Chapter 21

🦋Eventually, all the pieces fall into place... Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason.🦋

It was another day you were at the large and well-known building, known as your job.

It felt like it's been a while since you had talked to Ray. You wanted to talk to him but you didn't know how to approach him, nor did you know what to say or how to present yourself.

You didn't want to seem like a stalker of any sort. Especially by bringing up his situation with what he has going on inside of his personal life. By you coming out of the blue, saying that, 'Hey! Whatever is going on between you and your mother, it's going to be okay.

You wouldn't be surprised if he gave you the side-eye and be alarmed because how did you know about his situation? Multiple questions would pop up in his mind as his dark charcoal eyes would scan you from head to toe, judging you.

Even though you didn't know entirely what was going on you felt like you could at least be nice and considerate enough to show that someone was there for him and that he could always come to you if he needed.


Every single time you try to speak to him.

"Sir! There's someone who would like to speak with you about Mikoto industries."

"Sir, you have an appointment with Ms.Angela with the new her new line."

"Sir, we need to make up an orderly schedule for next month. You're way behind in your work. You need to be ahead for future purposes if you want to continue to stay on top of things."

People were running to his left and right and it seemed like he was extremely busy. And honestly, you understood. You do remember him asking for a favor from you for you to help him catch up with his work not too long ago.

He was the boss, the leader, the man who ran this whole business, so all of the things that were thrown at him were to be expected of him.

This is his business.

You tapped your pen onto your desk inside of your wonderland thinking about the man who was a couple of floors above you.

You don't want to make any assumptions too soon but you wouldn't be surprised if he was stressed out of his mind.

"I would be. That's a whole lot to handle," you mumbled to yourself in your quiet room.

You started at the unanswered email that was sent to you not even keeping focus to process the words on your screen. You were losing focus and it felt like the words didn't even make sense. But you weren't even concentrating on the many sentences that were presented in front of you onto your computer screen.

You felt a swirl of emotions swirling around inside of your body and you couldn't push it away for some reason and it was starting to irritate you.

No matter how much you wanted to get that man out of your head you couldn't.

And ten what Krone said to you yesterday in your apartment kept pushing itself through the entrance of your ears making its way into your brain bouncing around the surface and echoing making it sound like you were trapped inside of an empty and abandoned tunnel.

The scene had repeated back in your mind as if you were watching an old film from a tape recorder.



"Do you have feelings for Ray?" You looked away with a small frown on your face. "I do remember you were avoiding him that day in the office so it must be true that you do feel something for him. Am I too far from the nail or am I right on it?" She said tilting her head to the side.

"Yeah... I do. But even if I didn't have feelings for him, I still would've tried in some way or hope for someone to help him. Any decent human being would want what's best..."

"Hmmm... Well... Y/n, I hope whatever's to come will be a good outcome. For the both of us. And most hopefully for Ray's sake."

"Yeah..," you mumbled. "But how the hell am I going to do that?" You grumbled leaning back into your chair. You twirled the chair around and looked out of the large window that was behind you in your office looking at the buildings and cars pass by down below.

"I want a vacation.... no work, no nothing...," you said with your hand placed beneath your head as your rest your elbow on your knee.

It wasn't a 'lady-like position, but you could care less. You rather be comfortable.

"It isn't like somebody can see under my skirt."

"Why are you not doing your work properly?"

You froze and turn around and look at your door to see no one was standing there but you heard a feminine voice followed behind, in response to the stern familiar voice that you know all too well by now.

"Connie you're way behind in your work."

You tilt your head to the side and slowly pushed yourself out of your chair to be nosy about what's going on outside in the hallway.

"Connie? What happened?" You mumbled softly while tip-toeing to your opened door.

Once you got there you peeled out of your room and seen that the hallway was empty.

'He's in her office,' you thought.

You looked up and down, down the long hallway, and looked over to the room- the other office next to yours to see if you could spot Emma.

You stepped out and slipped in like a sly snake so you wouldn't be caught. Once you got in you looked at Emma with wide eyes.

The female was presented right in front of you making the both of you flinch in surprise.

Emma giggles and you followed behind her.

"Oh my gosh, you scared me," you mumbled.

"Says you. You're the one who spinning around in the hallways. You just spin into my office like a fidget spinner," the orange-haired female said followed by a choked chuckle.

"Shut up," you frowned before laughing quietly.

"But enough of that. What's going on?" You asked gesturing with your finger, pointing in the direction where Ray and Connie were.

"Emma, what's going on over there? I was just doing my usual routine-"

"Starring out the window," Emma hummed before nodding.

