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Strip For Me! | Gojo Satoru x Reader

C H A P T E R : 1

The muffled sound of loud music and the faint smell of alcohol reached your nose once you entered from the backdoor of the strip club.

Nobara, who had tagged along to avoid paying the entrance had already left your side after mumbling something you didn't catch. The girl had a rough week and was ready to party the whole night.

While Nobara ditched you to spend the night with some handsome Male strippers, you walked in the changing rooms and got ready to change into your new sparkling white underwear and bra.

With your stage name being Angel, all your clothes were light colored. Every cloth had to match with the pair of wings you wore on your back.

After a good thirty minutes, you were done with your make up and were ready to go on stage.

Being one of the youngest exotic dancers, the boss had given you your own time to perform. At that time, all the eyes were on you and being the only dancer on stage meant that all the money that was thrown at you was yours.

As you posed behind and waited for the huge curtains to open, you hoped to see one person again.

The same man that had been requesting private dances over and over again for a whole week. He wasn't the usual gross looking man that would try to touch you more then he could. This man, with his bright white hair and piercing icy blue eyes had you melting in front of him the moment you set your eyes on him.

The curtains opened and you got ready to walk up on stage, a huge smile formed in your face.

"It's my time to shine, bitch."

Walking on the podium, you made sure to sway your hips enough to attract all the attention. The long cape that followed you, hid your clothes and wings you had on. But it had it's own utility. While walking to the pole where you'd be dancing in a few minutes, the men that were standing at the sidelines of the podium threw money on your long white cape.

Once arrived in front of the pole, you looked behind your shoulder and smiled at the men who were cheering on you.

Slowly and teasingly, you fiddled with the button and looked around to see if you could recognize the white haired man that had been requesting you for the past few days.

After the button got undone, you slowly let go of the cape and let the men and some women finally have a look of what you had on.

The moment you looked straight to the audience, your heart jumped a little bit. There was the beautiful stranger, looking at you with that beautiful smirk on his face and enjoying his time with what you assumed were two friends of his.

Licking your lips to moist them up, you bit your lower lip teasingly and shot him a direct wink to which he replied with a flirtatious smirk.

And from the moment the music started, you became the angel on stage and danced till your time was over.


"I'm so hungover." Nobara groaned and laid her head on your lap. "How do you have such a high alcohol tolerance when you never drink! I'm so jealous!"

"I'm not the one that drinks the night before going back to college." You mumbled, scrolling through your phone with one and and tangling the other in Nobara's hair.

"Still, you had a few shots.." Nobara sighed and silently laid down, relaxing even though her head was throbbing. She soon realized something and smirked mischievously. "Girl, did you see Mr. Handsome again?"

"Mr. Handso-" You stopped midsentence and groaned, your eyes rolling back at the thought of the mysterious white haired man you saw for more than week at the strip club. "Ugh, yes. I've given him private dances since the first day he came in. He's so fucking hot."

Nobara sat up and turned around. "Too bad the summer break is over. You won't be able to see him as much. Didn't you give him your number or something? In case you want a dick appointment?"

"No." You dragged longer on the 'o' and slumped down, falling on the floor in process. Nobara glared at you and stuck her middle finger up.

"That's what you get for being a pussy." She glared and walked to the kitchen to drink some water. "We only have one life. Loosen the fuck up, bitch."

"Easier said than done." Standing up, you stretched your whole body. "Besides, not everyone is as extroverted as you, stupid cunt. I can't just jump on every handsome man that exists and ask for a dick appointment."

"You'll get through it. Do you want something to eat?" She asked while standing in front of the fridge but soon realized the fridge was starting to get really empty. "Forget what I said, let's have breakfast at the Jujutsu restaurant. We forgot to do groceries. Besides we both have enough money."

"You forgot to do groceries." You corrected her while walking to your room to get ready and chuckled when you heard her say 'same thing'.

The second trimester of college started today. Something you've been looking forward at the beginning of your summer break. But ever since the last 10 days of the summer break, you never wanted it to stop.

For the past 10 days, you felt like living a dream. You had gained triple the money you usually did and on top of that, you danced half of the night for a handsome man. It was sad that you didn't know much about the man. Only his first name, thanks to the list of private dances. And what was even more sad was that you won't see the man as much.

Nobara had teased you a few times saying you had a crush on Mr.Handsome to which you ,of course, denied completely. And it was the truth. You didn't had a crush on the white haired beauty. That would be the last thing you wanted in your life.

Starting a relationship with someone that goes to strip clubs. You were already seen as the rival of so many girls because their boyfriends, husbands or other partners spend their money on you to see you dance.

And you didn't even know if the man had a partner.

So saying that you had a crush on the handsome man would just be a lie. But what wouldn't be a lie, was that you were attracted to the man. That was something completely different.


