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A Ray x reader AU. Read to find out what's happening between Y/n and Ray. ⚠️There will be explicit scenes! Curse words, abuse, and sexual activity! I hope you enjoy! Published: January 11, 2020

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

I hope you all enjoyed my Norman x reader book. Now its time for a Ray x reader book. Enjoy!

🦋Losing yourself in loving another can make you forget that you are special too.🦋

You sat in your chair in nervousness while waiting for your manager to give you the 'news'.

You worked at one of the biggest companies in Japan. You were the youngest person to ever work at a company that was so advanced. You recently graduated college with a 4.5 GPA and you were among the top 10 in your class. You were smart, but, honestly, you weren't that smart. You got help and answers to your work during school. You even paid some nerds and geeks to do your work while you would sleep in from a stressful long day of school. It benefited you both. You got your A and they got their money.

Do you regret it?


The company sounded great but the way that you're treated at your job wasn't the best. Everyone around you was either annoying or acted as if you were below their level.

You try to motivate yourself to wake up in the mornings to come to your job, but it wasn't that easy. It was always something or someone who threw off your mood by their actions or what they said.

There were days when you stayed up all night watching your favorite TV shows, and woke up with bloodshot eyes. When those times of the month comes (your cycle) and you forget to take your alieve pills to prevent yourself from having cramps later on in the day. Sometimes, you forget to buy some pads or tampons and end up stuffing your underwear with tissue, so the bloodstains wouldn't go through your clothes. Whenever your break would come, that is when you will get the opportunity to change, but it feels like days until it comes. Also, there are plenty of days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You would feel a cramp in your neck, your back felt weird, or you just felt weird all over.

Sometimes it's just people's aura that just gets to you. If one bad thing comes your way, it just ruins the rest of your day. And there are those days when your depression would hit you like a pile of bricks and you just feel like you don't want to deal with anyone.... at all.

And now you're here.

Your palms were sweaty and you tried to calm your breathing as you starred at the older male in his office chair with a wavering smile.

5:00 a.m.

You recognized your alarm going off from your phone. You opened your eyes slowly and closed them back from the blurry vision. You reached for your phone and unplugged it from the charger, to turn off the alarm.

Once you had cut your alarm off your raised slowly and sat in your spot trying to process what's going on.

Then it clicked. You groaned and rolled out of bed.

"I have to go to worrrkkk... What a horrible life," you whined. You got out of bed only with an oversized dark blue shirt.

You got out of bed and looked around trying to figure out how you should start your "exciting day".

You looked at the pile of clothes that were stuffed in the corner and walked over to the tall pile. You lifted a black shirt from it and smelled it.

"What's that smell," you asked as you searched through the pile. When your hand raised a grey hoodie to your nose you immediately grimaced.

"Why didn't I throw this in the washer?"

You grabbed the jacket and went out into the hallway to put it inside of the washer along with the other clothes.

When you were done with that you realized how much time you had wasted and dashed into your bathroom to get ready.

You went into the shower along with your toothbrush because you were running behind than your usual time. You held your toothbrush in your mouth while you scrubbed under your armpits with your soap-filled rag.

When you were done cleaning yourself you grabbed your dry towel to dry yourself off. Not carrying to wrap yourself, you ran out of the bathroom.

You went back inside of your room and ran to your closet to look for something to throw on. You saw a white blouse and black dressed pants.

You snatched them out of the closet and slammed them on your bed.

'Good thing I ironed this last night,' you said at ease.

But there was no time to relax. You did NOT want this to be your third time being late to work. You sure he would fire you for sure. And it was like he was out to get you or something. He was just waiting for you to slip up so he could fire you on the spot.

'Why is he so mean?' You cried in your head while you slipped on your underwear and your bra.

After you had on your undergarments you immediately slipped on your slacks and shoes and carefully slipped on your blouse.

When that was done you looked in the mirror at your face. You grimaced as you noticed a pimple was growing on your face. It was like your acne wouldn't go away. You let down your h/l hair to cover up the side of your face so it could cover up your acne.

You looked around on your dresser and grabbed your perfume and sprayed over yourself.

When you were satisfied you looked down at your phone and your eyes almost flew out of their socket.

You grabbed your purse making it knock everything off of your dresser and ran out of the room.

