Chapter 28

🦋Don't be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts.🦋

You were laying on your bed scrolling through your phone doing nothing in particular while thinking about your life decisions and life itself like you usually would do.

When was the last time you spoke with anyone?

A couple of days have passed and not too long ago, earlier today, you decided to take Anna up on her offer on going out with her. You wanted to see for yourself to see what her true intentions were in all of this and it seemed to be fine.

Was she real? A sweet and genuine girl who was looking forward to building a connection with you? Or, was she just a snake in disguised, saving up all of her salivae inside of her mouth slowly mixing her toxic poison within it, and once you least expect it, attack you with her teeth.

Biting into your flesh with her sharp teeth taking all of her poison that she gathered up, transferring it into your gains until you could no longer withstand the feeling of a burning sensation scorching through your veins.

And once you passed out she would finish you off.

Oh, how you love your creative and colorful imagination running wild through your mind. You didn't want to be naive nor gullible, you had to be aware of your surroundings and with the people with who you surround yourself.

You decided not to ask and bring anyone else along and just enjoy her company. You were all too familiar with the feeling of being the third wheel when it came to a gathering or hanging out with someone.

You didn't want anyone to feel like a burden and you didn't feel like entertaining two people at one time. No multitasking for you.

She sent you directions to where your meeting spot would be and you thanked her.

She responded with a simple yet enthusiastic 'no problem' and left it at that.

You clicked on the location watching your phone screen move from one tab to another going onto google maps so you can know and get an insight into what environment you are going to. After all, wherever you are going will determine what kind of attire you will be dressed in.

The screen loaded and you see where it was.

"Is in the heart of Tokyo..." you mumbled. You got your index finger and thumb and zoomed in on the screen to get a better look.

"Oh yeah!"

You went to your google and searched up the name of the place and look at the building's website. "Oh, " you said holding your mouth open slightly.

It clicked to you with a snap of a finger. Gilda told you about this place not too long ago. The popular new club was buzzing and trending all over social media from what you were seeing.

"Genious huh? Alrighty, " you said in a singing song voice while smiling awkwardly.

You clicked out of the app and called Gilda to see what she would say, even though you were the one who was going to make the final decision in the end.

You just wanted her to be aware of where you were going just in case anything happens knowing how clubs usually go. Especially who you're going with.

"Hello, dear," Gilda said in an old lady voice.

"Hey, Gilda!"

"What's up?" Gilda asked as she walked towards her bookshelf with a Harry Potter novel in hand. Sitting up her other books that were well organized, making enough room to slide her book in between according to the labels and numbers.

"There we go," she mumbled.

"Huh?" You asked not hearing her.

"Nothing, I was just putting a book back on the shelf. I'm just relieved that everything didn't fell over onto the floor," she chuckles softly. "I've done it plenty of times before."

"Oh. What book were you reading?" You asked walking towards your wardrobe to find something nice to wear for tonight. You didn't want to stand out too much but you wanted to wear something attractive.

Not that you wanted to attract anyone's attention. That's the last thing you wanted to happen. To have some drunk walk up to you, to buzzed out of his mind to come to their senses or to comprehend that you are not attracted.

"It was a Harry Potter book. I need to find more books. I already read this shit like three times," she said in frustration.

You snorted at her response and bit your bottom lip to hide your laugher. "Sorry bout that."

"No no, it's fine. What did you call for anyways?" She asked moving into her room going to her desk station to get on her laptop and play video games with other gamers.

"I was calling to let you know that I'm going out and I wanted to let you be aware of it, just in case if anything happens."

"Okay. Where are you going?" She asked typing away on her keyboard.

"I'm going to that club you were talking about with one of my coworkers."

"Huh? You mean GENIUS?" She asked putting on her headset but leaving one side of her ear peace off of her ears, putting her phone on speaker so she can hear you properly.

"Yup," you said popping the 'p'. "That's the one! A girl who I work with wanted to spend some time with me by having a girl's night out."

"Why do you say it like that. You know what? To me it sounds like you don't even want to go with whoever this girl is," she said sipping her boba tea through her straw.

"In a way, I don't, if we want to be completely honest. I don't do parties or like being around a large crowd unless I'm with people who I am comfortable around. If you and Emma would've come with me, then that's fine because I feel safe and your motherly instincts and how concerning Emma is with my well-being, I know that the both of you wouldn't let me do anything stupid."

"Yeah you're right about that," she said before letting out a small burp. "Oh, Excuse me," she mumbled. "But you're completely right. We have to be cautious especially being in an environment like a club or bar. There are creeps everywhere and we don't want anything bad happening to one another."

"Yeah. I appreciate you for that."

"No problem. That's what friends are for."

"But who's the girl you're going with?"

"I'm going with a girl named Anna. I don't think you've seen her before. She has light blonde hair and blue eyes. She's pretty actually," you said holding the phone between your elbow and cheek while holding up some clothes to your body.


"Aaaanddd she's Ray's ex-"

"What?!" The girl asked jumping up slightly hitting her knees underneath the desk and slamming her hands so hard on the desk that her cup falls over.

