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That day meant nothing. "I wish I could see that stupid smile again." Life moves on with or without you. But I still want to believe you'll come back. "I'll be waiting for you." --------------------- Y/n: your name B/f/n: (best friends name) Oikawa Toru Iwaizumi Hajime ————————— Art credits:

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

❦The class Project❦

Ding..! Ding..!! was all you heard when you got a text from someone. It was early in the morning and you we're honestly kinda annoyed since you barely got little to no sleep. But you couldn't blame anyone, I mean it was your own fault for staying up late.

You got up and grabbed your phone and of course it was b/f/n, "she always wakes up so damn early and for what." You said to you're self, you texted her back.

From: b/f/n (best friend name)
I'm going to be there in a few minutes I better see you outside.

I'M TRYING WAITT! stop waking

From: b/f/n



You got up and got ready as fast as you could because you knew she would be here in a few minutes. All of a sudden you hear a car honking. You got your bag and headed out the door running into her car. "FINALLY." she said "Just hurry up and drive." You responded


Now at school you we're getting your stuff from your locker to go to you're class when you suddenly start hearing girls squealing. "OmG look at him he's so hot." one of them said "OMGG!"another one screamed. You looked over and see of course him. Toru Oikawa one of the most popular boys in school, you never really ever understood what girls found in him he looked so fake and such a player. You didn't really care because either way you weren't much of a talker and didn't like making many friends because it was very hard for you. They would either replace you or just use you at the end, but it wasn't a big deal because you we're fine with your one friend.


In class it was boring as always you were very sleepy and just wanted to go home and watch anime. You were starting to close you eyes when you hear your name get called. "Y/n can you please stand up." You're teacher told you, you get startled and get up as fast as you could you were kinda embarrassed since everyone gave they're attention to you. "Yes I'm here." you said "y/n you and Oikawa will be partners for this class project so I suggest you guys start." she said, you freeze you didn't want to be with him why couldn't she pick someone else. He's going to be so annoying. He's probably not even going to help me. What if his fan girls start getting mad at me for getting partnered up with him. All these thoughts came in your head as you simply nodded your head in agreement with a smile. You were honestly so over it you were already tired and now you had to deal with this. You sit back down and see that everyone is with they're partner, you feel a tap on your shoulder and look up and see him. He had that stupid smile on and said "Hi there y/n I think that was your name it seems like we're partners soo I'm sure we'll end up becoming good friends." as he says that he winks at me, this man really thinks ima fall for him or something. I try to act normal and say "Yea ok sure."



We were still working on the class project and we weren't even close to finishing because of him just talking and talking about random things. You didn't really care until he says "hey you should give me your number so we can work on this after school." you look up at him "I don't know I'll think about it." you say "come on pleaseeee I'll try to help you more." he says with a smile god omg can he stop he acts like a child you we're about to respond when the bell suddenly rings. YES OMG I'm saved finally I can go home, as I thought that I grabbed my stuff and tried to get out of there as soon a possible. I was going out the door and speed waking when I get a message from b/f/n, "sorry y/n I'm not going to be able to go home with you today." I was ok with it since you understood she had a busy life. I put my phone in my jacket and we're about to step out of the gates of the school when I hear my name get called randomly.
"Y/n! Wait up!" OH NO you please please let it not be him.

You turn around and see Oikawa you tried to pretend you didn't hear him. But as soon as you turned around to walk off you got pulled back by a hand. "Come on I know you heard me don't pretend you didn't." he said with a smile on his face I didn't really get why he wanted to talk to me so much. I just wanted to go home, I tried to make a excuse "Oh sorry its just I'm kinda in a hurry my parents need me right now." you say "oh I understand see you around then." he says "yea maybe another time." as soon as I say that he looks back up and looked like a little kid that had just got a new toy or something.

He seemed so excited for some reason I didn't think much of it and just waved and walked away.

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