"You know me so well," you said in a sarcastic manner followed with a shake of the head, and smiled. "But yeah, I was. And while I was 'bird watching' peacefully, I heard Ray scowling Connie."

"Yeah I know," Emma hummed and pursed her lips after trying to think of a logical reason for what could be going on in the other room.

"I think I know, but I don't want to make any assumptions."

"What is it. I won't spread any false information," you said looking back out the door in stealth mode followed by your friend.

"Did you know that she's Ray's secretary?"

"No, I didn't," you said with raised eyebrows looking at him with a surprising look.

"Yeah, she hasn't been doing anything she was supposed to. She's been slacking really. I think all of it caught up with her."

You hummed with a small frown on your face.

"Yup. And with Ray late behind in his paperwork and her added on top of that equals a bad result. Missed opportunities out the window. I wouldn't be surprised if she will get fired."

"Then what about Norman, who's his secretary?"

"Oh, Ms.Krone is. She's always onto it. She's super organized with everything. She's very observant, almost makes the right calls ninety-nine percent of the time, she can easily read people and any situation, she's perfect when it comes to that."

"Wow. Perfect doesn't even sound like the word."

Emma nodded her head and frown. "Looks like Ray wasn't on the lucky side when it came to finding one in the beginning. Knowing him, he's most likely going to find a new secretary."

"Why won't you be his?"

She looked at you and grimace. "Naw, I don't think that's a good idea. I've known him and Norman since we were kids and I and him bump heads now and then. It doesn't be too intense or anything like that. He just sees me as careless and always says 'your head is where your ass should be."

"What, you have an ass head?" You snorted before biting your lip.

Emma rolled her eyes and ran her hands through her short hair, only for the curls to bounce back into place at their natural curl pattern state.

"No, but we love each other from a distance. If we get too close together an explosion is gonna go off, and he's the one who's gonna smash his hand down onto the red button."


"You're firing me?"

The both of you looked back into the hallway to see Connie was standing in the hall with a sad look on her features.

"You're not fired, you're just no longer my secretary. Until I find a new one you will just be working in another department."

"What will I be doing, sir?"

"You will be working with everyone else and handle the paperwork. But today, you will be put on leave. Have a nice day," he said in a dull tone.

The blonde head girl nodded and walked away with her head down going towards the elevator.

"Wow," you said out loud unintentionally.

Emma's eyes widen when she heard your loud remark and Ray turned around towards the both of you with a scowl and furrowed eyebrows.

"And what are the both of you are doing?"

You felt your senses go into shock when you were caught by the man himself standing in the middle of the hallway with his hands deep inside of his pants pockets giving you a blank stare.

Even though he had his signature uninterested and nonchalant expression, his eyes held something inside of them that you couldn't fill grasp onto.

It was so cold, so distant, so eerie. It felt as if he was starring at your soul and was going to make it disperse into nothingness. Not giving you a chance to reach heaven nor hell, never mind letting you become one with the universe. He was going to leave no traces behind with those eyes.


"Nothing?" Emma said in more of a question than a statement.

"L/n, why aren't you in your office, but in Emma's doorway peaking out like a deer in the middle of headlights," he said raising an eyebrow.

You starred at him, now standing upright properly biting the bottom of your lip, licking at the skin slightly. When you didn't respond fast enough, Emma did for you.

"I was only asking for help. She came to my office so she can show me how to work a program on my computer, that's all-"

"And why would you need her help when you've been working here longer than she has? You should know your way through everything with a click of a finger, Emma," Ray said dryly.

Emma swallowed thickly and shook her head. "That's not true. I still have some trouble with a couple of things. I'm not fully on my P's and Q's yet."

Ray stood there with an unimpressed look and half-lidded eyes, showing that he wasn't convinced. "I've known you long enough to tell you when you're lying. Why my for her?"

Ray look from Emma than to you and spoke. "What are you getting out of this for taking up for L/n?" He looked away from you and then back to Emma. "Would you risk a chance, something so small that can get you fired?"

Your eyes widen.

You felt it.

You knew it.

You knew he was serious.

And by the look on Emma's face, you knew that she knew too, by judging how tense her shoulders were and how serious her face was with a small bear of sweat forming on her face.

"Or should I fire you instead, L/n?"

Your breath got caught in your throat and you felt another pair of eyes on you. You looked to your right and not too far, you could see Krone in the corner of your eye with a concerned look.

"Who's gonna take the responsibility? If one of you don't choose," he looked you dead in your eyes, "I'll make the call myself."

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