Chapter 6

The woman picked up a couple of outfits and handed them to you. She was a snobby woman and she caught attitudes with you.

"I don't think you'd look good in this. Your body doesn't seem to fit this dress," she mumbled.

You look at her with a small frown on your face. You've been stuck with her for a while and she has done nothing but gave you backhanded 'compliments' or just insulted you. There were more insults than the backhanded 'compliments' though.

"And why do you think that?" You said crossing your arms. She turned around and looked at you with raised eyebrows.

"Oh dear, I'm not trying to be rude. You're a pretty girl."

You looked at her confused.

"But you're just not the ideal type."

Ray came walking in while you and the girl had a staredown. "Did you get all that you want?"

You looked away from the girl with a frown. "I don't think I need her anymore."


"Yes. Why is that ma'am?" She asked with raising her eyebrow placing her hand onto her hip.

You looked back at her and narrowed your eyebrows. "You can leave," you spat.

"What? No-"

"Leave," Ray said sternly.

The girl looked at him with an appalled look. "B-but sir! I was cooperating without a problem. She was being very difficult and very sensitive-"

Ray stood there frowning even more than he was. "Bring me your manager." He sticks his hands in his pockets and straightened up his posture, looking the woman in her eyes with cold eyes.

The aura felt tense and you no longer wanted to be apart of it. Long story short, Ray ended up speaking with the manager about the woman who was 'helping' you. What the manager decided, you had no idea. And you did not care.

But you did know that whatever her manager said got to her because she was quiet the whole time after she apologized for her rudeness and poor customer service.

One of the boys who worked at the store was ringing up all of the clothes, while the other placed them inside of the bag.

When the boy finished scanning everything he told you the price and your eyes widen so big you felt like it was going to fall out of your head.


"Okay," Ray said stepping up to the scanning machine to swipe his card.

You looked at him in shock. You didn't want to cause a scene in the store but you were really worried and concern. That was a lot of money on just a small amount of clothing.

The receipt printed out on the other side of the counter and the blond boy ripped it off and gave it to you along with your clothes.

"The both of you have a nice day," the two boys said in unison.

You nodded your head silently, following behind Ray walking out of the building.

You hoped that he wasn't looking for anything in return. You couldn't afford this! This was more than your entire rent!

Well, you didn't want to be that dramatic. But it was a lot of money either way. That must be pocket change to him.

"H-hey!" You said trying to catch up to the taller man.

He ignored you and kept walking towards his car.


He made it to his truck and grunted in response before getting in. You opened the door on your side and placed yourself inside before closing the door back behind you. Ray cranked up the car and put on his seat belts with you following behind him.

"Sir, I want to say that I am extremely thankful for your kind act, but I don't think I can accept this gift. I mean this?" You reached into the bag and pulled out the clothes. A red dress, gold heels, and a leather red purse to match the dress.

"This cost so much!"

He backed out of the driveway while looking back before driving away from the store, showing that he had no plans on going back inside.

"I can't afford this myself and I don't know how to repay you. I'm not rich," you said looking towards him with a concerned expression.

He raised his eyebrows in confusion and looked at you in the corner of his eyes before looking back at the road.

"Repay me?"

You gulped slightly before nodding your head. "Yes."

"I don't care for you to repay me," he grunted. "I did this to be nice. You came to the dinner and had your clothes ruined by some clumsy brat," he started. "Since your night went bad and you were crying, I decided to be kind for once. Nothing more."

And that was the end of the discussion.

You didn't know if that was to be in a kind way or what. He made it sound like he pitted you instead of being nice. Well, that's how he explained it.


He kept his eyes on the highway with a bored look while driving. You heard a phone ringing making you look down to see that it wasn't your phone but his.

He quickly looked down before looking back up.

"Shit," he cursed under his breath.

He looked at the screen that was above the radio in his card and decided to answer his phone through Bluetooth so he could focus on the road.


"Hey, Ray."

"Hey," he said in a calm voice.

You looked at the screen with a small frown on your face. It showed Anna's name.

"I called and went by your house earlier but you weren't home... Is everything fine?" She asked in concern.

"Everything is alright. I just went to do something."

"What did you do?" She said with a caring voice.

He looked at you in the corner of his eye before looking at the road.

"I brought something for Y/n," he said bluntly.

It was quiet on the other end for a few seconds before she responded.


"It's not what you're thinking Anna," he rolled his eyes before laying his head on his arm.

You frowned deepens as you slouched slightly in the seat while being talked about.

"I did it because of what happened earlier at the restaurant. I felt bad and decided to buy her some new clothes because of the incident," he said.

"Well, that's nice," she replied.

