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Not another Taekook fan fiction. ‼️Disclaimer‼️: 🔞💋💋💋⚠️ ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️SMUT WARNING!!!!!! MAJOR SMUT WARNING!!! NOT FOR KIDS!! Very graphic language and sexual scenes are the theme of this entire book. Please do not read if you are uncomfortable or under the age of 18-21. I am in NO WAY a shipper. I do not ship Jungkook and Taehyung. I am not a Taekooker. I am not a fan of ship culture at all. But after some drinking and a trip down the BTS rabbit hole, I had a very steamy dream. So...yea.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

One Night

Excitement and anxiety flooded you as you walked down the silent hallway of the employee's quarters.

This area of the ship was restricted. All non-personnel were forbidden from even stepping foot on this floor. But luckily for you, you had access to all floors. And even luckier, tonight you had a key.

The boat rocked, leaning the deep green-carpeted hallway as the waves of the ocean rocked her. You wobbled in the direction of the tilt just as you reached the door at the very end.

Room 901.

The place you'd become very fond and familiar with over the past several weeks. Your eyes lingered on the rusted gold numbers on the middle of the door, your excitement and anxieties teeming. Melting down and flowing into the pit of your stomach.

This is crazy.

Someone could see you.

You could get caught.

Everyone involved would most likely have hell to pay.

But that's what made this so enticing. The fear of being discovered, although you had no intention of getting caught. The sin in itself was what made you fall in love with it all.

After glancing over your shoulder one more time, you pulled a thin white key card from your cleavage and quickly insert it into the slot beneath the door handle.

A tiny green light beams and the soft click sound alerts you of your access being granted. So with your trembling hand on the handle and one long leveling breath, you pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The quaint suite was dim, the flickering pattern of the ocean casting blue and silver streaks over the color-less walls. A soft glow of a candlelit lantern swayed with the current beside the full-sized bed, draped in dark blue satin sheets and duvet to match the Pacific beyond the window.

You bent down to unfasten the clasp on your heels, glancing around in search of a certain presence and pouting at the lack thereof. As you stepped out of your shoes you flinched at a sound behind you.

"Jungkook?" Your voice shook with caution as you turned in the direction of the sound just as the culprit is stepping up behind you from the shadows.

You gasp when the familiar pair of strong arms snake around your waist and Jungkook's scent fills your senses, melting you back against his embrace as he nosed at your neck.

"Hi.." his husky greeting sent chills down your spine, his soft lips skimming over your skin.

"Hi," you respond, inhaling sharply when you feel Jungkook catching your earlobe in a gentle nibble. His hands roved over your dress, one resting at your hip while the other reached around to palm at your center, cupping you through the thin fabric of your dress. The hem of it is pulled up and Jungkooks hand slowly slid underneath to explore you, spreading your puffy lips with his fingers.

Your head falls back to rest on his shoulder as his fingers massaged at your sensitive folds, humming into your ear with approval at your lack of underwear.

"Do you just not wear panties for the hell of it?.." he whispers between kissing at your jawline. The pad of his fingers press deeper into your front and move in a slow circle that makes you shake.

"...Or do you just like teasing me?" he latches down on your throat and sucks hard, contrasting his soft but effective touches on your sex. You winced at the combo of stimulus, already feeling yourself dripping down your inner thigh the longer Jungkook touched you.

"Maybe..both.." you stammered out in between breathy moans in reaction to his skilled fingers. Your clit was swelling and aching from the way his long middle and index finger stroked and trapped it between them as he rubbed you.

Jungkook chuckled at your words.

"Wrong answer."

You had little time to respond to the wickedness in his tone when you felt him pulling away and turning you around to face him. His lips were on yours immediately, kissing you roughly and deeply while forcing you to walk back towards the bed.

Your back hits the mattress and Jungkook rushed in to continue kissing you. He reaches for your neck and pulls you up so he can undress you, pulling the zipper down the curve of your spine with ease. The garment was nearly yanked from your body, leaving you completely nude and at his complete mercy as he abandoned your lips to kneel between your legs.

