Chapter 26


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🦋Never respond to an angry person with a fiery comeback, even if they deserve it... Don't allow their anger to become your anger.🦋

In the city of Tokyo, Japan, inside of an apartment was owned by a person who is still in their youth. A cold, still, lifeless body was laying on top of a bed, who appears to be a female.

Eyes were wide opened to the point you can see the size of them. Her veins were showing inside of them, showing their red true colors that you could see in the darkroom. The once bright crystal blue hues are now dull and grey, staring up at the white ceiling fan turning at a slow pace as it made a creaking sound with each turn it took.

The body was sprawled out and their mouth was wide opened with a dry tear stain has a trail on her face, from her eyes down to her ears and neck.

Sheets unorganized and pieces of glass shattered on the ground.

"It looks like there's been a fight of some sort. Look at the shattered glass over here. And there's also some bruises on her skin, right here," he took his hand and pointed at her forearms, "and right here... She's been strangled," he said pointing towards the female's neck.

"Seems like she was trying to fight them off."

Flashes of light from cameras were being taken from investigators as they held cameras taking pictures of the crime scene.

"Drugs were also involved. Here, come take a look at this." The man held up a bottle while his hands were covered in gloves so he wouldn't get any of his fingerprints on the plastic bottle.

The woman hummed and wrote it down before taking it out of his hands and placing it into a small zip lock bag.

"I'm going to take this down to the station. Meet me there when you get more information on what you discovered."


The lady passed boy the bodies as some chat and others took pictures and inspected the apartment building looking for more evidence. She made her way out of the door and later making it inside of a car before going down to her office trying to search for more information about the case at hand.


"Good morning to my viewers! This is channel nineteen. This morning there has been a tragedy in the city of Tokyo. A woman was brutally murdered in her own home. She appeared to be strangled and stabbed to death. Family members have joined us early today speaking on their behalf, reflecting on their daughter's death," the news reporter said looking at the screen.

The screen turned to another channel revealing to an older couple. The woman standing beside her husband, holding tissue up towards her eyes, dabbing away her tears. While the man's lips quivered while looking at the camera with a devastating look.

"Our daughter didn't deserve any of this. She was always a sweet girl and didn't do any wrong. She always stuck to her studies and always did what was right," the man took in a deep breath and held onto his wife.

"She always did what she needed to do. After she would get off from work she would come home and call us telling us about her day."

The woman stepped up and held her husband closer with tears streaming down her red cheeks.

"Connie was such a sweet angel. The last call we received from her was her losing her position at her job," she sobbed.

She willed her eyes and looked at the camera with anger in her eyes. "If her boss has anything to do with this, he needs to step up and tell us all he knows or if he knows anything about this. We need justice for our little girl!"

The channel changed back to the news reporter reflecting on what was said by her parents.

"Yes, the death of Connie Hathaway is devastating news. There will be more investigation on this case to find more information on who killed Connie.

If you happen to know any information to help solve this case, please call the number that is presented on the screen to speak to the sheriff department."

It was at the beginning of a new month entirely.

February 9th.

Everything was going well for you so far. Over time you've gotten closer with Ray and spent time with your friends, Gilda and Emma whenever you had the opportunity to.

Of course, you couldn't spend too much time with them because of your position at your job, having many errands to run, and then ending up coming to your apartment late, exhausted.

But you had to keep a level head for yourself so you can manifest great things for the future. You had to
work for what you want in life. As long as you stayed on the right path and kept your focused straight, you shouldn't get distracted and wander off of the path.

You hummed a soft tune while you stood in line waiting for one of the workers to tell you that your order is ready. You looked down at your phone and scrolled through social media not having anything else to do at the moment.

So why not keep yourself occupied by doing something "productive".

Or at least to seem like you were doing something.


You look up from your phone and put your phone in your purse before walking up to the register and picking up your order.

You grabbed your things giving the girl a quick 'thank you and made your way out of the building.

You went inside of your car and placed the drinks inside of the cup holder making everything balanced so nothing wouldn't spill inside of your car.

The last thing you wanted was to spill any sticky substances.

You brought Ray a cup of coffee along with a croissant sandwich for breakfast that contains eggs, bacon, and cheese. And also the same for Krone, since she was also considerate enough to bring you breakfast all those mornings.

As for yourself, you brought yourself some French toast, bacon, and eggs along with green tea.

You tried to keep the bag sealed as much as you could so you wouldn't make yourself hungry in the car. If you get one quick whiff of the food, you were most likely going to stop on the side of the road and eat your food right then and there.

Ray was the one who insisted that you go on ahead and by yourself something early this morning since he heard your stomach growling and rumbling while you were filling out papers.

But little did he knew that you brought him something also. It wasn't much but you wanted to return him a kind offer.

This act was genuine.

You knew that he was also tired from work and he was starving himself. So you wanted to at least help him.

After all, being stressed wasn't healthy. It can affect you mentally and physically.