"I'll see you when I get home," he said ready to end the call.


She ended the call and the aura felt tense and awkward. Well on your end it was. You just wanted to get out of the car as quickly as possible. Yeah, it was nice of him but you just wanted to get away from him.

You don't want to be the cause nor the problem between him and Anna. And you heard it in Anna's voice. That she was suspicious.

You would too if you wanted to be honest!

Your boyfriend going shopping with another girl? Alone?

You tapped your fingers on your leg lightly, waiting to get home.

'He can't go faster?!' You groaned in your head.

You looked out the window trying to clear your mind... It wasn't working. He was still there. You were trapped in the car with him. You didn't know what to say. You don't know if you should speak or just be quiet.

"Oh... umm.. thank you for the gifts," you mumbled looking forward.

He looked at you before looking back to the road. "You're welcome," he said in his deep calm voice.

He sounded tired. You could understand that.

He was running a business. So many errands to run and so many things to do. And he took the time out of his day to do a kind act for you.

You're trying to look on the bright side of things.

"Umm.. can you tell Anna that I apologize?"

"About what?"

"I want you to tell her that I didn't mean to be the cause of any trouble between the two of you. I don't want to intrude or be a homewrecker. I'm not like that at all," you said awkwardly.

He chuckled lightly showing his white teeth. You looked at him with raised eyebrows and blush on your cheeks.

"You're not- no. You're not intruding on anything L/n. But I'm sure that she won't feel any way towards you because of this. She was probably the most concerned one out of everyone at the table when you left," he mumbled.

"Oh.. she was?" You said smiling softly. "That's nice of her..."


The car was once again quiet, you watched the lights past quickly as he road by. You were almost home. You would start back up a conversation but you didn't want to force one.

You rather just go home and forget today. Well the bad parts, at least.

You fell asleep in the car on the way to your apartment complex. Ray pulled into the parking lot and parked his car before turning it off. He looked over to you ready to speak.


He noticed your sleeping figure and sighed. "L/n, wake up." He said pushing your shoulders lightly. You stirred awake and looked around with a small frown on your face.

"Where are we. Oh, we're here." You said coming into realization. You sat yourself up and unblocked your seat belt before grabbing your things. You turned towards him and smiled.

"Once again, I want to say thank you for your kindness.

He nodded in return before taking his keys out of his engine and stepping out of the car. You looked at him in confusion while closing your door.

You walked around the car to see him standing in front of his car with his hands inside of his pockets.

"I'm going to walk you," he said flatly.

You laughed lightly at his ridiculousness before shaking your head. "Sir, I mean Ray, I am fully capable of getting to my place," you said adjusting your purse on your shoulder and getting a better grip on your bag.

"I'm sure you are. Now come on," he said walking.

You huffed behind him and made your way upfront.

Once you were at your apartment door you turned around to face him.

"Well, this is it! My luxurious place," you said sarcastically. Ray kept his usual bored expression before nodding.

"Well, I'll be on my way and I expect to see you at work in the morning," he said turning around to take his leave.

You watched him with a small frown. "Hey! Wait!"

You grabbed his wrist and looked at him with mixed emotions written all over your face. He looked at you in shock and confusion, trying to figure out what you were doing.

And you decided to let your actions speak for themselves. You hugged him and muttered, "Thank you. You cheered my day up, Ray."

He stood there with raised eyebrows and a grimace before slowly snaking his arms around you with a blush on his face. "L/n.. this is unprofessional," he grunted.

An embarrassing blush came into your face. "You said that I could drop the formalities when we're not at work," you mumbled before slowly releasing him and backed away slowly.

He looked into your eyes with an unreadable look.

Your heart was racing. This was wrong. So wrong. You shouldn't be doing anything intimate with your boss, never mind with someone who was in a relationship. He was friends with your friend, Anna. She was a sweet girl. You didn't want to ruin anything!

Ray cleared his throat before turning around. "L/n."

"Yes?" You said with guilt in your voice.

He stood there for a moment not saying anything before walking. "Have a good night."

And with that said he left you standing in the hallway.

You looked down biting your lower lip before unlocking and opening up your door, making your way into your house.

You can remember how he smelled. His scent. He smelled Irish spring soap and a hint of cologne. But it was something simple, it wasn't to the point that he smelt strong where your eyes would water or you could smell it from a few feet away. It was calming.

You groaned and grabbed your head with your free hand.

"What is wrong with me? I can't do this. I could've got myself fired from that move that I pulled," you grunted. Instead of watching TV you went straight into your room, put on some comfortable clothes, and went straight to bed trying to forget all of the embarrassing moments that happened today.

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