Chapter 40


🦋Fear is temporary. Regrets last forever. Your mistakes are stepping stones necessary to improvement.🦋


It was the middle of the night when a figure emerged itself from the darkness making its way towards the well-lit building in Tokyo city. This figure was dressed and covered from head to toe in all black, hiding away their identity so no one can catch a glimpse of who this person may be.

The air was slightly muggy and steam was rising from the ground as billions of raindrops fell from the sky onto the concrete. The heavens above blessed the earth with its tears, crying and heartbroken from all of the demons causing hell upon the earth causing corruptions and making sinful acts one after another.

The person pulled out their phone to check the time before powering it off and stuffing it back into their back pocket so they won't have to face any disruption with their meeting.

A gloved hand raised and knock gently on the door making sure not to make too much noise to attract anyone nearby who had any prying ears.

After all, this was in the red district of Tokyo.

The crime rate was high here, so that meant that the police were on patrol twenty-four seven.

As long as they stay out of the lights and hid in the shadows... they should be fine. They just had to make this quick and hurry to get this over with.

Small shuffling noises were heard behind the door before it came to a halt.

"Who is it?" A feminine voice was heard behind the door.

"It's me," they said low but clear enough for the woman behind the door to hear their voice.

The locks on the door were unlocked before the door was pulled open slowly.

"You're here. I've been waiting for you..." The blond-haired woman said, standing at her door entrance looking at the person before her.

"Can I come in?"

She stepped back gently and opened the door and held out her arm lazy, in a poor attempt to saying that they're invited inside.

"Haven't been seeing you much lately," the person said looking around the room fully. It wasn't like there was anything to see from the beginning. The living room was dark, papers and bills were stacked up on the table, and cigarette trays were filled with used cigarettes along with ashes spread out onto the table.

"Oh... yeah," she said trying to fix her messy golden locks of hair.

"Anything new?" The person said turning around towards the female.

The woman remained silent and smile, showing that she had ill intentions. The air around them grew cold and sinful as if she turned into an unknown creature. Devil horns grew on her shadow's head and her eyes went from blue to red.

A demon who disguised herself as an angel.

"About that..."


Bloodshot eyes widened as they saw the person standing down the hall creating a long black shadow before them when they stood in front of the window, having the light from the moon highlighting the frame around their body.

Their hands rose and aligned the gun towards their eye before giving Peter one more smile before pulling the trigger without any hesitance.

"It's you... how did you-"

A sound of a trigger being pulled launching a bullet through the wind in slow motion, making the bullet ripped through the flesh and bones of Peter's forehead through the back. Blood splatter everywhere and his body dropped down slowly before landing near your feet as blood slowly seeped out, making a big puddle on the floor.

You looked down with wide eyes and made a blood-curdling scream when his full eyes look up to you lifeless.

"I'm here now..." A voice echoed down the corridor as they walked slowly with heavy footsteps.

You moved back towards the wall hurriedly on your hands and feet trying to get away from the blood that was expanding its puddle on the floor, by every second.

You stood up and moved around the man hurriedly and looked out the door to see who was the person who killed him.

Your eyes widen in fear when you saw the person standing down the hallway with a gun placed in their hands, smoke making its way from the gun hole, and a crazed smile placed on their red lips.

"It's about time, Y/n," they started. "I thought you were going to stay in that little room of yours forever. Come on and let's go we gotta leave before they show up."

The person placed more bullets in their gun and cocked the top back before holding it down, so they wouldn't accidentally waste another bullet on something useless.

You got out of the doorway slowly and began to tremble when they didn't show any sign of putting down the gun.

"Put the gun down, Anna," you said holding out a handle to signal for her to lower it.

"Put your hands up where I can see them, Y/n. I don't know if you're going to attack me or not. So just follow what I say so I won't have to put a bullet through you," she looked down at Peter and frowned deeply. "You don't want to end up like him, do you?"

You shook your head no quickly and did as she said while looking at her. "N-no... I don't.

