Chapter 20

🦋Take time for yourself. You deserve it.🦋

Pots and pan clanged against one another, the sounds echoing around in the kitchen bouncing off the walls and filling the house. Giggles and chattering filled within the ruckus the both of you made inside of the room of the making.

"How much do I put in here?" You asked looking at Krone as you held up a bag of sugar.

"Use a teaspoon."

"And what time do I put this on?"

"Set it in the oven on 230."

"No, Y/n, you put the- let me do it," Krone said walking up towards you to grabbing the kitchen utensil out of your hand.

You laughed and shook your head.

Not long later the both of you were done with the cooking and baking and decided to grab a couple of plates from our of your pantry so you could fix yourself something to eat.

Krone fixed the plates and both of you walked towards your table and sat down. You dug your fork into your food, dragging it back and breaking apart the food so it would be small enough for your fork to hold.

You lifted your fork, getting ready to take a bite before Krone smacks your hand lightly.

"Grace first. Then we eat, Y/n."

You blushed slightly and nodded before placing down your fork on your plate with the piece of food still at the end of the four sharp pointy shards.

You clasped your hands along with her as she said a silent grace and opened her eyes and the both of you started eating.

Everything about the dish in front of you made your mouth water slightly. The aroma was so strong that you could smell it even if you were standing outside of your apartment and it would and does fills you with delight. The sauces and seasoning that you use, marinated and penetrated the food that it was leaking with the juices showing that it was nowhere near dry but was filled with flavor.

And the taste?

You're bout to find that out right now.

You bit into it and smiled softly. "Krone this is so good," you said looking up at her.

She looked back at you with a calm look and smiled back softly before laughing. "Thank you Y/n! I'm glad that you're enjoying it. I don't have to cook for anyone really except me and my husband. My daughter always eating junk food But I feel like I haven’t seen my daughter in a while, you know? She’s been hanging out with her friends, working, and going to school. She’s growing up so fast." She said before digging into her food and taking another bite.

"How old is your daughter?" You asked getting more dragged into her past life. You were honestly curious about the kind and warm woman. You didn't know much about her so this was your opportunity to get more closer to her by learning more about one another.

"She's a little younger than you, my daughter just a teenager. How old are you again?"

"I'm twenty-four years old."

"Ahh.. then she's seven years younger than you, she's seventeen years old. She works nearby, not too far from here."

You raised your eyebrows at this. "She does? Where does she work?"

"She works at a mall in a clothing store she says that she loves her job and that she had already made a couple of friends there. She even gets discounts on the clothes because she works there," the older lady hummed. "She's a real sweetheart. She's also quiet and shy but once she warms up to you, she'll latch onto you like a locket."

You smiled and let out a breathy laugh. "Awww she sounds so cute."

"Oh, she is," Krone said with a knowing look. "She's beautiful inside and out. I'm glad to call her my granddaughter. In a way, you remind me of her. Maybe that's why I'm so fond of you," she said gesturing to you with her fork and took a sip from her cool drink that was inside of a glass cup.

"She's also close to Ray and Norman, but if I had to choose who she's closer to, I'd say Ray. He treats her like she's his own sometimes."

You raised your eyebrows with a confused look and then you "oh-ed" when it clicks. You remember that she said that she was close to the family so there was no doubt that that was why.

"That's nice to hear. I didn't know that Ray could be soft with someone," you laughed lightly. "What's her name by the way?" You asked taking a sip from your drink.

"Oh. Her name is Jemima," Krone said looking up at you and then taking another bite.

You looked up in wonder. "Huh?... I've heard that name before... Jemima... Jemima..."

"Maybe you have seen her before. Like I said she does work near here. I wouldn't doubt that you've made an encounter with her." Krone took out her phone and went to her gallery and pulled up a current picture of her and you snapped your fingers and smiled.

"Yeah! I have seen her before! She works with my friend Gilda! She's a really pretty girl," you awed.

"Thank you!"

"You're welcome," you mumbled. The both of you started eating in comfortable silence and you were ready to finish your dinner so you could start eating your dessert. You bit into it and almost had a heart attack. "Oh my gosh this tastes so good," you mumbled astonished.

You looked at Krone with an amazing look decorating your features as you looked at the angel who sat next to you.

"Where did you learn to cook and bake, Krone? This tastes so good!" You muffled.

She looked up and pursed her lips together before responding. "Where did I learn to cook? My mama taught me how, of course. But over time I started to love cooking a lot. And a matter of fact that's how I met Ray's mother."

You finished your plate and laid back in your seat listening to her story.

"A long time ago, when my mother was around, she was raised by this older lady who worked at a foster care that was filled with many children. Everyone called her Granny or Grandma, no one ever called her by her real name.

She had a daughter around the same age as me but her daughter is a little older than I am. To be specific, she's five years older than me. And she is Ray's mother. She's not blood-related to her but, she was extremely close to her. She was in that foster care.

Whenever my mother would go there to visit Grandma, I would tag along with her. I was a young adult at the time, maybe around twenty years old, going on twenty-one," she said.

You hummed in acknowledgment, taking in her words while nodding gently.

