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Magic Shop : BTS Oneshot series

The Tourist : KNJ

You loved traveling, but you absolutely hated airports. You were reminded why the moment you landed at Incheon Airport in South Korea. The hustle and bustle of the travelers made your anxiety peak and the fact that you were in a foreign country made it no better.

But thankfully you weren't alone.
Your best friend and travel companion Mya was there with you to experience it all by your side.
"Hurry and get your bag Y/N! The group chat said our group is meeting us downstairs near the entrance of the airport. They're probably already waiting on us." She says, dragging her rolling suitcase behind her. You nod and struggle to lift your suitcase from the moving belt and stumble after her.

You sometimes envied Mya for her confidence and bravery in new places. Even here, thousands of miles away from your home in the U.S., she moved through the crowd of locals like she was home. While you on the other hand clumsily make your way through the people. A few times you bumped against a person here and there. You'd mumble your apologies but quickly remembered that none of the people you were talking to understood a word.

Near the front of the airport, a group of very non korean young men and women congregatated. One of them holding a sign that read "Seoul Searchers Travel Club" in red letters.
"There they are!" Mya exclaims, beginning to increase her speed towards the group. You huff as you struggle to keep up, ultimately resulting in you tripping over your feet. Luckily you dont fall, only dropping a few of your belongings in front of you.
"Dammit" you mumble.
Your passport and sketchbook skids out across the white tile at your feet.

You snatch your sketchbook quickly and reach to pick up your passport and brush hands with a stranger. You look up to see a man kneeling in front of you, shaggy brown hair pulled back underneath a baseball cap with a white mask over half of his face. His eyes were small and serious, hooded under his eyelids and the brim of his hat. For a brief moment the two of you stare at eachother. Awkwardly you stand, pulling at the straps of your backpack and the stranger hold your passport out towards you.
He begins speaking to you in korean and you smile apologetically.
"Im sorry. I don't speak korean. Im..." you begin gesturing towards your group.
He pulls down his mask just enough to reveal his mouth, full pink lips pout out around a dimpled smile that spread his small face.
"Oh!No Im sorry. I dont know why I thought...well anyway. Here you go." The stranger says in perfect english. You take your passport and he smiles shyly and walks away swiftly before you could thank him.
"Y/N! Lets go..." Mya yells to you from where she stood with the rest of the travel group near the exit.

Your group catches a bus that takes you to an accommodation in Seoul.
You get settled into your room with Mya as your bunkmate.

The next day, you and Mya decided to hit the streets. From museums to malls to cafes, you were experiencing a cultural overload at the side of your overly enthusiastic travel companion. Mya was the kind of traveler that wanted to see everything she could in a short amount of time. Where as you just liked to enjoy the new surroundings as organically as possible. The day drug on and you eventually convinced Mya to slow down, faking a headache and suggesting the two of you check out the main place you wanted to visit since doing research on Seoul;Han River.

You sat by the waters edge and sketched the scenery in your book. For the first time that day you finally felt calm.
"Excuse me?" A voice says from beside you, making you jump in surprise. You look up and hood your eyes from the beaming sun. A tall figure steps closer to you, now blocking the sun and making it easier for you to see.
"Oh no! Im sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. You were at the airport yesterday right? " he says. Your eyes widen in realization and you nod slowly.
"Ah yes, I knew I recognized you. And the cover of your book. The butterfly on it. I saw it when I was walking by.." he continues. You don't respond, your anxiety beginning to peak again. The stranger frowns at your expression.
"Well I didn't mean to disturb you...I usually dont just approach people like this...Well,enjoy your day!" He waves awkwardly at you as he turns to leave.
"Wait!" You yelp without realizing. He halts.
"Sorry. I uhm...I was drawing and sometimes I get lost in it and forget how to be a human " you chuckle shyly, brushing your hair from your face. The stranger smiles and turns back to face you.
"Youre an artist?" He asks, stepping closer then squatting to sit on the ground a few feet away from you.
"No. Not really..I just do this for fun. It helps me relax." You respond.
"May I?" He tilts his head and points to your book. You hesitate for a moment before thinking "what the hell" and pushing your sketchbook towards him. His smirks and grabs it, his eyes lingering on you before glancing down at the page you were working on.
"Wow....this is.." he exhales. Your ears begin to heat up and you fiddle with your pencil between your fingers.
"You're definitely an artist" he says seriously, eyeing your work. You blush at his compliment and reach to take your book back.
"Youre just saying that because Im sitting here" you fuss.
"No, seriously. That's impressive." He says genuinely.
"Thanks" you blush again. You look over and notice the stranger staring at you. In any other instance, you would have been slightly freaked out and uncomfortable. But this guy's energy was different. You didnt feel the urge to look away or scoot further from him in response to his gaze. There was something about his eyes that took you in. You merely returned it for a moment before blushing too hard to continue.
"Y/N! There you are!"
You snap out of it just as Mya strolls up from the other side of you, holding a bag.
"I thought I lost you!" Mya exclaims playfully as she sits next to you. She leans up and notices the young man on your left side watching you.
"Who's that?" She whispers to you.
"Airport " you whisper back out of the side of your mouth. Mya lifts her brow then nudges you with her elbow in approval.
"Hello!" Mya drawls out in korean, making you cringe.
The stranger nods politely and waves.
"Hey" he responds in English.
"Oh shit..." Mya slips.
"He speaks English" you explain.
"I see! Well Hey! Im Mya. Nice to meet you!" She says brightly.
"Whats your name?" She continues.
"Namjoon.." he says to her, but he looks to you expectantly.
"And I didnt catch yours.." he says smoothly. You gulp at the drop in his voice.

