Chapter 22

🦋You are not a lost cause. Know that deep inside, you are resilient, brave and so much stronger and more powerful than your fears.🦋

Ray look from Emma than to you and spoke. "What are you getting out of this for taking up for L/n?" He looked away from you and then back to Emma. "Would you risk a chance, something so small that can get you fired?"

"Or should I fire you instead, L/n?"

"Who's gonna take the responsibility? If one of you don't choose... I'll make the call myself."

"Umm.." Emma mumbled while looking down with furrowed eyebrows.

"I don't have all day-"

"I'll do it."

His eyes darted towards you with a stern look. "Oh yeah?" He asked with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms over his chest. "Well, I guess it's time for you to leave your area and get ready to move somewhere else."

"Wait. No!" Emma said looking at you with concerned eyes then back to Ray. "She was just-"

"About to leave? Yes," Ray confirmed with a nod.

Honestly, you felt sick. You didn't want to leave. This job, you've grown to like it and made a couple of friends here and you made a routine to come here on your schedule. Also, they gave good pay and you were working on finding a home for yourself but it looks like that was out the window.

Well, maybe not but it would be a hustle because you will have to find a new job that pays well.

But what felt even worse was that the man that you grew feelings for was literally during you for a small mistake. You felt humiliated and embarrassed. But it wasn't as if it wasn't your fault in the first place. And it was all because you wanted to stick your nose into someone else business except minding your own.

You would mint be in this situation if you just kept yourself in your chair typing away at the computer desk, which was no longer yours.

"Norman!" You heard Emma said grabbing the white-haired male's attention.

You turned around and look at him to see he was walking out of Krone's office with her by his side. His calm expression looked towards the both of you with raised eyebrows and parted lips and looked up at his best friend who was standing in front of you.

"Hmm? What's going on here, Emma?" The tall blue-crystal-eyed male make asked while walking overlooking at you then to Ray.


"She's fired," he said bluntly.

Norman's eyes widened slightly and looked back towards you then back to him. "And why's that? Did something happen or something?"

"She's the one who volunteered. How about you ask her why she's being fired?" Ray scoffed and leaned against the wall while staring at you.

You felt your face getting warm at the attention you were getting.

Was this how Connie felt?

You felt so embarrassed and humiliated. You never would've thought you would've had to go through this and you felt like your emotions were going to get the best of you. You felt like crying right then and there because you're missing out on such a big opportunity on your small mistake.

"What happened?" Norman asked in a concerned and soothing voice when he noticed that you look like you were getting emotional.

"No, it's my fault. I deserve this," you said while looking at him on your right. You looked back to your boss, well, no ex-boss. "I'll have all of my things out, sir. Thank you for the opportunity for working for you," with that being said, you walked away from them and went into your office, and closed your door gently.

Good thing your blinds were closed because you didn't want anyone to see you cry. You felt like an idiot. You were so pathetic and you can't help it.

You were only human and it's normal to have these emotions.

You grabbed a box that was placed on a shelf on the right-hand side of the room and placed it on your desk gathering your small supplies that were on your desk and placed them neatly inside of the box while tearing up.

You sniffed and quickly whipped away at your eyes trying to remove any trace of tears that would make their way from your eyes.

"Stop crying all the time. You got this. I can figure it out," you grumbled. "I always have and I always will."

You walked behind your desk and logged onto your computer exiting out of your multiple google tabs and snickered when you land on a YouTube from the dumb video you were watching from your favorite Youtuber.

You heard a knock on your door and looked up, "Come in," you said softly.

The door opened and your eyebrows raised when your saw who came in.

"I need to talk to you," he said closing the door back behind him.

You frowned and looked back at your computer and quickly logged out and stood back up moving back before bending down to pull out your drawers so you can gather up your belongings.

"I know, I'm getting all of my things as quickly as possible: I know you're on a tight schedule," you grumbled lowly.

Ray sighed and walked over towards you and stood over you, watching you fumble through your things horribly.

"Look," he said sternly.

You ignored him and continued. "I'm almost done. Let me just gather the rest of this and I'll be out your way I promise," you said flatly.

He grabbed your arm and pulled you up gently.

"Look." He repeated the same word looking you dead in your eyes as he looked down at you.

"What?" You asked slightly annoyed.

He picked up on your attitude but didn't let go of your arm. "You know I had to put up a front," he stated, "I had to appear strict to make everyone start back taking me seriously around here."

You looked at him with parted lips and furrowed eyebrows. "What does this have to do with me?"

He lets go of your arm and sighs again.

"You're not fired but, in a way, you're leaving-"

You made a confused facial expression and spoke. "What? That doesn't make sense, sir?"

"Ray," he said gently.

You softened up at his calm voice making butterflies swirl around in the pit of your stomach making their way throughout your body like it was a rush of surging energy regenerating you, making you feel warm and fuzzy.

"I'm saying that I was testing you and I was putting up a show." He saw that you were going to cut him off again and gripped your arm gently. "I'm not finished. Let me explain what I mean, L/n."

You nodded your head waiting for him to explain the whole situation so you could get a better situation and a grasp of things.

"Every since I've been slacking I had my secretary, Connie takes over things, but it looks like she barely has been showing up for work. Instead, she's been staying out late at night getting drunk at parties instead of doing what she's supposed to be doing her work," he started.

