Chapter 2

🦋Winners embrace hard work. They love the discipline of it, the trade-off they're making to win. Losers, on the other hand, see it as punishment. And that's the difference.🦋

You got into the elevator and began tapping your feet.




"I only was a minute late!" You snapped. You began to let out your anger in the empty elevator. "I don't understand why he's making this such a big ideal! He acts like I came like an hour late or... or.. like I didn't even show up at all!"

You threw your hands in the air and huffed out some air. "Oh my gosh, I cannot. I just don't understand some people!" You said rolling your eyes and crossing your arms. You opened your purse and clicked on the power button to see the time. You just wanted to go home already and watch some of your favorite tv shows and eat a carryout Chinese food plate or anything that will satisfy your taste buds.

You looked up at the numbers waiting for your floor to come. You had to do a double-take. You look in the corner of the elevator and saw a camera. That means that he might see or hear this...

You immediately panicked.

On the inside.

You turned away slowly from the camera and looked down with a terrified look on your face.

You sat at your desk fully drained. Today was another bad day for you. You just wanted to go home.

Soon as your phone went off your eyes widen in excitement. "Yes! I get to go home now!" You chirped. You gathered up your work and put them into your work bag. You had shut down your computer and gathered up your trash and threw it into the small trash can beside your desk.

You closed your blinds in your office, wiped off the little crumbs on your desk, and made sure that everything had looked neat before leaving. You didn't want anyone to think you were a slob. Sure you were lazy at times but you weren't a complete slob.

"That reminds me, I gotta clean my room," you mumbled while neatly setting your work paper inside of your desk drawer. Once you closed the drawer and pushed the black rolling chair under the desk, you made your way out of your office and into the hall.

It wasn't crowded so this meant that there was a chance it wouldn't be too many people in the elevator. If the man upstairs blessed you himself, then you'd be blessed to have the elevator all to yourself.

"Y/n!" You turned around to see one of the workers who worked along with you. "Oh no...," you groaned. You wished that you would've stayed turned around and ignored the person, but you just had to be a nice person.

"Hiiii," you said putting up a fake smile.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" The tall lady said. Her name was Krone. She was a tall, dark-skinned woman, who gave off a welcoming aura, smelled smelt like peppermints, and always have her hair into a tight neat bun.

You don't know why you were putting up a front and was so annoyed at her. She was such a sweetheart. She was out of the few you could tolerate anyway. You sighed before looking ahead and walked along with the lady.

"I'm just tired honestly. I can't wait to go home and eat and take a power nap," you said daydreaming. You couldn't wait to do just that. Order a carryout from a fast food place, watch some T.V., and fall asleep while your T.V. bill rises.

It's not a good thing... You need to break that habit.

Yeah, you seriously need to cut it off before you fall asleep. Before you didn't sleep with the T.V. on, but now that you have a job and you stay up trying to catch up on your shows, it took a lot out of you.

"Well, maybe you should do that! I can make you some coffee in the mornings if you want, hun," the older lady said with a smile on her face. You looked at her with a small smile before humming. "Yes. Thank you that can help a lot!"

You never drunk coffee before so this will be the first. But too much caffeine wasn't good...

"I'll just buy some tea with those coffee candies that they sell at the store," you said.

"Oh? Okay... How about I'll bring you something to eat in the mornings?" She said raising a brow at you.

"No, that's okay. You don't have to put yourself through that much trouble," you said laying your hand on her gently.

"No, I insist, hun. I've seen that you always come in the mornings with small things like a granola bar or a banana. It looks like you never have the chance to have a proper breakfast."

You opened your mouth to speak but she spoke before you could.

"It's no problem at all! I cook a lot in the mornings for myself and I always overdo it. Always having to put away leftovers, piling containers up in my refrigerator. You won't regret it," she said in a singing voice.

You laughed lightly before blushing in embarrassment. You didn't want to be a burden or look like your unorganized with everything and as a result, getting handouts. But she offered. It was an act of kindness.

"Uhmm, okay. Thank you, Krone," you said to the older lady.

You realized that the both of you stayed in the elevator the whole time without pressing the button to leave.

You pressed the button on the elevator, waiting for it to take you down to the first floor. You looked back at the taller lady and smiled when an idea popped up in your head. "Hey, Krone?"

She looked up at you with a smile of her own. "Yes?"

"How about I give you something in return for your kindness?"

She laughed lightly before waving her hand. "Oh no, that's alright, hun! You don't have to give me anything," she said putting a hand on your shoulder.

You looked at her with a drop look. "Are you sure? It won't be a problem. We get paid this week after all and the money is a lot," you said placing a hand on your hip.

"Oh, well. If you insist," she hummed.

The bell rang and the elevator doors opened. You turned around to see your manager with a book in his hand.

"A book?" You said out loud.

"Yes. It is," he said bluntly. You looked up at him and bit your bottom lip in embarrassment. "Sorry, sir," you said avoiding eye contact.

