Chapter 19

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🦋Whenever you feel weak, remember the things that made you strong; whenever you start to doubt yourself, remember those who believe in you. 🦋

It was January 25. Another Tuesday in the first of the month. This month was ending, you didn't know to be relieved or to be neutral. A step closer to more bearable weather. But then again you somewhat live the cold.

In a way, it felt comforting.

But you were yet again at work. Sitting in the meeting room along with your other coworkers. Everyone was surrounded at the long black smooth-surfaced table that was placed in the middle of the room.

You on the right side of the table and were placed between Krone and Norman. The taller woman at your left and the snowed white-haired man was at your right.

You could smell both of their fragrance. Krone smelled like honey and a hint of mint. You're not surprised because inside of her purse she always carries hard candy and gum. And she was currently sucking on a peppermint hard candy. She kindly offered you some earlier when she was searching from some in her dark brown purse, but you turned her down kindly.

And Norman. He smelled like a foreign cologne that you have never come a crossed before. It wasn't strong but it was present, it wasn't intense but it was soothing. It was most likely an expensive named brand cologne that he purchased from somewhere.

Your attention is removed from the two beside you as you silently examine the room. Your eyes land on Ray.

You lightly but on your bottom lip in unintentionally as you took in his appearance. You bit on the peeling skin and pulled it back with your teeth making you wince quietly. You sucked in your lip and sucked on the small draw blood.

Honestly, you weren't paying too much attention to what was being discussed in the intense room.

The only thing you could focus on, well, person, was the right in front of you. At the head of the table, not too far away from you.

You were focused on him.

White button-up long-sleeved shirt, that was tucked into black cotton- well-ironed pants. And he had black names brand loafers on his feet.

He was just so handsome.

His honey tan skin was glowing from the sun that was beaming behind him, making him look more enthralling. His dark black hair seemed to grow longer as well, which was why he had his hair into a short loose pointy tail. A little bit of his hair in the front still hanging over his eye. It wasn't too much of hair growth, but it was still apparent.

You haven't spoken to him yet, and you were looking forward to it. You didn't want to be too pushy or to seem that you're forcing yourself into him so you wanted to keep your distance. After all, you wouldn't want anyone to do that to you because you would've got easily annoyed.

That one-night stand kept popping up into your mind though. You remember it as if it was last night. As much as the pleasure of it all was good- it made you slightly uncomfortable just by thinking about it. How you easily just gave yourself up to him. It wasn't as if you were a newbie when it came to intimacy, but it still left a sick feeling in your stomach.

Did you have no shame?

Why were you so willing to do it?

You felt disgusted with yourself that you were willing to do it without even thinking twice. Just like he said that day when you were in his office, you didn't know him personally. You only knew him as your boss who you've worked for- for a while now.

You couldn't help but feel judge now that you thought deeper into it making you frown at how you gave yourself up just because you couldn't keep your legs closed for the man standing by the podium in the front of the room while speaking to everyone.

You're supposed to have morals, boundaries, respect for yourself. But yet, you went against it.

The male next to you suddenly pushed out his chair away from the table and stood up. He took his hands and straightened out his well-ironed pants that showed no signs of wrinkles ever making their way onto either part of his clothing. Just like Ray, he was a well-kept man.

He pushed back his chair after saying 'excuse me' to you and the other man who sat next to him and made his way up front by his best friend. He gathered his hands together and looked around the room with his soft half lid warm blue eyes.

You tried to push it at the back of your mind and forget it but it just made its way back up to the surface whenever you had a moment to think to yourself.

But you just wanted to start over. Try to set things straight by pushing your major errors into a trash can and setting it aflame, letting the crisp ashes float into the air into nothings before soaking themselves in the ground.

Yeah. That's right. You were going to own up to your mistakes. You were just going to learn from it and move forward by making better decisions.

You focusEd back on the two in the front and took them in. Ray stood on the side watching the back of Norman's head and scanned around the room now and then before looking back at Norman as he was talking to the room that was filled with people.

Both of them seemed to be somewhat similar but so different. Norman's touch was cold yet he was so heartwarming and welcoming whoever he comes across anyone in his path. Always offering them a smile and reassurance that everything was kind and was making ways for them to be comfortable in their environment. It was the winter but he would wrap you with his both to make you warm.

Then there's Ray.

Cold inside and out. He had an intense aura that made the aura around him freeze. But his skin glowed in the light like Spessartite garnet gem-stone. Eyes felt like a fire was burning your insides up until it would seep out of your pores and engulf your whole body, burning you and everything around it. He has a tongue that could be so sharp that it would make a deep wound through your flesh and leaving a stinging poison burn that would be covered in snake poison if you rubbed him the wrong way.

Yet he knew how to keep his cool. But if he wanted to bite, he would do it slyly to make you question what was his intentions behind his words. Making you second guess if you were hearing him right.

