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Magic Shop : BTS Oneshot series


7 men. Multiple scenarios from my crazy lil brain. Some long oneshots. Maybe some bonus dedications. Some fluff💜. Some smut💋 SMUT WARNING ⚠️ Each story involves intense sexual content. Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Preferably 21 and up!!! All of the stories are fictional and have no connection whatsoever to the characters they're inspired by.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

FaceTime: JJK

"Jungkook...relax. Shes gonna call"

He paced back and forth in the green room anxiously, his cellphone in hand. Jimin watched the golden maknae in amusement from the couch nearby as he burned a track into the carpet.

"Why is he pacing like that? Nervous about the show?" RM looks up in concern from his notebook from where he sat against the wall on the floor.
Jimin waves at RM, shaking his head in response.
"Naw, hes waiting for Y/N to call." Jimin smirks.

"Oh yea?" RM mirrors Jimins expression and glances back up at Jungkook, who is still mindlessly pacing until Jimin reaches out and yanks him to sit next to him on the couch.

"Give it a rest will you? You'll be worn out by the time we have to go on stage. And youre making me dizzy!" Jimin fussed. Jungkook oofed as his body sunk into the puffy black leather couch, but his eyes were still glued to his phone.

"Jungkookie.." RM chants melodically from across the room, in an attempt to break his concentration.
The Hyungs cackle at Jungkooks annoyed expression just as Jhope enters from receiving a massage.

"Waiting for Y/N?" Jhope strolls in, rolling his shoulders and stretching his neck. In unison Jimin and RM respond.
"He's been antsy all day about it." Jimin adds. Jungkook huffs in frustration and sets his phone face down in his lap.

You and Jungkook have been dating for a year, having met while he was in America with his group BTS for an award show. You were an up and coming recording artist yourself,with a rigorous work schedule and very little free time. But the connection between you and the young korean singer was

So in keeping the relationship a secret from the public, the two of you maintained contact since meeting. It had been a challenge to see eachother due to scheduling conflicts but you made it work by constantly texting and facetiming when you could. But ever since the LY:SY tour moved on to Europe, it had been increasingly difficult to get ahold of eachother. But today was special, and you promised Jungkook a call before his concert.

"But I keep telling him that staring at his phone wont make her name magically appear on his..."
Jimin is cut off by the blaring sound of Jungkooks phone chiming. You were FaceTiming him. Frantically, Jungkook flips it over and swipes to answer.

Your face fills the screen and Jungkook lets out a tiny gasp.
"Happy Birthday!! Well..sort of. Its not tomorrow yet where you are but..." you say loudly, making Jimin grunt.
Jungkook shakes his head but cant contain his smile.
"Y/N.."He breathes.
"Hi baby" your soft voice mewls through the speaker, making Jungkook exhale at the sound.
You were beaming with joy at finally being able to see your boyfriends face after months of playing phone tag. Due to time differences and BTS being on tour, it had been increasingly difficult for the two of you to communicate beyond text.
"I thought you'd forgotten." He says, his voice deeper than normal, making RM's cheeks puff out from stifling his own laughter.
"No! Id never forget, are you crazy? " you say.
He blushes at your words.
"I missed you" Jungkook says lowly.
"I missed you more Bunny.." you purr.
Jimin shifts next to him, lifting his hand to his mouth to conceal his quivering upper lip.

Jungkook looks up and notices six eyes fixed on him.
"Y/N , baby hold on for one second " Jungkook says into the phone then pauses and mutes the camera
"You guys mind?" Jungkook hisses, making Jhope chuckle from where he stood.
"Not at all Bunny..."Jhope snickers.
"Yeah just act like we're not here, Bunny" RM joins in on the the teasing. Jungkook rolls his eyes and rises from the couch.
"No dont go! We'll be good, Bunny we promise!" Jimin clambers after Jungkook, grabbing at his shirt . The three men fall out laughing in unison at Jungkooks expense and he'd had enough.
He rushes out of the green room, in search of a quiet space.
He ducks into an empty dressing room and makes sure hes alone before turning to lock the door.
He digs into his back pocket and fishes out his air pods.
"Ok, Im back" he sighs, sitting down on a metal fold out chair. He switches the camera back on so you can see him. You were laying on your side patiently in your bed with your head propped up on your palm.
"You must have been around the guys.." you giggle.
"Huh? What makes you say that?" He asks.
"Your voice changed. Its always deeper when you pick up the phone and they're around "you state, leaning back from the phone as you prop it against something out of view.
"I do not!" Jungkook huffs, but his cheeks flush pink in embarrassment.
"You definitely do." You laugh.
"..but its cute"
Jungkook rolls his eyes and pushes his tongue into his cheek.
"Anywho. What are you doing? And why is it so dark in there? I can barely see you." He whines.
He squints at the screen as you lean over the phone to adjust the lighting .
Your torso covers the camera, appearing to be covered by a dark pajama shirt.
"You still in bed? It should be morning in California now right?" Jungkook asks, rubbing his chin patiently.
"Uhm yea...I woke up early so I could call you. " you strain as you struggle to to turn the light dimmer.
"That doesnt look like your room..." Jungkook says suspiciously, knowing you dont have a dimmer in your bedroom.
"Huh? What are you talking about..." you laugh nervously and dismiss his comment.
The lighting improves and you let out a satisfying "Ha!" before leaning back.

