Chapter 29

🦋Stop paying attention to negative people and they will fall back because you are not engaging with them anymore.🦋

"Okay Y/n, here's the stop. Me and Don going to eat out instead of grabbing a plate and going straight home so we can be around to pick you up okay?" Gilda said as you stepped out of the car with your purse and jacket in tow.

"Don't do anything reckless and make sure to watch your surroundings. If something happens don't hesitate to call me on the spot okay?" Gilda said in a serious tone as she looked at you with a look that looked unreadable.

"Yeah, okay. I'll keep that in mind guys," you said smiling at both of them.

"Yeah! And don't wander off with any guy no matter how good-looking they are," Don said laughing lightly.

You laughed awkwardly in return and rubbed your arm starting to get nervous and have second thoughts. Was this a good idea? Was this going to be worth it?

"Okay?" You said sounding too unsure.

Gilda filled her eyes and scolded Don telling him that he shouldn't make me nervous with his small jokes. Even though they were small harmless jokes they can get to you through your head making your anxiety grow.

They ended up pulling off leaving to their designated area making sure not to go too far away from you since this club was starting to be well known and populated with all kinds of people. So anything could go down at any moment.

You stood outside near the entrance and texted the blonde waiting for her to respond.

"If she wanted to bond with me... why here of all places," you mumbled while listening to the loud music coming from the base, blasting through the speakers to the point that it felt like the whole building was vibrating.

Your mind continued to swirl around thinking about what we're the possibilities and the reasons and even the motive behind the beautiful devil's eyes.

"Hey, Y/n!" Anna said walking up to you with tight-fitting clothes to the point it showed off the curves that she had.

"Hey!" You said putting a smile on your face. You didn't want to be rude. At least put up a front to show that you wanted to be here. But deep down it was a lie and you didn't even want to be in a surrounding such as this.

"Come inside and join me, we have so much to catch up on!" She said grabbing a hold of your wrist, dragging you inside.

Inside of the nightclub that was known as GENIUS, Led lights flashed from your surroundings reaching each angle and every corner in the room.

How long have you been here?

An hour?

Three hours?

You didn't know.

Multiple bodies were walking around wondering like zombies looking for something to satisfy their needs, some were dancing around. Women giving men and other females lap dances and grinding on one another.

"Y/n, the faces you are making are hilarious!" Anna giggled with a shot glass in her hand as she pats her leg with her hand constantly, to show how funny the situation was.

"Is it that funny?" You asked bashfully drinking some of the alcohol only to gag, grimace, groan, and hiss at the sensation of the burning liquid sliding down your throat feeling like you were drinking poison. In a way it was. The chemical felt like it was created inside of a lab by a group of scientists, mixing multiple acids then ends up putting it on the market, labeling it as an alcoholic beverage.

The toxins were going to burn through the stomach lining if you kept drinking this shit at this rate.

Another grimace formed on your face making the girl laugh even more in her drunken state.

"This is nasty," you said making a disgusted expression. "How the hell do you even drink this?" You said looking at her incredulously. "This is so nasty."

You took the cup and pushed it forward, signaling that you weren't planning on continuing drinking the toxins.

"Okay, okay!" Anna said before gulping down the rest of her drink.

"I'm already a little tipsy," you mumbled while looking around, taking in the scenery around you.

"So, Y/n. How about you tell me about yourself?" The blondie said while wiggling her eyebrows.

"Well there's no too much interesting things about me, to be honest," you said looking at her, projecting your voice loud enough for the female can hear your voice. The music felt like it was getting louder and it was getting more filled up with bodies inside of the building. "This place is really popular, right?!" You asked while laughing.

Anna nodded her head 'yes' and smiled. "Yeah, it's honestly fun! Have you ever been here before?! A lot of people talk bad about it but it's fun!" She said gesturing around by Serling her index finger and giggled after before taking another shot.

"No! I haven't! I don't usually do parties never mind clubs!" You said with a bashful smile gracing your lips.

"Wow, Y/n!" She said with wide eyes.

The both of you continued talking to one another trying to learn more about one another. Laughing and giggling like two friends on the playground playing party cake and talking about people as they walk past you.

You were bonding. Which was a surprise to you because you didn't think that things would have gone this far with the girl. You just thought that she was here to just gather some information out of you. Trying to see what all you know trying to get back to the man who you both worked for.

But so far, everything has been going well.

"Can I get another refill?" Anna asked looking at the bartender while smiling at him with flushed visible red cheeks.

The man looked towards her and asked her what kind of drink that she wanted and everything she would want along with it and she gave him the answer.

Not too long after he came back with two cups and placed them in front of you. She down both of the drinks and threw her hands up cheering and giggling.

"Anna, did you get here on your own? If so, you shouldn't be drinking this much," you said looking at her with a little concern. You didn't want things to go bad for the girl. She was too drunk to be driving especially since it was nighttime. Anything could happen to the girl and no one would know unless someone would find her in her car on the side of the road or probably until it was the next day where someone could see her.

"Oh no! I came here with a friend and her boyfriend, I'm fine! But thanks for the concern, Y/n!" She said sluggishly.

"Oh... okay then!" You said.

You felt someone looking at you coming towards you and turned towards the bartender to see the same man place a drink directly in front of you.

You looked at the man then down to the drink in confusion and looked back up. "Huh? I didn't order anything!" You said unsure of what to make of this.

He looked down at you and gestures with his head at someone down to the end of the counter. "The guy over there on the other end wanted to pay for your drink," the man said in an unbothered tone before looking back and walking away.

