Chapter 38

🦋Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.🦋

"Y/n, are you okay?!"

"Y/n? Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah... I think I need to go home."

"Yeah... yeah, I'm okay,"

"Are you sure? You almost got hit by a van,"

"I'll take you home. If you don't feel comfortable being by yourself then I'll-"

"No, it's okay. I came in my car."

It wasn't too long since Ray dropped off Jemima at Krone's and he came straight to the hospital to visit before it was too late and visiting hours would be over.

"I brought the camera that you wanted..." Ray said coming inside of his mother's room before closing the thick wooden door behind him. "Why do you want a camera anyways?"

The man walked over towards the familiar table inside of the room and placed down a tan bag that had red flowers engraved on it that was filled with items.

"I wanted to take pictures with you," she smiled looking up at her only child. "Don't you want to take some with me? It could be fun," she hummed adjusting herself in a better position in the hospital bed.

"Sure, why not," he pulled an old black Polaroid camera out of the bag and inspected it a little before adjusting everything before he was going to take the photos. "I brought the old one along with the new version of the Polaroid camera," he mumbled taking a seat.

"Why is that?" The older woman asked softly while looking at her son.

"Because I wasn't sure if this old piece of junk still works," he mumbled while toying with the old camera.

Multiple visions of you kept flashing in Ray's mind, repeatedly from earlier today. Everything was happening so fast and it was starting to get so hard to keep up with it all in his life. It was becoming stressful. The both of you barely was far into your relationship, but with everything going on, he figured that you needed your distance and he was gonna take his.

He needed to be alone anyways... He didn't need you getting involved in his business.

"Ray, come on and try it out. I'm sure it still works, it wasn't too long ago since I used it," she said trying to sit up slowly but was brought down with his hand placed gently on her shoulder.

"Don't move too much... I don't want you hurting yourself, Mom," he sat up and brought the chair closer towards her bed, and looked down at his female doppelgänger who had furrowed eyebrows.

"I'm not a week as you think I am, Ray," she laughed quietly with her honey-like smooth voice. "I'm okay. Everything's okay."

"I know," he smiled softly.

He walked over around her bed and placed the camera on a table before setting the timer and walked back over towards her. She gave a closed-lip heart-warming smile, while Ray gave a gentle one while her hand was placed onto his that was resting on the bed's railing.

The flash from the camera flashed making Ray blink his eyes in the result and the picture poured out of the mouth of the camera making him get up and walk over towards it. He picked up the picture and the camera and shaker it slightly before the picture slowly faded in, presenting him and his mother.

"How does it look? Let me see please," she said softly.

He walked back over towards her side and handed her the photo.

"Ahh," she gasped softly and smiled brightly while looking at the picture. "It came out beautifully," she smiled up towards him and then looked back down and the picture.

He picked up the camera and placed it over his eye before snapping a picture of his mom as she looked down at the other picture.

Ray smiled with a small blush creeping on his cheeks seeing his beautiful mother smiling.

"You look nice here, Mom," he said in embarrassment.

"Oh? You're being nice for once?" She joked lightly.

"Y/n must have had her effects on you, huh? That's a good thing," she smiled softly before brushing off a little lent particle off of her clothes.

A sad smile made its way onto his face and he let out an airy laugh. "I guess..."

She smiled back at her son before her eyes widen slightly. "Hey, where's Y/n? I haven't seen her ever since she visited me for the first time... is she okay?" The older woman asked looking up at her son with curiosity sparkling in her beautiful dark purple amethyst eyes.

"She's... fine," he said walking back on the other side of the bed, sitting down the camera, and placing himself in his chair.

The woman inspected her son's face with her sharp and keen eyes. She knew her son from the front and the back of her hand. Any small little detail out of place, she was quick to pick it up. She was always an observant woman. She maybe couldn't pick it up as instantly as Krone could but she was next in line if there was going to be ranks involved.

Said male looked away from the intense staredown that he was receiving from his mother and clenched his jaw.

"You're lying. Did something happened?"

"She... she almost lost her life today," he said lowly as if someone was outside of the door listening in on their conversation, jotting it down onto a clipboard and sticky notes to keep tabs on what was going on in his personal life.

In all honesty, he's trying to lay low. His business was on the line and someone was out to get him and it was taking its toll on him and his mental health. And he'll be damned if he let the people who he cared about her involvement, but deep down inside, he knew it was all too late.

