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Faith (AoT x male reader)


(n.) complete trust or confidence in someone or something ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ "Would you risk your lives to uncover the truth or live a lie for the rest of your miserable lives" ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ AoT doesn’t belong to me

Action / Horror
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Chapter 1

"What did I tell you of coming out when I'm not near brat"

Turning around from the underground lights to see a shorty male with black haired as his dull grey eyes start at your big e/c eyes. He walked next to you as your e/c eyes turn back to the bright lights.

"Sorry Levi." You mumbled as you try to hide from his face.

"I'll let this one slide but next time you won't be able to leave with me again."

You nodded as you both start out. Your small pale s/c hand gripped his white sleeve. "Do you think we'll see what's on the surface? I heard there are these white puffy thing in the sky called clouds! Oh at night there seem to be thousands of stars in the sky!"

His dull grey eyes stare at you. The subject of the surface always fascinated you from the start. It was rare for someone from the underground to actually stay at the surface and the prices to get up always rise. Even if you make it to the surface you'll immediately be sent back down.

"One day we'll make it up there. You'll finally see real stars instead of this crap"


"I'd never lie to you, m/n" he squats down in front of you as you just smile.


"Ready brat?"


Standing at the door was Levi as you finally put on your boots. Levi only lets you leave with him due to how people would easily take you away.

You were only 5 at the time while Levi was at least 18 at the time. He found you on the streets being 3 years old. You sitting next to a corpse which he found out later was your mother yet he didn't know why he took you. He walked past many children yet he decided to take you.

You sometimes had helped him steal as well as cleaning the house. Usually you would stay home cleaning while Levi was out but a few times he would take you out.

"Will we be stealing today Levi?" You question as Levi just stares ahead.

"Not today" he responded as you walked around the corner.

As you continued to walk you would talk about the surface. Levi just stared at you as you would tell him things he already knows. The underground was no place for a bright child like you. He wonders how someone like you can stay happy in a dangerous place like this.

"Do you want to go to the surface Levi?" You question out of nowhere.

"Tch why do you ask?" Levi stares at you from the side.

"Am I the reason why you only want to go to the surface?"

"I don't care if it's the surface or underground if your okay" he rubs your head as you move away, fixing your hair.

"Stop messing my hair up Levi!" You pouted at him as he continued to walk.

"Hurry up before I leave you" he turns his head back as you ran towards his side.

Once walking down a street there was a dead end yet that wasn't the only thing. There sat a few man as they turned up to see you two, more specifically Levi. You turned back to see more men come around the corner trapping you two.

You moved closer to Levi as he just stood there staring at the buff male walking towards you two. "l-Levi?" Your voice shacked in fear as your hand gripped on his pants.

"You're Levi, aren't ya? Dunno what brings you here... but this is our turf, got it?" The male says as Levi doesn't answer.

"Let's see, ya want us to kill you after you hand over your money and the kid or should we kill you first and then take it both from you?" You looked up at Levi, fearing from being separated from him.

"... fucking disgusting..." That was all Levi said as he pats you on the head.

"What was that? The hell are ya talking about... did ya forget ya live in the damn dumps!" The male raise his fist yet stopped when hearing someone yell from above.

"Hey! Over here!" A rope was tossed down towards to two. "Grab hold!" Levi took that chance as he picked you up before grabbing the rope.

The mysterious male holds the rope as Levi climbed up the wall as you laid on his chest holding on to him. Once you make it to the top you looked over to see the males down there walk away.

You were immediately picked from your collar as you saw Levi following the mysterious male. Once you were about a few roofs away the male stopped as Levi slowed down a few feet behind him.

Levi didn't put you down as he didn't trust the new male completely. Not many people here would help if they have anything in plan.

"Yo-you're Levi, right? I heard you're strong and all, but it would've been tough for you to handle all those guys at once while taking care of the kid." The male catches his breath as he stares amazed at Levi.

Levi had a reputation in the underground as many would try to go up against him and would be injured severely or killed. He would always have his way.

"Thanks for helping us out." Levi blankly says.

"Haha, don't mention it! Although I have to admit... i totally get how they must've felt. Y'know, wanting to check out just how strong you are."

You saw people coming from behind as Levi heard there footsteps. They jumped down from the roof or came out of the alley.

"It's a crying shame, but... I'm also one of 'em"

"l-Levi" you trembled as small tears formed in your eyes. There from behind came the same male that confronted you two earlier.

"Close your eye brat" he says.

Your eye lids fall as you felt Levi move to the side. "Are you deaf? I said... this place is fucking disgusting"

As minutes went by Levi stopped moving as he still holds you. "Alright you see now."

You opened your eyes to see those that were once standing now on the ground in pain. You turned back towards Levi as he placed you down before cleaning his hands.

"Hey! It's the military police! They're headed this way after hearing you guys! They'll catch you if you stay down there!" The mystery man yells as he dropped the door.

Levi just stared at him "You're joking if you actually think I'd accept help from a shady ass guy like you."

That shocked the man as Levi immediately picked you up before jumping over the ruined wall.

"He's an idiot."


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