Chapter 27

🦋Look for all those beautiful reasons in life to be happy. There are more than you would think.🦋

When the two left from the room, heading to their destination you were in the office, accompanied by Mr.Rosseti himself, or should you say, Ray. You tried your best to push out the thoughts on what just occurred. Everything seemed to have started off on the wrong foot.

Finding out about the ex-secretary's death, Conny Hathaway. Having the mother accuse Ray of being involved which is leading to him being interrogated. Finally, you having to witness Anna getting handsy with Ray.

But to avoid tension, not wanting to cause a scene and make matters worse you just pushed everything down.

Ray looked like he didn't need anything else on his plate as it it. He was already going through it.

You looked at the man you adored so much and smiled, "Umm.. hey," you said gently.


"I brought you some breakfast," you said walking up towards him handing him the two bags in your hand. "And here's your drink, I brought you coffee.

He took it from you and smiled softly.

"Thank you, Y/n."

"You're welcome. It's not a problem," you said waving him off. "After all the things you've done for me, this is nothing. You paid for my food at those restaurants not once but two times," you added.

"Yeah, you didn't even finish your food for the first one, you just left," you huffed a laugh.

"I was too embarrassed to even- never mind let's get off that subject. How are you feeling?" You asked walking towards the couch sitting your bag and drink down on the coffee table along with your purse.

"....I've seen better days," he hummed taking a seat next to you, taking out his things.

He unraveled his wrap that covered his sandwich and raised his eyebrows. "This smells good."

You looked at him and then towards his sand which and looked back towards the food that was presented in front of you. "Yeah, it might smell good," you started, catching the man's attention beside you, "but mines smell better."

You picked up your plastic fork and knife that was wrapped with plastic and peeled it off. "Probably even tastes better," you gushed.

Ray watched how you got excited over the topic of food. He could see the small little sparks glisten in your eyes as you stared down at your preparing your food.

You grabbed the packets of syrup and poured them over your French toasts and bacon. "Oh my gosh, this looks so good, Ray." You turned towards him with a biting your bottom lip trying to keep yourself from smiling in his face.

"I bet it does," he says unbothered, taking another bite from his sandwich.

You looked at him and looked back to your food with pursed lips and ate one of your French toast. Taking a bite from it made your French toast nodding your head in approval.

Ray looked at you and shook his head. "Yours probably look good but mines taste good as well," he grumbled.

"Oh yeah?" You asked raising an eyebrow towards him.

"Yeah," he said dryly. He turned his full attention towards you. "You don't trust me?"

"Didn't say that."

"Okay, then."

You looked at his sandwich and bit your bottom lip lightly. He saw you starring and rolled his eyes lightly.

"Here," he said moving his sandwich over towards you.


"You look like you want to try it, so here. Try it."

"No I can't do that, you only have a sandwich while I have three slices of French toast," you said while pointing at your plate.

"You can have a bite, and I'll just get half of one of your French toasts," he said as if it was the most obvious solution that was lingering above your heads.

"Okay, deal."

He gestured his sandwich towards you you bit on the side that he didn't get access to yet and hummed. "Oh, it is good."

He nodded and took a bite out of his sand which where you bit from.

You felt your body heated up slightly at the fact that he ate from the place you bit and look towards your plate, grabbing your fork and knife, breaking it in half for him.

"Here," you said softly.

He waited beside you in anticipation, now that he finished his breakfast while drinking his drink through his cup's straw.

You held up the french toast with your fork, holding your hand underneath it, so you wouldn't waste any syrup, and held it towards him.

He opened his mouth and bit down on the fork gently and ate it.

You smiled cheekily, radiating your brightness up towards the handsome raven-haired male. He looked towards you while he chewed slowly and looked away. A small tent of a red hue burning on the tips of his ears.

On the other side of the room, the phone started ringing making you lift yourself to pick up the phone. But before you could do that, Ray stuck his hand out and placed his hand on your shoulder.

"I got it. You can finish your food."

He walked over towards his desk and pressed a button on his phone, letting it be on speaker for the both of you can hear.

"Ray, they're here."

Norman and Ray stood outside in the front of the building with the media crowding around them, surrounding them asking multiple questions. Flashes from the multiple cameras blinded the two owners as they stood before them.

Questions were thrown from left and right, all sounding like a group of kids inside of a classroom in excitement, desperately trying to get their answers answered first holding their microphones as close as possible towards the two males.

This was overall giving the business company a bad look to everyone who was watching on the other side of their TVs, cellphones, and any other devices that can be used to watch the news.

Because of the chaos, everyone was sent to go home early because of the commotion that was going on outside of the building.

Too much disruption for everyone's sake.

Everyone was filling out on the side of the building away from the newscasters and journalists, avoiding getting stopped to answer questions that they had no answer to.