Her eyes widen in shock before it went to a concerned one.

"What happened? Is she okay?"

"Yeah, she's okay. I had got her in time before the car could hit her," he said looking away from her and then adjusting the settings on the camera. "I drove behind her and made sure she got home safely. She was a little shaken up but I think she'll be fine once she gets home and settles down..."

"You think?" She asks looking at him with furrowed eyebrows. "Did you get a chance to speak with her?" She asks with her soft voice placing her hand on top of his with a small frown gracing her lips.

Ray let out a small sigh and looked away.

"We're not on speaking terms right now. She doesn't want to speak with me so I gave her the space that she needs..."

The room went quiet for a while. The only thing that could be heard was the small beeping noise from the device that was plugged up towards Isabella and the soft humming coming from the air conditioner inside of the room, not too far away inside of the window.

The room was cold yet comfortable enough for the smaller woman to feel in a prosperous state.

"Are you cold?"

"Don't change the subject, Ray. I have all of the blankets that I need to keep me warm. Now answer my question, will you?" She said cutting him off yet she maintained her calmness.

"I slept with Anna. And the next morning she caught me in bed with her," Ray said looking at her with a blank facial expression, masking his true emotions deep inside, hiding away the pain that he felt behind the thick sturdy wall that he built.

The pale woman was quiet for some time before she spoke again. "What made you want to do that? I thought you loved, Y/n."

"Love is a strong word, but yeah... I do care about her... But it's more to it," Ray began and leaned back into his chair, resting his head on the back with his eyes closed. "Anna drugged me..."

The room was now eerie and dead silent as if everything inside of the room paused for a moment. Ray opened his eyes and looked back towards his mother to see that she had an unreadable facial expression as she stared at her son as if she was an emotionless robot.

"I see," she said in a robotic tone before looking out of her window that was on the left side of the room. "I never did like her you know."

"I know," Ray looked down and gnawed the inside of his cheek.

"You have to make things right with Y/n. Even if she doesn't want to hear it you should let her know what happened because you'll only let her get further away from you..."

Ray remained silent and took in the words his mother gave him.

"I adore her. She looks like a genuinely sweet girl," she looked towards her son and gave him a loving smile. "I see the way she looks at you and I see the way you care about her. That's the first time I've seen you look at someone that way. She's the one, I know she is."

Ray looked down at the floor and sighed softly.

"Hopefully the both of you make amends and tie the knot. I want grandbabies, Ray."

A deep red hue made its way on the top of his ears and he placed his head in his palm that was resting on the table.

"Please, Mom," he grumbled lowly.

"I know the both of you at least been working on it-"

"I brought you something," Ray sat up cutting his mother off, saving himself from the embarrassing conversation from continuing into one about his sex life.

The woman raised her eyebrows in curiosity waiting for him to pull out whatever it was. He stood up from his chair and walked over towards the window and looked around outside before closing it and walked over towards the room door, making sure no one was around before taking something out of his pocket.

"Take this."

Ray left the hospital building and made his way into the hospital's parking lot. He pulled out his keys and unlocked and cranked up his car with a push of a button before hopping inside and closing the door behind him.

He took a moment to himself by cutting off the music and just say inside of the driver's seat, resting his head against the headrest.

All of his thoughts that were pushed inside of his mind over time were slowly coming up towards his head like a powerful wave, forming a tsunami, drowning every brain cell that was in his head.

The fog was clearing his head and he felt like his soul was leaving this universe to another. Everything was beginning to take its effect and he knew that everything was going to be crashing down either sooner or later.

If so, it's best to get this over with.

He felt a small buzz in his pocket and he looked down and grabbed it before looking at the screen with a deep frown, reading another text message from the person he was texting earlier.

"She wouldn't," he mumbled under his breath while looking at the phone screen with an angered expression.

He began typing on his screen with his thumb. In mid-sentence, he was interrupted by a call.

'Princess' was presented on the screen and he automatically knew who it was you.

He instantly picked up the phone with the hit of the green button on the screen to answer the call. He placed the phone on his ear and began to speak.


"Ray please come here," he heard you choked quietly into the phone. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion and he put on his seat belt and sat his phone on his armrest before putting it on speaker.

