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Blue Flame

Dedication and Information

Hello. I'm SkyePiper. This idea ironically came from a dream. Needless to say, plagiarism is wrong. This story is solely my own creation. Thus Blue Flame and The Djinn Saga are Copyrighted © 2021 to myself, @SkyePiper All Rights Reserved.

On the Plagiarism and Copyright note, any pictures are mine and or have been licensed by myself.

Blue Flame is an original work and is rated Mature as there will be swearing and themes of sex and other possibly triggering topics in reading it.

If you are under age 18 or are easily triggered, I ask you to please think before you read.

Dedication: E and J thank you for showing interest and supporting me in talking about this story.

Blue Flame is a work of fiction. The characters are not in any way perfect, they are human and will make mistakes. It is wise to remember those depicted in Blue Flame are not real people, they are characters whose models may be real people. Please separate the two and enjoy the ride.

Comments are always welcome.

Without further ado, Welcome to Blue Flame! I hope you enjoy it. *BLUE FLAME IS BEING EDITED AND WILL BE BACK SOON*.

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