Jungkook licked you soft and slow at first, sampling your sweet flavor before rolling his tongue in a figure-8 over the hood of your clit, curling underneath it, and sweeping around your slit. A teasing action that sent tingles of need all over you, making you squirm beneath him. His tongue felt like heaven but it was hell to feel him coming so close to the most sensitive parts of you without actually giving them attention.

"Kook..baby..." you whined when the tip of his tongue swirled around your clit again, compelling you to roll your hips in hopes of catching him slipping. Hopes that the right move would have his tongue swiping over the center of your clit. But Jungkook knew exactly what you were doing.

When his mouth closed over your entire mound your chest caved. Not a sound left you, your vocal cords paralyzed in response to the skilled tongue swirling and flicking over your pussy. All you could hear were the wet sounds of Jungkook sucking at you and his tiny growls of appreciation when you opened your legs wider for him.

He placed his palms on the thickest part of your thighs, pushing them down and locking you in place as he pushed himself up to put his full weight on your trembling legs as he sucked on you harder. Your hips bucked and your pelvis lifted to follow his mouth, your clit still trapped between his lips.

He suddenly releases your bud with a loud wet 'pop' and your bottom half drops flimsily back onto the bed.

"Fuck" You yelped at the sting of it, your head falling back and your eyes shut tight. You were so close to coming just then that your entire body quivered, your walls clenching and your clit throbbing for more.

Jungkook chuckled before diving back in, eating you like this for what like forever. Sucking and licking you senseless, pushing and pulling you closer and closer to orgasm, and just abandoning you at the edge to never let you finish.

By the third time, you had tears in your eyes, nearly sobbing for release and mercy. But you knew Jungkook. You knew this was his favorite game and you knew that when he finally did let you cum, it would be mind-blowing.

After Jungkook figured you'd had enough of his torture, he stood.

"Look at me.." he commanded. You were already near delirium from being edged and teased for so long that you could barely see when you lifted your head. Tears blurred your vision for a moment but after blinking a few times you were able to see Jungkook unbuttoning his silk work shirt. His smooth skin, chiseled abs and muscled chest steal the show once his shirt is completely open.

Fuck, he's so perfect. Your bottom lip tucked itself between your teeth as he began to undo his slacks, popping the button and tugging the zipper down slowly.

The bulge in his underwear was extremely prominent, the thick print of his half-hard dick curving to the side beneath the dark grey fabric. He wrapped his tattooed hand over it, tugging gently at the shaft and hissing softly in reaction.

"Hey...Up here." Jungkook smirked at your thirsty expression and you reluctantly tore your eyes away from his crotch to look him in the face. Which wasn't any less beautiful than the rest of him.

Jungkook was an enigma, his duality always catching you off guard no matter how much time you spent together. His features were perfectly placed and sculpted on his round face. When he smiled, his eyes sparkled and his dimpled cheeks became round and cherubic. You always had to resist the urge to pinch them when you had the opportunity.

But that wasn't the Jungkook in front of you right now. That Jungkook was long gone, taking the night off and leaving his darker counterpart in charge for the remainder of the evening.

"Are you ready?" His dark eyes glinted and his brow arched. He blinked slowly as he pushed down his pants and underwear in one movement, letting them pool at his ankles. Your gaze traveled back down his perfectly sculpted body, following his dark happy trail until your eyes were following the sinuous movements of his hand.

Wrapped around his shaft, Jungkook stroked his dick slowly. The thin velvety skin before the tip bunched and wrinkled when he stroked up, forcing the head to swell and excrete his arousal. The ocean's reflection caught on the beads of pre-cum collecting and dripping from the slit. Your mouth watered immediately at the sight, wanting nothing more than to taste him on your tongue. You were so distracted by the thought that you'd completely forgotten to respond to the man's question.

When a hard hand comes down flat against your inner thigh, ending the blow with a squeeze to your flesh, you found your wits immediately.

"Yes! Yes..please..." you nodded fervently and Jungkook chuckles, tilting his head the way only he could do to make your insides contract.

"Please what?" He squeezes your thigh again and you whimper in response.

