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Strip For Me! | Gojo Satoru x Reader


TEACHER! GOJO SATORU X STUDENT! READER Working as an exotic dancer at the strip club has been the best choice (Name) ever made since she enrolled for college. But it soon became an issue when Gojo Satoru, also known as her professor, started coming at the strip club and demanded for private shows constantly. WARNING: - Mature content (Lemons) - Strong language - Teacher/student relationship I do not own Jujutsu Kaisen or any characters in this book. Modern AU

Romance / Humor
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- Mature content (Lemons)
- Strong language
- Teacher/student relationship

I do not own Jujutsu Kaisen or any characters in this book.

Modern AU

This story takes place in Japan but I'm changing the legal age to drink alcohol.

Where I'm from, being 16 is the minimum age for purchasing beverages containing less than 1.2 % of distilled alcohol and 18 years for buying spirits (more than 1.2 % of distilled alcohol).

Since the characters are all in college and 18+, I'll make it legal for them to drink.

The music, the lingering smell of alcohol, the money thrown at you. This was your way of living your best life.

Judgement was something you weren't afraid of. People always threw nasty comments in your direction and calling you a slut for something you liked. They called you a stripper because that's what young women did in a strip clubs.

But you were far from just being a stripper. Yes, you performed in front if men and women. But never in complete nudity. Yes, there were strippers and other exotic dancers that wouldn't mind taking certain part of their clothes to gain more money, but this was way out of your comfort zone.

You even had your own time to perform which was usually an hour in, when the people in the room started to get a little but intoxicated. All the eyes were always on you on that certain moment. Your coworkers envied you because that was the moment you could earn a lot of money but even like that, they were the first to cheer for you.

Your life, Your art, you passion was all about dancing.

Pole dancing.

The love you had for pole dancing had started from the moment you could remember things. The person that had given birth to you was a professional pole dancer and she taught you every single step to become a professional.

People usually judged her for being a bad mother for teaching her only daughter the art of pole dancing. People also often saw pole dancing as an erotic dance. But it was far from a sensual erotic way of dancing.

Your mother never listened to any of them. The moment you took interest in the dance, your mother was the first to motivate and encourage you.

Your mother was caught of guard when you told her you wanted to perform in a well known strip club. But even like that, she was the first person that didn't judge you for working at the strip club. Sure, she was afraid of the men that could take advantage for you, but even like that she trusted you enough.

What also made her really happy, was that you were going to finish college. After your high school, you enrolled for college but quickly stopped after you got a promotion in a dance company. The dance company sadly closed it doors after a huge scandal and you were left without any incomes.

That's where you decided to finish your degree and pay your college expenses with the money you made at the strip club.

But things got complicated when one man had his eyes on you the very first time he entered and always requested private dances- that at some point, got out of control.

"Strip for me, Baby Girl."

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