Chapter 23

🦋Be thankful for your life, and forgive everybody, including yourself. Little steps still progress, you are still going forward.🦋

It wasn't too long until you arrived at your apartment and were accompanied by your now close friend, Gilda.

She was on her day off and you invited her over to your home to speak with her on what happened earlier today on what led you to come home earlier than your regular schedule.

You've already washed up and thrown your dirty clothes along with the rest of them. You cleaned up your room and cleaned your kitchen trying to be more organized, clean, and tidy.

You were probably doing this just to ease your anxiety.

Yup, that's exactly why you're doing this.

But when you were done with everything you had to have Gilda come over and talk to her about the events. It was a must.

"So what happened, Y/n. Tell me everything," she said plopping herself lightly down onto your couch in your living room.

"I don't even know exactly where to start. Today was so crazy, Gildaaaa," you groaned.

You were dressed in your sleeping wear, which consisted of black and olive green plaid shorts, and a grey t-shirt. You walked bare feet on your cold tile floors because you felt more comfortable instead of having your feet sealed inside of the thick fabric during this type of weather.

"Cut on the heater, it's getting a little cold in here," Gilda mumbled while turning the television down so the both of you can get ready for discussion, or in other words, have your 'girl talk'.

"Really? It feels good to me. I like the cold," you said in surprise.

"Huh?" Gilda asked placing the remote down onto the coffee table before looking at you. "You do? Why you like the cold?" She asked brushing her hair back with her fingers.

"I don't know," you mumbled making your way towards the thermostat. "I find it comforting in a way. Like I would wear things that are comfortable to make me warm but I like for my surroundings to be cool, but not too cool. I don't like getting sick after all," you chuckled lightly.

"Yeah, nobody wants that."

"Before we get deep into everything, do you want something?" You asked your friend walking towards the kitchen's pantry.

"What do you have? I'll choose better that way."

"Umm," you hummed to yourself and went searching through your stash. "I got these!" You said holding up a couple of bags of chips and gestures for her to look inside.

Gilda leaned back slightly to get a better look and her eyes gleamed. "Can I have those please?" She asked with a small smile gracing her lips.

You opened a bag of your favorite chips, ate one, and grabbed a bag of powdered donuts that Gilda wanted.

"Yeah, no problem."

You tossed the bag toward her. She reached her hands out trying to catch it but failed in the end. The bag flew in her lap and she gasped before laughing. "Yeah, I'm horrible at catching things."

"I can see that," you joked while laughing.

You made your way over to her with your bag of chips and two water bottles in hand.

"Here, you want one?" You asked while raising your eyebrows.

"Sure, " she said accepting the bottle into her hands.

"Okay, now what happened?" she asked getting back on topic.

You explained to her how you were in your office and heard Ray fussing at his secretary about her not showing up to work and not doing her job properly.

"Wow, so she's been at it!" Gilda said with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah, I'm surprised too. I mean," you leaned forward with a 'what the fuck' look, "how can you slack up so much with a job like that? She is a secretary to one of the most well-known business owners in Japan."

"Right! Like did she think all of this wouldn't catch up to her?"

"Yeah. Ray told me that she goes to parties and gets drunk and high and all of that stuff," you said laying your body back onto the couch.

"Hmm... I wonder if she goes to that popular club in the city."

"What, in Tokyo?" You asked while stuffing some more chips into your mouth.

"Yeah! It's this new club that's been opened for like two weeks. It's called GENIUS." The said girl pulled out her phone and typed up the name of the nightclub and showed you a couple of pictures before going to social media and pulling up a couple of videos from the people she followed.

"Wow, it's packed. Imagine being in there. It looks fun but yet I wouldn't want to be bothered to be around so many sweaty bodies," you grimaced.

"Yeah. I heard that a lot of big-time people be there now and then and also people who are in the underground business be there," Gilda said putting her phone away.

"Huh? What do you mean? Like drug dealers and stuff like that?"

"Mmhmm. But then again it probably is fun but you just have to be careful with who you hang around you know?" Gilda hummed.

"Yeah, I agree-"

"Enough of that. Now finish telling me what happened," she exclaimed while patting her thighs.

"Well after that, he caught me doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing instead of doing my work and told me that I was fired from my position."

"What?!" She said sitting up straight with wide eyes.

"Yeah! I was shocked too. He said it was either me or Emma, but it was my fault for being in her office when I wasn't supposed to. I couldn't let her be fired for my carelessness," you said scratching your scalp with your fingernails.

"Yeah. That wouldn't have been fair to her. And I'm guessing she's been there for a long time?"

You nodded your head and balled up your trash in your hands.

"Yeah it that wouldn't have been fair."

"Yup," you said popping the 'p'. "When I got alone in my office he came in and had explained to me why he had done all of those things and told me that he wanted me to become his new secretary. And he was going to have me start tomorrow."

"That's great, Y/n! Congratulations!" Gilda said hugging you while snuggling her face to yours.

