Chapter 36

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🦋Instead of looking at the hundred reasons to quit, look at the thousand reasons not to give up.🦋

Outside of your apartment door stood the young green-haired girl with glasses. She's stood by your door for a few minutes now, debating in her head if she should try to reach out to you and see if you were doing okay. Dressed in her casual clothing with her phone in her hand, she checks what time it was and placed her device back inside her back pocket when she decided she was going to go for it.

"Y/n... are you in there?" Gilda knocked on your front door hoping that you would respond and come to the door but received nothing.

You have been stuck in the house for a couple of days. The only time you would come out was to buy groceries and go to work. You avoided and ignored everyone, being stuck in your little world that you created mentally.

You didn't feel like moving. You didn't feel like leaving your space.

You felt empty, alone, and completely drained to the point you felt you couldn't even lift your arm to open the curtains inside of your room.

You hear a couple of more knocks at your door but you still didn't move from your spot. Letting your body stay still on your mattress.

You closed your eyes and listened to your ceiling fan on the ceiling spin while the cool air fanned on top of you.

How long has it been?

How long have you been sitting still in this same spot doing nothing?

You felt a dark cloud growing slowly over you by the minute, your head felt like it was pounding, and your stomach growled for the third time today.

You need to eat. You need to wash. You felt useless and extremely lonely.

You missed Ray.

No calls. No anything.

But what did you expect? You're the one who told him that you didn't want to deal with him.

Multiple images played repeatedly in your mind of the blonde-headed female, hidden under the covers, naked along with Ray. As much as you hated to admit it, the woman crawled under your skin and was making you despise her and her wicked ways.

You never would have thought that things would have come to this nor did you think that you would have to experience such heartbreak by the man you loved.

You wanted to hear his side of the story but you felt that there wasn't any other side. It didn't take a rocket scientist to explain to you what you seen before your very own eyes. Or was there more to it?

The more you pondered on it made your head felt like it was beating against hard cement walls. Your head was the metal ball bouncing between the bricks of a video game desperate to demolish he blocked figures to gain its points and break free of its prison.

This wasn't healthy for you mentally nor was it good for you physically. You had to get out and catch some fresh air. At least to do something productive today.

You've been trapped inside of your cage for too long.

You decided to finally lift yourself out of your bed from beneath the covers and stood up inside of your dark muggy room. You soon regretted it when you stood up so fast when you felt your head throb slightly making you lose some of your balance as you looked around in your room.

You groaned softly and took a moment to take in everything before making your next move.

'Maybe I should clean,' you thought.

You felt like that would be the best option so you could be in a better mood. To feel a bit better, you should clean your room from all of its dust build-ups beneath your bed and on the shelves in your room. Along with the dirt scattered around in the creases of the hardwood floor and the dirty laundry and sheets that were either on your bed wrapped securely around your mattress or inside of your dirty bin that was placed in the corner of your room.

You hated that you had let it come to this. But you were gonna do something about it now, that was all that mattered to you right now.

You made your way to your windows and opened up the curtains and unlocked the windows and pushed it up so some fresh air could blow inside of the room so it wouldn't be so hot and stuffy.

You made your way back over towards your bed and removed the dirty sheets and placed it inside the dirty close and went inside of the hallway closet to receive your mop along with a bucket and broom with the dustpan.

Soft music is played in the background to make you feel more motivated to get the job done. You were deep cleaning your room till the point you were starting to see your reflection on the floorboards. You scrubbed away at stains, dismantled your closet and filled them back up neatly, washed all of your dirty laundry, dusted creases, rearranged items, etc.

Once you were done you poured out the dirty water from your bucket in the bathroom, placed the broom, and mop back inside the hallway closet, and put all of your cleaning products up.

The only thing you had to do now waited till your laundry was finished washing and drying and you were going to clean yourself and give yourself the self-care that you deserved.

Yeah, that's right.

You weren't going to stay in this state all the time. You had to move on and face forward.

If things worked out between you and Ray, then it will, if it doesn't... then it is what it is.

But deep down inside you wanted to make amendments and go back to the way it was before all of this happened.

You still wanted to hear his side. You just needed to take some time to yourself before you could face him again after seeing him and..... what's her name?

You heard a soft buzz from your phone and you walked over towards it to see that you had received a message.

You turned the music down on your phone that was playing on your Bluetooth speaker and looked at the message to see an odd message.

"Huh?...." you said softly to yourself.

It was from an unknown number.

'Where are you?' The message read.

Who was it from exactly? And why are they asking for your location? You were finding all of this a bit odd.