"Fuck me. Please.." you choked out and Jungkook smiles.

Suddenly your body is jolted forward an inch and your legs are lifted with Jungkooks large hands slotted at the back of your knees as he spread you wider for him. His abs flexed in tandem with his hips and he leaned forward, pushing only the head of his dick past your entrance with no warning.

You groan at that alone, the thickness of his member already stretching you so good. Jungkook pulled back a fraction then pushed himself in a little deeper, his tip grazing the top of your walls as he pulled back again.

They clinched and quivered in an attempt to savor him, wishing he would end his tease and just dive into you completely. But that wasn't his style.

Jungkook lived for this. He loved giving you only enough to push you to that point just so he could make you beg for it. He loved having the power over your pleasure in his hands.

Your body shook with a shallow sob when Jungkook pushed into you again, grazing that swollen spot, stretching you some more, and sliding in a little deeper but not all the way, and pulling out.

You wanted to curse him for feeling this good, even with only a third of him pulsing inside of you. Tears sprang anew in your eyes as Jungkook stroked you painfully slow, letting the orgasm he'd been denying you build itself up again. Your chest heaved and your strained moans filled the air, distracting you completely from the sound of the suite's door opening.

The sound of it shutting snaps your haze and your eyes pop open and squint as you lift your head to investigate.

Just beyond where Jungkook stood, was another man cloaked in the shadows of the night. His dark wavy mane blended in with the darkness of the room, his tall frame stalking forward. The blue luminous glow of the moon shining through the ocean marks the path of his approach, bringing an unhindered view of his beauty as he watched Jungkook fuck you slowly with fire in his eyes.


Jungkook steals a glance over his shoulder and smirks before returning his focus on where your bodies met, leaving only half of his swollen member inside of you as he paused mid-stroke to get your attention.

"You feel so fucking good..." his voice seemed to have dropped an octave and your heart stuttered at the way Jungkook's tone switched to address you. One of his hands comes up over your leg, grazing over your thigh gently until the tips of his fingers reach your sex.

"Too good not to share......" he groans low in his throat when he pushes himself a fraction deeper at the exact moment his thumb swiped and rubbed over your clit.

Taehyung's jaw clenched at the sounds you made for his best friend, the way you were so responsive to his touch had his dick throbbing beneath his denim shorts.

Jungkook acts as if he doesn't notice the way his dick jumped inside of you at the sound of Taehyung unzipping his shorts, choosing to only focus on the sweet sound of you moaning for him instead.

"So I invited him. Is that ok with you?" Jungkook rolls himself back then forward once more to provoke your answer, smirking at the way you clenched around him.

"Yes." You croaked, your voice hoarse and almost gone already and the desperation in your response has both men grinning wickedly.

Taehyung was already half-naked, his shirt lying abandoned at the bed and his shorts being kicked off before walking over to the side of the bed. Jungkook continued slowly entering you and pulling out teasingly, adding more pressure to your clit with each stroke as he watched Taehyung push down his underwear.

With his dick in hand, already hard and at attention, Taehyung leaned over the bed to loom over you. Kissing you softly and tasting the salty tears on your lips, Taehyung strokes himself a few times, almost matching Jungkooks pace inside of you.

"Hey there gorgeous..." he speaks against your lips. Jungkook watches the way you writhe and moan, unconsciously allowing himself to slide in and hitting the back of your heat. The sudden fullness makes you break Taehyung's kiss and cry out, arching up from the bed, fisting at the sheets.

"Yep. That's it, baby..." Taehyung purred in your ear, using his free hand to massage one of your breasts as the bounced to the rhythm of Jungkook fucking into you at a steady pace.

He pulls back out with a groan and slams back with a bit more force, making you cry out even louder from the pleasure and the pain. This only encourages Jungkook to go harder and so he does. He's quickly losing himself and letting his head fall back and his eyes shut so he could relish in the sounds and sensations of him ruining you.

The mattress bows and creaks under Taehyungs weight as he climbed onto the bed all the way. Throwing his leg over your torso, he straddles your waist and sits upon his knees.