You blushed while laughing and hugged her back. "Thank you so much!"

"No problem, you deserve it!" She pushed herself away from you and gestured for you to continue.

"And when he was talking to me- not to sound all gushy and dramatic- but he seemed like he was zone out and he was caring my face like this," you said.

You raised your hands and started caressing it with your thumbs before pursing your lips and making kissy noises and hugging yourself while rubbing your hands up and down your back and shoulders.

"Yeah right," Gilda said while playfully rolling her eyes.

You stopped what you were doing and laughed before jumping up. "No! In all seriousness, he was being a little affectionate- he was caressing my face."

You started to daydream thinking about the male.

"Well if it is true-"

"And he said my first name."

Gilda raised her eyebrows at you and gave you a confused look, "Isn't he supposed to call you by your... real name? So he calls you by something else.....? Or am I missing something?"

"No, no, he always calls me by my last name, but he called me by my first name."

"Well... I guess that is a step forward if you say that."


"I need to meet this guy if he makes you blush like this then he's sure is a handsome man."

"Oh, he is-"

You heard your phone buzz and you picked it up from off of the table. You looked towards it with confused eyes.

"Who's that?" You mumbled and looked at your phone.

You grabbed your phone and picked it up unlocking your phone and going directly to your messages to see you sent you a text. It was from an unknown number that you haven't seen before.

"Sorry, about this. Someone just texted me."

Your eyes scanned over the short message that said;

'Hey. You wanted to talk?'

Your heartbeat quickened slightly not knowing who this message was from. 'Who the hell is this?!'

You gasped slightly and looked at Gilda with parted lips.

"Gilda... I think Ray just texted me."

The green-haired girl squealed slightly and clasped her hands together. "Y/n this is your time! This is your chance to talk to him right?! Then do it!"

"I umm I don't know," you said starting to feel shy.

"No! Uhuh! You're not gonna shy your way out of this now! You are gonna talk to him, Y/n," Gilda said in a motherly tone while scolding you.

"I know but what do I say?!" You whined slightly. You were starting to feel anxious, giddy, and nervous at the same time. You didn't know how to feel about everything.

"First, you should ask to see if that's him. You don't want to end up texting the wrong things to the wrong person," Gilda said taking off her glasses and cleaning them with her shirt.

"Yeah... you're right," you said looking away from her and then back towards your phone. "It's not like I can go back anyways. I'm pretty sure that whoever it is, they saw that I read the message already."

"I mean You only live once right?" Gilda said eating another donut.

"They don't call it YOLO for nothing," you mumbled.

You texted back and asked who it was.

You watched your screen with anticipated eyes. No response yet. You bit your bottom lip debating in your head if you should stay in the chat for them to respond or just exit out and wait.

But before you could make a final decision you seen that the person was typing.

And to confirm your question it was indeed, Ray.

"It's him!" You squeaked slightly. Your face heated up slightly and you chewed on your bottom lip lightly. "Oh my gosh," you mumbled before letting out and light breath.

"You should call him."

"What?! no!"

"Huh?! Yes!" The girl said mocking you. "Y/n, you're a grown woman. You should just call him. If you want to go somewhere with him, then it has to start somewhere. And I right or I'm right?" Gilda said grabbing the scrunchy from off of her wrist, gathering her hair up, and putting it into a ponytail.

"Okay but... what should I say?"

"I don't know. Figure it out. I can't help you with everything. I can't hold your hand everywhere you go."

"I know but a little advice can always help, Gilda," your grumbled.

"Yeah, you're right."

"I know I'm right-"

"But it's best for you to make decisions of your own because you can't always rely on someone to give you answers for something only you can answer."

You sat in your spot quietly taking in her words. She was right, completely right. Only you can tell yourself what to do and how to do something. No one can tell you how to be you.

You wouldn’t be authentic, everything would be fake and you would feel like you being controlled and under the influence of other people instead of having a mind of your own.

“Okay. You’re right, once again. I’ll... I’ll call him.” You grabbed your phone once again and lifted it, unlocking it and going to your messages before typing.

‘Is it okay if I call you?’

You waited for his response taking in deep breaths. “Oh, God... There’s no turning back,” you said looking away from your phone. You looked back to your friend and grimaced. “Well there’s no turning back, I guess.”

“Perfect. Well, that’s my cue to leave, I hope that your chat with him goes well,” she said raising her snack in her hands.

“You and me both,” you mumbled before sighing.

“Well, I’ll talk to you later. Tell me how it goes. You don’t have to go into detail if you don’t want to but just let me know if it goes well,” she said patting your shoulder.

“Let me walk you out.”

You walked with her to the door, bid her a ‘see you later, and closed the door before locking it back.

You threw your trash away and went into your room and closed the door behind you before placing yourself on your bed.

Not too long later, you felt your phone buzzed.


You clicked his number, hearing the phone ring, and finally, you hear him speak with his deep voice.


“Hey, I wanted to talk to you,” you mumbled.

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