You looked around and grabbed a banana off of your kitchen counter to eat for 'breakfast'. Your eyes went directly for the keys and you swung the front door of your apartment so hard that it could've fallen off its hinges. You slammed the door back hard making you wince.

Your neighbor came outside looking at you with narrowed eyes making you grimace. "Sorry, Gilda!"

You dashed down the hall not having the time to wait for her response.

Once you got out to the building you ran into the parking lot dashing for your car. A car horn made you stop and look at where the black car had come to an abrupt stop.

"Hey! Get out of the damn road!"

You looked at the person behind the wheel to see a stress looking, male. You saw his face before. He looked familiar.

"GET OUT THE, " he blew his horn, "WAYYY!!! YOU'RE GONNA GET ME FIRED!!" He whined out loudly before honking on the horn like a maniac.

You realized that you were staring at him like a deer in headlights and ran off into the parking lot like a monkey in the forest.

"This is so embarrassing," you groaned as you unlocked your door and got in. You threw your purse in the passenger side of the car and didn't bother to put on your seat belts. You pulled out the parking lot causing cars to stop and blow their horns and throw a few curses at you.

"God, please forgive me," you prayed silently as you drove down the road. A soft tune of your favorite music played in the car. "This kind of music does not match what is going on at the moment," you said as you went into the room, leaving from the parking lot. But you made sure to look for the police, because of your reckless driving.

When you arrived at work you parked and ran out. You grabbed your keys and pressed the lock button as many times as your thumb would let you. You sped walk into the front lobby and gave a small smile to the lady who sat up front.

She had ash-blond hair and blue crystal eyes. Unlike everyone here, she was one of the sweet ones. "Good morning Anna," you tried to say as calmly as you could. But it was hard because your breathing was uneven.

"Good morning Y/n, you're.." she looked at the computer screen behind the counter before finishing her sentence " a minute late, but I doubt the boss will notice," she said with a nervous smile.

"Oh God no," you sulked. You made your way to the elevator with your head down and click the button for the elevator to come.

"Don't worry Y/n. I'm sure everything is going to be fine," The ash-blonde said from the counter.

"Thank you," you said looking up at heir at the counter. When the noise signaled that it was there you stepped in when the doors closed and you had put in your floor level.

The wait was making you nervous. You crossed your arms and then uncrossed them and rested them on the railing. You removed your hand and placed them on your hips and then removed them again and placed one hand on your elbow. You looked around and hummed a tune and tapped your heels softly on the floor.

The ringing noise brought you out of your little concert and you immediately went for your office work area. Everyone had their own office. You had walls that surrounded you and two glass walls in front and behind you. One was to show the outside view of the city and the other was to see the outside of your office.

You closed your wooden door softly and went ran to your chair. When you finally made it to your seat you sighed softly and in satisfaction. "Thank you." You slipped off your feet killer heels and slipped on one of your furry slides under your desk. "I'm so glad I have a pair of these here," your sigh. You looked at your computer and logged in.

"You got this, calm down, Y/n," you told yourself, trying to calm down your racing heart.
You closed your eyes and suck in a breath.

A couple of knocks on your door made you look up. Your hands froze over your keyboard as you look at the door. "C-come in!"

A female with short orange hair and green eyes came into the room with a big smile. "Hey, Y/n!"

You sighed softly at the sight. "Oh, it's just you."

She looked at you with furrowed eyebrows before laughing. "Hey? What's that supposed to mean?" You rolled your eyes playfully at her before pulling your banana out of your purse. "I thought you were the manager," you whispered.

"Huh? Why would you think that?"

You got up out of your seat and went to the window to see if anyone was around before turning back to Emma. "I came in a minute late," you whispered yell.

The other female look at you with a strange look before laughing nervously. "You can't be serious, right?" You groaned at her and walked back to your seat.

"I know I'm not crazy. It's like he's out to get me, Emma!"

She sat on the edge of your desk and laughed. "Oh come on. Don't you think you're being a little overdramatic? He's not that hard on anyone. I mean, sure, yeah, he's not the nicest person I know and he is a little rough around the edges but he is nice if you get on his good side!"

"Oh my gosh, nevermind. Go, before you get me fired," you waved her off, getting ready to dig into your work.

