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❤︎ CRUSH | k. bakugou x reader



YOU WERE IN YOUR FAVORITE PAJAMAS, buried under a mountain of blankets and surrounded by your favorite snacks, ready to watch the new episode of the attack on titan season finale. you were squirming in excitement and making all sorts of happy weird noises. you've been waiting for seven whole days for this episode and it was finally time. but before the opening song you had grown to like could end, your dorm's door was slammed open by no other than your energetic best friend.

you groaned and paused your show reluctantly before giving her a death glare "mei. what are you doing here? you know saturdays are for levi." your tone dark and brows drawn.

"levi? i though you liked that titan boy... what was his name again?"

"did you come here to count the number of 2d characters i simp for or you actually have something to say?" you folded your arms and raised a brow, irritated to be interrupted.

mei giggled and threw herself on you, crushing your body under hers "oh come on, y/n. if you just simp for these fine 2d men and women, you're never gonna get laid!"

remembering your first time with an older boy from the business course, you shuddered and scrunched up your nose in disgust "who says i wanna get laid?"

as if reading your mind, mei bursted into laughter "you need to get over that one time. that jerk didn't know what he was doing. you just gotta sleep with someone who cares about your pleasure too, you know? besides, did you forget we promised mina we'll go to the 3a's little get together."

"so? that's on the 23rd." you huffed and tried to wiggle your body out from under her but failed miserably.

"my sweet sweet, y/n. today is the 23rd." mei got up and threw your blankets on the floor.

"hey!" you protested and bent your legs into your chest, displeased by the sudden cold engulfing your bare skin.

"you got an hour to get ready! come on, it'll be fun!" mei proceeded to go through your closet to pick an outfit for you as you walked to your bathroom, dragging your feet, disappointed.


the small get together turned out to be a full on party on 3a's heights alliance's rooftop. there were students from all courses and classes, drinking, socializing, and playing games. you sighed and poured yourself a drink before heading over to the end of the roof, where it seemed to be the least crowded. leaning your back on the railings, you looked around for mei who had disappeared as soon as you walked in.

"you came alone?" you turned your head to the sound of your dual haired friend's voice, as he leaned next to you, also looking around.

"came with mei, but you know how she is."

todoroki only hummed in response as the two of you stood in a comfortable silence, occasionally sipping on your drinks. the truth was that neither of you cared much for these type of group activities, but somehow, you both always got dragged into taking part in them anyways. so you found a bit of comfort in each other's presence, knowing you were not the only one feeling anxious around big groups.

your eyes continued to wander around in search of your best friend, though now after a few drinks, the loud yells and laughters mixed with colorful images of people moving around seemed more overwhelming than before. still, one person stood out immediately. bakugou.

you had completely forgotten he'd be here too. standing on the opposite side of the roof with one hand on the wall, he was towering over a girl from class 3b. she batted her eyelashes and squeezed his bicep giggling, probably saying something about him working out, to which he smirked and grabbed her chin before whispering in her ear, turning her into all shades of red.

bakugou was always popular. from the first year he won the sport festival to every other year after that. but all the girls were either scared or repulsed by his harsh and angry attitude. however, that all changed sometime during the second year, when he got better at controlling his emotions instead of lashing out and throwing temper tantrums for every little thing. since then, girls couldn't get enough of him, always lurking around, hoping to get some of his attention. you couldn't deny it either, he was attractive.

your stomach churned and the grip on your cup tightened, your eyes refused to leave the scene unfolding before them. bakugou was your friend. a close friend. and sure, you were attracted to him. but you knew better than to act on that attraction alone.

he was the stereotype of a bad boy, messing around and hooking up with girls left and right, but never actually dating anyone. you on the other hand, barely had any experience and never really understood the appeal of sleeping around. to you, forming a connection and being with someone who makes you laugh every day was more important. in other words, you were a hopeless romantic, settling for 2d characters who were literally incapable of disappointing you. still, none of this justified the current tightness in your chest.

shoto bumped your shoulder with his gently, trying to get your attention "did you hear what i said?"

your eyes didn't leave the flirting blonde "sorry. no. what?" you brought your cup to your lips again, trying to relax your obviously tense body.

todoroki followed your line of sight, scowling when he spotted bakugou, but opted not to comment about it. "i asked if you wanted to dance?"

you finally looked up into his grey and blue eyes in shock and chuckled "dance? you're kidding, right? since when do you dance?"

he smiled and grabbed your hand "midorya says i should try doing things that are outside of my comfort zone. i mean what's so different about us? let's get another drink and just let go for tonight, like the rest of them" he gestured to the other carefree teenagers with his free hand.

with one last look at bakugou smirking mischievously at that beautiful 3b girl, you made up your mind "you know what? fine. just for tonight" and with a big smile, the two of you nodded and went for the drink's table.


had it been an hour? two? maybe more... or less. you couldn't really tell as the starry sky spun above your head and a blur of faces moved around in your peripheral vision. you'd been dancing to the beat of the music with shoto for a while now, getting pushed around in the swarm of bodies. his hands held your hips firmly, almost supporting you completely as you stumbled forward into him.

you both reeked of sweat and alcohol. but so did every one else. you held his eye contact with your faces only inches away and lips parted. a small move and you'd be kissing him. but neither of you dared close the gap, your lips hovered over each other, but scared to cross a line, never touching.

feeling your stomach turning, you leaned in shoto's ear "gotta go to bathroom. will be back in a sec." he nodded signaling he heard you despite the loud music.

you tottered out, grabbing at the wall to balance yourself and miraculously made it to your destination without face planting. after a good few minutes of emptying your stomach in the toilet and freshening up, you felt a lot better. the spinning had slowed down and the cold water was refreshing against your warm skin. you were more aware of you surrounding, but no where near sober yet.

making your way back, you headed straight for the dance floor again, but upon seeing shoto dancing with momo, you paused and smiled. they looked good together. and you were happy for him. taking a deep breath you turned around to leave, there was no reason for you to stay anymore, but of course you bumped into two people you wanted to see the least, one of them yelling "watch it." it was that pretty girl from 3b.

"sorry about that" you slurred your words a bit and gave an apologetic smile without sparing them a look. but a hand grabbed you, stopping you in your tracks "y/n? haha. what are you doing here?" bakugou questioned with an mused expression "never took you for a party animal."

that's cause you weren't one, yet you laughed nervously and let him guide you away from the crowd safely despite the other girl's complaints to bakugou about leaving her. as the two of you headed inside the building to speak without yelling over the music, bakugou took notice of your appearance. your cheeks were flushed, hair a mess, a few strands sticking to your sweaty forehead, and your breath heavy. your little top and skirt hugged your figure nicely, and your thigh high socks, only left a small patch of your skin bare, leaving the rest to the imagination. and boy was his running wild. imagining you in nothing but those socks, it was driving him crazy.

you pulled your hand away, bringing him back to reality "alrighty, um, i guess i'm gonna head back now." your fingers fumbling with the hem of your skirt nervously.

bakugou didn't want you to leave yet. not after seeing you like this. so he blurted out the first thing that came to his mind. "hey, if you're not in a rush, i tested the grenade launcher you gave me the other day, and wanted to make a few changes. do you mind if i just give it to you now instead of stopping by tomorrow? since you're already here."

"umm..." you hesitated a bit. the more you stayed close to him, the harder it was to stop yourself from throwing your arms around him and pulling him into a kiss, and the alcohol wasn't making it any easier. but a bit longer would be fine, right? "sure i guess" you finally breathed out.

"cool. it's in my room downstairs. let's go." he grabbed your hand once again and headed for his room.

shit, i want him ❤︎
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