Chapter 32


🦋If you're in a situation that doesn't feel good to you, you don't need to remain in that space. Clear your environment from negativity often.🦋

The both of you walked from the elevators and passed the lady at the front desk and bid her a 'see you later' and walked to the sliding doors.

Making your way outside of the building you felt the cold breeze hit against your skin, making its way through the cotton fabric of your clothing. You shuddered slightly and zipped up the zipper of your jacket so it can cover your upper body, and you shoved your hands deep inside of your, well, Ray's hoody.

The both of you walked on the sidewalk outside of the hospital with an intense aura surrounding both of you. Not too long ago, everything was fine, going great even, but things just had to take left. You knew that this was important for Ray to introduce you to his mother for the first time and he hoped that things would've gone well without things going wrong.

But things never paid anyone any favors. It went left instantly.

But then again, she did say that she had some good news for him and you hope that later it would cheer him up and get him in the mood. Who knows! Things can probably go back around and change his mood later. But you hoped and prayed that things would get better for him.

You knew that he was stressed and you wanted things to go right for him. Something to lift all of the burdens off of his chest.

You were currently trailing behind like a lost puppy, lost for words. You didn't know what to say in a circumstance like this. You wanted to try and change things, to move it back in the right direction.

But what to say?

What to do?

You didn't want to say the wrong thing. You didn't want to make things even more awkward than things were right now. He probably had so many thoughts going through his mind.

You watched the taller male in front of you walked with his hands deep inside his pockets with his head slightly bending down low. You bit on the skin on the bottom of your lip and walked up a little further trying to match up with the taller male and smiled softly towards him.


He looked at you and looked back ahead of him, humming slightly.

"What's wrong?" He asked calmly.

"I just wanted to talk to you. To check up on you... Are you feeling okay?"

He looked down at you with his calm demeanor and nodded, "don't worry about it. I'm fine. How about you? Do you still want to do something for Valentine's?"

"Well- yeah, " you said as if it was the most obvious thing. Having it written in bold letters over your forehead.

Both of you made your way towards his car and he took out his keys and unlocked the door. He walked on your side and opened the door for you and you thanked him smiling cheekily before getting inside.

He walked on the other side of his black truck and got inside and cranked up the car.

"Instead of me choosing, " you started "how about you choose what we should do today. Just to make up for what you didn't do for your birthday," you said.

He didn't say anything for a moment and nodded. "Do you want to go to any one of the parks that are around here?"

"Yeah, that would be nice, " you smiled while looking out the window with your chin resting on your palm, placed on the door inside of the car.

"Okay, " he said pulling out of the parking space, driving through the parking lot. "I know a good place where we can go, " he said leaning up slightly to get a good view.

As soon as he pulled out of the parking lot a black minivan with tinted windows emerged behind the vehicle the both of you were in, in a far range.

"This is so nice!" You chirped, stepping out of the car, having Ray follow behind you by closing his door and walking to your side.

"Yeah, it is isn't it," he hummed. You nodded in acknowledgment and looked around the park, taking in the extraordinary panorama.

"My mom used to take me to this park when I was younger. That's how I became close friends to Norman and Emma," he said looking around taking in the scenery. Many memories from his youthful days ran through his mind like a silver Japanese bullet train running on the metal rails at a fast pace, desperate to get to its destination on time. "I made a lot of friends here."

You stood beside him quietly and listened to him speak about his childhood. Too intrigued to intrude anything from coming out of his mouth.

He grabbed you and interlaced his fingers along with yours absentmindedly.

Your feet strode on their own taking the both of you on the paved path that was placed on top of the earth below you, giving you an open way so you wouldn't injure yourself from the delightful plants that enclosed around you.

"What were they like when you first met them?"

"Emma, that idiot is still the same, just older. She was always loud and childish, getting into things that caused her trouble but she always stood her ground for what was right. Norman... I don't think I can say that much has changed for him either."

"What do you mean?"

Ray looked up in thought and pondered for a few minutes before speaking again. "I mean... He was always such a lovable and trustworthy person. But there were times he would be selfish towards others and put us before anyone else. He looks like a person who you'd think doesn't have any flaws but deep down he does and he's hard on himself because of it."

"I remember when he fell into a dark place, he was always so depressed and he lost it at one point and we didn't know about it. When Emma found out, I took him to therapy for his mental health. He's more compassionate, calm, and considerate- not saying that he wasn't before. But he keeps a level head."

You would've never thought. What could have made him go into a state like that? Now you knew that deep down, everyone has their struggles and battles things every day. You couldn't judge anyone based on their appearance because behind those smiles could hold the pain.

"Well, I'm glad that he has people like you because there are people who facing things in their life head-on without anyone to support them. He's blessed," you said.


"Well let's not stay too long on that topic. How about you. What were you like as a kid," you squeezed his hand gently and smiled. "I bet you were always cranky and had an old man scowl on that bald head," you snorted.

"Bald?" He scoffed before laughing.

You laugh along with him and tugged him along with you.