You hesitated. Did you have an option? Maybe if you comply you can make it out of this. Once you see a gateway, you'd take the opportunity and escape immediately.

"Turn around. This place is grabbing too much attention and we need to get out of here... This place is swarming with the rest of the demons."

"Demons?" You asked with worry.

Anna didn't respond but followed you with the gun pressed against your back while guiding you through the building quietly, trying not to grab anyone's attention.

The both of you made your way back towards the stairway and quietly made your way down the steps.

"I'm... I still don't understand what's going on," you said quietly trying to control your breathing, taking one step after another so the sound of your footsteps wouldn't grab anyone's attention.

"I think that's for the best," she said bluntly, shoving you down the stairs making you almost miss a step.

"If I end up dying today... I at least want to know what was the reason for me to go out like this. Why am I involved?" You asked warily while walking down from the second-floor steps to the first one.

"Because you're involved with Ray, someone who is well known and is the cause of you being kidnapped," Anna said bluntly.

"But, you're not-"

"Ray has been involved in some dangerous activities and has been involved with people who do illegal activities. The demons are not fond of him either."

You remained silent and tried processing the information that was given to you. "But why? What's the purpose," you started. "Why did he do all of this if he's doing what you claim?" You looked at her in the corner of your eye before stopping before the door.

"I don't know. I don't know why he's doing it... That's something you have to ask him for yourself." She opened the back SOO and lead you back to the familiar parking lot that you came from earlier.

"But how can I when-"

She grabbed you by the back of your shirt with a firm grip looking at the cars before her. You noticed the cars also and furrowed your eyebrows in panic.

A black car that was in the parking lot before you, engines roared and flashed the bright lights in front of you and Anna.

"Anna... who is that?" You asked in a shaky voice while looking ahead of you with your eyes half-closed from the brightness. "Do you know who they are?"

You turned around and took in the woman's appearance. She had a scared look on her face and she knew that she couldn't get out of this one.

She quickly released her grip from your shirt and backed up slowly with her hands shaking around the gun.

A tall figure from the car emerged from the doors with a mask over their face. A mask of a demon.

The man in the disguised walks to the front of the car, covering the lights with their body while holding out a gun pointed towards you and Anna.

"I-," Anna said with a shaky voice.

Seven other men came out of the vehicle with a similar mask that matched with their leader's one and stood by his side.

"I'm not the one you're looking for!" Anna stayed quickly with terrified eyes. Her sharp nails dug deep inside of your forearms making you wince.

You tried taking a step back when you saw the men making their way towards you in a panic state.

"Why lie, Anna? I know you've been helping Rossetti," the deep voice said pointing a weapon towards her.

"N-no I didn't! I swear I-"

The man 'tsked' the female behind you repeatedly and pulled off his mask, revealing a severely burned face.

"Anna, Anna, Anna... there's no need to lie. A little lab rat caught you in the lab stealing some of our pills."

"No- that's not true!"

"So.... you're saying that my men are lying?" The man asked raising an eyebrow, where it should've been placed on his face. "So you're calling me a liar," he said in anger.

You flinched at his tone making him look directly towards you.

"Oh? Excuse my manners miss," the man bowed mockingly.

You looked at him darting your eyes all over his face, taking him in. Raw red stretched skin was all you saw on the right side of his face making you grimace and take a small step back when you got a good view of how the man looked.

"You may be unfamiliar with us or you may have heard of us," the man said looking at you with bloodshot eyes looking through the thick rubber mask that hides his face away. "Let me introduce ourselves," he cleared his throat and placed with the object that was in his hands

"We are one of the famous known as the demons of Tokyo," the man said looking around taking in the beautiful city behind the building showing the bright colorful lights in the far distance.

Your blood ran cold and your nerves went shocked

He placed his mask back onto his face and dug into his pocket and pulled out a weapon before inspecting it. "Rossetti should've been here... too bad he isn't. He won't be able to see the show I'm gonna put on for him." The man said pulling out his weapon and pointed towards the both of you.

"No- WAIT!" Anna yelled in fear.

