BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios鉂わ笍


I've been thinking about doing for a while so I guess I'm finally going do it鉂わ笍 Request Status:Available on Wattpad馃挕 I do not own Bnha or the characters馃挄 Update Rate:Extremely Slow Snail Speed馃悓

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Author's Note 馃拰

Requests Status:Open 馃挕

. Izuku Midoriya馃ウ
.Katsuki Bakugo 馃挜
.Shoto Todoroki馃敟鉂勶笍
.Eijirou Kirishima馃彅
.Denki Kaminari鈿★笍
.Hanta Sero馃槵
.Hitoshi Shinso馃槳
.Neito Monoma馃惐
.Yuga Aoyama鉁
.Tamaki Amajiki馃悪
.Fumikage Tokoyami馃敭& Mezo Shoji馃挭
.Tenya Iida馃弮
.Mirio Togata鈽锔 {New}
.Fluff- 鈽侊笍
.Lemon- 馃崑
.Angst- 馃挃
.Y/N- Your Name
.E/C- Eye Color
.S/C- Skin Color
.H/C- Hair Color
H/L- Hair Length
.H/T- Hair Texture
.F/C- Favorite Color
.F/F- Favorite Food
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