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A love story between Hanta Sero and Izuku Midoriya. Nobody expected it, not even themselves but they're glad it happened.

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HEY HEY HEY!!!!! So, it's finally here! The SeroxDeku Mystery Au that I've been ranting about the past few days. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the book and it may contain the following: Smut scenes, Vulgar Language, Homophobic Hizashi (Just for the plot, sorry 🤭), Deku and Shiggy being Siblings, Hero Shiggy, Hero Toga, and Hero Dabi/Touya, and DadZawa and DadMic scenes possibly with DadMight. Is Big Brother Hawks a thing? Oh well it is here.

The Au I've chosen for this specific book is Gamer!Deku and Dancer!Sero. They- well Sero goes to UA and Midoriya goes to Mori Mori Academy because he wanted to be with some of his friends. (I couldn't think of anything else ok 😭) everyone still has quirks, but Midoriya doesn't have OFA, In this AU he developed his own quirk. Bakugo never bullied Deku, in fact for the sake of the AU, they didn't meet until Deku and Sero met and Sero introduced him to the BakuSquad. Also, the DekuSquad will be called, hmm the TodoSquad!

Ok ok! I'm gonna tell you a few more things then I'm done ranting. Ok so, I'll update every weekend and I'll try to throughout the week. So chapters may be posted Friday-Sunday and sometimes Monday-Thursday.

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