Chapter 34

🦋Be grateful at all times. Others have less than you.🦋

Ever since that day, that night... everything had changed.

The ambulance had shown up along with the police. They helped aid you down the stairs and treated your wounds while asking you questions.

Your head was throbbing and you felt like you couldn't keep yourself together from the large blow to the head. Lights from the vehicles in the parking lot flashed frequently around you, and many people were making their way towards you while asking you questions, it all made you dizzy and made you want to puke from the overwhelming feeling.

To add to it, the paparazzi and media showed up out of nowhere shoving cameras and microphones your way, trying to gather up all of the information that they could. They couldn't care less what happened to you, they just needed a story to publish onto the internet. The more information, the more the checks rolled in for their company to fill their pockets.

The man who attacks you earlier was beaten so badly that his face was bruised and was covered in blood.

Ray was quickly rushed to the hospital to treat his wound and you were sent there as well to examine your head to see if any damages were done to it.

You turned out to be okay, thankfully, and Ray's wound was patched up and he had got some blood from a blood donor who matched the same type as his.

But you haven't spoken to him in a while. It's been seven weeks now, it should only take him eight weeks to be healed, at least! It's the end of March.

He didn't leave you with any messages or anything! Nothing!

You'd understand if he was busy with everything that's going on right now but he could at least let you know that he was alright with everything. But instead, he left you up high and dry on the long end by yourself, standing there clueless. It made you worried.

And then there are the dreams that constantly come to you almost every night. Like a bacteria or a parasite feeding off of its host. Constantly biting away at your tissue, snagging on it as if it was a tasty treat that they can't get enough of.

That man.


Speaking of him. He... didn't make it.

Because of the powerful blows that Ray threw towards the man's head his head was filled up with blood, rushing inside of his head causing him to die from it. His brain was bleeding and he didn't make it fast enough in time to the hospital to get it treated.

You didn't know how to feel about it. Should you be happy at the fact that the man who tried to kill Ray and rape you died from the damage to the brain? Or should you feel disturbed that he died because of that?

Everything was confusing you and made you want to ball yourself up inside of a corner, pleading to God to take all of the pain and trauma away.

You can still feel his large hand wrapped around your neck squeezing it tightly while you tried to pry his hand away from you. You can still hear his laughs, mocking you as you were struggling to breathe. You can still see the deadly look in his eyes while he had an amused and lustful look on his face, happy at the fact that he had power over you and that there was nothing you could do in those short moments.

Your skin crawled and you felt bile rise in your throat but you quickly swallowed it.

Everything was slowly starting to stress you out. You haven't been eating properly nor been getting the chance to get any sleep. The only thing you were able to do was just be there.

You were quiet at work and didn't bother to speak to anyone.

Krone was concerned and checked on you multiple times asking if you were okay and you had multiple missed calls from Emma. Instead of working in your original office, you just worked in Ray's to avoid confrontation.

Gilda checked upon you now and then and tried to cheer you up but it wasn't working. You were getting depressed and it was killing your mood and ruining your daily routine.

"How's he doing?" You were currently inside of the cafe you usually went to and decided to meet up with one of Ray's closest friends.


"The doctors said that he's healing up well, fast even," Norman said looking at you. "But that was since the beginning. He's currently to himself now."

You looked up at him with a concerned expression and stood up properly in your chair. "Norman do you know something that I don't know? If so, please tell me. Ray hasn't spoken to me ever since the day I left the hospital. He's been avoiding my calls nor has he been answering my messages."

Norman looked down at his mug and frowned before letting out a sigh of his own.

"Sorry, Y/n... but it's not my business to tell."

"Why won't you tell me?" You asked with a saddened look of your own. "I care about him and I at least want to know if he's okay but no one isn't telling me anything. And by no one I mean you. You're his best friend and you're the closest person he is to"

"Which is why I won't say anything," he said calmly before looking out the window placing his head on his hand with his usually calm expression. "I'm sorry. Even I don't know what's going on. I only know what he shows and tells me... but he told me to stay quiet about it."

You looked at him with parted lips, searching his face, wanting to find cracks inside of them hoping that he would at least give you a hint of what was going on but he gave you, nothing.

Icy but warm aqua blue eyes stared out of the window starring at the people walk by early in the morning with the cool breeze blowing past them as they continued their daily routine.

And that's another thing. You wished you could be like that now. But ever since the media had caught sight of you and posted you all over the blogs and news people noticed you from left and right. Whispering to each other and gossiping.

Your anxiety has skyrocketed. You didn't felt safe. You felt like someone was following you. Someone was keeping tabs on you. But for what?!

Why was this happening to you?

What did you do to deserve this kind of treatment and backlash? You just wanted to be happy and live a simple life. But everything crashed down quickly.

But here, you felt safe. You had gotten close to some of the workers who made sure to give you good seating away from wondering eyes so you could sit peacefully without being harassed by Karen's and Kevin's.

But the cafe was never too populated or crowded, it was a calming place which was why you found comfort here.

"I can't believe this," you said irritated. "If you knew I was only asking you to be here to ask about Ray, and you weren't going to give me what I asked for, then why even show up?" You said with furrowed eyebrows with a sour look on your face.

He looked from the window and then back towards you with a shocked expression only for it to disappear as quickly as it came.

"I... I don't know. Probably just to check up on you," he spoke honestly.

You falter slightly and looked at him with a confused expression. Maybe this is what Ray was talking about on that day you both were at the park, how Norman was a caring person and was there for others when they needed it. But why was he doing this for you?

He barely knew you and vise versa.

"You don't speak to anyone at the office anymore," he started he looked around your face. "It looks like you're not taking care of yourself very well..."

