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Amelia Delacour is a sweet, honest, and loving girl. She is close friends with the golden trio.. Maybe a little closer to Ronald Weasley. They start realising the feelings they have towards each other.. Do they end up together? Is it a happy ending? I randomly just started writing this during school, I don't know if ill finish it since I don't really use this app. But maybe I will finish this story.. who knows?

Fantasy / Romance
anya's wife
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chapter one

got up from my firm bed and stretched my limbs, hearing a few cracks in my arm and back.

I jumped onto my feet making the blanket fall to the floor which I didn't acknowledge and stepped over it, making my way to my wardrobe. I pulled out my school robes and an outfit to go underneath it. I picked out mom jeans and a cropped dark pink velvet sweater.

I slipped of my pjs and pulled on the mom jeans to my waist. I took my sweater and put it on leaving only my bra underneath. I zipped it up and put my robe on. I stuffed my wand into my jean pocket and started out the dorm room door.

I walked into the common room and saw Ginny chatting with Neville.

"Hey Ginny!" I waved my hand at her, as I spoke those words she turned her head looking at my with her big brown eyes.

She smiled and motioned for me to come over to her and Neville. Neville waved awkwardly.

"Hi." Ginny said with a big grin. She seemed really excited for some reason.

"What's happening? Why are you so happy?" I asked her sitting on her right side as Neville sat on her left. I moved my robe slightly to make myself more comfortable.

Ginny clapped her hands together and let out a big sigh. She grabbed my hand and shook it aggressively.

"Only two more days and I get to go the burrow for winter break!" She said and bit her lower lip trying not to smile again.

"But then we wouldn't be near each other?" I asked her, she said she didn't like being the only girl at her home. She says its boring and her brothers are annoying, but she does enjoy playing quidditch with them.

"Remember? I asked mum if you and Hermione can come over and stay?" She responded letting go of my hand. I thought for a second and I remembered. My face lit up excitedly.

"So what did she say?" I asked, my hands intertwined with another.

She rolled her eyes and nodded. I squealed but not to loud. I hugged her gently, her red hair covering my face.

She hugged back with a huge smile plastered on her face. I pulled out and grabbed her warm hands.

"We're going to have to much fun." She gushed cutely. I smiled at her and nodded.

Neville was fidgeting with his hands as he just listened to us chatting. I felt bad for leaving him out of the conversation.

"Neville what are you doing for Christmas?" I asked smiling sweetly as his eyes looked at mine for a second and he looked down at his hands a smiled slightly.

"Well.. I'm hanging out with Seamus and Dean this Christmas, Seamus invited me to go with them." He said lowly.

"Oh that's great! I bet you'll have so much fun!" Ginny said as she turned to look to him. He nodded and smiled gently. Ginny and I smiled back. I stood up.

"I can't believe you're in 4th year now Ginny." I said.

"And I can't believe you're in 5th." She smiled.

"Do you.. think this year will be good?" She asked timidly. The memories of what happened last year struck my brain. I remembered what happened to Cedric Diggory. I remembered how scared I was when I saw him, and when I heard my cousin Fleur scream. I felt a shiver go down my spine as I snapped out of that thought.

I tried my best to hide my emotions, I smiled at her. "Let's just hope for the best this year." I said, putting my hand on her shoulder. I didn't want to lie to her and say everything will be okay.. when it wouldn't.

I know that because of Harry Potter, my close friend. He said, you-know-who is back. I trust Harry with everything I have, he's been through so much at a young age and still goes through stuff to this day. I know he can defeat him.

"Well, okay." Ginny muttered and looked down slightly. I lifted her chin to look at me and said, "I trust Harry and you should too, he'll help us with this- and I swear we'll live happy without you-know-who."

She smiled and I let go of her chin.

"You're right I should trust him." She said happily.

I turned around and looked at everyone in the common room, I spotted Hermione talking with Harry and Ron. I felt bad for Harry, I still couldn't believe he went through. I waved gently at Hermione.

She looked up smiled at me, she excused herself from talking with the boys. She hugged me gently, I could feel how anxious she was. She let out a big sigh. I pulled out of the hug and cupped her face.

"Everything will be alright Hermione, I promise." I said sweetly. She sadly smiled and nodded.

"It's just.. I feel terrible I couldn't help Harry more." She said looking down. "It's not your fault though. I'm sure he wishes he could've helped Cedric more but he couldn't." I said sadly. "Its not your fault nor is it his, people should know that. I trust you both so much. You guys are so brave." I whispered at her. She looked up and smiled.

"You're right." She said. "Always am." I winked at her sarcastically. She giggled at me and shook her head. She grabbed my hand and walked towards the boys.

She stopped in front of Harry and Ron who were sitting there and talking about.. you-know-who.

Hermione sighed, "Drop the conversation, lets get to class." She said picking up her books as I did the same. "Right." Ron said getting up from the couch.

We were about to walk out of the common room until..

"Oh I forgot my books!" Ron said facepalming. I chuckled quietly. He turned around and went to his dorm.

"I'll come with you Ron," I started. "Just to make sure you don't forget anything else." Hermione chuckled, Harry smiled and shaking his head.

"Whatever, you act like you never forgotten anything." Ron rolled his eyes.
"I haven't." I said nudging his arm.

"Lies." He said.

"Nope," I replied. "I'm not forgetful."

"Fine." He said arriving to the front of the dorm. I giggled at him. It wasn't true, I did forget.

A lot.

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