"Look at that," you said in awe. "Even though it's fall, the colors are so bright and pretty." You looked around at the trees that carried the red velvet red leaves hanging off of the trees, having a few of them fall off of the branches onto the ground designing its red carpet for the lovers to step their feet on.

"Yeah. Japan is a very beautiful place and it shows its colors and brilliance throughout all four seasons," Ray spoke.

"Come on."

He tugged your hand and brought you up to the resting porch area that sat over the waters so the both of you could eat the couple of snacks that you brought for yourselves.

The car that trailed behind you earlier pulled up slowly in an area where no one was located and parked before turning off the roaring engine.

"Okay. We're here," a tall male said stepping out of his vehicle dressed in all black, surrounded by bushes to keep hidden insight.

"Do you have sight on Rossetti?" Someone communicated inside of the headset.

"Yes. He's located in Shinjuku Gyoen park and is accompanied by another woman, sir," the man spoke going towards the backside of the black mini and opened the door with his black gloves covering his hands.

"He's with another woman..." the voice spoke.

"Yes sir," the man substantiated.

The man stayed tight-lipped on the other end for a few minutes while the other man who was concealed inside of the bushes dug inside of his black duffel bag.

"Don't attack yet. Keep a close eye on the both of them."

"But sir-"

"Listen," the man said in a stern voice, shutting the disobedient male up.

"Not Yet. I want you to follow them."

"As you wish sir."

The line was cut short immediately. The man zips the bag up quickly and forcefully slammed his door shut going inside the van and watched the both of you eat and chatter on the dock with smiles gracing your faces with anger emitting off of his body.

"So do you have any plans for yourself," Ray said balling up his trash and tossing it inside of the trash bin near him. "If we're going to make this work, we should at least know a little more than what we know now about each other."

You nodded gently and smiled. "Yeah, I agree."

You looked up in thought and purses your lips before smiling and shaking your head. "I don't exactly know what's to come nor do I have any dead set plans stored inside of my head."

Ray raised his eyebrows in question but stayed quiet, waiting for you to elaborate.

You laughed lightly and shook your head once again. "What I mean is that I want to see where everything goes. Go with the flow I mean. There's no need to rush because where am I going? If I worry and stress too much about what's to come tomorrow, I won't be able to enjoy what's today. And time flies."

Ray looked past you and look at the ripples that were in the lake beneath you and hummed. "I see."

"But, I do have a couple of goals in mind."

"What is it?" He said looking back at you.

"I'm planning on saving up for a new house. Don't get me wrong, I like living in my apartment and all. But now I want a bigger space and have a nice space where I can move around more. It probably can help me be more productive and if so, in the future if I have a family, they'll have somewhere to stay!"

"You want a family?" He asked gently.

You felt your body warm-up at the thought and smile awkwardly.

"That's if I have one. But I can always buy a dog or a puppy in the meantime. Or whatever I feel like getting at the moment."

Ray smile softly and shook his head. "Okay, Y/n."

There it was again.

He said your name. It made your stomach flutter and your heartbeat hard and fast like it was gonna dismantle your ribcage.

Where is the fucking asthma pump?!

"How about yourself? Anything you want to do in the future?"

He looked back over at the water for a little bit and hummed. "I... I guess I feel the same way... Whatever happens, happens."

"Oh. Well, I know that it's going to be a good outcome. Just have faith, " you said resting your hand on top of his and gave it a light squeeze in reassurance.

You fed the fish's leftover bread from the sandwiches you had and threw them in the pond watching them eat with you smiling and Ray holding onto you so you wouldn't fall inside.

"Don't be reckless, Y/n, " Ray said tightening his grip so you wouldn't fall in. "You're getting too far over the water."

"No, I'm not. Just hold on tighter I want to get a better look at the Kōhaku fish," you said moving closure.

"Shit. Y/n, wait."

Ray lost his grip and you fell into the water making the fish swim away in a hurry, scared to get killed by your weight. You were sitting on your bottom with embarrassment written all over your face.

You heard the male above you snort making you look up.

He bit on his bottom lip but you heard a couple of cackles slip through making you frown even more. He threw his head back and burst into laughter while holding his hand to his mouth.

This was your first time hearing him laugh in a carefree manner but the fact that he was laughing at you. That you were the cause of him laughing, in the state that you're in, didn't sit right with you.

You had mixed emotions. You stood up quickly not wanting to sit and marinate your body in the water and close your arms around your body. It was cold.

"I just wanted to see the fish... I saw them before and I don't think this is funny, " you mumbled in embarrassment.

He continued to laugh while holding onto his stomach with tears forming in his eyes while holding his head down. "What're you thinking?!"

"Can we just go, please, " you said frowning feeling more insecure.

He looked up at you and noticed your mood change and cursed. "Shit Y/n. You're shivering... Come on let's go."

He said reaching out his hand, grabbing you, helping you get on the ground.

The both of you made your way to the parking lot and you looked towards Ray in concern.

"Wait Ray, My clothes are wet. I'll mess up your seats, " you said pausing before getting inside.

"Don't worry. It's fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, just come on before you catch a cold."

