Chapter 33

🦋You can't just give up on someone because the situation is not ideal. Great relationships are not great because they have no problems. They are great because both people care enough about the other person to find a way to make it work.🦋

You took in the handsome man in front of you and analyzed his features for the thousandth time with a warm feeling sizzling inside of your stomach. Every time you looked at him your feelings grew more and more, every second whenever you're near him.

The moments you both shared made your heart explode into bits every time he touched you with his words and hands. Making you want to sew your bodies together, having the skin mold against one another so the both of you could always be with one another.

You nodded your head and mumbled softly. "Come lay with me," you raised both of your hands a little and wiggled your fingers, signaling that you wanted to cuddle with him.

"Okay," He let out an airy laugh through his nose and walked over towards the bed but was interrupted when you heard the doorbell rung downstairs.

"You were expecting visitors?" You asked sitting up with raised eyebrows. It was getting pretty late.

Who could be visiting at such short notice?

Ray stayed quiet for a moment with furrowed eyebrows thinking, trying to figure out who it could be but his mind couldn't process anyone in mind. He looked towards you with a neutral expression and sighed.

"Hold on, I'll see who it is..." He said adjusting his sleeping plaid pants and tried straightening up his messy dark locks of hair, but failed miserably from all the tugging you did while having sex.

"Oh.. okay," you said softly.

He looked back at you and gave you a reassuring smile. "It's okay. I'll be back."

You watched him walk out of the room and smiled softly while tugging the blankets over your body trying to savor the warmth. The familiar smell of his sheets going through your nose setting you into a calm and peaceful state of mind. The only thing you wanted to do for the rest of the day was cuddle in bed with him all day.

You looked down at the diamond silver ring that he brought for you earlier today at the hospital and smiled softly. "It's so pretty," you mumbled. You were getting somewhere. Both of your relationships were growing wonderfully and it made the both of you happy. You didn't realize you were falling more in love with the raven-head male.

You moved your hand under the covers and stared at the ceiling, patiently waiting for Ray to arrive back inside of the room so you both could snuggle with one another. Your eyes closed slowly and you relaxed on the mattress, sleeping on your side and snuggling your face into his pillow.

"What's taking him so long?" You whispered, opening your eyes back opening. You heard some footsteps making their way back up then heard it stopped and raised your eyebrows with pursed lips.

"What's going on-"

You heard a loud thud downstairs followed by some shuffling and lifted your body from the mattress in shock and a worried expression on your face.


You didn't receive any response and moved the covers from over your body quickly and placed your feet onto the cold tiled floor.

When you stood up you felt between your legs start to throb slightly and you grumbled under your breath, forcing yourself to check up on the man downstairs.

Your feet carried you towards the door and you heard a scream making you flinch and back up in fright and worry.

You were growing scared.

You went over to the nightstand and grabbed your phone ready to call someone if it was to come down to it before making your way back over towards the door. Your hand was placed on the doorknob and opened it slowly before looking around the upstairs hallway.

Upstairs was pitch black you look to your left with your flash from your phone and moved down the hall before making your way towards the steps.

"Ray," you whispered shouted. You didn't know what was going on and you didn't want to run blindly into something if trouble was happening on the floor beneath you.

You tiptoed down the long pile of stairs to come inside of the large living room. You saw a body laying on the floor in the dark and your heart dropped.

"Ray?" You called out his name in a wavering voice to see him on the floor moving slowly and gasping in pain.

'Is that him?!'

You ran towards the lights and cut it on and gasp in shock. Tears formed quickly in your eyes and you rushed towards him in panic seeing blood slowly fall from his stomach onto the floor.

You trapped your phone quickly with shaky hands and dialed the emergency contact number to get in contact with the police and put it towards your ear with hot tears running down your face hurriedly.

"Please pick up," you sobbed. "Ray."

You gently placed your palm to his cheek and watched him with worried eyes. His face was scrunched up in pain as he grunted from the pain in his abdomen. He opened his eyes slowly and looked at you with slight concern and a sad expression making its way on his face holding your hand that was on his face. It was cut short when he moved to much making him groan loudly and gasp.

"W-what happened?" You asked him.

You weren't able to wait for a response when you heard the other side of the line pick up and told them that about Ray's condition and gave them his address to where the both of you were located.

The woman on the other end to you to hurriedly grab something to put pressure onto his wound to help stop the bleeding, so he wouldn't bleed himself to death.

You sat your phone down on the counter and ran to the closet downstairs and grabbed a dry towel before running back towards him, pulled up his shirt slowly, and held the cloth down onto his stomach wound.

He grunted and held his head back before looking back down to where pressure was being applied onto him.

"Ray," you said softly. "What... what happened," you whimpered. "Who did this to you?"

He opened his eyes and sighed with small beads of sweat making their way on his forehead. He didn't respond which made more anxiety build up inside of you. "Ray?"

"I... I don't know," he finally spoke in a low tone.

You stayed quiet for a moment as you cried softly trying to hide your face but was failing miserably in front of him.

"Hey... don't cry, " he spoke.