Maybe it was someone playing a prank on you. There were multiple times it happened unless someone just had texted the wrong number.

But you didn't want to be a naive person, you knew all too well. What if someone was out to get you? Your skin crawled slightly at the thought of someone looking for you, haunting you down looking left and right, desperate to get their hands on you.

The image of the man appearing over you inside of Ray condo's spare room came to mind and it made you wanted to vomit. Thank the heavens above that Ray came in time to defend you.

Images of blood leaking from Ray's hand and the graphic image of the man swollen and blooded up face appears in your mind and you felt your reflexes came in, making you gag and lean over before covering your mouth.

You didn't feel anything come up but you went inside of the kitchen just to grab a cold bottle of water out of your fridge, drinking down the cool liquid to prevent anything from coming up and to bring you into a calm state.

You brought your phone back out and texted Gilda and apologized for you not answering the door earlier and gave her a poor explanation on why you couldn't come and open it for her.

You just needed time for yourself today. That's all you wanted. You wanted to treat yourself and better your mood.

So far everything seems to be going well. Your room felt lighter and smelled good. You can now see more clearly inside of your room and have more space to move around.

Speaking of a new room, you still was looking forward to looking for a new home. There was no doubt you will go house shopping online, but for now, there were too many things going on inside of your life. The last thing you needed was adding to your list of stress, but it never hurt to look.

You put on some comfortable clothes and cut off all of the lights within your apartment so your bill wouldn't go high. You were already trying to save, no need for nothing to go to waste now.

You grabbed your purse and headed out of your apartment and went downstairs in the lobby, through the doors to go to the parking lot.

Multiple things ran through your mind on what you should do for yourself to have a relaxing day.

You looked through your phone and plugged your USB cord from your device to the radio and played some music of your choice. You cranked up your vehicle and went whatever you felt your car would take you and ended up at a nail salon.

Not too much and not too little. You just wanted to get your feet and your nails did and your next stop was to go out shopping, but, you were going to shop on a budget of course.

You brought clothes that complimented your shape and brought whatever made you felt like you had to get it. Even though you were most likely shopping just to shop. Later, you will have clothes stuffed inside of your closet, not worn with the price tags still on them.

You felt your phone buzzed inside of your pocket making you grab it to see who was messaging you.

It was Gilda.

You clicked on the message and seen that she texted you, asking 'where are you?'. Which made you stare at your phone for a minute longer than you should have. But the only thing that caught you off guard was that this was the second person who texted you the same thing.

You had an odd feeling in the bottom pit of your stomach and it was not sitting well with you. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but you'd hate to be wrong.

Why was it so important that she know where you were all of a sudden? Was something wrong?

You've already given her your excuse earlier on why you didn't have the time to hang out with her today because you needed a clear space and some time to be alone. And knowing Gilda, she would've understood and wouldn't have questioned it.

Especially since she had a little insight on what was going on with your life right now. She would've backed off and gave you the space that you needed and craved at the moment.

You didn't need this.

You don't want to be stressed. So instead of opening the message, you just left her on delivery and decided to ignore her message.

You didn't want to grow an anxiety attack but you felt one was starting to creep its way onto you. You felt a chill run down your spine like someone was watching you around the corner which made you turn around and look down the sidewalk to only see bystanders and pedestrians walk around as if everything was normal.

Well, it was a normal day, on their behalf of course.

But you felt like today was yet another strange and off day.

You felt like you couldn't be out in the open like this, you needed to get inside of a building with wide windows to at least inspect the outside from the inside where you felt safe.

Somehow you managed to get inside of Gilda's job and looked around to spot the young brown-skinned familiar female behind the counter greeting with a beautiful smile of her own gracing her face.

You decided to smile back and greet her and walked towards the middle area where all of the clothes were and look through the items, peeking up now and then to analyze your surroundings.

Nothing didn't seem out of the ordinary.

'So what the fuck is-'

Your thoughts were interrupted when you got a phone call from someone.

You grabbed your phone once again and seen that someone was calling you from an unknown number. You looked at the number unsure if to pick it up or not and decided against it and declined the number.

"Who in the hell keeps calling me?" You grumbled as you looked down at your phone.

Maybe if you answered the phone to find out who the person was, you would know. But you had a nagging feeling that something was off.

You had to get back home. Now.

You grabbed the items that you had inside of your arms and walked to the front of the store and went through Jemima's line. You gnawed are your lip with your teeth peeling at the chapped peeling skin on your bottom lip and looked around searching to look if something stood out to you.

You felt horrible and you were starting to feel like bullets of sweat were going to form on your forehead, slide down your neck into your shirt, making the fabric stick to your skin uncomfortably.