Arrived at the restaurant, Nobara and you sat down in one of the boots and waited for the usual server to come up and take your orders. Both of you already knew what to order so you were chatting avoir random stuff.

It wasn't until your favorite server walked up to both of you that you stopped talking, well you stopped talking and started squealing like a little pig.

"Maki! You look so cute with those cat ears!" You said as you reached to touch the white cat ears on her head. The greenette swatted your hand away and groaned in embarrassment, hating the usual Monday theme day.

Nobara grinned in amusement and wiggled her eyebrows. "You're stealing the spotlight. Oof, I feel my gay side coming up~ You're turning me on! Ah~ Maki-AUWH"

Maki had to head chop her to make her stop and embarrass her in front of her coworkers. As for you, you were letting your ugliest laugh out which embarrassed the poor girl even more.

"I swear I'll break your faces once my shift is over." She grumbled while holding down her anger and embarrassment. She clutched the small iPad in her hands and sighed. "Just the usual I assume?"

Wiping a tear away from the happy laughter fit you had a few seconds prior, you answered her question with a nod. "And add a fruit bowl to it. I'm freaking hungry."

Nobara ordered her usual stack of pancakes and hot cocoa and you on top of your waffles and grilled cheese, you picked a fruitbowl.

"I still wonder how you have such a great body and still eat like a cow." She grunted as she bit into another pancake. "I want to have an ass like yours."

"I work out." You answered and finished your fruit bowl, ready to attack the warm grilled sandwich.

"I do to!" She whined after drinking some of her hot chocolate. "And before you say sex is not a workout, it is."

You laughed at the statement and held your hand up in defense. "I wasn't even planning to say such a thing."

"Sure. Because you never say that." Nobara said sarcastically and rolled her eyes. All that because you once said that sex wasn't really a work out. You had added to it that if it was done for a living, it could be seen as a work out but she never heard the second part.

"Besides, you're whining about being so jealous about my ass but you're the one here with an F cup?" You deadpanned and had to quieten down when you noticed people looking at both of you.

Nobara threw them a glare and you had to kick her shin to get her attention. She cursed at you and rubbed the spot you had kicked on. "You obviously don't know the struggle of big titties. I love my boobs but they're such a struggle. You can't understand the back pains with your B boobies."

"True. I can't relate to that-" You took a bite of your waffle and held your hand in front of your mouth. "But you know, you can also do some butt workouts. You should think about joining my workouts sometimes if you really want a perky butt."

"I'll pass."

Your shoulders dropped and you chucked through a sigh. Nobara had always been the kind of girl that would rely on the easier things to reach something. At some point, she wanted to lose some extra weight she gained after a whole week in Paris with her ex boyfriend and had bought all kinds of fat burning teas and shakes instead of eating healthy again and working out.

It was to be expected that you threw everything away and forced her to eat healthy. She was pissed at first but when she slowly started to loose the weight she gained, she was and happy and thankful for having such a great friend.

After your breakfast at the Jujutsu cafe, it was time to go to college. The ride to the school was always fun with Nobara. The blasting music and her skillful voice to give headaches always amused you.

On your way to college, you met Megumi and Yuuji and they jumped in the car. They were never going to deny a free ride and besides, the boys made the ride even more funnier.

Not too long after, all of you arrived at the campus, Nobara parted ways with Yuuji while you went together with Megumi. Along the way to your literature class, Megumi started a simple conversation but it soon turned into something else.

"...I swear, that man was so hot." You finished your story about how you met your favorite person from the club. "Nobara always teases me and says I have a crush on him and before you say anything, no I don't have a crush in him. I'm attracted to him. That's something else. And besides, he's also the reason why I gained more than usual."

"...All I wanted to know was how you usually make your Kaarage. But, okay." He said while shaking his head.

You had to cross your arms and threw him a disappointed look. "That's all you have to say after my whole story?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "You suddenly changed the conversation from chicken to your experience at the club."

You walked through the door that Megumi kept open you and walked up to one of the front seats. "But still, show at least that you're a little bit interested. Hiw are you going to find a girlfriend if you don't listen to girls?"

His face scrunched up. "I'm gay, (Name)."

"Oops, That's true. Yuuji is bi, not you." You chuckled, but you were obvisouly teasing him. You knew who of your two guy friends was bi and gay. It was just funny to see Megumi's reaction when you'd say such a things. "Are you guys dating yet?"

He tensed up and ignored your question as he sat down besides you. But your stare never really gave him the chance to ignore the question completely.

"No." He simply said.

"But?" You dragged longer on the word and wiggled your eyebrows. Megumi pushed your face away and you chuckled at his cute reaction. The boy obviously liked his roommate, if not maybe loved.

You decided to leave the boy alone and picked some notebooks out of your bag, ready to start the day.