You shook your head and held it down trying to wipe away your tears. "If I wasn't here... If I didn't come in time..., Ray, you could've- you would be-"

"But I'm not," he said looking up at the ceiling. He tried sitting up but you placed your hands on his shoulders, stopping him from moving.

"Stop. Don't move," you sobbed. "Stop before you hurt yourself more... I'm going to grab you something for your head." You looked closer towards his face and saw a bruise was starting to form on his cheek and you frowned deeper.

"Your face.. I'll get some ice. Stay here," you said getting up going inside of the kitchen. You grabbed the ice packet from out of the cooler and closed it back, making your way back to Ray.

The man on the floor sat there pondering on who was the man who came in and attacked him. Who could it be at why the hell did they do it? Why were they after him? If he wanted him dead, why didn't he finish him off?...

Was that a warning?

Did he leave the apartment? He couldn't see him, it was all too dark when everything happened... Where did he go?

Ray pauses for a moment then his eyes widened with a panicked look. "Oh shit."

You placed the frosty item on his face and grabbed his hand, telling him to hold it there then rushed to the guest bathroom down the hall. You went into the room and ran to the bed and grabbed the pillow from off of the bed.

Before you could turn around you felt some pushed your body making you slam your head on the floor. You cried out in pain and grabbed your head. You opened your eyes and closed them when you saw a taller figure was making their way towards you and kicked his hand in the jaw making him yell and stumble back.

You took that opportunity and stood up to get away from him. Your option was to run around him, then end up getting caught. Or you could try jumping across the bed and get yourself from a far distance from him and try to form an escape with more time on your hands.

You took your opportunity and jumped on the bed trying to get over it only for the man to grab your ankle and pull harshly onto it to make you fall on the sheets.

They flipped you onto your back and pushed their body weight onto you and put their hands around your throat trying to choke you.

"No!" You cried trying to move his large hands away from you. "Get off of me!"

He applied more pressure onto your neck and you panicked when you realized that your life was going to end if you wouldn’t do something right then and there. The man laughed wickedly and smiled down at the sight of you.

“Aren’t you a pretty thing? Haven’t seen your kind before,” he started. “You wouldn’t mind if I get a piece of you, yeah?” He ran his right hand under your shirt and grouped you making you cry out.

“Please don’t do this!”

He ignored your protests and smiled more wickedly, leaning down towards you. “Cry for me, princess. Tell me that you want this,” he said ripping your shirt and exposing a small amount of your cleavage to the cold air.


You held onto his wrists and lift your lower body and kicked him in the genitals with so much force that he screamed in pain and released you from his grasp.

Before the man could recover he was knocked hard onto the floor making a loud thud followed by another silhouette making its appearance above the man.

You grabbed your neck with tears coming down your eyes from the pain and saw Ray on top of the attacker with a furious look.

Ray Thee multiple punches after the other, striking the man in the face drawing blood, and cracking bones beneath his fists.

A blood lust look could be seen in Ray’s eyes with gritted teeth and narrowed eyebrows as he continued to assault the man.

You grew frightened of the scene before you, watching Ray cause more damage to the man underneath him. At this rate, he’s gonna kill him.

You got up quickly and grabbed Ray, “Ray stop!”

Ray continued to punch with rage clouding his vision as he punch repeatedly in the same spots on the man's face making more blood gush out.

You tugged on his arm and called out to him once more. “Ray, don’t do it! You’re gonna kill him,” he yanked his arm away from you and you fell back hitting your head once more making your whimper.

When he heard your soft cries, he came back into reality and quickly got off the man and came to your aid. “Shit, Y/n I’m sorry. You okay?” He asked with a worried look and cradled your head with his hands. “I’m sorry. I didn’t... I’m sorry,” he said holding your head towards him.

You held onto him and cried into his chest as he held onto you and watched the man with an unreadable expression, lying knocked out on the bedroom floor.

“Ray... he... he was...”

He shushed you softly and whispered small nothings into your ear trying to calm you down, holding you closer in an attempt to hide you away from the monster that was a few feet away from you.

His fists had busted open from the abuse and his abdomen was wrapped tightly with a piece of cloth he gathered in an attempt to hurry here before things could emulate further.

He saw the man above you. He heard you crying. He heard the man teasing and laughing at you.

And he heard your please, begging for him to stop.

Only God knows what would be happened if he didn’t show up in time but he didn’t want to think about the what if’s.

He only happened what was in the present and what he has now. And that was you. He was happy that you were safe. That you were with him. That you’re alive and well. That’s all he wanted.

After all of this, he realized that you were important to him. That he deeply cared for you and couldn’t be able to handle seeing or hearing you get hurt by someone or something. Having you cry and worry for his well-being made him feel all kinds of foreign emotions that he had never felt before. Having you cry and hold onto him like you were afraid of letting him go showed that you relied on him. That you wanted him to be there with you.

Both of you were exposed. Both of you are vulnerable to each other and you don’t want to let go. You wanted to be by his side and he wanted to be by yours through thick and thin. No matter what happens.

But will that last forever?...

But what’s to come next?

“Just hold onto me... I won't let anything happen to you,” he whispered before kissing your forehead gently and bringing you closer to his body. “I'm sorry, Y/n.”

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