"Y/N! Seriously?? You hadn't exchanged names?" Mya teases.
"Excuse her, shes not very social. I literally had to beg her to come on this trip with me."
You roll your eyes at Myas candidness and glance sideways at Namjoon, who is smirking in amusement at Mya.
"Where are you from?" Namjoon asks, directing his voice towards you but Mya answers.
"America. Texas. What about you? Are you from Seoul?" Mya scoots closer and inquires excitedly.
"No. Ilsan. Its not too far from here. I just live and work in Seoul now." He responds, reaching to pull his phone out.
"I actually have to get back. But Y/N? Did I pronounce that correctly?" Namjoon says as he stands. You nod.
"How long will you be in Korea?" He asks.
"5 more days" you respond.
"Cool. Maybe I can meet you guys again somewhere. Maybe show you the city before you leave?" Namjoon shrugs casually.
You look to Mya, who is all but drooling at Namjoon and his height that she just now is able to appreciate.
"Ok" you nod again shyly. Namjoon smirks.
"Cool. Is it ok if I get your number? Or maybe you take mine?" He says cooly. Suddenly, Mya is flitting through your sketchbook and snatching the pencil from your hand. She scribbles your phone number and rips the page out, extending it towards Namjoon. He leans over to grip the page and the stands to examine the number.
"Cool. Well I guess I'll see you around Y/N. Nice meeting you too Mya." Namjoon bows slightly before turning to walk away, stashing your number neatly folded in his pocket.
"Mya!" You nudge your friend in the ribs sharply.
"What?? Y/N you are gonna have to loosen up. Youre in a foreign country and a fine ass foreign boy just asked for your number. Learn to have some fun." Mya wiggles her eyebrows playfully and you scoff.

"I have...fun" you pout. Mya snorts.
"Ok Y/N. We'll see"

The days flew by and you're travel group hit every site worth seeing in Seoul. You and Namjoon texted consistently. He was a part time barista at a creatively themed cafe in the city and a student at the local University.
He told about his love for music and art and food, giving his recommendations on the best places to eat in Seoul.
You couldnt help the childishly giddy feeling you experienced every time he texted you. It impressed you how comfortable he was communicating in English, seeing as how he had never even been to an English speaking country.

He sent you pictures throughout his day, sending some with cute captions like :

"Met this guy on my way to work and he asked for a selca (selfie). He said we look alike"


"Good morning! Hope your group sees lots of cool things in my city today! Make sure you eat well"

Your heart fluttered on the night he finally called you. It was the last full evening in Seoul before your group moved on to the next city. You and Mya were relaxing in your room trying different Korean snacks you bought from the nearby convenience store.

"Hey!" You giggle into the phone, swatting at Mya as she made kissy faces. She knew your crush for the Korean boy had grown and teased you every chance she got.

"Y/N! Hey! How was today? Did you try that restaurant I told you about?" Namjoon asks.
"Yes! It was amazing. A bit spicy though." You wrinkle your nose as if he could see you.
Namjoon chuckles.
"Sorry. Koreans have a high threshold for spice. So, any plans for tonight?"

"No, Mya and I are just sitting around." You say, popping a chip in your mouth.
"Well do you think you can get out? Me and a friend were gonna hit a few bars." He says casually.

"Uhm.." your eyes widen. Mya, who was conspicuously eavesdropping, is nodding and mouthing profanities at you, pointing at the phone.

"Y/N? You there?" Namjoons voice drops in concern.
"Yea! Im here. Sure! Yea we can get out" you fling an unopened bag of chips at Myas face.

"Cool! Text me the address to where youre staying and we'll pick you up in like an hour?"

