Chapter 5

"Hey, Y/n? You haven't talked this whole time!" Emma said looking to you.

"H-huh? I'm sorry-"

"I know what will get you talking." Emma grabbed a wine bottle and poured it into a glass handing it to you.

You froze on the spot looking at the glass. Was this a good idea?!

"Umm? No, I don't think that's a good idea," you said frowning slightly.

"Oh come on! It'll be fun!" Emma said grabbing a glass and pouring it into your glass. You watched her pour the red wine into the glass and pour the rest in everyone else's.

You can't do this! 'I came alone! I can't drive home drunk.' You started to panic and fiddled with your fingers under the table. Luckily no one noticed.

Anna reaches up to her glass and smiled. "Let's have a toast!" You hesitantly grabbed your glass and clinked it with everyone else's.

They began drinking and you took a small sip and placed it onto the table.

"Oh my gosh, Norman. Look at your face," Ray snickered.

You looked towards Ray to see her was chuckling while Norman rubbed his neck bashfully.

"There's nothing funny Ray," he groaned.

You admired Ray's features taking in his face. His sharp jawline, slightly messy black hair. Black eyes that looked slightly grey... He was so handsome.

A blush made its way in your face just looking at his face.

Anna noticed and raised an eyebrow at you.

You caught her starring at you and you smiled softly before clearing your throat. "Umm.. I'll be back," you said to everyone, excusing yourself from the table.

You backed away in your seat grabbed your things making your way to the restroom.

"Don't take too long!" Emma said in a sluggish voice.

You went into the bathroom and gasped lightly. This... you... "I shouldn't have to come. This was a bad idea.. a very bad idea," you mumbled you went into the bathroom and used it from drinking all of your water because you were so nervous and was trying to keep yourself occupied. And that was by eating and drinking.

You finished what you were doing and walked out of the stall to go wash your hands. "I should come up with an excuse to leave... like... I forgot about leaving my dog something to eat... I left my stove on. No that wouldn't work. Why would I cook before coming out to eat?"

You turned off the water and grabbed some paper towels to dry off your hands. You took the paper and threw it in the trash and looked at your phone to see what time it was. Yeah... you can leave. You've been here for a good while. Just leave your money here and tell them that it was an emergency.


You decided to look for your waiter when he was done talking to other people at another table.

"Umm, excuse me, sir?" He turned around and looked at you with raised eyebrows. "Yes?"

"I wanted to know what was my bill? I'm about to leave and I wanted to pay it by either giving it to you or leaving it at the table."

"Okay, that's fine I'm about to get the receipt right now." You thanked him and stood by the door anxiously waiting for him to come. Time felt like it was going extremely slow and you felt like you were suffocating. You felt like people were watching you all around.

Judging you.

"I got to get out of here," you mumbled nervously. "I feel that something bad is gonna happen if I don't leave immediately."

You looked around to see that Anna spotted you out at the table making the others look over towards you. You were gonna look away but they already saw you. 'Looks like I have no other choice.'

A nervous smile made its way to your face as you walked over to the table. You felt like you were gonna fall with these heels on and embarrass yourself in front of everyone.

You finally made your way over to them. "H-hey guys!"

"Y/n, why you're standing in the corner? You've been avoiding us all night," Emma said with a frown on her face.

"Is something wrong?" Norman asked with slight concern.

"O-oh. About that I'm leaving early," you said in unease.

"Huh? Why?!" Emma whined.

"Because, I forgot I left my dog with my neighbor.. and I promised her I'd get him at a certain time you see and it's over that time," you said rubbing your arm avoiding their eyes.

"You have a dog?" Anna asked.

"Y-yeah! Umm well, I have to go. I'll see you later." You had to end it quickly before they could question you more. Ray watched you in confusion trying to figure out why you were so anxious.

He had a feeling you were lying but honestly, he couldn't care less. Whatever you had going on was your problem and he wasn't going to be the one to pry.

"Guys, stop interrogating her and let her go," he said dismissively.

A small frown came into your face at his words. At least he stopped them.

