Chapter 8

"Do you think it's a good idea for you to walk home by yourself, in the dark," he asked with his usual scowl on his face.

You didn't bother to argue so you hesitantly got in.

"And also... I can't go home," you said softly.

"Your house keys are attached to your car keys," he said and you nodded. He sighed and cranked the car up.

"You can stay at mines for tonight," he mumbled.

You sat in the car anxiously tapping your feet and had your thumbnail between your teeth. This felt like a complicated situation. Well on your end it was.

'Nothing good can come out of this,' you thought.

But nothing had to come out of this. The only thing you were planning on doing was, just go straight to sleep on the couch. That's all. Early in the morning
you will leave as quickly as you can.

Whatever excuse that could pop up into your head, that's what you were going to use to get out of the situation that you were in.

You looked at Ray in the corner of your eye to see that he had his eyes kept on the road with a deep scowl. It was deeper than usual.

And you knew why.

This was your fault. That you were the cause of his and Anna's break up. You were her friend, well that's what you thought. Well never mind friend. The both of you weren't that close but you considered her an associate.

You've been working at the company for a couple of months now and you warmed up to everyone, well not everyone, but you got used to everyone.

And all the time you've been working for Ray, this is the closest the both of you have got. You could consider him a friend, right?

No, that's unprofessional. Just like he said yesterday night.

You rolled your eyes lightly at that cringed scene.

He was just being kind is all.

You arrived at a huge apartment building that looked like it was only for rich people.

"This place is huge," you mumbled. The male beside you heard your comment but didn't say anything as he pulled into the parking lot, going into his personal parking space.

He took out his keys from the engine, unlocked the doors, and got out. Waiting for you to join him. You grabbed your things hesitantly and followed behind him.

Both of you walked through the lobby, being greeted by the workers who worked there. Someone took notice of you and raised an eyebrow. You looked away from them and avoided eye contact, speeding up trying to hide behind Ray.

He's probably thinking that you were Ray's one-night girls, or probably it was the fact that he never seen you before.

Ray noticed you trying to hide behind him and grabbed you by the wrist bringing you beside him. "There's nothing to be worried about. Stop acting like a scared kid," he mumbled.

You nodded and followed him to the elevator and got in. He clicked in his level, making the doors closed and go up.

You stood uncomfortably by him and looked at the floor.

Not too long later both of you were at his door. He unlocked it and stepped out of the way, letting you go in first. His apartment was just like how you expected it. It was indeed luxurious.

"Make yourself at home... I guess," Ray said tiredly taking off his blazer.

You looked up at him with furrowed eyebrows to take a good look at him.

He looked tired, drained even, stressed, and sad?

Was it because of Anna?

"Thank you," you started looking down. "Thank you for your kind offer."

"Hmm?" He looked at you with raised eyebrows.

"It seems that you're going through a lot and I'm just adding onto your stress. You invited me in even though you have problems yourself. I'm sorry to intrude. Whenever I can, I promise that I'll return the favor for your selfless acts."

He laid his hand on your shoulder and you looked up at him to see that he had bags under his eyes. "You're welcome... and you're not intruding. I offered didn't I?"

He didn't give you a chance to respond. He turned around and went into the kitchen. "You must be hungry... What do you want to eat?" He asked in a low voice.

"It doesn't matter. Whatever is fine with you."

He looked into the cabinets and brought out some things. "It doesn't matter? You're my guest. You know what? I'm going to wash it. While I'm doing that, you think of something you want to eat."

He sat down the object that he had in his hands on the counter and walked past you.



He went into his room and came out with his clothes and spare ones in his hand. It was a grey T-shirt and some long sleeping pants.

"Here. If you want to wash your undergarments just put it inside of the washer machines with the rest of the dirty clothes so you can reuse them," he stated, gesturing his head to the washer and the dryer that was in the room next to it.

A small blush came on your face and you nodded.

He went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. You heard the water from the shower was turned on which signaled that he was in the shower.

You walked towards the couch and placed your clothes on it.

"At least we're don't have to work tomorrow," you mumbled.

You worked Monday through Friday. And you were glad that today was Friday, but a little upset that you couldn't spend your time in the comfort of your own home.

You sat down and placed your arm on the armrest staring at nothing in particular. How did everything lead up to this...

You made a small sigh and closed your eyes, holding on tightly to your bag in your right arm.

You opened your eyes and pulled out your phone to see some messages. You unlocked the lock on the screen and went to the messages to see that Gilda texted you.

'Hey, do you have a ride?'

'I didn't see or hear you come back home...'