You confirm and then say goodbye. Mya jumps up and starts rummaging through your suitcase. She begins tossing random articles of clothing in your direction.

"Mya what the hell? Oof" a piece of fabric flies and lands over your face.

"Girl you heard that man! He said one hour! That's barely enough time to look like something. Here try that on!" Mya flings a frilly top at your head and you dodge it.

"Mya..MYA! We're just getting drinks. Can't I just wear jeans and a tshirt?" You whine.

"A tshirt????" Girl..." Mya scoffs, shuffling over to her pile of clothes.
"No maam. Jeans maybe, you have a cute booty. But not a tshirt. We can do better than that."

"Mya..its JUST drinks" you huff, now sitting under a small mountain of blouses.

"Y/N...look at me. And listen." Mya shuffles to your bedside and places a hand on your knee.

"I have watched you and that young man flirt all week. Sending selfies and subliminal messages via text. Now this is our last night in Seoul. And said young man wants to spend it with you. So you need to be prepared." Myas eyes flit down to your crotch and you burst out laughing.

"Oh my god. What are you..." you gasp
Mya wiggles her eyebrows.
"This isnt even that kinda of situation.."
Mya shrugs.

"Maybe. Maybe not. Still though. No Tshirt." She hops up and continues finding an outfit.

Namjoon and his friend Taehyung pull up a little more than an hour later.
Taehyung is handsome and a huuuge flirt, using his cute broken English as a charm. Mya is eating it up, laughing and leaning into him flirtatiously.

They all go to a few different night spots, Namjoon and Taehyung being perfect gentlemen and taking care of the two foreign girls the entire night.
It was a warm night, so you chose a flowy dress that was cute and casual, appropriate for any setting. Namjoon complimented your choice in footwear, a crisp pare of Converse that were fresh out of the box.
He was extremely attentive the entire night, asking if you were ok before buying you another drink, making sure to keep you hydrated, placing a protective hand to your back when maneuvering through crowded spaces.
Every little gesture became more and more personal as the night went on.
On the dance floor, Mya and Taehyung were electric. Moving in tipsy synchronization to the beat. You and Namjoon were less bouncy, being the more sober of the foursome.
You had your arms draped up on his shoulders, your eyes level with his throat. His hands gripped your waist and the two of you swayed to the music.
You look up at him and shyly look away when you find him already staring. His eyes were so dark and pretty, flickering in the neon lights of the club.
You gazed back up at him, eyes falling to his slightly parted lips.
It must have been the alcohol or maybe the heat of the moment but without thinking , you lifted yourself on your tiptoes and brushed your lips across his.
Namjoon stops swaying immediately, responding to your lips with full intent.
He tasted amazing, like mint and alcohol. An oddly delicious combination. His arms rake tighter around your waist and you pull him down closer.

Time seemed to skip from that point. One moment you were dancing, then kissing. The next you were on your way to his apartment and stumbling inside, still connected at the mouth.
You felt brave and spontaneous. This was totally not something you would do back home.
But Mya was right.
It was time to have fun.
You were grateful for taking her advice about being prepared. Before getting dressed that night, you had buffed,exfoliated and shaved everything. So your body was smooth, supple, and hairless as Namjoon's big hands caressed you.
He was leaning over you in his bed kissing you tenderly, trailing his lips down your throat. You let out tiny moans when he nipped at the sensitive area between your neck and shoulder. Your hands began to lift at his shirt, wanting to feel his body.
Namjoon obliges and leans back to pull his shirt over his head.
As he does so, you wiggle to begin lifting your dress up over your body, almost too eagerly. When his shirt is tossed aside, Namjoon pauses and stares at you as you undress yourself. His expression is almost conflicted, making you stop mid strip.

Namjoon chuckles nervously and you glance at him in slight horror, pulling at your dress down to cover yourself.
Namjoon stops with a sigh, reaching to rest his hand at your waist.
"No Y/N...I.." he stumbles over his words.
"Im not..laughing at you. Im laughing at myself..."
You were completely confused at this point.
Namjoon sighs and leans back, scooting away to sit at the edge of the bed.
"Ive...never done anything like this before." He says. His broad shoulders sag as if the weight of the world was resting on them.
"Never done...this? You're a virgin?" You peep.
Namjoon shakes his head quickly.
"No..no. Im not a virgin. Ive just never..." he sighs again and looks towards the floor. His jaw tenses and his eyes squint as if searching for the right words caused him strain.
Or shame.
"Oh!" You burst out, finally understanding.
"Me either. One night stands aren't really my style....if isnt already obvious."
The heated blush takes over you again and you scoot back against Namjoons headboard, pulling your dress over your knees. He looks over at you.
"Mine either"
The two of you make eye contact and erupt in a fit of breathy laughter. Namjoon falls back on his bed, one hand covering his face and the other resting on his abdomen. Your breath hitches.
You hadnt focused too much on his bare torso since you got to his room. You were afraid you would combust immediately at the sight.
His neatly placed abs stacked in two bulky rows from his ribs down to his naval. The skin looked so smooth a delectable, hairless except for a thin trail black hair leading down into his jeans. You gulped.