Anna raised her eyebrows and smirked. "Ouuuu~! Does Y/n have an admirer?"

Anna said looking around you to look for the man who paid for your drink. You were hesitant about the whole ordeal. You didn't know what to say or do. And you didn't want to look at the person who paid for your drink. The whole situation made you nervous.

You've never had anyone done this before.

"Oh! He's a handsome guy too! You got a good one don't you!" You looked down to the other slowly and smiled awkwardly at Anna.

It was a man with long blonde hair that stop and rested at his shoulders and a color that resembled Anna's hair. From the distance, you could make out a couple of his features but it would be better if you could see them up closer.

You couldn't see anything clearly with all of the lights flashing around.

When the man caught your eyes he threw a handsome smile your way making you freeze and turn away quickly.

"Oh god," you mumbled under your breath. Even though the music was loud and it was people talking all around, Anna could still hear your voice.

"What? What's wrong?" She laughed patting your shoulder lightly before shaking you gently. "It's not like he's ugly! He's very attractive and he just brought you a drink!" She said.

You looked up at Anna and she pushed he long blonde hair and put it behind her ear and purses her lips together.

"Are you afraid of talking to a guy or something?"

You raised your eyebrows and shook your head, "No, no, of course not! It's just... I don't know how to say it-"

"You're shy?" She asked incredulously. "Pshh," she threw her hand, "please, Y/n. You have to break out of that shell of yours and make some moves if you want to get anywhere in life. Loosen up a little why don't ya'?" She said trying to give you a burst of confidence in her way.

"You're pretty, smart, and adorable! I'm sure anyone would want to be with you, babe!" She said. She pulled the thin straps of her black tank top up and tucked them in her black leather tight pants that were accompanied by black heels to match.

What was she? Cat woman?

She looked good though; you had to admit.

She was pretty in your eyes and you couldn't help but compare yourself with her slightly.

The red lipstick on her plump lips, she wore made her look even more pretty and sexy.

But you had to admire yourself too and learn to grow confident. When you dressed pretty you felt pretty. That's what you told yourself.

You too had looked good tonight. You were wearing an orange dress that stopped mid-thigh and was strapless. You didn’t want to wear anything that covered too much because you knew for a fact that wearing too many things would make you overheated in the crowded building.

The color compliments your skin complexion wonderfully and made you look even more pretty, adding to your signature charm in a way.

“Thank you, Anna. I appreciate it,” you smiled, feeling your face warm slightly and the small compliments and praises from the girl before you.

“I’m only being honest. But hey! Let’s not stay over here for too long. Let’s go enjoy ourselves why don’t we?” She asked standing up placing her hand on her hip dipping to the side waiting for you to come along and join her.

You nodded your head eagerly and turn back towards the bar, grabbed your drink, and chugged down the shot quickly. You tried to drink it down fast but it was fruitless. The drink still burned your throat making you groan and grunt.

But it made you loosen up. You were on the edge of getting off of tipsy. You didn’t want to be completely out of your mind.

She grabbed your hand and smiled.

“That-a girl,” she said dragging you.

The both of you dance together while smiling and giggling with one another enjoying each other’s company.

Not too far the same man watches you dance on the floor taking in all of your moves and the way you enjoyed yourself with those brown eyes of his.

You felt it, someone was watching you but you didn’t care. You were having fun. You were enjoying yourself.

You turned around and caught his eyes at the bar again and turned back to the blonde-haired female with an unbothered look.

The alcohol was getting to you, spreading through your body like a wildfire in the middle of the forest, destroying everything in its path. You look at the female and smiled as you swayed your hips along with her twirling and grinding gently along with the beat.

Anna held onto your waist and brought you closer and laugh along with you and you threw your head back, failing to stop yourself from laughing at your silliness.

You felt someone come up behind you and you turned slightly to look at who was there.

You turned around and look at the man from earlier and raised your eyebrows. He danced along with you but you kept your distance because the man was a stranger to you. You didn’t want to make a scene so you continued to dance.

“What’s your name beautiful?” The man asked while looking into your eyes with a gorgeous smile.

“I don’t think you need to know that, sir,” you said unbothered being hard to get.

The man chuckled softly and shook his head gently. “Playing hard to get, are we? I like that,” he said only for you to hear.

A chill slightly ran down your spine but you tried pushing the thoughts and feelings away.

“I’m not. I’m just here to enjoy myself without any distractions is all,” you said honestly.

The alcohol was kicking in and everything was starting to get more sensitive to your senses.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, darling,” he said smoothly. “Everyone here is having a good time so I don’t see why I and you can’t,” he said looking you in the eyes.

You took him in now that he was closure to you. He had hazel yellowish-brown eyes, ash-blond hair that was at his shoulders, a firm and sharp jawline, with small under bags under his eyes. The man was handsome indeed, there was no denying that.

He kept up with himself as well and you could smell his cologne from where you stood. He smelled good.

Anna slightly nudges you in your back, urging you to dance with him. You didn’t turn around but you already knew what it was meant for.

“It’s just a harmless dance, darling.” He said gently. When he noticed that you were hesitant he laughed lightly. “I promise I won’t go past my boundaries.”

You eased up slightly and continued to dance but kept your space between him because you didn’t felt comfortable dancing with another man. It sounded wrong. Even if you were single, you still have feelings for Ray Rossetti.

“By the way,” the man said in his deep voice grabbing your attention. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Ratri.”

You hummed and smiled. “My name is Y/n,” you said not wanting to say your last name.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. It’s an honor to meet you, Y/n.”

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