Your eyebrows scrunched up and he widens his eyes slightly before backtracking himself to clarify what he means.

"I meant that you look like you haven't been getting the proper rest and lacking nutrients, I mean. I can tell by looking at you. You have bags under your eyes and you're lost a couple of pounds. Anyone would be concerned if they knew you from before."

You sigh and placed your hand gently on the left side of your face, shaking your head, and groaned. "I know... and I'm sorry for being an ass but I'm just stressed."

He nodded his head slightly and took a sip from his coffee. "No, it's okay. You have every right to."

"But I don't know what he's up to now. Just like you I've been left in the dark too. Ray has always been like that. He rather handles things alone than bringing someone else into his problems. So don't feel too bad that he hasn't told you anything. He's probably just watching out for your well-being," Norman said giving you a reassuring smile.

"How about you do something's to get your mind off of it. You look like you need some time to yourself, Y/n," Norman said.

You looked down at the table with a sad look on your face not saying anything. You're still trying to process everything.

"I- no... You're right. I should just do some things for myself. Maybe I'll spend some time with my friend," you mumbled. You looked up from your tea and gave Norman a small smile. "Thanks, Norman. For being there for me. It means a lot," you said in a soft tone.

He gave you a smile of his own and shook his head. "Nonsense. You don't need to thank me." He pushed his chair back and stood up with you doing the same after you finished drinking the liquid out of your cup.

"No. Thank you. I'll repay the offer. Whenever we have time I'll give you something in return for helping me out," you spoke.

He shook his head and opened his mouth but you quickly cut him off. "No. It's fine. Just go ahead and get out of here before I change my mind," you joked lightly. He laughed bashfully and nodded.

"Okay. Hope you get better, Y/n!" He said waving his hand and gathering his things to take his leave.

"Oh and Y/n?" He said standing at the door holding it open.

You looked at him with raised eyebrows showing that you were listening and nodded your head.

"Stay safe."

And with that, the Snow White-haired male walked out of the building making his way to who knows where.

You pulled your phone out of your purse and went to your messages to contact someone. You were planning to meet up with this person. Once they agreed, you got inside of your car and drove off into the distance.

"So what do you want to do today?" Gilda asked you. It didn't take you long before you made your way to your best friend to spend time with her. The both of you were sitting inside of your car, with the engine turned off. You wanted to take the advice that was given to you and spend some time with someone to get your mind off of things but... you felt like you couldn't.

"Umm... Gilda... I want you to help me with something."

Gilda raised her eyebrows in confusion but nodded slightly. "And what is it that you need help with?" She pushed the glasses up the bridge of her nose and turned her body fully towards you.

"I want to check on Ray. I want to see if he's doing okay. I haven't talked to him an entire month ever since that night. Isn't that stranger or am I just going crazy?..."

Gilda paused for a moment and took in your words. Was this a good idea? It's not wise for you to show up at someone's doorstep unannounced. If he didn't contact you... maybe there was a reason.

"Y/n I don't think you should. He's probably trying to lay low because of the media trying to paint him as the bad guy and everything. You showing up at his doorstep wouldn't do him any favors too."

She said pointing out the facts.

"But what is so important that he can't tell me? Why is he avoiding me? If he doesn't want to be seen out for the public to see him or me along with him he can still contact me through the phone or... something?" You said throwing up your hands in exasperation.

Gilda hummed softly and nodded. "Yeah that is true..." she looked towards you and looked to the side and pulled her buckle across her showing that she was ready to ride. "Come on let's go," she said giving you a smirk.

You sigh in satisfaction and nodded your head.

You stood at Ray's doorstep and use the spare key that he gave you during the time you were staying together and opened the door slowly.

"Ray? I'm- This is Y/n..." you said.

There was no response and you turned around and looked down at your phone and texted Gilda was watching in the parking lot outside, letting her know that you were in.

You looked around and seen everything looked normal and well organized as always. You walked through the living room and looked through the kitchen and saw that there was a mess on the counter.

Liquor and wine bottles were placed on the table along with pill bottles making your expression turn into a worried one.

You looked away from it and made your way up the stairs looking around the dark hallway. It was still early in the morning so you wouldn't be surprised if he was still asleep in his bed.

You made your way to the bedroom door and knocked softly only for the door to open.

The light from the outside gently peaked through the curtains of his room making it easy for you to see. But now that you were here.... you wished that you didn't see it.

You looked at the man who was passed out on the bed along with a naked woman under the sheets with their clothes sprawled over the floor.

You walked up closer and made your way to the bed and you recognized who it was. The blonde-headed female, Anna.

Ray stirred gently in his bed and sat up and came eye to eye with you.

Your heart dropped and you felt like you couldn't breathe. Your eyes began to water and you choked out a sob as you looked at his face.

Dark bags and disheveled hair with hickey marks all over his neck.

"Ray... how could you?" You asked stepping back while holding your hand over your mouth.

Ray's eyes as wide as he stared back at you then looked back down to the ash blonde woman who stirred awake and lifted slightly from hearing your voice.

"Ray... what's going on?" She asked sitting up, showing her breast, and looked towards you with a confused expression. She quickly covered her breast with the bedsheets and backed up towards the bed.

“Wait, Y/n,” Ray said quickly lifting to only be dressed in his boxers. “I didn’t- it’s not-"

You quickly covered your mouth and sobbed and quickly left the room.

You pulled out your phone and dialed Gilda's number only for her to quickly pick up the phone.

“Gilda... we're leaving,” you said in a broken voice.

“Wait what? What happened?” The girl asked on the other line in high alert when she heard you crying.

“He cheated on me.”

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