Chapter 30


🦋Rather than beating yourself up for what you are not doing, appreciate and celebrate the things you are doing.🦋

You felt yourself being escorted away from the flub on wobbly legs, barely keeping yourself up. You felt two people helping you move forward away from the famous building going inside of the parking lot.

Were they moving you to a car?

"Where... where are you taking me?" You mumbled softly trying to pick your head up looking at the two people as they moved you.

Each arm was under your arm and your arms were placed on their shoulders.

Who the fuck are these people?!

"Don't worry darling. There's nothing to be afraid of."

That voice. You heard that voice before. It's...

"Where are we going to do with her? She needs to get back home safely. But I have no idea where's her ride," you heard a female voice said.

"Don't worry. We're going to"

You heard another voice come in.


"Hi. Do you know her?" You heard

"What are you doing-"

"What... what happened to her? What did you do to her, Anna?" You heard someone said in an angry tone. You felt like the person who was speaking was beyond furious and pissed off...What's going on? You were beyond confused.

The voice was drowning out and was starting to become more muffled by the second. You were trying your best to stay awake and speak for yourself on your behalf instead of having others talk.

"She's drunk, " you heard Anna said hoisting you up in a better position from what you currently in. "She had a couple of drinks but it turns out that she's a lightweight and she ended up passing out."

Heavy footsteps made their way towards you and stopped.

"I'll handle the rest from here," you felt your body move from them to another person and your body leaned against their chest. Your right cheek is pressed against the chest and their arms are wrapped around your body.

"Are... do the both of you have something... going on?" Anna said looking up at the male presented in front of her and Peter.

"Does it matter?" He asked with a bland tone. A hurt expression presents itself on her features as she watched Ray picked you up and held your bridal style. He looked from Anna and then towards the male.

He couldn't quite make it out but he felt like he had seen him before. Maybe he was mistaking. It was extremely dark outside. And not having any source nearby other than the building behind didn't make things any better for him.

Anna looked down with a small frown and furrowed eyebrows and let out a small sad sigh.

"Well... make sure that she gets home safe," she said looking up at Ray. "Thanks for taking her."

"Yeah," he said looking at her then to the male before nodding his head, turning around to take his leave.

He walked over towards his vehicle where his driver was placed in the driver's seat waiting for him to come inside. He walked over and told the driver to opened the door, which automatically slides open and placed you inside before closing the door and then walking around the car and getting on that side.

You felt him gently shaking your shoulders while mumbling softly, trying to see if you were going to awaken yourself from your slumber.

His hand constantly moving you around trying to wake you from your slumber. Your blurry vision was going in and out from the physical world where your body was stored then back to the dark void.

Later you felt yourself waking up once again, but not entirely. You felt extremely drowsy and could barely keep your eyes open, even if your life depended on it, you were failing miserably.


He called your name, the voice sounded familiar.


The voice called again.

The only thing you could feel was him lifting your body and putting you on top of something only for you to be laying your head on his lap as he rubbed his hands up and down on your arms gently and in a caring manner. The feeling was soothing but the only thing that nagged you, that you kept questioning was.... who hand does it belong to?

Who lap were you laying your head on?

You groaned in response and closed your heavy eyelids, letting yourself drift off into the unknown darkness, shutting off your entire body and turning off your senses.

Last night was a blur. You were back in the office filling out some reports and other paperwork with a blank facial expression. You didn't feel like listening to anything nor listen to anyone. You had a horrible hangover, constantly banging in the inside of your head.

You felt another one hit you like a pile of bricks and grabbed onto your head and groaned softly. You looked around for your purse and found it by your right foot. You picked up the purse after you had stopped what you were doing, and placed it on your lap, searching through the items that were stuffed inside.

Once you found your pain killers, the alieve pills, you opened up the top by screwing it off and took two pills, putting them inside of your mouth before getting your bottle of water, drinking down the liquid to help you swallow better. After all, you didn't want to start choking and cough up the water and pills.

You keep thinking about the events from last night. Honestly, you enjoyed yourself. Everything went fine until you blacked out from all of the alcohol. But Gilda managed to retrieve you and brought you back home in one piece.

You texted her a couple of times to keep yourself occupied while you did your work but not till the point you would be distracted and lose focus on what you were doing.

You were at work earlier than normal. Early till the point that everyone wasn't in their offices yet.

You made sure to wake up early and come at an earlier time, trying to avoid people and get yourself gathered up and well collected. You had a cup of coffee placed on your desk that you brewed in the lounge.

The hallway was quiet till the point someone would've thought that it was abandoned.

You let out a quiet sigh and continued to type away at your keyboard.

Everything around you was black and eerie. You stopped your work for a second and looked outside of your window to see that nothing was in sight.

There wasn't a building, any people, cars, anything. Just land surrounding the empty building that you were in.

You turn around and found yourself in a different environment this time. You were in a room, a bedroom to be exact. You stood on the other side of the room in a form as a stature looking around and analyzing, trying to figure out where you were.

You saw someone's figure sitting on the bed with his head buried into the palms of his hands.

You looked closer and tried to move but it felt like gravity was keeping you in place, chains around your body keeping you grounded, preventing you from moving.