You nodded your head and hummed.

"When I came back I never could've got in contact with her because I never knew where she was but she just randomly popped back up today and expected for everything to be okay. I'm giving her another position to take over. By me giving her that confrontation, she'll take me seriously and now she knows that I'm back," he said.

"And I want to let everyone know that I am taking everything seriously so I can't just go easy on everyone. When I saw you peeping outside of Emma's room, I also had to confront you. And when the others see that-"

"Then they start getting to work because they don't want to be the next victim," you finished.

"Yeah. And also, when I mean that you're fired I mean that you're leaving from this area. I want you to be my new secretary."

You looked at him in shock. Eyes wide, eyebrows furrowed, lips parted, and head tilted slightly. "Huh? Why me of all people? I'm not good for that."

"You're perfect for it," he commented. "Well not completely. You're just tardy but you still show up, that's your only problem."

"I know but, I don't think I would be capable of such a task. I don't know Ray...."

"Y/n," he placed his hands on both your shoulders and looked you in your eyes.

Your heart flutter when his first name rolled out of his mouth so smoothly and his closeness made you take a whiff of his scenery. The familiar smell made you feel funny. He smelled so good. You remembered being in his room, being surrounded by his scent, it was nice and comforting.

"Remember that time I asked for you to help me catch up on my work. You did it in such a quick manner and even manage to do everything in a perfectly orderly and organized manner."

"I know but... I don't know what if I-"

"Why do you keep doubting yourself?" He asked cutting you off.

The room was now quiet. Honestly, you don't remember when there was never a time that you didn't doubt yourself. You always had low self-esteem starting at the beginning of high school. Seeing that you weren't enough when it came to you going against other people.

You just felt like you could compete and you weren't worthy of many things so you tried to stay out of the way and out of the mix. You would rather enjoy yourself in the background not having too much attention on yourself.

You didn't want to ever get too confident in yourself by volunteering for something that you think you can handle, only to end up failing miserably in the end.

You rather save yourself the embarrassment.

"I don't know I just don't think that I can do it," you said looking away from him.

Honestly, Ray was growing attached to you slowly but he wasn't sure if the feelings were real or not. He didn't want to mislead you and hurt you in any way. He had so much going on with his life at the moment he wasn't sure if being you into his would be the best idea. But he was an only human right?

He couldn't ignore his feelings forever.

Or maybe he will just push them away.

But he reacted unintentionally and placed his palm on your cheek and lifted your face gently. "Y/n..."

Your face heated up and you looked at him with soft eyes. You were deeply in love with this man and he knew it. He knew it by how you were looking at him. He knew this look.

Yeah... it was all too familiar to him.

It was the look that his mother would give his father. His mother was deeply in love with his Italian father. And he was in love with the Japanese woman. He knew that his father lived her back but he never stayed... why was that? He never knew.

Was there an argument between the two?


He never saw them argued not even once. the both of them were so in love with one another they didn't even raise their voices at each other.

So what was it?

Why didn't they last?

The love was there, and there was no doubt that they still loved each other. Then memories were brought back to him of his mother was crying at night time. When the sun would go down and the world was asleep, his mother would leave her room and go into hers to cry her heart out, crying for his father.

Crying and begging for him to come back to them.

Crying about how much she loved him and never wanted him to leave...

So why was that?

His mother told him that his father loved the both of them. So... why did he leave?!

Was it something more important? But what could be so important than his own family?

Or was it because of someone?

He swore that he would never do that. Do what his father did. He would never do that to his future family, or to the woman he will fall in love with.

He thought that he could've had something with Anna but she just gave him more and more reasons why she wasn't the one for him.

He didn't see the love in her eyes, but hunger. As if she was only using him in some way. This was why he was having trust issues and commitment issues. He didn't want to be used.

No one would want to be used.

And then he looked at you. You showed it in small ways that you cared for him. You even offered to take him on a date.

You were looking at him the way his mother looked at his father.

You were in love with him. But he didn't know if he was capable of returning those feelings. But he felt something growing within him whenever he was around you, he just didn't know what that was yet.

He caressed your cheek softly unconsciously and let out a small breath.

"Ray... is everything okay?" You ask with a shade of blush decorating your cheeks.

"Yeah," he removed his hand. "You can take a leave for today. I'll have someone move your things today so your office can be beneath mines, you're my new secretary."

You looked at him and he stared into your eyes.

A knock was heard at the door.

"Ray, when you're done, I would like to speak with you," you heard Norman said behind the door.

"Yeah," Ray said looking at the closed door.

You hesitantly grabbed Ray's arm making him look back towards you with a calm expression. "What's wrong?"

You looked down avoiding his gaze with a conflicted look. Ray didn't say anything and watched you silently and patiently, for the first time in forever.

"Ray, whenever you have the time... is it okay if I can speak with you? Like... I just want to talk to you," you said looking up at him, "just the both of us... please."

He looked at you and nodded gently. "That's fine," he mumbled. "I'll talk to you later. Go home and get some rest."

You moved your hand down from his forearm and to his hand before caressing it with your thumb. "Yeah. Don't stress yourself too much," you looked up at his eyes with a concerned look.

He kept his calm face and hummed. "I won't. Thanks for your concern."

You let go of his hand and grabbed your purse and left the room with him holding open the door for you.

He stepped out behind him and was stopped by his two companions.

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