You were even starting to feel the sweat from under your armpits. Good thing you showered and put on deodorant because if you didn't you would've been out of luck.

Just imagining yourself coming out in the state you were in before, you're depressive state made you cringe and grimace. You wrinkled your nose up and disgust and bit your bottom lip lightly, somehow smelling a stink imaginary scent that was not there.

"Excuse me, are you ready for check out?" Jemima asked standing at her register looking at you with an inside look.

You looked towards her in surprise before rushing your way towards her in embarrassment. "Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

She shook her head and hummed, "No, you're fine. There's no need to apologize," she laughed softly. She took the items out of your hand and placed them on the counter before removing the hangers and detectors from the clothing, one by one.

"So how is your day going?" The other female asked while smiling at you sweetly.

"Oh, it's going fine," you half lied.

You didn't know to be honest. Your day honestly did start well. You forced yourself to get out of the state you were in for days and brought yourself back up.

You managed to deep clean your house and you were treating yourself with the self-care that you rightfully deserved. But having unknown calls and messages pop up from left and right asking where you were instead of someone telling you who they are and why they're asking you that, they want to know your location.

If you'd ask anyone else, they would agree that it sounded odd.

The same goes for Gilda.

But maybe you should text her back. There was most likely a reason as to why she was asking where you were at. She's probably just worried for you, like the friend- mom that she is.

You looked at Jemima and analyzed her, taking in her appearance along with her features.

Sun-kissed brown melanin skin, soft curly pulled back into a low bun. Dressed in her uniform attire along with her name tag that's written in pretty cursive handwriting with a heart replacing the dot in the 'I' of her name.

"Sorry, can I ask you something?" You asked.

She looked up and placed her clothes inside of a bag and hummed with a smile on her face.

"Do you know a woman by the name of Krone White?"

The latter girl looked at you with a surprised look and raised eyebrows before nodding.

"Oh yeah, that's my mom," she laughed lightly. "You're must be, Y/n," she said while smiling at you.

You snickered softly and nodded your head. "Yeah, that's me!"

"Yeah, my mom talks well about you. She also said that she works alongside you of Rossetti industries."

"Oh yeah. She's a really sweet lady I love her," you gushed gently and laughed in embarrassment.

"Yeah, she is," Jemima agreed. She looked towards the screen and told you your total and you grabbed your card before swiping it through the card machine hearing it beep.

You clicked buttons on the screen and listened for the receipt to print out on the other side of the counter before grabbing it from the young lady.

"Thank you! It was nice meeting you Jemima," you said smiling at her.

"It was nice meeting you too! And I'm about to get off right now anyway," she said snickering when she saw her coworker replacement coming in to change shifts.

"Oh, well you're lucky."


Said brunette girl grabbed her belongings and told the other boy she was working with, biding him a 'see you later' and clocked out before heading behind you.

"I have a question," Jemima said walking up towards you stopping you on the sidewalk.

You turned around and hummed letting her know that you were listening.

"Is it okay if I have your number? If you don't mind." You raised your eyebrows and dig in your pocket to retrieve your phone before pulling it out and unlocking it for her and in return, she did the same.

The both of you ended up swapping phones and put in each other numbers and smiled at one another.

"By the way, you're so pretty, " Jemima gushed.

"Thanks and again, it was nice meeting you Jemima and I hope that we will be able to hang out in the future," you said laughed softly.

"Same to you. And I'm with someone you most likely will be familiar with," she said shoving her bag further up her arm, trying to prevent it from sliding down and falling onto the sidewalk. "They should be picking me up," she hummed.

"Oh, okay," you said quietly looking around with your left hand grasping your right elbow as both of you stood on the sidewalk waiting for her ride to pull up.

"Where is- oh! There he is!" She said smiling.


You looked towards where her vision was pointed and her heart dropped when you saw the all too familiar vehicle pulling up in front of you.

The handsome man stepped out of his car with a grey plain tee and black jeans with his famous messy dark locks and tanned skin.

He looked towards you with slightly parted lips and then towards Jemima.

"Come on, Jemima. Krone wants me to drop you off early," he said in his usual dull tone.

"It's about time Ray," she said in a sarcastic tone before looking towards you. "I'm sure the both of you know each other since you work for him, Y/n," she said giving you her adorable smile, showing off her dimples and white teeth.

"He's like my big brother," she said with a twinkle in her brown chocolate eyes.

"Y-yeah.... we know each other," you said looking from her then towards the male. "Hey, Ray....," you waved softly.

"Hey," He said standing before you.

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