When you felt him settle himself over you, still stroking himself until his dick is staring you right in the face, you instinctively push yourself up on your elbows.

Taehyung places his finger beneath your chin to make you look up.

"You know the routine baby. Tap me when you cant breathe ok?" he says, grunting softly midsentence at his ministrations but his eyes were clear and tone even more so.

You nod but Taehyung isn't accepting that. He catches your cheeks in his hand, squeezing them a bit as he narrowed his eyes.

"Ok?" He repeats and you muffle out an audible response before he unhands your face.

"Good. Now open up beautiful..." he says before pulling face closer to the tip with his firm hand guiding to you. Your lips part the moment you feel his smooth skin touch you and your mouth waters in preparation.

Taehyung lets out a low groan when his dick pushed past your lips and he hissed as you hollowed your cheeks to suck him in.

"Ahhh shit baby..." he calls out as he slowly sank over your tongue and to the back of your throat, making you gag. Your eyes rolled back a bit as the saliva pooled and dripped from the corners of your mouth, coating Taehyung sufficiently for him to fuck your face with ease.

And that's how it went down from that moment on.

Jungkook fucking you hard and deep, filling you up so good and hitting every spot with his thumb still rubbing over your clit.

Taehyung right in front of him, hands holding your face lovingly as he shoved his dick down your throat over and over as you moans and whimpered around him.

Erotic wasn't even befitting.

Everything about what transpired at that moment was beyond erotic.

The visuals.

The sounds.

The sensations.

They were all so overwhelming, overpowering even.

Like a man possessed, Jungkook gave in to the passion of the moment and as Taehyung upped his pace inside of your slacked jaw, he's completely unprepared for what was about to happen next.

A deep hiss cuts through his teeth when the feeling of Jungkook fisting a handful of his raven locks yanks his head back and forces him to look up at the ceiling. Jungkooks met with a little resistance but gains an unexpected satisfaction at how Taehyungs head just rolls to the side so he can watch you swallow him.

Jungkook didn't know what came over him. As many times he and Taehyung had done this, their dynamic never changed. Their focus had always been to please you. To dominate you. To fill you up in any and every way you desired.

But seeing the way Taehyungs body moved over your body, how every muscle in his back flexed as he rolled his hips into your face. The way his arms bulged with the task of holding your head still as he rocked into you.

The way his overgrown hair collected and stuck to his nape from sweat, his tanned skin glistening and almost glowing in the dim candlelit suite. The way the sound of your muffled moans, changing in pitch and volume in reaction to Taehyung fucking your throat senselessly harmonized with his deep voice as it praised and degraded you just the way you loved it.

Something about that combination had Jungkooks dick throbbing, drilling into you harder and faster as he chased his nut. His grip on Taehyungs hair tightened, yanking his head back again. Taehyung groans at the feel, clenching his jaw and panting through his nose as his eyes rolled back. A spark was set alight in his spine, the fuse burning and sizzling closer to detonation, and Jungkook knew he and his best friend were close to spilling into you.

"Fuck...fuck.." he grunted, looking down at the apex of your spread thighs to watch himself disappear and reappear inside of you all while keeping his grip on Taehyungs hair. As his stroke became stagnant, his hand slipped and fell to the back of Tae's neck. He held him there as an anchor, his other hand digging into the meat of your thigh.

Taehyung continued to rock into your mouth, his pace quickening desperately while you whimpered and did your best to hold on.

Despite your jaw being completely numb at this point.

"Gonna cum..gonna...ah shit shit fuck.." Jungkook ground out to the ceiling.

When he came, he saw stars. His vision goes blurry and his body tenses as he filled you with his hot release. His limbs and joints felt loose the moment he'd almost purged himself completely and the hand at Taehyungs neck began to slip. But before it could fall away, Taehyung reached over his shoulder to catch it and hold it there, squeezing it in a way to get Jungkook's attention.

"Almost...Fuck..Don't stop...Gonna cum.." he stammered, his tone not directed at anyone in the room in particular. You took his words as encouragement to keep your mouth as wet and as pliant you could until you couldn't hold on anymore. Jungkook took it as his cue to keep his hand where it was.