He pulled the trigger and she went down instantly onto the ground. You screamed when you heard the trigger pulled and the female's tight grip was no longer there.

"One down. One to go," the tall male said pointing his gun at you with the beam on the center of your forehead. "Go grab the bags out of my car why don't you? We gonna disposal the bodies once this is done," the leader said to one of his followers.

"Yes, sir," the male said walking to the car, popping open the trunk.

A loud explosion went off, blowing up the vehicle behind the men. The men couldn't react in time enough and ended up being caught inside of the explosion and it blew you and Anna's body back, closer to the building.

You scrambled on your feet quickly as you coughed violently and heaved. You looked up and saw that the vehicle was set on fire along with the men's bodies burning slowly on the ground in front of you.

"Sorry... I'm late," Ray appeared from the smoke dressed in all black from head to toe.

You looked up at him and choked up a sob.


"Come on, we gotta go now before someone comes," he said walking up towards you and helping you stand up.

"So many people... I don't understand-"

"I'll explain later. I just have to get you out of here, now," he said sternly. He grabbed you by your waist and nudged you behind him.

"No...... please.... don't leave me.... here."

Both of you looked down to see Anna looking up at you with half-lidded eyes with blood seeping out of her shoulder. You looked towards Ray with terrified eyes while he looked down at the blonde with unreadable ones.

"Ray, we can't leave her," you said choking up.

"Hurry up and get her away from the building. I got something to do." He said looking up and the building with a stoic look. "I have to get rid of this... I got everything I need now...."

You picked up the bleeding girl and hoisted her weak form up on your back. You knew that the both of you were no near friends and were mostly enemies. She helped your kidnapper take you but she saved you from him... You didn't know what she was going to do once she had you all to herself but.... you just knew for sure. You couldn't let her die here.

"Bring me the gasoline from out of the trunk," he said pointing towards an unfamiliar vehicle that wasn't too far away.

After everything, you have been through. You weren't a killer and you would hate to see her die here. It would've stuck with you for the rest of your life. Having a picture of another human being dying slowly on the ground. Someone who you knew, someone who you worked with, someone who you once considered a friend at the beginning of all of this.

You had a heart.

You moved to the other side of the parking lot and saw another vehicle and placed her in the back seat.
"Stay here... I'll be back," you said while ripping off a piece of your shirt, wrapping it around her gun wound to help stop the bleeding.

You knew she wasn't going to last for long if Ray took too long. You needed to leave immediately.

When he received the gasoline he opened the front doors and went inside, pouring the liquid all on the first floor in the front of the building. He walked back outside into the dark, making a trail with the gasoline before it ended, and threw down the empty container. He dug inside of his pocket and pulled out his matches and dragged it across the box at a fast pace, creating a small fire at the end of the stick before throwing it.

When it landed on the gasoline, a trail of fire immediately ran at a fast pace from the outside and into the building burning everything that was around.

You and Ray looked up at the building in awe as it went up in flames. Neither of you said a word, watching the fire burn the building down. In the distance, you heard sirens from police and the firefighter's cars. It wouldn't be long until they arrive...

You felt a hand reach for yours and you looked over to see Ray.

"Let's go..."

You sat in the passenger seat looking outside of your window with a saddened look. The sun was placed lowly in the sky, indicating that it was a start of a new day and it was early in the morning now. The sky was a blue and orange color before the sunrise.

"Why..." you started while looking out the window with a tear running down your face. "Why did you do this? Tell me the truth..."

You looked over at him with a heartbroken look.

"What he said.... what she said... What did you do, Ray?" You looked at him with a distressed look. The said male look towards you and cleared his throat before running his hands through his hair.

"I'm sorry."

"No! Don't give me that!" You said looking at him and sitting up in your seat abruptly.

"I caused all of this..."

"How did you cause this? What did you-"

"I'm the one who stole from them... I stole pills, I stole resources, I used Anna, and I ...." He hesitated for a while and looked out the window looking at the rising sun.

"I'm the one who killed Conny..."

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