Chapter 39


🦋Talking openly about your mental illness is not seeking attention, it's seeking help.🦋


"Ray," you hummed lightly. It was early in the morning and you were still currently staying in his apartment. You silently sat up slightly and cupped his face and caressed it gently with your thumbs.

His eyebrows furrowed slightly in his sleep at the intrusion of waking him up. He raised his hand and grabbed the back of your head gently, trying to force your head to lay back down onto the pillow.

"What are you-"

"Go back to sleep, Y/n," he grumbled. "It's too damn early for this," he said in a raspy voice before clearing his throat and turning his back towards you.

"But I'm hungry," you grumbled lowly to yourself.

"There's food in the kitchen. You're a big girl, go fix yourself something," he said brushing your small complaints away.

You rolled your eyes at his stubbornness and threw the covers off of your body, making sure to pile them up on top of him so he can get overheated from the thick fabric before placing your feet onto the clean cold tile floors.

"Fine," you said straightening up the large-size t-shirt that you wore before looking back at his stilled form that was on the bed. "Don't expect me to fix you anything, Ray."

He remains unresponsive and snored softly on his pillow, signaling that he fell back asleep.

You let out a soft sigh and went outside of the room, making your way downstairs and going into the kitchen.

"So what to make, what to make," you mumbled to yourself as you padded your way through the large kitchen.

You grabbed all of the ingredients that you needed from the pantry and the fridge before you began cooking everything within the bowls and pans.

Wasn't too long before you finished and you decided to be kind by fixing Ray a plate.

You took the spatula and placed the omelets that were filled with stirred-fried rice onto the plates. It was a Japanese traditional omelet meal that was called, Omurice.

You grabbed the bottle of ketchup and placed it on the table, not wanting to add anything to his meal, just in case he wanted to eat his omelet without the sauce.

"Ray!" You called going towards the dish rack, grabbing two glass cups and filling them up with ice from the outside of the refrigerator.

You listened to the hum of the refrigerator as the cubs plopped down from the whole, dropping into the first glassmaking loud clicking sounds.

When you filled it up to a certain amount you peered back slightly and looked up the stairway waiting for the male to come walking down the stair sluggishly. But instead, he wasn't there.

Maybe he didn't hear me.

You placed both of the cups down onto the table and made your way up the stairs, down the hallway, and stood before the half-opened door.


"Where is he?"

You heard him say inside of the room. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion and looked through the small crack.

'Is he on the phone?'

"I need to get at least three of them. Yeah, so she can be on them regularly... Send me the location and in the meantime, keep tabs on him."

'The hell?'

What is he talking about?.... Who is he talking to?

Keep tabs on who?!

You backed away from the door when you saw that he hanged up the phone and sprinted down the hallway quietly, trying to make it down to the kitchen as quietly as possible.

When you arrived, it wasn't too long later when Ray came down and joined you.

"It's about time you came. I just got finished," you said trying to calm your breathing from the previous moving you were just doing.

"Sorry about that. I was checking on my Mom again..."

You remained silent and filled both of your glasses.

"It smells good by the way," Ray said walking towards the table and sitting down. "Thank you," he mumbled with a small tint on his cheeks.

You turned around and placed the drinks on the table and smiled. "There's no need to thank me. I mean I did use your food," you snorted.

Ray rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"By the way, I wanted to tell you," you pulled out your chair and sat down in your seat before scooting your chair in.


"My friend Gilda wants to go on a double date," you said smiling brightly.

"Fine," he groaned. "But we have to do it later. I have a busy schedule right now."

"Sounds like a deal."


Water leaked from the ceiling pipes splashing onto the floor one by one, after another.

It's been hours.

You've been inside of the cold empty room for at least two to three hours now and you were sure it was nighttime now.

Being alone inside of a cold cramped and dirty room made you feel extremely claustrophobic, and the smell of mold and how stiff and stuffy the air was made you want to vomit on the cold floors.

When you were first placed in here, they made sure to activate the sleeping gas to knock you out completely to prevent you from attack the guard who put you inside.

The bruise under your eye started to form and make its dark purple appearance, contrasting with the original tone of your skin color.

You looked around and tried tugging on the cuffs that were tied around a pipe that was inside the room, going through the floor through the ceiling.

"Help," you croaked while tugging. "Somebody please help," you said in a dry voice.

Your throat was extremely dry and your wrist was extremely sore by how tight the cuffs were placed around them.

You tried to form multiple ways on how you can escape the room but then the little girl deep down inside of you kept forcing herself out of you, only wanting to crawl into a small tight corner, and cried to herself, hoping a miracle would happen. But you knew. You knew that that wasn't the case and for a miracle to happen, you have to make one by putting in the effort.

