Chapter 37

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"Well, I guess I'll see you later... Jemima," you said looking at him and gave her a small smile before taking your leave as fast as you can away from the raven-haired male.

Your heart was beating fast inside of your chest and your palms were growing sweaty. You weren't expecting to see him so soon. You needed to leave as soon as possible before you go right past point one.

"Wait Y/n, I need to talk to you."

You tense slightly and turned your head towards the male who called out to you, forcing a smile on your face. "Oh I'm sorry, I gotta go," you said pointing nowhere in particular behind you, signaling that you had somewhere to be.

"Wait," you heard shuffling behind you and doors shutting and opening but you refused to look back searching for where you parked.

Where the hell did you park?

You looked around and finally spot your car stepping off the side of the sidewalk ready to walk in the street of the parking lot while looking through your bag searching through your keys.

As much as you wanted to run towards Ray and run in his arms, telling him how much you missed him and still loved him, you didn't want to make a fool of yourself and have an emotional breakdown inside of a parking lot, looking like you lost one of your loved ones.

"Where is it," you mumble while searching through your keys.

You pushed around cases, papers, and other products inside of your purse before finally grabbing ahold of them and bit on your bottom lip.

You heard an engine roaring near you and looking towards your right to see a car coming towards you, not planning on slowing down. Your eyes widen and a terrified look crossed your features. You wouldn't be able to move in time.

You felt the upper portion of your shirt, being grabbed by a stronger hand, forcing your body to come back, saving you from being flattened by the tires of the van that passed by you.

You watched in shock as the driver inside of the black van continued to drive at full speed, not being considerate enough to check on your well-being to see if you were okay.

But something was familiar about that van as if you have seen it before. Or maybe it was, once again, another coincidence.

"Y/n, are you okay?!" Jemima rushes towards you with a concerned look decorating her features.

Your lips were parted, your eyes were wide, and your heart was pounding against your rib cage, desperate to break free away from its chambers to get catch a whiff of fresh air.

"Y/n? Are you okay?" Ray said releasing his death grip on the back of your shirt and moving towards the front on you placing both of his large hands on your shoulder.

You looked past him and watched the van speed off into the distance and looked back into his dark coal eyes when he squeezed your shoulders lightly.

"Y-yeah... I think I need to go home." You needed to leave. You've felt it from the beginning, that something was going to happen. Good thing it didn't end horribly, you almost lost your life.

If you don't leave now, you felt like you would never make it back.

"Yeah... yeah, I'm okay," you forced a smile looking at them trying to keep your composure but you felt your hands were starting to tremble slightly.

"Are you sure? You almost got hit by a van," Jemima said looking at you with furrowed eyebrows and a deep frown embedded on her face.

"I'll take you home," Ray said standing straight at his full height looking at you. "If you don't feel comfortable being by yourself then I'll-"

"No, it's okay. I came in my car," you started in a shaky voice and looked over to where your car was parked in the parking lot.

"Are... you sure?" Ray asked in a concerned tone looking at you. "I don't mind driving behind you to make sure you're-," Ray's phone buzzed inside of his pants pocket and he pulled it out before looking at his light-up screen. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion before his face hardened.

You watched him closely as his face went through different expressions showing the emotions that he felt before it went stoic.

"Come on, it's time to go, Jemima," Ray said placing his phone in his back pocket and looked down at the younger girl standing before him with a sad expression.

"But what about Y/n? She's shaken up," she said looking at you with big doe eyes that showed a hint of worry.

"Don't worry about it. Everything will be fine. I promise," he said grabbing his keys and unlocking them before gesturing the curly-haired girl to go inside of his car not too far away.

Said girl took one more glimpse your way before making her way towards the male's truck.

"Well follow behind you to make sure you get home safe," Ray said dryly looking at you before following close behind Jemima, not giving you a chance to respond.

You moved towards your car and got inside before strapping yourself inside of your seatbelts and cranking up your car. You were beyond cautious and were going to be extra careful making your way back to your apartment.

The day barely began and you were already facing tough obstacles.

Not too long later, you arrived at your apartment, and Ray and Jemima waited out in the parking lot, watching you go inside the lobby of your building and pulled off once they saw that you made it safely in.

You were disappointed at the fact that you and Ray couldn't be able to make amends but in your heart, you still needed a little time to yourself before you could be able to have that conversation with him. And you were happy that you made it back home alive. Something about the way the driver kept going instead of stopping didn't sit right with you.