Before you knew it, there you were. In the parking lot in front of Ray's building. Thinking about him made you smile softly.

You remembered that day when you first started to be his secretary and how he admitted that he cares for you.

The both of you weren't together but at least you knew that you could get together later on in the future. The only thing you had to do was be patient.

He had to work somethings out before he becomes fully committed to being involved with you. Things were a little tense for him.

Which was understandable.

You grabbed the bags along with the drinks in the cup holder and placed them on the roof of your car before shutting your door and locking it behind you two times to make sure that it was completely secured.

You pulled on your handle to see if it was locked and hummed softly.

"Okay," you mumbled.

You put your keys in your purse and hoisted it up further up your shoulder. You grabbed the bags and the cup holder once again and made your way to the front of the building going inside.

You looked around and saw that nobody was in the lobby. You looked around a couple of more times and raised your eyebrows while pursing your lips.

"I guess everyone is busy..."

You went to the elevator and went up to you where your office was and placed your things down. You passed by Emma's office, giving her a small wave which she returned and made your way to Krone's one.

You knocked gently on the opened door, grabbing the older lady's attention. She looked up from her work and smiled at you.

"Good morning Krone!"

"Good morning hun," she hummed with a warm smile. "What brings you here?" She looked at you and then towards the bags and drinks that you had in your possession.

You raised one bag and grabbed a sandwich that was wrapped neatly, while walking over towards her desk, handing it to her.

"I brought you breakfast. It's a croissant sandwich. I heard that it takes really good, it looks and smells good so..." you said with a smile on your face.

"Oh thank you, Y/n! You're too sweet," she said with a smile.

"No problem. I wanted to return the offer since you always bring breakfast for me. I wanted to do the same for you."

Before you gave her the chance to speak, you spoke once more. I would love to chat with you longer but I have to go now. Sorry for leaving so suddenly, I just need to get to Ray before he gets cranky like an old man," you laughed.

She laughed along with you and nodded her head in understanding. "Well, go ahead! I can always speak to you another time, have a nice day," Krone said waving you off.

"Okay and same to you."

You went into the elevator again and click the button to arrive at Ray's office. The elevator door opens and reveals three people inside of the office.

Your eyes first darted towards the two males who were sitting on the couch while looking up at the TV that was on the wall of the room.

Norman and Ray.

And the female was standing behind them while leaning on the edge of the couch.


She was a little more leaned over up upon Ray's side than she was in the middle, and this didn't sit well with you.

A small frown made its way on your face. You couldn't stop nor hide the frown that was on your face so you bit your bottom lip, trying to hide that the corners of your lips were pointing downwards.

The ash-blonde female look towards you and raised her eyebrows. "Oh hey, Y/n!"

You purse your lips together and then rubbed them when you saw all three of the body's attention was now on you.

"Hey...," you said awkwardly. "What are you doing?" You asked the three of them.

"We're watching the news," Ray said looking from you and then towards the TV with a stressed look.

"What happened?" You asked walking closer towards them and taking a look at what was being presented on the flat-screen TV.

"One of our workers died. You just missed it," Norman said in a regretful tone.

"Huh?" You asked alarmed. "What who is it? When did it happen?"

"It was Conny Hathaway, my ex-secretary," Ray said raking his hand through this hair in worry. "She passed away last night. It looks like someone murdered her, according to the news..."

You looked at him in horror. It felt like bile was rising from your stomach to your throat and you swallowed it back down.

"Oh, God..."

"Yeah," Anna said with a saddened look.

"I feel bad for her and her family. Who knows what they are going through," Norman said standing up.

"Yeah. But they don't have a right to blame Ray for all of this. It wasn't his fault," Anna said placing her hand on Ray's shoulders.

You watched as she gently rubbed her hands on his broad shoulders but the action stops immediately as he moved away from her as he stood up from the couch.

"Of course not," he grumbled.

"Yeah," Norman said looking from his friend and towards you. "Conny's parents believe that Ray has something to do with her death. There's no doubt he will have to go through interrogation."

You hummed and sigh.

"Well, we better get going. I still have more paperwork to do," Norman said stuffing his hands in his pockets making his way to the elevator.

"Yeah," Anna agreed. She looked towards Ray and smiled. "I'll talk to you later to check up on you okay?"

Your jaw clenched slightly as you watched her being friendly towards Ray. It wasn't as if you were together but there was something between the two of you.

It wasn't like Anna knew what was said between the both of you but still, it hurts seeing another woman being near him.

Or maybe you're just overreacting. You didn't want to seem like a jealous brat.

Ray looked at her with an uninterested and unbothered look with a small frown on his face and his hands stuffed in his pockets.

"Anna, come one before the door closes," Norman said while holding the door. He looked at his friend and gave him a sympathetic look.

He looked towards you and waved.

"See you later Y/n!"

When the door closed you looked at Ray with a small smile.

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