Chapter 3

Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems.🦋

You had a good sleep last night. You got a good sleep, ate enough food for it to make up the lack of food that you didn't eat that morning, finished watching your TV show, and managed to cut off your T.V. without raising the bill.

But this morning you once again forgot to get breakfast. A sigh slipped through your lips.

Someone knocked onto your door making you perk up. "Yes? Come in."

Krone opened the door and walked in, cracking the door behind her. "Good morning Y/n, how are you?" She asked.

"Good morning Ms.Krone! I'm good. How are you?" You said turning your full attention towards her.

"I'm doing good. Did you have any breakfast this morning?" She asked already knowing the answer.

You looked down at the bag in her hands and laughed nervously. "No, no I haven't. Was too busy getting myself together I didn't bother fixing breakfast or grabbing anything at the last minute," you said truthfully.

She walked up to your desk and pulled out a container and placed it on top.

"Well, just like I promised I brought you some breakfast. I couldn't eat it all myself and my husband already has a plate himself for work."

You looked down at it in awe. You opened the top from the container making the aroma fill the room.

"Oh my goodness Krone, this looks so good, it smells so good," your stomach growled making you groan.

You look up towards her with appreciation written all over her face. "You didn't have too-"

"Oh, Y/n!" She flicked her wrist dismissing you. "How many times do I have to tell you? I want to! With that being said, eat as much as you want and just return the container to me later because I have to get back to work."

With that, she walked out of the room and made her way down her in of the hall going into her office.

You smiled softly and thanked her silently. You looked back over the meal and grabbed the plastic-covered utensils before eating your breakfast.

You already had your drink so there was no need for you to get thirsty.

You took a bite from your food and hummed at the taste. There was no doubt that Krone knew how to cook. Maybe you should take a few tips from her and start cooking yourself.

While eating you logged onto the computer that was on your desk and typed up a couple of papers for your manager. He was extremely picky when it came to things. He liked to be extremely organized and didn't like mistakes. So you were going to make sure that you do just that.

Your fingers clicked on the keyboard while your eyes scan over the screen.

A knock came on your door but you didn't notice because you were so deep into your work.

Instead of knocking on the door, someone came into the room without you noticing. They closed the door behind them and walked up towards the desk.

You heard someone walking and already knew who it was. "What, Emma?" You asked.

The person walked closer and you stopped what you were doing and looked up to see your manager. You flinched slightly at his presence and stopped what you were doing.

"O-oh! Uhm, good morning, sir. I didn't hear you come in," you said sitting up and scooting more under your desk to hide your feet. You didn't want him knowing that you had on house slippers at a workplace like this.

"Good morning Y/n," he said. "I just wanted to speak to you," he said looking you in the eyes with his nonchalant facial expression.

"Yes?" Panic went across your face. 'Don't tell me I'm in trouble again,' you internally groaned.

"Don't worry, you're not in trouble. I wanted to apologize to you for my actions."

You raised your eyebrows in surprise at this.

"A couple of people have pointed out to me that I've been a little hard on you and when they mentioned it, I've admitted to myself that my actions towards you were unnecessary. Once again, I apologize." He said nodding.

You smiled softly at this. "Apology accepted, sir."

"Here's your check for this week."

He placed an envelope on your desk and made his way towards the door.

You took the envelope and smiled.

'He apologized...'

Today was a good day, wasn't it? You didn't want to jinx it so you shook the thought off immediately. You were just grateful that things were taking their turn onto a positive path.

"And, Y/n?" He said looking over his shoulder at you.

You looked up towards him waiting for him to speak.

"You have crumbs on your face. You might want to get that before you ruin your clothes," and with that, he left your office leaving you a blushing mess.

"That was so embarrassing..." you whined. You grabbed a napkin and looked at a little mirror that you had and got the mess off of your face before throwing the napkin into the trash can.

Now that you think back to your boss was kind of attractive.. in a way. Well, he was attractive. A very attractive man.

And he just saw and pointed out your sloppiness.

"He probably thinks I'm a pig," you groaned.

"Well, I can't stay on that forever. I still have to work to do," you mumbled to yourself going back to work. When you were done you printed out your papers and wiped your countertop off. You were on your way to the lounge to receive your things.

But before that, you made sure to stop by Emma's office, knocking on her door lightly.

"Hey, Emma!" She looked up at you with a smile on her face before looking back down at her screen. "Good morning, Y/n! You seem to be in a good mood today," she noticed.

You laughed lightly, stopping in her doorway. "That's because I am. I had a good night's rest and I had a great breakfast this morning." You looked around the halls to make sure it was clear before you whispered shouted your last part.

"And the boss apologized to me!"

"He did?" Emma asked with a surprised look on her face.

You nodded your head 'yeah' with a cocky smile on your face. "What can I say? He couldn't resist me," you said before straightening up your collar.

