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❤︎ CRUSH | k. bakugou x reader



HIS ROOM WAS SURPRISINGLY CLEAN AND WELL ORGANIZED. even though you've been good friends for three years, it was your first time there. he only had a black and white poster saying 'go beyond plus ultra' on his wall and a few all might figurines on his desk. very minimalistic and neat. his desk chair was on the other side of his room, by his tv and gaming console, so you opted to sit on his desk instead as he went through the drawers next to your dangling legs, looking for the support item.

his room was cool, helping you sober up more by the minute. moving your legs back and forth childishly, you looked around, humming a familiar tune mindlessly. bakugou had one hand gripping the edge of the table for support while he looked through each drawer, slowly bending down to reach the lower ones. when he finally looked up, he was met with that familiar patch of skin again, right next to his ear. that small part of your thigh between your short skirt and socks. his grip on the table tightened as he looked away and straightened his posture.

he placed the gadget next to you and moved to stand directly in front of you. "here." he nodded to the item and your eyes soon followed it.

"oh. cool. so what changes do you need me to make?" you placed one hand on the item loosely, tapping your thumb on it subconsciously, repeatedly. it helped you calm your nerves. and being there, in bakugou's room, with him standing so close to you, you sure as hell needed a lot of calming down.

"right now, it's like a single shot firearm, except it holds four chambers for my grenades. i want to change it so it becomes more like a machine gun, maybe have something like a bottomless magazine. so i don't have to stop and reload so frequently." bakugou explained.

"sure! that's easy, i can get it done for you tomorrow." you gave him a closed eye smile.

bakugou placed a hand on your thigh casually "that's good."

your body tensed up under his touch, legs stopped their oscillating movement, thumb stopped tapping on the gadget, eyes lowered to where his hand was and stayed there a few seconds more than they should have, getting bakugou's attention.

you looked up at him, cheeks warm partly cause of all the dancing and the alcohol flowing through your veins, but mostly because of his surprisingly gentle touch on your skin. he held your eye contact for a few seconds, waiting for you to protest or slap his hand away. but you just sat there, frozen and tongue tied.

your silence, or more so lack of reaction, encouraged him to move his hand slightly, moving higher up on your leg as his fingers danced over your skin, slightly going under your skirt teasingly before moving back down to their original spot on your thigh, all while his red eyes gauged your reaction. bakugou didn't miss your attempt to stifle the sounds desperately wanting to leave your throat by biting your lower lip. it made his chest swell up with pride knowing just a simple touch of your leg was melting you in his hand.

now his fingers moved more confidently, higher and higher, inching under your skirt. you could feel the wetness pooling between your legs, so out of embarrassment of him finding out, you closed your legs rather abruptly, pressing your knees together instinctively. it was a bad move on your part. bakugou being as experienced as he was, knew exactly what you were trying to hide. so he didn't hesitate to lean forward and crash his lips onto yours.

it took you a second to realize katsuki bakugou, your hot friend, was kissing you. you had thought of this moment, but never thought it would actually happen. soon you closed your eyes and kissed him back with your heart drumming rapidly in your chest. however, that didn't last long once you remembered he was your friend, and while you were attracted to him, you knew this would only ruin everything. you shouldn't be doing this. and he knew it too. but maybe a few seconds was fine.

you felt your little make out session getting heated, so before he could move his arms to wrap them around your waist, you brought your palms to his chest and shoved him back a bit harder than you intended to. you looked at him wide eyed, your chest moving up and down heavily as you caught your breath. he was covering his mouth with the back of his hand, slowly wiping his lips or maybe hiding a blush as his eyes examined you warily.

he knew your relationship wouldn't be the same after this. it could go one of two ways: either your friendship will turn into something different, possibly even stay the same, or it will be completely ruined. though he was hoping for the former, you were being awfully quiet. too quiet for his liking. he had to fix this.

"i-" both of you started, but bakugou gestured for you to go on first.

"i, um" you pushed yourself off the edge of the table and took a few quick steps towards the door. "it's getting really late. i'll see you later, bakugou." avoidance. of course he should've guessed. you weren't one to confront your problems head on. he had scolded you before that ignoring your problems is not healthy. but you had only shrugged it off saying you knew and you were indeed ignoring that fact as well. so he knew there's no point talking about it now. you would just lie and say everything is fine.

once bakugou didn't reply, you couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. a part of you was hoping he'd stop you, maybe even ask you to stay - though that was a bit of a stretch. but after all, he wasn't the type to chase a girl, even if it was you. so you nodded to yourself quietly and stepped out, running to the elevator to luckily find it already on the same floor. as you stepped in, you heard bakugou yelling "wait" and his heavy footsteps approaching closer, but you felt too emotional, tears already pricking your eyes. so you pressed the close door button quickly and repeatedly, like your life depended on it. and sure enough, the doors closed right before you could catch a glimpse of katsuki.