Jungkook gapes as your upper half comes back into full view.
Youre wearing red lacey lingerie underneath a large open dark blue button up that Jungkook recognized immediately.
You notice his change in expression and bite your bottom lip.
"Can you see me better now?" You say softly.
Jungkook nods, blinking foolishly.
"Y/N...you...you look..." he struggles to speak as feels the blood rush from his brain, flowing lower and lower into his nether regions.

"You like it? I picked this color especially for you.." you say. Your fingers trace along the button side of the shirt, lifting it slightly to give small peaks of your full cleavage to your gawking boyfriend on the other side of the screen.
Jungkook gulps and runs his free hand down his thigh, flexing the muscles in anticipation.
You continue to tease , knowing he hated it but you had a plan and this was all a part of it.

Suddenly, Jungkooks expression darkens and he shifts in his seat to straighten his posture.
"I know what youre doing Y/N..." his voice grumbled and you freeze.

"Sit back. Let me see" he commanded, the tone of his voice dropping. You excitedly obey, scooting back from the camera on the bed and resting on your knees.
"Take off the shirt..." he demands softly. Excitement began to build inside of you at the sound of his dominant tone.
Jungkook had two sides. One was sweet and cuddly and sometimes very very shy. And the other was the sleek dark eyed, muscular,bossy,possessive bad boy. The duality was insane and you weren't sure if you would ever get used to it.

You removed his shirt slowly, letting it drop on the sheets around you. Jungkooks eyes skimmed over your partially nude body. He tilts his head to the side and hisses in satisfaction.
"All of that...is for me?" He questions, his eyes pressed into slits and his eyebrows raised.
You nod silently and run your hand down your body.
Jungkook leans back in the chair and watches you caress yourself, imagining it were him touching you instead.
"Show me then.." his deep voice sends a shiver down your body.
You reach behind your back and undo your bra.
The straps slip off of your shoulders but the cups remained pressed against your breasts. Using one hand to hold your bra in place, you let the other snack down your flat tummy, dipping in and over your naval. You traced over the lace wrapping around your hips then you reach down to cup yourself. Jungkook groans lightly at the sight, noticing how full your lips looked in the lace panties and wishing he could kiss them himself.

You move to reach under the fabric but stop just above the edge of the panties.
Jungkook lifts his eyebrow at the action.
"Why'd you stop?" He breathes.
"I wanna see it...wanna see you.." you pant seductively. Already knowing what you were referring to, Jungkook looks around the empty dressing room out of good measure.
"Right now?" He asks.
You nod fervently and poke your bottom lip out in a pout. Unable to resist that face, Jungkook palms at himself through his pants. He was stiff and wanton at the sight of you half naked and in his favorite color. Your breasts were pushed up and poised perfectly in the lacy red cups and it made him long to touch you. God he wished he could just touch you.

He unzips his pants and reaches in to pull himself out when a loud knock makes him jump in surprise.
"Jungkook! You in there?" A familiar voice yells from the other side of the door.
It was Suga, and he did not sound happy.

"Shit....Yea!" He responds, his hand frozen on his hardening dick half way freed from his boxers.

"Its getting close to showtime. Everyones waiting on you. We gotta get dressed." Suga responds.

You sigh in disappointment but you knew you would be on limited time.