Hell, no one didn't even know what was going on!

"So you mean to tell me that someone thinks that Mr.Rosetti has something to do with Conny's death?" One of the coworkers asked not too far away from you as everyone walk towards their cars in the parking lot.

"I don't think so," one said.

"You act as if you know him, know him," a woman said beside you. She looked around the same age as you, maybe a little older.

"You're right."

"But how would we know?"

You looked at one of the workers in the corner of your eye listening to them with a small frown decorating your features.

"You know how the stories usually go," the man said leaning into the woman to his right. "These big-time million and billionaires got all kinds of ties. They can get you gone before you can say 'cheese cake', just with a snap of a finger," the short fat man said snapping his sausage-like, thick fingers.

The woman nodded and hummed. "You're right on that one. I see it in movies and TV shows all of the time about how they have dark and dirty things going on behind the scenes," the lady said grabbing your attention more and more as they speak.

It wasn't long before you made it near your cars and they happened to be parked near you. You walked to the driver's side of the car while looking down inside of your purse, pretending to search for your keys, but in reality, you already had the metal loop that held all of your keys together around your index finger.

"They could do anything. They have the money to cover it up after all. As long as they are not caught by the media themselves they're fine."

"Yeah but you can't also trust the media either," the lady said turning her body fully towards the man.


The lady nodded her head and hummed. "Yeah, the media isn't shit either. They post what they want and they show what they want to be presented trying to paint a picture over the ugliness of what's going on. They can get paid off too ya know," she said grabbing her keys out of her coat pocket and unlocking the door to her vehicle.

She spoke once more. "Do you remember that case that happened last year? The one when the girl was found dead at the school in Tokyo?"

"Yeah. They said the girl's body was found in the basement but there was no traces nor any witnesses of her murder."

"Exactly. Doesn't that sound odd? That school is one of the most prestigious schools in Japan. Has a high rating for obedience, the test scores are off the charts, and they have advanced technology. This means that they should have security cameras all around the building since it is a school for the rich and brilliant."

"It does sound sketchy now that you mention it."

" I heard that there was a group of girls who were jealous of the girl. Most likely jumped her and it went too far till the point that they killed her. The little pissy girls freaked and got their parents to cover it up with all of the money that they have stashed."

While listening to their conversation made your skin run cold and made you feel like you wanted to vomit.

"Yeah. I don't put my trust into rich people because they aren't who they say they are."

"I agree."

You wanted to leave, they were making you feel sick.

Before you could get in your car you felt a hand land on your shoulder. You flinched slightly and turned around looking towards the person who had grabbed your attention.

You raised your eyebrows and smiled awkwardly.

"Hey, Anna!" You said trying to sound enthusiastic. Hopefully, you didn't look like you were in pain because it felt like you were going to lose your smile if you kept smiling so hard for such a long period in front of the beautiful woman before you.

"Hey, Y/n! I was wondering if you were busy. I wanted to talk to you for a moment if that's okay with you?" She asked raised her perfectly arched eyebrows, gazing her light blue eyes through your soul.

'No,' is what you wanted to tell her, but you were too nice for that. You didn't want to sound rude in front of her so you said the opposite of what you've wanted to say.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" You said before closing your lips, looking at her with your own raised eyebrows waiting for her to speak.

You wanted to get this over as quickly as possible. You didn't want to deal with this all day. So let's hurry this up, shall we?

"Everything seems to be in chaos right now with everything going on," she said pursing her lips to the side. "And o know that times like this are stressful and what not so I wanted to make an offer," she said with a bright smile, showing off her pearly white straightened teeth.

Your smile falters a little, but as soon as it went down you raised them back up.

Why is she being so nice? All before she was avoiding you. What made her want to approach you and ask for an offer all of a sudden?

Some things are not right.

"What is it?" You said trying to sound nice but probably failed. First because of how you worded it and because of your tone. Your eyes widen slightly and you grimace while holding out your hand. "Sorry, didn't mean to make it sound like that but-"

"Oh no, no, no, you're fine!" She said while waving her hand laughing lightly and smiled again.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that," you apologized once more.

"Yeah. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime? I wanted to ask you earlier since a couple of days ago but it kept slipping my mind," she stated.


"So how about it? The last time we don't together was at the restaurant! I want us to become friends instead of associates!" She edged.

"Umm... I don't know Anna. I've been busy with a lot of things recently."

"Oh come on, you even can bring Emma if you want, or maybe another friend? It doesn't have to necessarily be Emma! Just three of us, yeah?"

"Uhhh sure why not?"

"Good!" She chirped.

The both of you ended up exchanging numbers and bid each other goodbyes before heading home.

"I hope this ends well," you mumbled as you read the text messages through the screen that the ash-blonde-headed girl sent you.

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