'Sorry if I'm bothering you, I'm just worried'

That was every since earlier. You decided to text her back, to ease her worries.

'Hey, Gilda! Thanks for checking on me, I'm fine!'

You closed your phone and immediately received a message. You opened it back and looked at it.

'One of our neighbors said that he found your keys! I have them with me. Whenever you come back, give me a call so I can give them to you.'

You mentally screeched in happiness.

Now you can go home!

The door to the bathroom opened to reveal Ray with his hair slightly messy. He had on a white plain shirt and long plaid red and black pants on.

He looked up at you and nodded. "You can wash now."


You walked past him ready to go inside the bathroom, but you paused when you felt his presence behind you.

"Wait. What do you want to eat?"

"As I've said earlier... anything is fine."

He sighed, turned around, and walked lazily into the kitchen to start cooking.

You went into the bathroom and stripped down your clothes to see that he already had a rag and dry towel for you to wash with.

The bathroom smelled like him. 'It smells good.'

You cut the water on waiting for the water to get at its right temperature and stepped into the shower. You grabbed a new bar of dove soap that was under the sink counter and began slathering your body.

When you were done you dried yourself off as best as you could so you wouldn't make too much of a mess inside of his bathroom.

Then you realized. You still needed to wash your underwear. You grimaced. You didn't want nor planned to wear the same underwear without washing it.

"I can't walk around in just a towel. That's very inappropriate!" You hissed to yourself while grabbing your things from off of the floor.

Then an idea came to mind, you just hoped that he wouldn't notice.

You dried off your body and folded it up, placing it onto the counter. You took the clothes she gave you and placed them on without putting them back on your panties.

"Oh, God.."

He was going to notice.

You, not having on your underwear- you could feel yourself just. You made a disgusted sound and a shiver went up your spine being caught in the act.

You sucked in a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom as quickly as you could. You went into the washroom and placed all of your dirty clothes, accordingly into the washing machine along with the detergent.

You walked out of the room awkwardly and looked around the hallway.

"L/n, the food is done," Ray said in his deep voice.

You peaked around the corner and he met your eyes. "What are you doing? Come on and stop being a child," he grunted.

"I.. never mind. Can you-"

"We can discuss this over dinner," he said grabbing your plate and sitting down.

He was sitting down now, and you had to pass him to sit down at the table. You walked hesitantly around the corner and tried to make your way past him while he kept his eyes on his food, eating in silence.

You finally got to your side and thanked the heavens that he didn't notice that you weren't wearing any underwear while wearing his pants.

You looked down at the meal and began eating. You smiled softly and continued eating the food. Both of you ate in silence while eating.

You took a couple of glances at him while he kept his down on his plate. You looked at his cup to see the red liquid. Maybe wine?

You were fine with your water. You weren't a drinker.

When you were done you hesitantly got up and made your way to the sink to place it in.

'Please don't notice.'

You heard him slide his chair from the table and made his way over towards you. You panicked and starred down at your plate and glass cup.

He leaned over you and placed his plate into the sink.


He said your first name, you noticed. This made you gulp.

"Why are you not wearing your underwear? I noticed it when you passed by. Are you trying to seduce me?" He mumbled looking at you with light bags under his eyes. "You wanted this all along didn't you," he said leaning towards your ear.

"U-umm... I don't know what you're talking about," you said nervously. No doubt your body was heated but... did you want this.

"You planned all this. The dinner wearing that dress, touching me when you knew I was with Anna, coming to work late knowing that I would have to confront you for your tardiness, and now... that you have me to myself... you pull some shit like this?" He said in your ear.

Your breath was caught in your throat when you turned around to face the taller man, looking down upon you.

'Is he... drunk?'

"No... no that wasn't my intention at all. Sir, I think your just drunk," you said hesitantly taking the glass from his hand.

"You're slowly driving me crazy Y/n. Do you not care about my feelings?"

"Your speaking nonsense," you said looking him in the eyes.

You took in his features. Cold dark black eyes that looked sad and lonely. He had small bags under his eyes but it added to his handsomeness. His hair was messy and sprawled out, and he has a small frown on his face.

You slowly brought your hand up to his face and caressed his skin. "You... look so sad," you mumbled. "I'm sorry that you're going through whatever it is."

He looked away from you but didn't remove your hand with both of his arms resting on the counter, and you in between.

He was looking at a picture of a lady, his mother. A small picture that was sitting on the kitchen countertop.

"If you want... I can leave," you said bringing your hand away from his face.

He looked at you with worried eyes before shaking his head. "No... stay," he said softly looking down.

"..Okay," you mumbled.

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