as soon as you were outside, you continued running towards your dorm's building. a cool breeze striking your cheeks, wiping the tears before they could fall. you were sweating profusely despite the cold. chanting "shit, shit, shit" under your breath, you clumsily made it to your room, your brain too distracted with replaying what happened earlier on repeat to actually function.



the next day, you woke up remembering the events of last night, making you snuggle under your blanket again, debating whether you should even go to school or not. why did you feel so embarrassed? if anything he should be embarrassed. he initiated all of it and you basically rejected him. you rejected him. you slapped your forehead and groaned. i rejected the one real guy i'm attracted to. just great. but it was for the best. you knew it too.

you finally mustered your courage and decided school was too important to miss because of a stupid kiss. it probably didn't even mean anything to him, a drunken mistake. most of the day was uneventful. you didn't even have to avoid bakugou. the swarm of girls around him in the hallway and at lunch did the job of keeping him away from you. feeling a bit relieved, you headed to the development studio, your safe haven. the one place that always cheered you up.

mei was already inside, working on one of her babies. "hey" you let out a tired breath and stretched your arms before heading behind the working station.

"what's up n/n. where did you disappear to last night?"

you scoffed "says the one disappearing before i even set a foot inside."

"mina dragged me away to help her set up the snacks and when i came back i couldn't find you. so, did you have fun?"

"um, sure." you replied dismissively, already diving into a new design you were working on.

mei looked at you for a few seconds. normally you wouldn't stop complaining about how unfair it was that she forced you and deceived you into thinking it's small hang out after a party like that. so your one word reply came as a surprise to her. justifying it with your eagerness to start working, she let it go this time and didn't press any further, which you were thankful for.

"hey, you two." bakugou's raspy voice boomed in the small room, getting both of your attentions.

as soon as you made eye contact with him, your heart rate sped up faster than sonic, almost beating out of your chest. the images of last night flashed before your eyes in an instant, creating the same feelings of bashfulness and fluster in the process, forcing you to avert your eyes and whisper out a small "hi."

mei didn't miss this change in your behavior, looking between you and bakugou. but he was his usual self, stepping closer to your desk and placing an item in the middle of the papers sprawled in fron of you.

"you forgot this in my room last night."

in his room? mei's eyes widened and a smirk grew on her lips.

"r-r-right! sorry about that." you hated that you stuttered, cursing yourself mentally as you picked the gadget up and turned around, walking to the storage closet at the end of the room.

bakugou followed closely and once you were far enough from mei he whispered close to your ear from behind, only for you to hear "about last night-".

you quickly spun around catching him off guard by your sudden movement. "i was very drunk." you blurted out in a hushed tone. his eyes switched between your eyes and lips subtly as he nodded "right. yeah, me too. so, we're good?"

"we're great!" if the awkwardness continued for a minute longer you knew you would die of embarrassment. how could he be so indifferent and calm? you quickly changed the topic "um, you can pick your support item at the end of the week." your volume back to normal.

bakugou raised a brow in question "end of the week? i thought you said it'll only take a day?"

"yeah, i forgot about another unfinished project i have." honestly you just wanted some space, hoping the awkwardness would go away if you ignored it for long enough.

bakugou cleared his throat to get rid of the itchiness caused by all the whispering he wasn't really used to "right. sure, that works. see ya around." you nodded, feeling tongue tied once more. "bye, goggles." he left with a quick wave as mei protested his teasing nickname for her.

soon her attention was back on you. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? what's going on between you two?"

"nothing, mei."

she grabbed your shoulders and shook you back and forth "stop lying to me. out with it now. come on. you were in his room? don't tell me..." she gasped dramatically.

knowing her mind was going to places it shouldn't, you decided to come clean before she makes any false assumptions. "i only went to his room to pick up the gadget."

"so what was all that tension?" she crossed her arms over her chest and raised and eye brow in question.

you exhaled heavily "um, he kinda kissed me?"


"and i um, might have kina, sorta kissed him back." you looked down, embarrassed. "but only cause i was wasted." you justified quickly after.

"uhuh. sure y/n. keep lying to yourself."

"i'm not lyi-"

mei interrupted "i know you like him."

"i really don't. i mean he's hot, but we're all friends. you should know better than anyone."

"y/n, friends don't look at friends that way."

feeling a bit annoyed and tired of her persistence at his point, you exhaled loudly "he's not my type and you know it. so just drop it mei. please."

"fine! but i think you should do something about it."

"MEI!" you raised your voice and drew your brows, eyes daring her to continue.

"fine. let's go back to work." mei reluctantly dropped the subject. for now.

shit, i want him ❤︎
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