is Emma."

"Hey Emma," you mumbled.

"Hi. So I am 23 years old. I am a very fun person to be around, well that's what I believe on my end," she said placing her hand onto her chest while blinking repeatedly in a playful matter. "I am also kind and sweet and I also like to," she picked up another cupcake from her plate, "eat sweets. My favorite color is green. And um... I'm Irish," she pulled on her short orange curly hair.

You raised your eyebrows and took in her features. She had beautiful green bright eyes, short orange hair that curls up, and faint little freckles that decorated her cheeks and the bridge of her nose.

You and Gilda hummed before smiling.

"Okay, I guess I'll go next," Gilda hummed before placing her hands together, resting them on top of the table. "My name is Gilda. I'm 22 years old," she started. "I like to read books, I like playing video games now and then..." she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and pursed her lips to the side trying to think of more things. "I love watching anime and reading mangas. I also like sweets which is why I like coming here," she gestures her hand around before laughing slightly while you and Emma nodded in response. "And ... that's all I can think of at the moment."

"Well, that's nice," Emma said.

"Thank you."

"Well it's my turn now," you mumbled looking down at your cake. You grabbed it once again and bit into it, savoring the taste while chewing it, and eventually swallowing the remains.

"Alright. Well, my name is Y/n L/n. I am 23 years old. I also love anime and fictional boys," you said bashfully.

"They're the best type of boys," Gilda hummed while nodding in agreement.

"I like sweets also.... umm... I don't know... I'm not that interesting, I guess," you said when you couldn't think of anything else. You reached your hand up and started rubbing the back of your neck awkwardly.

"Come on there's got to be more than just that," Emma said dramatically. "Like are there any goals? Favorite color? Or even a Secret talent?"

You pursed your lips and looked up in wonder.

"For my goals? I just want to be financially, mentally, and physically stable," you stated making the other two girls hummed before snickering.

You looked at them laughing along with them before blushing bashfully. "What's so funny about that? I'm being serious."

"We know," Gilda snickered quietly.

"Then what's funny?"

"We just felt the need to laugh," Gilda finished.

You rolled your eyes and shook your head before frowning.

"Well obviously I'm not from here, I've been born at b/p. Umm... For my race, I'm (r) obviously," you gestured towards yourself.

The two hummed. You didn't say anything else watching them with your lips tucked in a straight line with stiff shoulders.

"...That's all."

Emma stuck out both of her index fingers and started clapping them together gently, Gilda noticed this and followed her lead before saying a small 'bravo'.

The both of you continued to bond together learning more things about one another and eventually made a plan to meet each other again soon whenever the three of you were free around the same time.

You ended up paying for the sweets that you brought and went your separate ways. You and Gilda went one way and Emma went another.

"See you later!"

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