You flinched at the tone of her voice and the noise that she made on the other side of her phone.

"Oh shit!" She cursed picking up her drink as quickly as possible trying not to get the liquid to travel on the flat surface of her desk to her electronics.

It was too expensive to ruin.

She used her hand to block it from traveling across and grabbed a napkin, cleaning it up.

"Gilda? What happened?" You asked worriedly.

"Oh no. I just spilled some of my drink. Good thing only a little bit spilled. This is way too good for it to go to waste."

You hummed in response listening to music off of the computer, play in the background while she wiped up the mess that she created.

"But anyways. Back to what we were talking about."


"She's who ex? Ray's? The man who you're so madly in love with? The man who you slept with? The one who you're currently talking to?" She rambled pointing out all of the obviousness while whipping her desk for the second time, getting rid of the stickiness with a disinfected wet wipe.

"Yeah... it sounds sketchy right?"

"Y/n! I don't know... Wait hold on," she said pausing looking towards her phone before throwing her tissues in the trash bin that was placed near her.

"Does she even know what's going on? Like what's going on between you and Ray? Does she even know anything about what the both of you have done," she said getting into a fit of laugher as she held onto her stomach.

"No. I don't think so. She doesn't know about what we did most definitely. That's kept between me and Ray-"

"And me," she added.

"Yeah," you snickered.

"But, Y/n. I don't know it sounds sketchy if you ask me she probably knows that there's a connection between the both of you... or she probably just wants to hang out and who are we kidding there must be reasoning behind all of this," she said holding her phone up to her ear while twirling around in her chair.

"I know. But she probably is curious about what's with me between me and Ray. So I wouldn't be surprised if that was her real intentions," you said placing your phone on the dresser before undressing yourself.

"Yeah. You're going to have to keep a close eye out for her Y/n."

"Yeah..." you sigh and smiled softly to yourself. "I don't see how people like that even exist." You said pulling your dress over your head. "It makes me sick that people can have ill intentions but you'll never know until you see it for yourself am I right."

"Y/n, no," Gilda said flatly.

You raised your eyebrows in shock at her abruptness. "Huh? Did I miss something?"

"I get that you're trying to see the benefit of the doubt but sometimes you gotta see things realistically in life. You can't trust everyone and it's scary that you have to look at it that way. You just have to be very cautious," she said as she held up her gun in the game and shot someone in the head earning a 'headshot.

"Gotcha," the other female mumbled before running and hiding behind her post to avoid being killed in the game.

"Yeah but I try to see the good in things and try to give everything a good outlook even if everything is horrible sometimes... well almost all the time," you dry laugh.

"Yeah. Hey, do you need a ride because I can take you?" She asked while killing three more opponents on the opposing team of call of duty.

"No, I think I'll be fine."

"Are you sure? I don't have any problems taking you. I'm planning on going out to grab myself a carry-out plate from a fast food restaurant anyways. I'm too busy deep into this game to be cooking for tonight," she said throwing a bomb killing a group of people.

"Damn, there's no coming back from that," she laughed while cheering, pushing her upper body back in her chair while raising her arms.

"It sounds like you're having fun," you laughed.

"I am," Gilda said lifting back up, cracking her shoulders, arms, and neck before brushing her fly always behind her ears and pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "I should buy myself some contacts."

"You're tired of those thick sticks?" You snorted.

"Aww be quiet," she laughed.

"Okay," you said while laughing.

"Okay now hurry up. I'm about to get dressed and I'll come by yours to tell you that I'm ready okay?"

"Yeah. Sounds good."

Not too long later you were fully dressed in decent attire and cleaned up your room so you wouldn't have to worry about too many things just in case if you were too tired to clean anything up.

You went towards your door and heard Gildas voice and it sounded like she was talking to a male. You opened your door and looked your door to see her not too far down the hall smiling up at your neighbor with a light pink blush across her cheeks.

"That's him?" You asked incredulously.

Gilda looked away from him and smiled bashfully. "Oh hey Y/n! I didn't think you would've come out so soon. But since you're here, meet Don. Don, meet my friend, Y/n."


The both of you screeched at the same time.

"You go with a big mouth?"

"You're friends with weirdo?!" He asked dramatically with wide eyes.

You looked at the brown skin boy with a sour and displeased look and shook your head before laughing lightly. "Honestly, as long as your happy Gilda I'm happy for you," you said turning your attention from him to your friend.

Don raised his eyebrows at you and looked back to Gilda. "Hmm? Y-yeah, yeah, same about her Gilda," he said referring to you.

"What's going on? Do you know each other?" She asked looking the both of you with a confused expression.

"Yeah, we've had some encounters-" you said awkwardly while laughing.

"It's complicated," Don said with a wave of his hand.

"Okay well, we're about to go out. Do you want to join? I'm about to get something to eat," Gilda said while walking towards you and looking at Don.

"Yeah, I'll be coming out in a sec. Just let me grab my keys!" He said running back inside then coming back out.

"Okay let's go," Gilda mumbled while cranking up the car and driving off to your destination.

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