"I would always cook for the children and Ray's mother would always watch over the children. Those kids loved both of us. They even referred to me as 'Sister Krone' and the other woman as 'Mom' since they called the older lady, 'Grandma'."

"Grandma would sometimes help me cook in the kitchen along with my mother. Over time I got better and I would just make a lot of food to the point the kids would have leftovers for the next day. When I found out about Isabella had a son, I would save him a plate."

"Wow, so she must have had him at a young age."

"Yes, she did. She had him when she was nineteen years old. Even though she was considered an adult, she was still a teenager. But she did what she had to do to make ends meet for the both of them."

You looked down and bit the bottom of your lip.

"That's why Ray is such a hard worker. He wanted to give his mother a better life and he has become very successful as you can see. And he did it at such a young age. It would take anyone else years to get in the spot he's in now.

He considers me and my family his family because I helped took care of him. On the days that Isabella had to work, I would watch him and he would play with my daughter, Jemima, she's only eight years younger than him. But even though they're not blood-related, he always protects her and even spoils her when he has the chance," the older lady laughed just thinking about all the times when Ray would pick up her daughter and she would come back home with multiple shopping bags.

You smiled softly and hummed. "That's nice."

Her laughs died down a little and she looked down at the table with a sad smile on her face. "Yeah... he's such a good boy, he'd always have been even if he doesn't show it... I can't imagine what he's going through right now. He's keeping all of his emotions in. I can see it in his eyes. But it isn't my place to force him to do anything and it's not my place to tell him how he should feel. Only he can..."

A small frown graced your features.

"You're right... No one has a say on how he should feel or handle things...," you started saying softly. "But it doesn't mean that someone can't help him," you said looking up at nothing in particular.

"I understand that you can't tell me what's going on behind the scenes and behind closed doors but I still want to help in some way."

"Baby I don't think you can help this situation. The only thing you can do at a time like this is to pray and pray to the heavens that whatever Ray is going through, he'll overcome it."

"Yeah, I agree with you fully on that. Does he also need to be comforted you know? Someone to console him and make him see the bright side of things. If he continues to stay in the dark area that he's in, I'm afraid to say, it'll make things worse."

Krone took a moment and took in your words, starring at you. Her facial expression was unreadable, it was as if she was analyzing you. Trying to see and understand what was your true intentions on the entire situation at hand.

Did you mean the things that you said?

She hummed softly before letting out a small chuckle and smiled at you, showing off her pearly white teeth.



"Do you have feelings for Ray?" You looked away with a small frown on your face. "I do remember you were avoiding him that day in the office so it must be true that you do feel something for him. Am I too far from the nail or am I right on it?" She said tilting her head to the side.

"Yeah... I do. But even if I didn't have feelings for him, I still would've tried in some way or hope for someone to help him. Any decent human being would want what's best..."

"Hmmm... Well... Y/n, I hope whatever’s to come will be a good outcome. For the both of us. And most hopefully for Ray’s sake.”

The both of you sat in silence letting your thoughts roam around, swirling in your brains. Strong winds swirled around in your brain together creating a powerful tornado. It was becoming so massive to the point you felt like your head was going to erupt as if it was a volcano that’s been holding in its steaming larval for decades. Desperate to release the red and yellow liquid that’s partially covered with a black layer.

Was it right for you to get involved in something that does not concern you?

Was it worth it?

Did you want to help Ray cop through these tough times? Or were you going to sit back and watch him crumble and break down like termites breaking down a log of wood, slowly demolishing it from the inside out?

He can hide his emotions only for so long. Every human being has a breaking point. No matter how much you want to hide the pain and hide all of your colors in the dark corner of the room.

He could get mental illness and it can take a toll on his physical features showing that he’s barely making it through.

You may not know the full details but you have a strong hunch that it’s because of his mother. But only God knows besides the people who know what’s going on.

You didn’t have to know exactly what was going on. But the only thing you know is that you were going to be there for him, even if the both of you weren’t close.

“Well alright, hun. I apologize for ruining tonight with this information and bringing down the mood,” Krone said sending her an apologetic smile.

“No! No, no, no, you didn’t do anything wrong, Ms.Krone!” You said waving your hand to reassure her. This was to make each other bond not make your time of bonding together run down the drain.

“I enjoyed your company, Krone! And I’ve learned so much from you and about you! I see this as a good opportunity for us to bond together,” you said with a warm smile on your face. You got up from your chair and pushed it under the table. You picked up your plate and stacked it onto the older woman’s.

“I’m glad that the both of us could spend time together. And please let me,” she said referring to the dishes.

You gently placed your hand on her shoulder and shook your head softly while smiling. “No, ma’am. You’re my guest. Just by you being here is enough.”

She nodded and laughed. “Well thank you once again, Y/n. I want to think you for everything but I’m about to head home and meet my husband and my child,” she chuckled getting up.

The both of your hugged each other and you walked her out to the door wishing her a good night and a safe trip back home, to make it safely back to her family.

You closed the door and sighed before running your hand down your face. “I... I wanna talk to him.”

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