Megumi was doing the same until his phone buzzed. He picked his phone up and saw that nobara had sent him a message.

Kugisaki Nobara:

Get (Name) out of that room, now.

And when I say now IT'S RIGHT NOW!

Megumi didn't understand why he should do that. Especially when the girl didn't gave him a valid reason. There were times in the past where she did the same thing and all she wanted was a girl to join her to toilets.

He shook his head and placed the phone back on the table.

But it didn't leave him alone when multiple buzzes came from his phone again and he sighed in annoyance. Looking at his phone, he saw that the girl was now calling him.

"Hello?" He answered the phone and was met with shouts from the woman.

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU, STUPID HEDGEHOG!" The screamed caught your attention and you looked at him with a questionable face. He only shook his head and you nodded in response, going back to doodling whatever you your creativity led to.

"Why are you yelling? What the heck is wrong with you?" He rubbed his forehead. But the next words coming out if her mouth made him stand up and drag you out of the room along your stuff.

"H-Hey, what's wrong with you?!" You asked as he threw your bag in your arms and dragged you along. The sound of the bell ringing echoed through every room of the campus and Megumi cursed.

"You need to get out of this class." He said and opened the door to go out.

"Why? What's wrong with y-"

Megumi abrublty stopped midway and threw his jacket over you. He threw you over his shoulder and started walking in the other direction.

You had absolutely no idea as to why he was acting like this and swung with your legs to get free from his grasp. "Megumi, put me the fuck down! What's wrong with you!"

Megumi stopped walking and cursed again. He had been cursing a lot in the past few minutes.

"Oh, two students walking out of the class in hope the professor wouldn't see them?" A strangely familiar voice said but you couldn't pinpoint to who it belonged. And it was harder to know who the person was with a jacket covering your whole vision.

"Megumi, you should put the lady down and go back to class. Wouldn't want to start the semester on a bad note, right?" And the man seemed like he already knew Megumi. Maybe that's why his voice sounded familiar. Maybe you've seen him around with him before.

You were put down by Megumi and he grabbed the jacket he had thrown on you, finally giving you the ability to see again.

"What was that about, dumbass?" You asked him and he looked down in what seemed like embarrassment. In the past year and few months you tagged along with him, you've almost never seen him embarrassed. "Let's go back to class."

With a chuckle you ruffled his hair and turned around to go back to class. As soon as you turned around, your smile dropped along your heart. The shock on your face was clearly visible to the man, heck even his surprised face was something you immediately saw.

You felt like flying for a moment. The urge to run from the current situation away was abnormally high. But you knew it was too late. Too late to go back in time or even run away from the situation. Your body was completely frozen. You couldn't move your limbs. The shock had gone through your whole body and it felt as if your feet were drilled in the floor. Even your stomach felt like it turned upside down, making you nauseous on the moment self.

Because in front of you was no other than Mr. Handsome himself. The Mr. Handsome that had been requesting private dances for the past 10 days. The Mr. Handsome that had been flirting with your for the past 10 days. The Mr. Handsome that had thrown you huge stacks of money to see you dance in front of him.

If it wasn't for Megumi pushing you back in the room, you would have stayed in the hallway for a whole day. It would have been better if he didn't walk you back in because all you wanted to do was dig a hole and bury yourself 6 feet down the floor to prevent seeing Mr. Handsome ever again.

"..Uh," Megumi started once both of you sat down again. It seemed like his embarrassment calmed down a bit. "...I didn't know you were talking about my caretaker when you said Mr. Handsome."

Your eyes shot up again and you looked at him with a horrific expression once you realised who this person was to Megumi now, making you feel even more embarrassed.

Megumi averted your eyes and looked at his hands. Nobara caught it quickly enough when one of her classmates told her the new literature professor was a young and hot man. They had taken a picture of him and showed her who the hot man was. Because she had joined you a few times to the club and saw you interact with Mr. Handsome, the horror and fear in her eyes never left when texting Megumi.

She knew your whole life would be fucked if you'd meet him on campus ground and warned Megumi directly. What she didn't know was that the same man was Megumi's caretaker until he turned 18, which was a year ago.

Megumi knew the new literature professor would be him because they were still staying in touch. So it was to be expected that once he made the link of your Mr. Handsome and his caretaker, he felt extremely embarrassed.

The white haired man stood in front of the room and smiled brightly at the students who were or fawning all over him or throwing glares in his direction.

"Goodmorning, everyone! From today on, I'll be your new Literature professor. My name is Gojo Satoru. Please refer to me as Professor Gojo." He scanned the room and smiled at all the students. "I hope we'll have a great year together." He ended his speech, but the last sentence was directed to one person in the room.

And both Megumi and you knew who exactly. Because the moment you looked up, he smirked at you and you swore your soul left your body at the same moment.
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