This man was beautiful.

A part of you was relieved at his confession. You were stepping way out of your character for the sake of adventure. But although you were never very promiscuous in your young adult life, something about Namjoon made you feel....open.
That very openness compelled you to do what you did next.

"So....you dont want to have sex with me?"

Namjoon is take aback by your question, his hand sliding away from his face. He looks at you thoughtfully before opening his mouth the answer.
Just as he's about to speak, you slide from the bed and stand in front of him. Namjoon leans up on his elbows. His eyes were expectant and nervous, and you had no idea why that turned you on even more.

Slowly, you reach down to grip the hem of your dress, pulling it up and over your head until you're standing before him in only bra and panties.
A rather flattering set, thanks to the recommendation of Mya; Lacey and black.

Namjoon gapes as he sits up, opening his legs for you to step between them.
"Y/N...you look..wow" Namjoon breathes, mumbling something in korean as his eyes roamed over every inch of your exposed skin.

"You didn't answer my question." You state boldly.
His eyes snap up to yours and he lifts a brow.
"Of course I do. I just didn't want you to think you were being used or taken advantage of. I actually...like you Y/N."
You smirk down at him.
"Because Im a foreigner?" You say sarcastically.

"Not just because you're a foreigner, but because you're different.."

Namjoon didn't have to explain. You understood.
Because he was different as well. From any man you'd ever met. He was intelligent, cultured, versitile, yet warm and calming. He made you feel comfortable. Despite being strangers to each other, there was something about Namjoon that you trusted. And though you were taking a risk, you believed it was worth it.

"Y/N....." Namjoons eyes slide back down your body and stop at the lacey pattern wrapping around your hips.
"Can I touch you?" He breathes. You respond by stepping closer, making his nose brush against your naval. Namjoon leans his face in to plant a soft kiss to your tummy, making you shiver. He repeats the action but lower, taking his time as he kissed his way past your panties while pulling them down your trembling thighs.
You moaned loudly when his kisses land square on on your most sensitive area,his tongue sliding forward to dip between your folds.
It was illegal how slow and how passionately he tasted you. And it didn't take long for you to be arching your back, clasping his shoulders and whining aloud as you came over his lips.
You weren't expecting it at all, and you're in a daze as your feel your body being pulled down to the mattress.
Every touch, every kiss was intimate. Nothing was rushed. Namjoon worshipped every part of your body with his mouth as if he was savoring you. As if he knew he was on borrowed time and that soon you would be gone.
You were on the brink of coming again from just his touch when he stopped to undress himself from the waist down, reaching for a condom from somewhere you couldn't see, and slowly rolling the latex down his swollen member before pushing inside of you slowly. You gasped and writhed underneath him as he moved, tapping at your cervix effortlessly.
He was so deep and you were so full, it was almost overwhelming when he started mumbling korean in your ear as he rocked his hips into you.
You had no idea what he was saying, but whatever it was had your walls pulsating.
You both came at the same time, mouths connected, tongues intertwined.
It was perfect.

You laid on Namjoons chest while he talked to you about his studies and interests some more. Then you ended up having sex again when your naked crotch brushed against his one too many times.

Morning creeped in and you knew your time with Namjoon was coming to an end. You're travel group would be moving on from Seoul tomorrow. Its was a bit melancholy. Realistically you knew that even if you kept in contact with Namjoon beyond today that you still would never see him again.

"Y/N.." Namjoon said as he opened his apartment door for you to exit. This "walk of shame" felt less shameful than you expected, especially with him being so gentleman like.
You look up at him.
"Do you think..maybe. I dont know, you could call me when your group gets to the next destination?"
He asks timidly.
"Call you?" You smile.
"Yeah. I mean if you want. Or text. Either one is cool" Namjoon shrugs, trying to appear indifferent.
"Ok." You nod, trying not to ruin the moment with your giddyness.

"Yeah. I'll call you." You say. Namjoon sighs and give you his dimply smile before nodding.


You shared a cab with Namjoon back to your accomodation, knowing Mya was either nursing a serious hangover or up waiting for you like an anxious mother awaiting her daughter's return from the prom. The thought made you smirk. Lastnight was magical, even if it was mainly sex.

Well..maybe it was more than that.

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