"Ok. I'll be out there in one second." Jungkook says. He looks to you apologetically but you shake your head.
"No, go. Its ok Bunny." You say, smiling sweetly. You reach back to refasten your bra and pull Jungkooks shirt up over your body.
"Dammit..." Jungkook pouts.
"I can call you back after the show. I dont have any plans today." You lie.
Jungkook perks up immediately.
"You sure? You have the time?" He says as he stands to tuck himself back in his pants so that his erection isnt as obvious.
"Of course! I'll be here. I promise. Text me when youre on the way back to your hotel." You say.
"Ok baby. Im gonna text you! Stay by the phone!" He reaches for the door knob but pauses to look at you one more time.
"Go! Before Yoongi busts in there to drag you out! I love you. Have a good show." You pick up the phone from where it was leaning against the lamp, bringing it closer to your face. Jungkook puckers his lips cutely at the screen and you follow suit, kissing the camera. He lingers over his camera making an obnoxiously loud smooching sound and it makes you giggle.
"I love you too. Im gonna text you.Bye."

Three beeps follow and the FaceTime ends. You plop back into the pillows, tossing your phone aside. You were wet and extremely repressed, having gone almost 5 months without any sex. Of course not counting all of the sexting,phone sex and freaky facetime sessions. But despite the call being cut short before you could gain any satisfaction, you weren't worried. Because tonight was special and you had something up your sleeve.

The seven men trudged tiredly out of the elevator and onto their floor in the hotel. The Paris show was a huge success but they were exhausted.
Jungkook approached his room, scanning the key card lazily and pushing against the heavy door.
He kicks off his shoes and snatches his bucket hat and black mask from his face, tossing them all aside on the luggage bench.

After a loooooong soak in the bath tub,You emerge from the bathroom and check your phone.

❤️🐰❤️: hey. Im back at my hotel baby. I hope you're awake🥺

You smirk.
"Oh Im awake alright." you think out loud, clicking your tongue naughtily.

You reply quickly then drop your towel to the floor, standing naked in front of the outfit you laid out.

Jungkook hops out of the shower, his hair wet and spikey. He wraps the towel loosely at his waist and pads bare foot across his suite.

He reads your text and smiles.
Baby❤️: I am. Im gonna call you in just a second

Jungkook glances at the time and hopes you wouldn't be very long.
30 minutes pass and your name appears across his screen. Jungkook tosses his game controller aside and answers after the the first ring.
"Hey.." you say quietly.
"Hey....Why are you whispering?" Jungkook chuckles.
"Im...in the elevator. With people. There are people in the elevator. With me so..Im being quiet " you lie again, smacking yourself in the forehead. You tip toe into the hall way after peeking in both directions. There was no one.
"You're horrible at lying." Jungkook says curtly, picking up the controller after putting in his air pods.
"Whatever. How was the show?" You whisper again, scanning the door numbers as you trek down the carpeted hotel floor.
"Same ole. I could have done better but..." Jungkook shrugs to himself. You roll your eyes. He was always so critical of himself to the point where it was annoying. But it was part of what made him so great, his humility.
"Bun, I've seen you perform. It couldn't have been bad." You respond.
"Yea well. It was kind of hard to focus tonight.." he says, smiling.
"Why?" Your head is on a swivel and you huff to yourself as you realize how huge this floor was.

"You know why. Why didn't you just facetime me? I want to see your face" Jungkook pouts, then curses at the Tv as he mashed buttons sporadically.

"You will. Just hold on, Im walking to my room now"
You smile mischievously when you see the door you were searching for.
"Yea well hurry up. I want to finish what you started" he mirths.

You mute your phone so you can knock on the door in front of you.
Jungkook pauses the game and looks over.
"What the...." He sighs.
"Whats wrong?" You say, reaching up to cover the peephole. You tap on the door again.
"Ugh...Jimin. Hold on babe, someones at the door." Jungkook rises and snatches the air pods from his ear and tosses them on the bed.

You're almost trembling with excitement when you hear footsteps approaching from the other side of the door. It swings open and you take a step back.
Dressed only in baggy sweats that hung from his waist attractively, Jungkook gaped like a fish thrown aboard a ship.

His eyes widen and he blinks dramatically when he sees you.
You were in a long black trench coat that was wrapped loosely at your waist.
"Y/N..." Jungkook breathes, a smile splitting across his face. You suddenly become shy when his tongue pokes out over his bottom lip. Your body is tugged forward by the lapels of your coat, making you stumble against your boyfriends bare chest. The door shuts behind you and your enveloped by Jungkooks warm sweet scent. His heart was racing and you pressed yourself closer to his chest. You missed this more than anything, just being close to him.
"What are you doing here? I...I thought you were in LA..." Jungkook says quietly , his mouth pressed to your ear.
"Surprise" you say, voice muffled by his shoulder. He releases you just enough to look at your face. You lean into his touch as he caressed the side of your face gently.
"I cant believe...how did you..when did.." Jungkook mumbles.
"Your manager. I got ahold of him and they booked me a room on your floor. Do you know how many empty rooms your company buys out when you guys stay in hotels?...Really nice rooms too." You giggle.
"Wait. My manager knows you're here? Who else knows? " Jungkooks eyes widen. You shrug, now staring at his bottom lip.
"Does it matter?" You bite at your bottom lip, eyes still lingering on Jungkooks pouty lips.
His eyes narrow and become darker when it finally dawns on him that you were really there. After months of using his imagination, he could finally touch you and do everything he'd been fantasizing about.