But you knew that deep down underneath that, he was a decent person.


He was the representation of the summertime. Even though he brought heat he could always make it bearable to the point you would feel comfortable.

If you had to describe them you would say

Yin and Yang.

"And that's it for today," Ray said walking up beside Ray after checking his watch that was placed on his wrist, then stuffing his hand back into his pocket like the other occupied one.

Everyone gathered their things together getting ready to leave from the office to go home and rest for tonight.

You grabbed your purse, pulled out your chair, and stood up along with the others. "I wonder what I'm going to cook for tonight," you mumbled to yourself.

Krone looked at you and smiled. "Speaking of cooking. Have you tried practicing yet?" Krone hummed looking at you with a warm smile on her face.

You stood in place behind your chair and looked at her with a small smile. "Actually, no. I'm still trying to learn to do everything properly. It'll take some time for me since I'm trying to do everything along the way while I create things."

"Mm-mmm, no hun," Krone shook her head in disapproval. "As much as that would sound fun, it's not a good idea, sweaty. You're just wastin' up food at the point, baby."

You nodded and sigh. "Yeah, I agree. Then do you have any tips or ideas?"

Krone thought for a moment before pushing up her big purse on her arm. "How bout I come to teach you, yeah?"

Your eyes widen slightly and a smile came upon your face. Just imagining, being reached by Ms.Krone made your stomach growl. Her food was just so good and it would be an honor to learn from her.

"Yeah! I don't mind at all! Would you like to come over tonight? I can give you my address," you said with a little enthusiasm in your voice.

You moved along with her slowly as the both of you made your way out of the meeting room, going towards the dark wooded double doors.

The both of you stopped before the door to into the heartwarming conversation. You ended up giving her a time that you would be available once you've settled down inside your apartment and got everything together.

"Okay well-", you were cut off by a male voice.

"Hey, Ms.Krone."

The both of you looked towards the front of the room to see Ray standing beside Norman who had his hands deep in his pockets with a calm face.

"Yes, Ray?" She asked turning her body fully towards the two young men.

"I wanted to speak to you if you don't mind. It's something important," Ray said looking at her not even sparing you a glance your way. His voice was stern and his facial expression was unreadable.

Krone raised her eyebrows and looked back towards you. "Sorry, hun. Imma goes speak to Ray if you don't mind," she said looking at you with an apologetic look.

"Oh, it's no worries. Take your time, I'll just make my way home so I can be ready when you get there, " you said shoving your purse further up on your shoulder while you held your work bag in your left hand.

"Okay, hun. See you later sweetie."

"See you later, " you said to her.

You looked towards the other two males and waved slightly. "Both of you have a nice day, " you said calmly.

"You have a great day, Y/n, " Norman said in his soothing deep voice.

"Yeah, have a nice day, " Ray said waving slightly back with his neutral face.

You looked from Norman and to Ray and smiled softly. "You too."

Not too long later you were home. You've already washed up and got all of your ingredients laid out along with pots and pans.

You picked up your phone from off of your kitchen counter and looked at the time.

"She should be becoming."

You made sure to have your house cleaned even though it never was 'messy', but you still wanted it to look presentable. Even though she was just a regular person you wanted her to feel comfortable in her environment and wanted her to let her feel like she was at home.

That was called hospitality.

You walked to your living room and grabbed the remote that was on the glass coffee table. You turned on the T.V. and press the guide button- searching through the network looking for your favorite show.

"Oh shit! It's on," you said in shock. "What time is it?" You cut on your phone and looked at the time. "Wow... time passes by fast," you said before pursing your lips together.

You threw your device on the other side of the crouch listening to the thud spun.

"At least I made it on time."

You were watching the show for a few minutes getting into everything, even singing the intro song.

A few knocks were at your door and you stood up from your spot and made your way to the front door. You asked who is it and when they responded you immediately opened the door and smiled.

"Hey, Krone!"

"Hey sugar, sorry for being late. I had to play some spiritual music in my car," she said walking inside walking past you.

You chuckled to yourself and hummed. "I hear you on that," you said.

"Yeah. Ray has told me something and it made me a little shaken up."

You looked towards her with raised eyebrows.

"Oh yeah?"

Krone hummed as you lead her throughout your house and told her where she could set down her things.

"Can I ask what it was about?" You said with genuine curiosity and slight concern.

She slightly grimaced and looked towards you. "Look hun, as much as I want to tell you, I don't see it as my place to tell you. It's a personal business that involves family issues. I'm a close friend to the family along with Norman. That's why he wanted to speak with us," she said in a warming tone with a sympathetic look.

You made an 'oh' with your lips and nodded your head.

"I understand you said," walking beside her.

"Well. Let's get to cooking."

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