You turned around to take your leave when you felt something fall on you. You shrieked in shock and looked down to see that a waiter spilled drinks and seemed to be frost from a desert fell on you.

"O-oh ma'am I am so sorry! I.. I can clean that up for you. I'm so sorry!" The girl said with a terrified look on her face.

Everyone that was around turned towards you watching the entire situation unfold. A blush of embarrassment came onto your cheeks and you felt your body heating up.


"I-it's okay," you mumbled. "I just want to pay for my food," you mumbled. You felt your eyes well up in tears but you refused to cry in front of your coworkers and all of these wealthy people around.

Your dress and trench coat was wet and stained.

"Y/n no.." Emma said with worried eyes.

"Don't worry I'll pay for her food," You heard someone said

You thanked them internally and made your way out of the restaurant to save yourself the embarrassment. Tears went down your face as you got into the parking lot making your way to your car. You reached into your purse and wiped your tears with your free hand and grabbed your keys unlocking the door.

When the car door was opened you got yourself into your seat and locked the doors before crying. 'I should've never come. I embarrassed myself in front of everyone.'

In the restaurant everyone watched you leave in shock. They didn't expect that to happen at all.

"Well at least her clothes were black... you can't see the stains. Poor girl," Anna mumbled.

"I feel bad," Norman sighed raking his hand through his hair.

"So do I... she was probably feeling left out all night and she was probably uncomfortable."

Ray scooted his chair back and stood up with his hands deep in his pocket. Everyone looked up towards the male with confusion on their faces.

"Hmm? Ray, where you going?" Anna asked with a small frown on her face.

"I'm going to pay for everyone's food and then I'm about to head home," he said scooting the chair back under the table.

"Okay, I'll call you." She grabbed his arm with a concerned face.

"Okay. Get home safely Anna." He looked towards Norman and Emma with a smirk. "And Norman, you behave yourself. Be a good boy."

Norman gasped with an offended look and a blush across his face.

"What?" Emma asked before narrowing her eyebrows. "Ray! Why would you say something like that?!" She whines.

Ray rolled his eyes and made his way up front and paid for the food and left the building.

He looked around the parking lot. A small frown was on his face. He was ready to go home, it's been a tiring night. He wasn't planning on staying out too late.

He walked to the left side of the parking lot getting ready to get inside his car when he notices you sitting in your car crying while trying to clean the stains off of your dress with wet wipes from your glove department.

He was going to mind his business and go inside of his truck. But by his car being parked directly beside yours, he heard your crying and rolled his eyes and walked to your car grumpily with his hands shoved deep inside his pockets.

You sniffed lightly while scrubbing out the stain. You stopped what you were doing when you heard someone knocking on your window.

You looked towards the window and say your boss, well Ray at the door with a scowl on his face.

You flinched at the sight of him making him more annoyed than he already was.

He took one of his hands out of his pockets and point it down.

"Huh? Down?" The realization hit you when you realized what he's trying to do. "Oh.. the window."

You wiped your face and rolled down the window for the cold air to make its way into the car prickling your skin. "Yes sir?"

"You don't have to be formal when we're not working L/n."

You nodded at him before asking, "Is there something that you need?"

He sucked his teeth making the 'tch' sound. "Why are you crying?" He asked more annoyed than concerned. "Is it because of the girl spilling the things on you?"

"Oh, no. I'm fine. I'm not upset I'm just trying to get the stain out of my dress," you said gesturing to the now ruined dress awkwardly.

He stared down at the stain before sighing. "Where do you live?"

You looked at him with shock and confusion. Why was he asking you this? You get that he could be blunt, but this? This was a little too much?
"What? Not to be rude but why do you need to know where I live sir- I mean Ray?"

"Just drive home so I can give you something," he said irritated. With that, he walked off and went into his car that looked very expensive. Well, he was one of the richest people in Japan.

You rolled your window up and put everything back in place as your mind raced. 'Give me something? My house?' Your face started to heat up when you started to have dirty thoughts.