"Okay. See you later, Y/n!" She said before walking to her office.

Your fingers were typing away at your keyboard. You chewed on your gum, popping a couple of bubbles now and then.

You hear a knock on your door, but you didn't stop what you were doing. "Come in," you said in a calm tone.

"Goodmorning Ms.L/n," a calm voice said.

You looked up from your computer to see a tall slim white-haired, blue-eyed, handsome man.

You cleared your throat and sat up straight in your chair with a light blush on your cheeks. He was the assistant manager. He was second in charge around here. You weren't slacking off or anything but you felt embarrassed by your slouched posture and the fact that you didn't have the appropriate shoes on. 'Good thing he can't see under my desk.'

"Goodmorning Norman. Is there anything you need?"

He smiled softly and hummed. "There's no need to be so tense. I came to tell you that Ray would like to speak with you," he said, standing in the middle of the room.

"Right now?"


You stared at him for a few seconds with parted lips. He furrowed his eyebrows at you before speaking again. "Is something wrong?"

"Oh no! I'm sorry I just- I.. uh- I'll be there. Just let me," you bent down and slipped off your slides and put on your heels as fast as you could. You slid back your rolling chair and stood up. "I'm sorry about that," you bowed.

You walked out of the office with the taller male trailing behind you and made it down the hall to the elevator. You clicked the button where his office was and went inside once the doors opened.

Norman stepped inside behind you and went to the right side of the small elevator. Soft music played in the background as both of you waited to arrive at your destination.

You looked at him in the corner of your eye and analyzed him. He was no doubt wealthy. It looked like his suit cost over a thousand dollars.

'He probably thinks I'm weird,' you said in your head as you fiddled with your fingers. The male felt your eyes on him and he looked your way making your eyes dart in front of you.

He looked back at the numbers and sighed. "It's taking a while isn't it?" You said trying to start a conversation to get rid of the tension.

He chuckled softly and hummed. "Yes. This is one of the tallest buildings in Japan. And Ray's office happens to be on the top floor."

You wanted to keep the conversation going to get to know him more and get on his good side, but nothing came to mind of what to say.

"Um... So when did you-"

The bell rang and the doors opened making you close your mouth.

"We're here," The taller male said stepping out of the elevator with a calm facial expression. Instead of having a hall going to separate offices where other workers had worked, it was just one huge room that was surrounded by glass windows and a TV on the wall.

The color scheme was white, gray, and black.

Norman stood on the side of the elevator and waited for you to come to his side. He wasn't going to be rude, he was a gentleman after all.

"Maybe we'll talk about that later?" He said referring to what you were going to say in the elevator. But you didn't catch on to what he meant. "Huh? Oh, yes!" He smiled and walked beside you on your way to the office that was on the other side of the room.

You saw your boss standing at the large window behind his desk. He was staring out the window with his arms crossed so you couldn't get a good visual of his face. This was the second time you were going to see him face to face. The first time was when you first got the job and he led you to your own office. He didn't seem much of a talker. But when he did talk he was very blunt and it made you not very fond of him because of that. He was too forward to your liking.

"Norman, you can leave," the man said with his usual nonchalant voice.

"Are you sure?"


Norman smiles nervously with a bead of sweat running down his face at his best friend's bluntness. "Okay then." He looks at you and pats your shoulder. He leans over to you so you could hear what he had to say. "Just relax. Ray's a good guy, try to get on his good side, okay?"

Your cheeks burned at the close contact but you nodded softly. He leaned back up and smiled before walking out of the room, into the elevator to go finish what he was doing before.

The room was quiet. Too quiet.

You stood there uneasy as you watched the taller man's back. 'Did he call me up here just to stand and do nothing?'

"Did you want to speak to me?"

"Have a seat."

You looked at him with furrowed eyebrows and a tight jaw but did as you were told.

You sat down and tapped your fingers lightly over your purse but you made sure not to be loud.

Ray turned around and walked towards his desk. You watched his every move. He stood up tall, he was sharp and he looked like money.

He sat in his chair and rubbed his neck trying to remove a crack with his eyes closed. When you heard a pop you grimaced. He opened his eyes to look at you with his onyx eyes.

"Let's discuss your tardiness."

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