"Ray?" You called softly, watching with furrowed eyebrows.

"I... I can't do this..." he whispered but you heard him. You could hear him clearly as if you were standing right before him even though you were far away from him on the other side of the room, in front of his doorway.

"Can't... do what?" You asked softly. You looked at him with a worried expression and tried to move forward but once again.

You could not move.

"This is too much," he mumbled softly. He stood up from his bed and made his way over towards you looking in your eyes with dead and dull eyes.

Surprisingly, you were able to move out of the way just in time and stood on the side.

He reached his hand out and opened up the door and walked out of the room with you following behind him.

You watched him with a worried look as he walked down the hall and made his way towards the closet and put on a jacket and grabbed a black bag.

He pulled away from the small area and closed the door shut before making his way back to the dining room.

You followed him with bare feet and watched as he roamed around the room looking for something. He went towards the pictures on the wall and took them down before pulling out the photo that he took with his mother when he was younger.

He stuffed it in his pocket and walked out of the apartment closing the door.

The area changes around you once again and you were on top of his apartment roof looking out at all of the buildings that surrounded with your lips slightly parted open.

It was night time and all of the lights around you were bright making you awe at the scenery.

You heard a door opened and saw Ray come out and walked slowly past you to go to the edge of the building with a miserable look on his face.

"Ray," you said in a panic. You walked up towards him and tried grabbing his hand only for it to go through and leave you with nothing. "Huh?!" You asked with a horrified look.

The taller male continued to walk, making his way to his destination. He put his hand in his pocket and took out the same picture that he grabbed earlier. He took the duffle bag sash from around his shoulders and placed it onto the ground before unzipping it and pulling out something that made your heart drop and your senses tingle.

What was in his hand was a gun.

"Wait... what... Ray. What are you-"

"I'm tired of all of this," you heard him speak out loud as if he was speaking to someone. "I don't think I can do this anymore. I... I'm so sorry," he whispered.

He looked up towards the sky and a small tear fell from his eyes down to his ears as he looked up with a saddened and hopeless look.

"Ray? Ray?! Stop!" Tears spill out of your eyes with a desperate look on your face. "Please don't do this!"

"I'm so sorry...

please forgive me."

Everything around you went quiet as if time went completely still.

He raised the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

You jolt out of your sleep with a horrified look and grabbed your mouth before sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.

You felt someone move beside you in the bed and turned their body over towards you.

You felt muscular arms wrap around you and you leaned into them while grabbing onto them while sobbing.

"Oh my god," you muffled into their shirt.

"It's okay," you heard their voice soothed. "It was just a dream."

You looked up trying to make out the face in the darkness and see that it was Ray. Messy black hair, tired eyes, and was dressed in his sleepwear.

You sobbed more when you realized it was him and hugged your body onto his only for him to wrap his arms around your gently. He placed his hand on your head 'shhhed' you while rocking you gently.

"I thought... I thought you..."

"It was just a dream Y/n. Everything's okay."

You pulled away from him and gagged.

Ray's eyes widened in panic and hopped off his bed and grabbed his small trash bin. "Shit," he cursed. When he realized that wouldn't be a good idea he grabbed onto you and ushered you hurriedly inside of his room bathroom and you got on your knees and puked inside of the toilet.

"Shit," he cursed again. "You okay?"

You gasped and threw up the food inside of your stomach once more and groaned.

Ray stood up and looked towards you. "Stay here I'll be back."

You didn't respond and watched him walk away with a frown. You stood up slowly and flushed the toilet and walked over towards the sink. You looked at yourself in the mirror and sigh.

Your fingers gently pushed the handle on the sink, running cold water for it to run down the drain, and cupped your hands under it so you can gather enough water for you to wash your mouth with.

Once you were finished you cut the water off, got a paper towel, and wiped your mouth.

You walked towards the door and opened it before cutting the lights off, going back inside of his room.

Just in time, the male made his way over to you on his bed and handed you some ginger ale with some medicine.

"Here, take this. It should help you with your vomiting."

You took the pill from his and drunk down the soda before sighing in relief. "Thank you."

"No problem."

The room was quiet. You drunk a little more of your drink and closed the lid back on it, putting it back on the side dresser.

"Do you... wanna talk about your dream?" He asked unsure if it was the right choice of asking you.

You looked away from him with a sad look on your face.

"I had a dream... it...," it was getting hard for you to gather your words together. What to say exactly? There was no point in sugar-coating it but, did you want to say it out loud? You didn't want to relive it. But you wanted it to get off of your chest.



"In my dream... I saw you... um. You died," you said softly.

He looked at you with an unreadable look and he looked down.

"I tried to stop it from happening but I couldn't," you started. "I felt so helpless. I couldn't do anything. I tried running to you but it all happened so fast-"

"It's okay, Y/n. I'm still here," he said giving you a small tired smile.

"Just get some rest. You had a long night," he said bringing your body along with him down onto the bed.

"Thank you. Thank you for your concern," he mumbled to you while caressing you gently.

You placed your head on his heart and listened to his heartbeat softly and let out a shaky breath.

"Everything is gonna be okay."

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