Emma snickered and shook her head. "That was nice of him. I and Norman told him that he was being too hard on you and that he should give you a chance."

Your shoulders sagged slightly.

"What? So it wasn't a genuine apology? Both of you forced him to say sorry?"

"What? No. We just pointed it out to him, he just took it on his own to apologize," she said to make things clear.

You formed your lips saying 'Oh.'


"Oh. Okay, well I'm going to let you get back to your work because you look pretty busy. I'm going to the lounge to retrieve my papers."

Before you could leave, Emma called you back.

"Hey, Y/n?"

You looked at her with raised eyebrows, humming.

"I was planning on doing a dinner with a few of our coworkers at the fancy restaurant in the city. Are you willing to go?"

You were on the spot. You weren't usually into being around a large crowd but she said that it was a few coworkers, but.. what about your show?!

"Umm sure why not?" You said smiling nervously. You didn't want to sound mean or to make it sound like you were brushing her off so you just decided to say 'yes'.

"Okay! I'll send you the information later!"

You walked down the hall and you finally made it to the lounge and got your papers. You stacked them neatly into your hands and made sure that you had all of them.

You walked down the hall and made your way into the elevator and pressed the button waiting to arrive at your boss's office.

Piano music played softly in the background. You looked around, looking at your reflection in the mirror, and straightened up your hair.


The elevator stopped and you walked out into his office only to find that he wasn't there.

"Where is he?" You asked yourself.

You looked around and admired everything that was in there. A small fountain was on the left-hand side of the room, a flat-screen TV on the right with a couch in the right-center facing the TV, and his desk in front of the glass windows that shined a light into the room.

You walked over to the water fountain listening to the water flow from the wall and into the bottom portion flowing into some unknown area.

"This is so cute... and calming."

You then walked over to the couch and swiped your hand over it as you made your way to his desk.

You stood in front of his desk and placed the stack down. You looked at the window and walked over to it behind his desk and looked at the city.

Cars and people passed by on the streets and you could hear faint noises from the traffic.

"They look like ants," you snickered at your childish joke. You stared for a few more minutes before turning back around to take your leave.

You notice something that was on his desk. It was a picture of him and a beautiful woman.

"Is this his mom?" You asked analyzing her features. In the picture, he was young, around twelve? Fourteen maybe? Yeah, gotta be. He stood in front of her with her hand placed on his shoulder. She had long black hair and purple eyes. She wore a tan blazer with a purple shirt and a purple and white skirt to match.

She looked so young in your opinion. "She's so pretty."

You said to yourself.

You picked up the picture to see Ray, softly smiling.

"Wow," you said.

You heard the bell rung and the elevator doors opened making you placed down the picture and move quickly from around the desk.

Ray came from the elevator along with Norman making your blood run cold. They were looking down at some papers. 'So this means they haven't seen me behind his desk,' you said.

Norman looked up with furrowed eyes to see you.

"Oh, Uhm, hey Miss.L/n. What are you doing here?" He asked. Ray looked up and raised his eyebrow looking at you.

"Oh, hello there," you started.

The two walked over towards you and stopped.

"I came here to bring you your papers, sir," you said looking at Ray.

He looked over at the papers then back to you. "Okay." He said bluntly.

You stood there awkwardly before nodding your head. "Excuse me," you said leaving.

The two watched you walk into the elevator, pressing the button to take your leave.

You felt like you were burning up from embarrassment. You wanted to leave as quickly as possible. You wanted to vanish even.

The doors finally closed for you to slap your hand on your forehead.

This was the second strike.

"Okay. Okay. Let's not ruin this, Y/n. Don't ruin your day with your negative thinking... yeah. It's all in your head," you said calming your heart in the elevator.

The elevator ring, signaling that you were back on your floor.

"Okay. It shouldn't be too long before it's time to go home. Just Finnish your work and go home. Finish your work... and go home. Simple," you mumbled to yourself.

You needed the motivation.

You got back into your office and went back to work. Now and then you would look at the clock seeing that it was almost time to go.

When it was time, you gathered your things and placed them into your bag. Logged off of your computer and grabbed the container so you could return it to Krone.

You walked towards her end of the hall, almost running into her.

"Hey, Krone! I wanted to return you your container," she grabbed it from you and placed it inside of her bag.

"Did you enjoy it?"

Your eyes gleamed thinking back about the food.

"It was amazing! It was so good," you gushed. You came back down from cloud nine and smiled at her. "But yes, I did enjoy the meal and I want to thank you! I don't usually cook because... I don't know how, really," you said awkwardly and letting out a nervous laugh.

"You don't?" She raised her eyebrow at you in surprise. "I'm surprised."

"Yeah.. but I can always learn."

Krone nodded her head in agreement and walked along with you to the elevator making your way back home.

You walked out of the building telling Anna that you'd see her later, made your way into the parking lot, and made your way home, getting ready for tonight.

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