"What's wrong," he asked in an alert getting ready to pull out of the parking lot to make his way over towards your apartment complex. He heard loud banging on the door and he looked down at his phone with parted lips before driving out of the parking lot.

"Someone's here. I don't know what they want from me," he heard you say with a shaky voice.

"Where's your neighbor? Is she there?" He asked louder emerging into the lanes to get to where you were.

"I don't think so, she would've called me and asked about the noise. I think she left or something...Ray, please get here there's a man who's trying to get in," he heard you cry softly into the phone.

Ray made a sharp turn around the corner making his phone fall onto the passenger's side floor and he cursed silently.

"Ray, please don't leave me here," he heard you cried once more into the phone quietly.

"Y/n I'm coming, try finding somewhere in the meantime!" He said trying to be loud enough for you to hear him.

"If you don't come, I think I might die," you whimpered.

"Shit, shit, shit," he cursed repeatedly trying to pass by cars without getting hit or hitting anyone who was near him.

"Y/n!" He said trying to grab your attention but you didn't respond.


Once again, you remained unresponsive. He looked over towards his phone that was on the floor and tried reaching for his phone while looking at the road while driving. He reached down further and grabbed his phone before sitting back up and looking down at his phone.

He looked both ways and ran a red light and got multiple horns blown at him, as he sped down the streets desperately trying to come and get you.

He couldn't imagine what was going on. What was happening to you?

But he knew who was behind it all.

It was time to face them head-on.


You were placed inside of a trunk with your hands tied behind your back and duck tape placed over your mouth to muffle your screams.

Tears streamed down your face and your heart was beating inside of your chest so fast that you feared that it was going to burst.

You lifted your legs and kicked roughly inside of the trunk trying to break free out of the car or to at least grab someone's attention if they were near the vehicle. The only thing you could see was darkness and the only thing you could hear was the engine and the car driving on the road.

You felt like you were suffocating, you couldn't breathe, you felt helpless. And you knew something bad was gonna happen.

You felt the car finally come to a stop and the car I cranked before the door opened and shut. You looked around with wide eyes trying to adjust your eyes and take in your surroundings, but there wasn't much to see but an empty trunk.

When you heard Peter's footsteps get closer, you closed your eyes and pretended to act asleep.

He stood before the trunk and pulled out a black phone and dialed a number before leaning against the car looking around.

Both of you were at an abandoned building area within the city of Tokyo.

The parking lot had plants and grass growing on top of it, and there were pieces of trash flying around in the deserted area. The building had vines growing alongside the building sleeping inside of the cracks and holes inside.

"Hurry up. I'm waiting outside with the girl," you heard Peter said.

You clenched your eyes shut and tried controlling your breathing but it felt like your panic attack was coming in.

After what felt like forever, you heard a couple of more steps made their way towards the car.

"It's about time. Where have you been," You heard Peter said in annoyance.

"Sorry, sir. But don't worry," you heard a familiar voice said. "We have everything under control."

"That's good to hear."

"So where is she?"

"She's here..."

You stiffened your body and remained motionless as you stilled in the trunk. The key was inserted into the key lock making the trunk pop open and revealed your body to the people who stood outside of the trunk.

"You have her... Does he know where she is?"

"I don't know but I don't doubt that he's looking for her if he cares about her," Peter said looking down upon your stilled body. "I tried not to bruise her too much, but she's a feisty one... She had put up on hell of a fight. She even managed to stab me inside of my arm," Peter grumbled.

"Well, we should head inside sir so you can stitch that up. That cloth that you wrapped around it isn't gonna last forever, it's soaked with your blood."

"Yeah, you're right," he said looking down at his arm. "Someone grab the girl and bring her inside. You come with me and help stitch up this wound."

You felt someone grabbed you by your waist and hoisted you up before throwing your body over their shoulders.

"It's only a matter of time before he arrives," you heard a female voice said.

You opened your eyes slowly and took in your surroundings taking in everything. It was now in the middle of the evening and it wouldn't be too long until the sun will set.

The sky was a mixture of a yellow, orange, and pink color as the sun was still placed in the sky watching over you as if it was an angel, guiding you and protecting you from the demons who were taking you away into the dark underworld where they will hide you from the light.

Who knows if you would make it out alive with all of this going on.

You silently prayed for Ray to find you before anything could happen. Who knew what they were capable of.

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