You felt that they were out to get you in a strange way which made you believe that it was relating to the incident that night, what happened at Ray's condo.

Was the people who the man affiliated with was out to get you? Why you? You weren't anyone special. So why attack you of all people?

Unless... they wanted to get Ray through you by making him suffer.

Chills ran through your body, making chills bumps appear and tiny strands of hair prick up on your skin. Okay, you got this. You should just-

You walked towards your door and quickly locked all of the locks on your door and slide a chair beneath the door handle so it would be difficult if someone tried to break into your home. You went inside of your kitchen and cut the lights on, and you grabbed a knife from your dish rack before making your way through your house checking every room and closet to see if anything looked out of place.

But the main thing you were looking for if someone was inside.

You checked inside of your last room and made sure you looked through every dark creak and crack there was before taking a long sigh.

"Coast is clear," you mumble to no one in particular. You continued to bring the knife along with you because you could never be too careful.

You made it inside of your living room once again and plopped your body down onto the couch and stared up at the ceiling.

You still didn't feel right. Something just wasn't right.

"Why the fuck do I feel this way?" You said with furrowed eyebrows, rubbing on your stomach, trying to keep your stomach from bubbling.

You felt your phone buzz in your pocket and you pulled it out and look at your screen to see that you had got another unknown message today.

You clicked onto the white rectangular shape icon and the device sent you straight to your messages.

'You were lucky.'

"What the fuck," you said looking at the phone with narrowed eyebrows. It was from the same number that texted you earlier today.

"Is this some kind of prank?!" You asked in frustration before tossing your phone onto the other smaller sofa that wasn't too far from where you were placed.

It was still early in the afternoon. Your nerves were just shocked, that's what you had to keep telling yourself before you would have a mental breakdown. Maybe it was best if you took a nap, to sleep off all of the bad vibes you were receiving.

At least you came home to a cleaned house, so the sound of sleeping in your church sounded wonderful.

You dozed off by starring up at the ceiling and fell asleep instantly. One leg propped up in the air while one was placed behind your head, sleeping in a strange position on the couch as your snores peaceful in the pitch-black dark void.

A loud thud hit against your front door making your eyes open instantly and you looked around while laying still, making sure not to make any unwanted noise.

You heard something hit against it again, but this time it was louder. It sounded like someone was trying to break into your apartment.

You sit up quickly and grabbed your knife from off of the coffee table and rushed towards your phone in a panic. You stood up in front of your chair and looked towards the door that was halfway across the room.

Again, someone banged on your door making it found like they were on their way to break it down so they could get inside. You strained your eyes to take a better look, and you saw that the locks were still in tack and that the chair was still beneath the door handle to make it difficult for someone to get in.

But with the force with whatever this person was using, it made you terrified.

"Open the door, Y/n," you heard a familiar voice said. It sounded like it belonged to a male who had a deep voice and it was very stern. He commanded you to make your way towards the door and remove the locks and it felt like your skeleton was going to leap from out of your body and jump out of the window, leaving its flesh shredded skin behind as the remains.

Where did you hear this voice before? Your legs were shaky and you backed up towards the wall in the living room.

You grabbed your phone when you felt your phone buzzed inside of your pocket once again.

'Be a darling and open the door.'

You choked back a sob and grabbed your phone before dialing the only person you knew who you could depend on.

You heard the phone ring and you pleaded to God, praying that the raven-haired male would pick up. On the second ring, you heard the male finally picked up.


"Ray please come here," you choked quietly into your phone.

"What's wrong," he asked in an alert.

"Someone's here. I don't know what they want from me,"

"Where's your neighbor? Is she there?"

"I don't think so, she would've called me and asked about the noise. I think she left or something-" you said while squatting down looking around with your hand trembling.

"Ray please get here there's a man who's trying to get in," you pleaded quietly as tears ran down your face.

You heard the phone went silent on the other end and you looked back towards the phone asking if he was still there but you didn't receive a response.

"Ray, please don't leave me here," you cried into the phone quietly but you still didn't receive a response.

"If you don't come, I think I might die," you whimpered while looking at your door seeing that the knob to the door was turning open, showing that he had managed to unlock one of the locks.

You sobbed loudly and hung up your phone before running to your room and locking your door. You looked around your cleaned room in panic and went towards your window that was near your bed.