Taehyungs chest heaved and his shoulders shrugged when his climax hit and he threw his head back with his mouth agape. Jungkook instinctively leaned forward to snake his hand around the boy's throat to apply pressure, heightening the searing pleasure of his friend's release. His strangled groan vibrates underneath Jungkooks fingers, making his dick twitch and stiffen as it remained deep inside of your swollen sex.

The room went completely still, the only sounds being a trio of labored breathes and ship groaning against the pressure of the ocean waves.

Jungkook was the first to move, pulling out of you slowly and stepping away to retrieve a towel from the bathroom while you and Taehyung collected yourselves.

Your cheeks bulged when Taehyung pulled his softening member from your lips, his seed mixing with your saliva as it drizzled down your chin.

You swallowed every drop, licking your lips and sighing when you felt a soothing hand caressing your cheek. Your eyes flutter open weakly to see Taehyung looking down at you with hooded eyes.

"Hey there beautiful...You did amazing...You're so fucking perfect..." he exhaled with a soft smile. You mirrored his expression weakly, your arms trembling. The strength leaves them and you find yourself falling back into the sheets, breathing heavily and sated.

You most definitely came more than once. You weren't counting. You weren't coherent. But you knew you came back to back. The tingling sensation in your clit, the way your walls pulsed and contracted, and the way your legs twitched told you that you came more than once.

And as the serotonin and oxytocin flooded your bloodstream, so did the fatigue.

You seemed half-dead by the time Jungkook returned to clean you up. You didn't even notice Taehyung dismounting you. All you could register was the feel of the warm rag wiping at your pussy and the sounds of your lovers' voices fading off into the distance as you drifted.

"You good?" Taehyung turns to Jungkook with concern at how quiet he was. You had long since passed out, allowing Jungkook to scoop you up in his strong arms so Taehyung could pull back the blanket and sheets.

"Hmm?" he responded, careful not to stir you too much with his movements. He laid you down gently and fixed your position beneath the plush blanketing before looking up at Taehyung standing at the other side of the large bed.

Jungkook quickly looks away when he notices that Taehyung was still gloriously nude.

"Are you good? You're...quiet." Taehyung straightens his back, glancing down at your covered curves beneath the bedding then back at Jungkook, whose eyes were staring off-center. As if he were in deep thought.

Taehyung frowned.

"Psst." he hissed, gaining Jungkooks attention. Taehyung only lifts a brow and Jungkook blinks back his distracting thoughts.

"Yeah. I'm good...I'm good. Are you?" He asks apprehensively. Taehyung is already pulling his denim shorts up to his legs and zipping his fly as he rounds the corner of the bed where Jungkook was.

He doesn't notice the way Jungkook tensed when he leaned past him to kiss your forehead and swipe a few sweaty strands of hair away from your temple. But he does feel the tension rolling off of the boy's stiff movements beside him as he stepped aside. Taehyung chooses not to acknowledge it any further though.

It was late and he was exhausted after all of that. All he wanted to do was get back to his room and sleep it all off.

Jungkook's furrowed brow uncreased a bit when Taehyung leaned up and turned his head towards him.

"You're good with staying with her tonight then? I'd crash here but.."

"No, it's cool. I've got her. I don't work early so I can sneak her out before the rest of the staff starts their rounds..." Jungkook responds, glancing over at you as you snored softly into his pillows.

Both men gaze at you with a sweet fondness that has both of them smiling softly. A few seconds pass and Jungkook finds himself avoiding eye contact with Taehyung, who only shoots him a glance before turning away and heading for the door.

"Cool. See you out there tomorrow then.." was the last thing Taehyung said before he was strolling out of the suite, shutting the door softly behind him.

Leaving Jungkook standing there, frowning at the empty entryway, his stomach churning slightly and the wheels in mind turning as he tried his hardest to put a word to the way he felt about tonight.

The only words being the following;



And Confused.

Very, very confused.


Not really.

But since you're here, welcome to

The poly ship that isn't a V and JK ship. But a journey and introspective look into what it means to be...well...fluid.

Stay tuned😘
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