You got into the car hesitantly and closed the door, looking down with a sad look. "I'm sorry. It's my fault."

Ray looked at you and rolls his eyes as cranked up the car. He grabbed your face with his index and middle finger and gently squeezed your face before bring your face to his and placed his lips onto yours.

"Don't worry about it, Y/n."

He let go of your face and backed out of the parking lot, making his way to his apartment complex. You sat next to him having the feeling from earlier swirl inside you only to intensify, sending the butterflies from your stomach down south making you close your legs.

But, Ray caught sight of the action in the corner of his eye but remained silent.

The ride was short and both of you arrived inside his apartment.

"I got some spare clothes for you. Here." he handed you the clothes and you took them while looking down at them. "Something wrong?"

"No... Nothings wrong, " you said smiling up at him gently.

He looked in your eyes and you looked into him, none of you daring to speak up. But you both felt the sexual tension in the air and you were waiting for one of you to make the first move.

Ray grabbed your face gently and moved the jacket off your shoulders having it drop to the floor. More clothes, one after the other followed behind the jacket and you were bare in front of the male with him matching you.

He grabbed his protection and lied you on the bed and crawled on top of you.

"Ray," you spoke gently.

He gently took off the wrap and placed the rubber on himself and hummed.

"I... I need you."

He smiled gently and went down on top of you and smiled. "I'm here."

He placed himself inside of you and you gasp softly. You haven't felt him inside of you since that night. Feeling him inside of you makes you want to roll your eyes to the back of your head.

"You like that?" He asked in your ear.

"Yes," you said in a higher voice than usual.

He groaned in response and removed himself making you whimper. "Stop," you whine.

He chuckled and placed himself back inside going at a slow pace trying to gather up the rhythm making soft clapping sounds throughout the room.

You moaned and held onto his shoulders while looking up at him. He looked down at you with a foreign look and it made your heart flutter.

"Are you okay?"

"Y-yes," you whimpered as he moved inside of you at a steady rhythm, slowly building you up inside. "Oh God..," you moaned, laying your head to the side on the pillow underneath you.

Ray groaned and leaned his head down and sucked on the flesh on your neck.

"Ray... I... I can't," you said holding onto him tighter. You felt him going deeper inside of you and you gasp and groaned. "So deep.."

"Mmhmm... That's good?"

"Yes!~" you whimpered and clawed at his back. "I'm gonna...," you whimpered again and groaned before throwing your head back.

"Hah.... please, Ray. I..."

Not too long later the both of you finished each other off and cleaned yourselves in a sweaty mess and out of breath.

You went to the bathroom on wobbly legs with the help of Ray and the both of you cleaned yourselves up and dressed for bed from the activity you had done not too long ago.

"Are you okay?" Ray asked getting himself prepared to lay himself in the bed along with you.

You nodded your head and mumbled softly. "Come lay with me."

"Okay." He walked over towards the bed but then you heard the doorbell rung downstairs.

"You were expecting visitors?" You asked sitting up with raised eyebrows.

Ray stayed quiet for a moment with furrowed eyebrows and looked towards you.

"Hold on, I'll see who it is..." He said adjusting his sleeping plaid pants and tried straightening up his messy dark locks of hair.

"Oh.. okay," you said softly.

He looked back at you and gave you a reassuring smile. "It's okay. I'll be back."

The man walked out of the room and walked down the stairs inside of his penthouse and walked through the large living room, making his way towards the door.

"Hello," he said in his usual dull voice waiting for a response.

"Is someone there?" He said raising one of his eyebrows and peeled through the peephole expecting to see someone.

"The hell?" He mumbled to himself. The raven-haired male turns around to take his leave to head back towards his room, with you waiting on his bed.

Just thinking about you and the intimate loving moment that you shared not too long ago made his ears and neck heat up and a small smile form on his face.

He walked past the wall that was in front of his kitchen and saw a shadow figure emerge from the darkness making its way towards him in a fast motion, making everything slow down, in slow motion.

He saw a sharp knife come from the person's pocket making his eyes widen. Ray wasn't quick enough to dodge the man's grasp since he caught onto him. The raven-haired male took his arm and block the man from attacking him, blocking the knife from going inside of his heart, making the knife go through his hand making him scream out loud.

The man had let go of the knife and forcefully punched Ray in the face, making him fall to the floor and made him wince from the shocking pain jolting from his back through his body.

Ray could tell this was a man from the way he was built, he was bigger than him and stronger. The man pushed his weight down on him and grabbed another knife quickly from his pocket and tried to stab the male under him.

Ray grabbed his hand with his left hand and put all of his strength, trying to keep the figure away. But he wasn't as strong with that hand like he was with his other one. After all, he was right-handed.

"Y/n!" Ray yelled in panic.

The man used that opportunity and used both his hands, going against Ray's hand, and pushed the knife in his stomach making Ray throw his head back and scream in agony.

Blood seeped out of the fresh wound, having it leak from his stomach down to the floor.

The man picked himself up and spoke into the earpiece in his ear and spoke. “My job here is done.”

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