You couldn't just jump.

You're too high in the building. The only way you could get down as if you climbed down each balcony that was placed on the side of your apartment complex.

Even that wasn't promising.

You had a fear of heights and there was a high chance that you would fall to your death.

You looked around and went inside of your closet when you heard the front door open. You squatted down behind the clothes in your closet and kept your mouth shut by covering your mouth with your hand.

You heard heavy footsteps make their way inside of your apartment before closing the door behind him.

You scooted back deeper inside of the closet, making sure not to bump into anything, and laid against the wall inside of your closet.

You wanted this to get over with as quickly as possible. You hope he would grab whatever he was looking for and just leave. But.... what if that something was you. It had to be. You were tired of looking on the bright side and pretending to be naive and gullible. There was a chance that this man was here to harm you or probably kidnap you.

Your heart was pounding hard in your chest and it was getting harder to breathe inside of the cramped-up closet with darkness surrounding you.

If Ray was to come, he would probably be too late. You didn't live within the city as he does. You just wanted to come out of this situation alive.

Your heart dropped when you heard your room doorknob rattle, having the intruder trying to come inside of your room.

"Darling? Are you in here?"

Your heart hammered hard, you think it's going to bust any second now. Bullets of sweat leaked through your pores slowly and were making their way down your forehead and were forming wet stains beneath the armpits of your shirt.

"Don't be afraid. I just want to talk about your boyfriend, darling," the man said once again.

The door lock was picked and he turned the knob before coming inside of the room, closing the door behind himself.

You watched him through the creak of your slightly opened closet door, seeing the man was dressed in all black. He walked over towards your bed and bent down onto his right knee and looked under the bed to see nothing was there, not even a speck of dust.

"So," he said standing up and making his way over towards your hiding place, "you must be in the closet."

Your body stiffened and tears began to stream down your face silently as you held your mouth. You grabbed the knife tightly in your grasp and were ready to stab him if needed to be for self-protection.

He opened the door slowly and you watched him quietly behind the clothes in your closet.

"I know you're in here," he bent down and moved the clothes that covered you looking you dead in your eyes with his yellowish hazel ones.

Your breath was caught in your throat and you stared back at the man, hiding the knife behind your back. You knew him, you've seen him before. That night when you were at the club called 'GENIUS', in Tokyo.

It was the same man who brought you those drinks. The same man who walked up to you and asked for your name. The same man who had his hand placed on your hips as the both of you danced together. The same man who-

You choked out a sob. He.... he.... had-

"What's wrong, darling?" The man said caressing your face gently with the black tight gloves that covered his hands, making sure not to leave any of his traces, nor evidence behind.

"Don't... don't touch me," you tried to say sternly but was crumbling down inside. "I'll hurt you, if you don't leave now. My boyfriend is on his way-"

"Speaking of him. I'd like to see him," he said looking around before looking back to you with cold eyes of his own. "Where is he?"

"He's coming," you said with your hands trembling.

The man stood back up and grabbed your wrist forcefully and brought you out the closet.

You tried snatching your wrist away from the mans thick hand but to no avail, your attempts were fruitless.

"Stop struggling," he snarled at you and gripped your wrist tighter.

You brought the knife from behind your back and stabbed him deep inside of his arm making him holler out in pain before he forcefully pushed you against your wall breaking the glass from one of your pictures on the wall, that was a picture of you and the woman who raised you.

Your grandmother.

"Shit, you fucking-" The man bit on his bottom lip and groaned in pain, holding onto his forearm where the knife was still in. He looked down at you with a look that made you terrified, seeing the monster of what he truly was. If looks could kill, you would've been stiff dead, six feet under without the coffin. Your body would just deteriorate slowly with the bugs slowly eating away your flesh until there was just bones.

You got up and hurriedly opened your door before running out. You ran towards your front door and tried to open it but got you hair tugged on aggressively.

"Where are you going darling... don't make this difficult," Peter Raitri said stopping you. "I don't want to hurt you so please... stop running," he said looking you deeply in your eyes.

He looked back at his arm and pulled the knife out and placed it towards your neck, pressing into your flesh lightly, making sure not to make any scars nor make you bleed. You placed your head up and looked at him with fear in your eyes and breathed hard while tears were streaming down your face.

"Can you do that for me, darling?"

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