"No... he wouldn't do that! He's my boss! He's in a relationship with Anna for crying out loud," you said nervously. But your mind wouldn't stop thinking about the what if.

You came to a red light making you stop your car. You looked in the review mirror and seen him with his elbow resting on the door, holding his head in his hand with a bored look on his face. It was dark outside but the lights from the buildings and lights made you be able to see him. And God did he look good under a red led light.

You began sweating. "Oh, God."

The green light turned on but you were too busy starring at the handsome man that was in the car behind you. He sat up slightly with a confused look before looking annoyed. He blew his horn making you jump slightly.

"Sorry," you mumbled to yourself, continuing on your way to your apartment.

You finally arrived in the apartment parking lot and shut off your car before stepping out, locking it behind you.

He parked in a free parking space before parking it. You walked up to his car with a small smile.

"Uhh. Is there something you need or-"

"Go change into something and wash. I'm going to take you shopping," he said bluntly.

You looked at him with parted lips. "But... why?"

"L/n, go before I change my mind," he said rolling the window upon you. You stared at him for a few more seconds before turning around, making your way to your place.

You went into the shower and washed all of the stickiness off of you from the drinks. You couldn't wait to do that. You felt disgusted. You were sticky and cold.

You got out of the bathroom with your towel wrapped around you and your clothes in your dirty clothes in your hand. You put those clothes in the washer along with all of the same dirty colored clothes that you wore from this week.

You put in some dish detergent and cut off the machine so it could wash the clothes.

You went into your room and decided to put something comfortable on, so once you were done you could just go straight to bed.

You put on a long sleeve sweater and some sweatpants and slipped on your shoes, grabbed your phone, pocketbook, and keys before leaving and locking the door.

Placed your jacket around your shoulders and made your way down into the lobby from the elevator and walked outside into the parking lot. You spotted his car to see that he was resting his head in his hand while his arm rested on his door.

You smiled lightly and made your way to his car before knocking. He looked up slightly raising his eyebrows and unlocked the door.

"About time," he mumbled. You blushed lightly closing the door behind you, putting your seat belt on.


He grunted in response and cranked his car up all the way and cut on the heater. You watched him in the corner of your eye a little uncomfortable.

You were a nervous wreck.

When he made it onto the highway you looked at him in curiosity. "Where are we going?"

He ignored you and kept driving.

"Okay?" You grumbled lowly but he heard you. He looked at you in the corner of his eyes with a scowl on his face.

"Stop asking so many questions, L/n."

This time you ignored him and stared out the window.


He got off of the exit and drove deeper into the city, the area where you worked. He drove into a parking lot of a mall and parked the car.

He took out his key, stuffing them into his pockets, and unlocked the door for the both of you to get out and the door automatically locked back by itself.

You looked around and at the building where you were going in. You have never been to this mall before. It was more on the rich people's side.

"Umm.. s-Ray?"

He walked ahead of you with his hands deep inside his pockets.

"I don't think I can afford these types of brands," you said in embarrassment.

He ignored you and kept walking. "Walk up," he said not bothering to turn around.

You speed-walked to catch up to the taller man walking close by him.

The both of you walked through the automatic sliding doors and you looked around in awe.

"Hello, sir! You're here for another suit?" One of the workers said walking up to Ray with a smile on his face. "No, not today Thoma." The Asian boy with a dark blue-haired nodded and looked towards you. "You ma'am?"

"Umm, I don't-"

"She's with me," Ray said cutting you off.

"Okay! If you need any help Ray just let me or Lannion know!" Thoma said walking back to the place where he came from.

Ray nodded and looked towards you. "What do you want?"

"What do I want? I can't afford any of this..."

He looked at you with an annoyed look before clicking his teeth. "Why are you making things difficult, L/n?" He said in his deep voice.

You look at him flustered with a frown on your face. "What? But I'm telling you the truth!"

He looked around for a second before calling a female over to help assist him. She had long dark black hair and green eyes and she looks very... seductive. He talked to her while you stood looking around and the luxurious building.

The lady walked up to you eyeing you up and down and looked you in your eyes.

"Come with me."

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