But there didn't seem like there was any other way out but to get outside of the door. There weren't any windows nor were there any other doors within the room. Just a bucket for you to use when you felt like you had to use the bathroom which made you extremely disgusted.

Imagine being stuck by a bucket for days with shit and piss inside of it.

You didn't get anything to eat nor drink. Thinking about it made your stomach growl.

A small lightbulb hanging from the ceiling was a dim yellow color that kept flicking repeatedly giving you that it wouldn't be too soon until it would go out.

Not too long later the door that was in front of you was opened to the big man who had brought you inside of this room.

"Here," he said plopping down the tray making all of the soup inside of the bowl spill and the scraps of bread fall onto the floor.

You looked down quietly and frowned deeply.

"You ate half of the food... What's the point of you bringing it to me if you're going to eat it and not feed me properly," you said in a dry voice.

"Stop complaining so much and eat the food, girl," the man snarled.

You raised your hands around the pole to show that it was hard for you to do so because you were in chains. The man rolled his eyes and groaned before walking up towards you.

"How'd I know you're not gonna pull some damn stunt if I take these things off? You might try and escape," the man said crossing his arms over his chest.

"I," you cleared your throat, "can't... I'm not strong enough to do so anyway," you said slowly while looking down.

The man stared down at you for a few minutes before grabbing the keys from out of his back pocket and bent down to take off the cuffs. When it was off you immediately drunk down the cold water from the water bottle that was brought to your room and began munching hungrily on the bread.

It felt like you haven't eaten in months even though you knew that you didn't been in there for that long. You didn't get a chance to eat all day and it felt like the pain in your stomach would've gotten worse if you didn't eat now.

You began to choke on the crumbs from the bread-making you gag and cover your mouth with your hands.

The man looked down at you with a disgusted look and made a deep frown on his face.

"Now how in the hell did you do that?"

You grabbed the metal bucket and gagged a couple of more times and managed to make yourself puke up.

The man wrinkled his nose and cursed.

"Listen here. Stop being such a nasty brat and eat your food properly."

You held onto the buck with your hands as you trembled slightly while tears ran down your face and your throat burned.

"What are you doing now-"

You immediately swung around at a fast pace and forcefully through all of the throw-ups and piss that was inside of the bucket on the man and then threw the whole bucket at his head.

The man screamed in disgust and pain making him fall onto the floor when he couldn't see clearly.

You stood up and grabbed the gray bucket and bashed the man repeatedly on the head with the bucket, knocking him out, and grabbed the keys from his pocket. You'd straightened up your clothes and left the room after locking him inside.

You stealthy and quietly made your way down the hall at a quick place desperate to get out of the building.

"Please, please, please, please, please," you pleaded silently with a racing heart trying to find out how to get out of here without being caught.

"Darling... How did you manage to escape your room?"

You heard a deep voice said making you freeze on the spot. You immediately turned around and saw him standing at the end of the hallway.

"Don't you care to know the reason why you're in the middle of all of this, darling?" The man asked without moving.

You moved back slowly, unsure of how to respond. You felt like your throat was closing in on you and it was getting hard to breath. Or it's just the fact that I'm at this moment, you forgot how to breathe. You desperately needed the fresh air. You were in a life or death situation and you still needed to come up with a plan to get out of here.

Maybe you could stall for some time. You have to do what you have to do to get out of this situation.

"No... no, I don't," you said with a shaky voice feeling your nerves getting the best of you.

"You've been left inside the dark for too long.... haven't you, darling," he said giving you a look of pity.

"What are you talking about being in the dark? You're the one who brought me into this Peter!" Just saying his name left a horrible taste in your mouth. "You're the one who broke into my home. You're the one who brought me here. You're the one who got me locked inside of that room and mistreated by that big bitch!"

A dry laugh came from his mouth as he shook his head. "But why did I do it? Why did this happen to you darling? These are the questions you have to ask yourself. What is the leasing source or rather who is the cause of it all?" He said taking a few steps towards your way.

"I'm just a man trying to get by in life and has to do dirty things to do that. Aren't we all?"

"I'm nothing like you! And I don't deserve to be here nor be treated like this," you yelled in desperation walking back towards the opened door.

You didn't know that the door behind you was wide open of the out-of-order elevator. Make any wrong moves and you would fall to your death, landing on top of the elevator was about three stories down on the first floor.

"Maybe not you specifically... but Ray is."

"Wh-what are you talking about?"

"He's the one who started all of this, dear," Peter said coming closer to you. "I'm not the cause of this... your little boyfriend is."

Your eyebrows furrowed and you looked at him with a devastating look. You held out your hand indicating that you wanted him to stay where he was and you didn't want him to come any further towards you.

"No, he's not! You're- you're a liar!"

"Oh? And why would I lie? What's my reason to lie, Y/n?"

"Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about! You're the reason for all of this! You're part of the reason why he's suffering!" You said looking at him trying to keep yourself from tearing up.

"If you come near me or him... I'll kill you!" You said looking him dead in the eyes with an angered expression with tears bringing your eyes. Would you do it? You could only know if he decides to force your hand. If it came down to it, you'd do it.

"Is that a threat?"

"It's a promise," you answered back with venom in your tone.


You say in the office, Rays office continuing his paperwork that he didn't complete. It was one of those days when he didn't show up for work and you along with Norman were taking control of him.

Seeing the black ink drip out of the ink pen that you used, danced on the paper along with the movement of your fingers and hand. Your fingers created cursive letters onto the sheets before you, forming beautiful well-written sentences, one after another. Filling out blank spaces and checking over everything that needed to be looked over.

You heard the elevator beeped and the doors opened revealing a cheerful orange-headed female.

"Ohyaooo!" The girl wished you a good morning with a bright smile on her face while making her way towards you. "I came to drop off my paperwork and to come to see you of course," she laughed.

You smiled at her and laughed lightly. "Good morning to you too, Emma. Also, thanks," you said grabbing the papers away from her.

"No problem," she said sitting halfway on the desk.

"Emma, I don't think Ray would like the fact that you're sitting on his desk like that."

"He's not here so it doesn't matter," she swung her feet back and forth as if she was sitting on the porch of her home, letting her bare feet get some fresh air by swinging them around. "Speaking of him not being here. He's barely here. Well for the past couple of days I mean..."

"He said that he had needed to do something important."

"Well, this should be what he's handling. How can he run a business when he's not even here?" She said looking at you with furrowed eyebrows.

"But he said that it was 'business related'. I'm not trying to pry or anything, but I think that it does deal with his business. So in a way, he isn't slacking," you said unsure. Maybe you're just making up too many excuses for your good.

"Well I don't know," Emma said doubtfully. "If he wanted for something like that to happen, he could have sent Norman out to get it instead of himself. He is the head of this business, after all," her green eyes looked at you and seen that you were deep in thought and seen that you were starting to question his actions as well.

A smile then came to her face when she tried to look on the bright side of it all. "Or maybe it's something only for him to handle. Who knows," Emma said with a beaming tone.

You smiled softly and hummed. "Yeah, you're right."

She looked down at the paperwork you were doing and walked around the desk. "Here, let me help."


The taller man paused and looked to the side and held onto his earpiece when someone was yelling on the other end.

"Shit," he cursed silently but you still heard it when it echoed down the hall.

You heard a loud ruckus coming from outside making you look out the window quickly.

Peter marches towards you and you turned towards him in panic. You looked left and right and finally saw your light.

The stairway.

You pushed open the door and began running carefully down the steps with him chasing after you.
You needed to go faster. You needed to lose him. But it was so hard because his legs were longer than yours and it was getting harder to get away from him.

You got to the second floor and immediately burst through the doors, leaving from out the stairway. You only had one more set of stairs left but there wasn't any way you were gonna make it because he was on your tail.

You slammed the door back onto him, mashing his hands in between the door having him scream in pain.

You sprinted down the hallway trying to find a room to hide in one by one but all of the doors were locked. Shit, shit, shit.

You finally found a room and hid inside of it cutting off the lights before ducking beneath the door with your back holding the door close.

You didn't have that much time left. It was only a matter of time before he'd find you.

You heard his footsteps come down the hall in ragging pants. "Where the hell is you?! I'm sick of these games!"

He kicked down one of the locked doors making it smash roughly against the walls.

"Stop making things so difficult, Y/n," he groaned in pain. "I'm not the one who's causing this. Your boyfriend is the one! He's doing this, damnit!" He gritted between clenched teeth. "He's the one who was doing illegal things. He's the one who has the dirty money," he ranted.

You listened to the man with parted lips with your back still held against the door listening to him yell and scream.

"He's the one who is the manipulator. He used Anna! And I wouldn't be surprised if he's using you!"

You heard another door burst open making you flinch from the noise. You tried looking around the room with the little light there was but couldn't find anything but an old sheet of paper and mold along the cracks of the walls.

Shit. You can't defend yourself.

The door behind you finally was forced open, knocking you down onto the floor making you look up in fear.

"There you are," he said panting with sweat trickling down his head.

You heard another door opened slowly down the hall which made Peter turned and his eyes widened in fear.

"It's you... how did you-"

A sound of a trigger being pulled launching a bullet through the wind in slow motion, making the bullet ripped through the flesh and bones of Peter's forehead through the back. Blood splatter everywhere and his body dropped down slowly before landing near your feet as blood slowly seeped out, making a big puddle on the floor.

You looked down with wide eyes and made a blood-curdling scream when his full eyes look up to you lifeless.

"I'm here now..."

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