Jungkook leans in to press his lips to yours gently. He lingered for a moment before pressing deeper,sucking and nibbling at your lips slowly. It was sensual and calculated, every touch full of meaning and longing.
His hands snake up your shoulders and tuck into the collar of your coat to wrap his fingers around your neck. Takinga step back, Jungkook leads you away from the door and further into his suite without breaking the kiss. You kick your heels off as you go, stumbling and shrinking a few inches. He stops at the foot of the bed.
"Take your clothes off.." he hummed against your lips,making a tiny moan vibrate your throat. As you begin to pull the strap from your waist and undo your buttons, Jungkook breaks the contact and falls back against the bed. He looks up at you, his eyes drunken and expectant.
You open your coat, revealing a different but even sexier red lingerie set that now included matching garters on your thighs. The black trench drops to floor and you step towards the bed seductively.
You made quick work of his sweat pants and boxers, yanking them off and letting them drop before you straddle his muscular naked body.
"Take that off too..." he commanded, that same deep tone making you quiver between your legs. You quickly take off the bra and panties, leaving the garters on.
"Youre so beautiful..." Jungkook sighs, allowing his hands to slide up your thighs, over your hips and waist, and up to cup your breasts. He squeezes your nipples gently and you throw your head back.
You were soaked and slippery, grinding slowly against Jungkooks aching erection beneath you. You needed him now.
With out warning, you reached down to grip his throbbing member and rubbed it against your entrance. Jungkook hissed sharply as you slowly sank down onto him, you groaned at finally feeling real penetration. Not your toys. Not your fingers. Not your imagination.

"Fuuuuuck baby......I missed you so much" Jungkook moaned lowly. You braced yourself on the backboard and began to ride him slowly, flexing your legs as you moved yourself up and down his thick shaft.
Every stroke hit exactly where you needed it to, and you moaned his name shamelessly between every movement.
"I....missed..you..too" you pant. He was now gripping your waist while he grinded up into you roughly, matching your rhythm. You bounced on top of him sharply, feeling the pressure building up inside of you with every stroke.
"J..Jungkook..oh Jungkook" you moaned.
"Talk to me baby.." Jungkook grunted under you.
You were extremely close and couldnt form any words other than your boyfriends name over and over.
You clenched around him repeatedly, making him cuss and moan loudly. Suddenly your body is flipped on its back and Jungkook was positioned over you,still deep inside. He continues to move, not interrupting the stroke and going harder than before.
"You gonna cum for me baby? Hmmmm gonna cum on this dick? Tell me baby." He leans over and whispers directly into your ear. His tongue flicks out and glides from your earlobe to your throat. You wanted to respond, but only drawn out vowels left your lips. He continued to pound into until you exploded , pleasure completely taking over your senses. Jungkook continued his pace until he too was eventually overtaken by his orgasm,collapsing next to you, panting and pulling you close.
He peppers your face with soft kisses, making you giggle until you're pushing him away playfully. He complies and lays still with his chin resting above your head.

"I don't know where that energy came from....but Im so glad I had it" he pants, slowly catching his breathe.
"You know I had actually planned on doing majority of the work tonight. That was part of the gift" you exhaled, nuzzling into his heaving chest. He grunts in amusement.
"Oh really? Well remind me to thank my manager later.." Jungkook yawns.
"Shit....Im sorry baby" he apologizes immediately.
"Shut up....rest. You guys don't leave for another day and I'm here until tomorrow night. We have time." You chide. Jungkook grunts again, squeezing you tighter.
"I love you Y/N..." he sighs. You tilt your head up to peck his jaw softly before pulling the cover over your bodies and quickly killing the bedside lights.
"I know." You smirk. You expect a whine from Jungkook at your sarcastic response but are only met by his soft snores. You smile fondly at the sound and lay back against the pillows so you're nose to nose.

"Happy Birthday Bun..."

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