You moved and got on the other side of Krone trying to keep your distance from your boss. Krone stood in the middle while both of you stood on the opposite sides of the elevator.

The three of you stood in the elevator in silence waiting for you to go to your destination. The soft music played in the background, making the aura not so awkward. When the elevator stopped you tried to immediately leave but you saw that you weren't on the front lobby floor.

Ray walked around you brushing your shoulders slightly. He wasn't about to leave anytime soon because he had more work to do.

You stepped back into the elevator and watched him with a snarl and a disgusted look on your face. When he was out of view you turned towards Krone with a scowl. "How is he so rude? He could've at least say "excuse me"," you said lowly for him and hope for the camera not to hear you.

The doors closed-back softly and continued their journey to the first floor.

"Ahh. He's a sweet young man in my eyes," Krone said laughing.

You grimaced at her and crossed your arms looking up at the small screen. "I don't know what all of you are seeing in him. He's not a nice guy at all," you said with a huff.

Your eyes went from the screen then to the small camera. You rolled your eyes at it not even caring about it anymore. 'It probably doesn't even work.'

You made your way to your apartment complex with a satisfied sigh. You grabbed your keys and unlocked the door but before you could get in you saw the man from earlier. You watched him walk down the hall, about to pass you, to get to his place.

He looked at you strangely before speeding up his pace and digging in his pockets searching for his keys. You continued to watch him with parted lips when he got to his door.

He fiddled with his keys in a hurry before looking back at you in panic. The brown skin male look at you and frowned. "Would you stop looking at me bitch?!"

A shock and appalled look came across your face. When he said it, he didn't sound angry or mad, he sounded stressed and his voice was wavering. If he would've said it to someone else you would've laughed but this had you flabbergasted.

He dropped the keys and grimaced. He bent down to pick them up and began fiddling with them again, before finally grabbing the right one. He opened the door and stepped in before taking one last glance at you and made a 'humph' sound.

You stood there in the hall confused. You didn't know if you were amused or if you were supposed to be angry because he called you out your name.

It's not like he knew your name but.. still!

You didn't even know why you stood out there the whole time watching him!


You we're conflicted with this whole thing.

You pushed your door opened and locked the door behind yourself. When you got inside, you dropped your bag onto the counter and it made a loud noise. That was just how much work that was inside of it. You wanted to take off your clothes right then and there. But you wanted to do something before you get straight butt naked.

"What do I want to do first?" You asked standing in the middle of your living room. You stood there brain dead trying to figure out what you wanted to do. "I'll just call for food," you said zipping down your skirt and letting it drop to the floor.

You sat down your purse and pulled out your phone to make the order. You looked up the fast-food restaurant on the internet and clicked the link that gave the number to the restaurant.

When you got finished ordering your food you pulled off your blouse and picked up your skirt. You made your way to your room and dropped your clothes in the dirty hamper, and then went into the bathroom to take a shower.

You turned on the water to your liking and stepped inside. While you were washing you decided to wash your hair, realizing that you haven't washed it in a while.

When you were done you stepped out, dried yourself off, went into your room, and had put on your clothes.

You noticed the mess in your room and sigh. You plugged up your speakers and played some calming music from your phone and began cleaning.

You started with your bed, next, your dresser, then, your closet, finally, you swept and mopped your floors. You sprayed around your room and smile. Whenever you cleaned it brightened your mood. Seeing things being messy, it felt like it was negativity. But when you cleaned all of the negativity, you got positivity.

Sleeping in a cleaned room felt so refreshing.

But you weren't going to go to sleep just yet. You were planning on at least watching a couple of shows while eating food. Especially, after the stressful day that you had today.

You grabbed your phone and went through social media during the meantime and then went into the living room to turn on Netflix.

"What should I watch...," you asked out loud searching through the shows and movies with your remote.

You kept searching before stopping on a movie that caught your attention. Your eyes scanned the screen, reading the description before reading it out loud.

"A group of teens going on a road trip to Washington DC to spend their vacation in the cabins. The next day they decided to go camping and each one ends up missing the further out they go. Later the teens realized that they are not alone."

You looked from the description and then to the ratings to see that it had a 5.0. "This should be good... hopefully."

You clicked on the movie and waited for it to load. While it was loading you went into the kitchen to grab something small to snack on.

Before you could do that you heard a knock on your door.

You walked over to the door and looked through your peephole and seen a younger boy. "Who is it?"

"Delivery!" He said.

You opened the door slightly and seen a young boy with dark brown skin and blue eyes. You looked at his name tag to see that his name was Phil.

"Hello," you smiled softly at him.

He smiled back and looked at the slip that he had in his hand.

"Are you Y/n?"

You confirmed that it was you and took your food from him after paying you gave him a tip for being kind and told him a nice day.

His face brightened up and he thanked you, taking his leave to deliver the rest of his orders.

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